Ishqbaaz ff by Sat episode 3

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I will start writing the recaps from epi 6 onwards as the story gains momentum
So for the ff now…………………………………

(dadi ,om, Rumya, prinku in one room)
Dadi: I am very happy as my grandson got his true love. And I am very happy that a girl like Annika is my bahu
Om: ha dadi, I agree with you. Really, the truth is that Annika is a very brave girl.
Rudra: yes om, Annika is my superwoman, I mean my superbhabi now
(all the members in the room laughed)
Prinku: dadi, Annika is very scared as she don’t know all these. She doesn’t even have the idea of marriage in her life. She just have one responsibility and he is her brother.
Sowmya: ha dadi, Annika di is very scared. She doesn’t know how to manage these circumstances. Especially being bade bhayya’s wife, she is very much worried.
Dadi: puttar, in life , love comes only once. they achieved it and our job is to make it stand forever against all obstacles.i will mange her and also billu. I know he will take good care of her. And whoever it is, being our billu’s wife is very difficult
(all the members in the room burst out of laughter)
Om: so, dadi. We have to make light preparations tomorrow for Annika, and then start solving the problem of that cd
Rudra: ha om, shivaay bhayya brought us a thunderstorm today. We forgot about the cd
Prinku: tomorrow morning , we will make our welcome preparations for Annika, and then start thinking about the problem again
Sowmya: ha bhayya , but a bahu should be given a new dress after the first day of marriage, when will we buy
Dadi: don’t worry puttar, I bought many for prinku, I am going to select the elegant one and give it to Shivaay to give it to her, ok
Sowmya: myself and prinku will sleep in one room as we will plan for tomorrow’s welcome
Rudra: myself and om in one room
(all the members nod in yes, say goodnight to each other and go to their rooms)
(Jhanvi and pinky’s room)
Jhanvi:Pinky,I know what Shivaay has done is wrong.what can we do?we have to go on
Pinky:How can Shivaay do like that!He is my hera beta(diamond son) how can he marry without his father’s presence I think that Annika manipulated my child . She took away my child from me. I will never accept her
Jhanvi: pinky, why are you blaming that poor innocent child. for being a good person, you need not have class, status, or money. And that girl whom you are blaming now, doesn’t even know what Shivaay has done. The need of the hour is to console her, make her feel comfortable as bahu of Oberoi family. infact, they both are good couple to see.They both are the biggest enemies. They both always fight. Both of them never lose, never win. They both are equal. And I think Shivaay did a right thing by marrying her. I am sure he is going to enjoy his married life and give you good grandchildren
(keeps her hand on pinky’s shoulder)

Pinky: jethaniji, I know , there is a point. Now I am thinking Shivaay did that mistake rather than Annika. She just was shocked. I really understood now. I will try to accept her, but I need time. Because it is shivaay’s major step and a big decision, as a mother, I have to think about it. We will tell it to Shakti ji and jet ji when they come
Jhanvi: don’t worry, I will convince them. Now keep all you anxiety aside and sleep. Take your own time to accept, but finally you have to accept her. Ok good night
Pinky: good night jethaniji and thank you
(they both smile and Jhanvi goes to her room)
Shivaay and Annika in the car:
Shivaay(in his heart):I hurt her a lot, I don’t know what to say her. I cant see her reaction. When she is crying, something is happening to me. I don’t know how to start. I feel like embracing her. But what to do? I know she is feeling very sad and horrified, but I will do everything to make her happy. I will be the person whom she dreamt of. (he looks at her)
(Annika still depressed in her own thoughts and tears kept on rolling from her eyes)
Annika (in her heart): how can I tell everything to sahil. How will bua react? What will sahil think of me.And my dreams, all are gone waste, I cant wear mallika’sbangles(as mallika gives her bangles to wear when her dream comes true of having a person who is madly in love with her). (looking at Shivaay, she said to herself,) I hate you Shivaay Singh Oberoi.
There is only silence prevailing in their journey. Both of them deeply in their thoughts , don’t know what to say, don’t know how to express.
Finally they reach Annika’s house.
(she runs into her house without a moment )
Sahil: didi, you came, thank god, this bua was taunting that you wont come and will leave me someday
Annika couldn’t speak, still teary-eyed
Sahil: didi, what had happened? Why are you crying? Please tell me
(bua sees sindhoor on her forehead and shouts at her)
Bua: hey bhagavanji , what the hell happened. Annika, you got married and came. I know you just used sahil for accommodation. You are very cheap, more cheaper than what I thought.
Sahil: is it real didi, just tell me. Will you leave me and go
Annika: no, sahil never. Bua, please don’t talk like that
Bua: just shut up (she raises her hand to slap her)
Just then a sudden force obstructs her hand, his face filled with anger
Shivaay: don’t you dare touch my wife, I say. I will just destroy you.
(he lifts half bent Annika with his arms and holds her hands and sees bua)
Shivaay: yes, I married her and it is without her permission and all of a sudden. But it is over. She didn’t do any mistake. She is innocent. No one can blame her and you can never even touch her, I am warning you.
(hearing this , bua got scared and went from there)
Sahil: (turns to Annika ): didi, will you leave me now and go along with sso. I wont allow you to go. I am your dearest brother, I wont leave you, ever.
(Annika burst out of tears, she couldn’t speak anything. Shivaay understood her situation and turned and bent down near sahil.)

Shivaay: sahil, your Annika didi loves you a lot. After I put sindhoor on her forehead, the first question and worry in her heart is you. And I cant leave her like that who will be moody and depressed.(looking at Annika and Annika gave him a depressing look). Please will you help me . I know only you in this world can bring out a great smile on her face. And I want you to live with us always. So pack your school bag, books, clothes, shoes for a permanent stay in Oberoi mansion. Help your didi also in packing. And leave your bua, just give accommodation in this house and I will provide her money every month to live, otherwise your didi will be sad(looking at Annika)
Sahil: thank you bhayya, I thought I have to leave my didi, but you made my day, thanks a lot. I really love you sso.
Shivaay: not bhayya, jiju(smiles at him)
Sahil: ok jiju(smiles)
(now Shivaay gets up and turns towards Annika, Annika don’t know what he is going to do now, she gets little nervous and moves a bit back. He comes closer and she moves a little back, finally, she gets stuck to the wall. He comes closer.)
Shivaay: I am not going to eat you, and by the way give some respect to your husband.
Annika: mr Shivaay Singh Oberoi, I will never accept you as my husband
Shivaay: I challenge you, Mrs Annika Shivaay Singh Oberoi , you are going to accept me and that’ final. And you know, I always win challenges. Ok for nowLet’s be friends, not a big deal
Annika: everything is a deal for you and I hate you.
(sahil sees everything, smiles and goes to his room to pack everything and to leave the newly married couple alone)
(Shivaay gets closer, Annika gets nervous. Shivaay stretches his arms round her waist and catches her hand and brings her hand front and keeps the saree and jewelry in her hand which dadi gave her to wear tomorrow)
Shivaay: mrs Shivaay singhOberoi , (he bends his head towards her ear) please wear this saree and get ready for tomorrow, not for me, atleast for our dadi.(he keeps his head normal and leaves her hand)
He smiles and goes out of her house.
Annika: whatever it is Shivaay singh Oberoi, I hate you and I will never forgive you.(smiles unknowingly looking at his back)
(she leaves to her room, packs everything, and sees that sahil packed everything of his and slept, and sleeps along with him, )
Shivaay in his car:
Shivaay:(in his thoughts): Annika, let this case get closed. i will prove who is Shivaay Singh Oberoi to you. You are mine. And you can’t cross the great wall of Shivaay Singh Oberoi . I won’t leave you. I think this time I made a good decision marrying you. My heart told you that’s it, I don’t even know what I did. (Saying that he smiles)
(Om, rumya,prinku, dadi plan arrangements for the next day. All say good night and go to their respective rooms)
(Shivaay, in his room smiles to himself thinking of his moments with Annika today)

(dadi gets up early in the morning and wakes om, rumya, prinku, and they all become busy in the arrangements)
(Shivaay wakes up and sees the time, it is 6, omg,I have to go to her house and bring her here by 7. He bathes very fast, wears a dashing black coat with dark brown striped tie with metal goggles on his tie. He looks into the mirror and says)
Shivaay: Annika, I am coming for you
Annika’s house
Annika: I never wore a saree. This is for the first time
Friend: I am helping you na oh don’t worry, and by the way what’s so special. You are wearing a saree all of a sudden.
Annika: umm, for a function . Actually, I am shifting my house along with sahil, bua will be here. So , don’t come for me here,ok, I will tell you the address later(completes tying the saree, she wears her jewelry given by dadi and sahil also comes there)
Friend: but why……………………..
(there comes the man, shocked and mesmerized by her beauty, he was just melting to her)
Shivaay: Annika, shall we leave now
Friend: who is he?
Annika: my friend…………
(then Shivaay was about to speak something, Annika drags him outside , comes with her luggage along with sahil, bids bye to her friend and steps into the car)

Shivaay(driving): why didn’t you tell her that I am your husband
Annika: should I feel proud to be your wife
(Sahil in the backseat smiles, listening their nok jhok)
Shivaay: of course, you are the great Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s wife, Mrs. Annika Shivaay Singh Oberoi .
Annika: don’t you dare attach my name with yours………… Actually dadi told me not to reveal it to anybody till the real wedding happens in front of everyone, I mean the world.
Shivaay: yes, I want the world to know who is the great, I mean the greatest, Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s wife.
Annika: just stop praising, how many times you will praise yourself.(she suddenly remembers yesterday’s incident)
Shivaay:ok, I will stop praising me and start praising you.
Annika: (teary eyed): what do you think of yourself Shivaay SinghOberoi, do you think I will forget and forgive for what you have done yesterday.(she again becomes depressed)
Shivaay: hey!HEY! Stop crying, I know……………..
Annika: stop
Shivaay: what, let me tell you………….
Annika: we reached the mansion
Shivaay: oh(and he stops)
Everybody ready and jhanvi with the plate of aarti(as pinky still angry at Shivika), om takes sahil in his arms and plays with him)
Sahil: my ears.blood
Sahil: hearing their fight in the car, my ears, head, whole body is hurt
(om laughs along with rumya who listens the conversation and they smile looking at the couple)
Jhanvi:ok now ready!
(Shivikagives a pleading and begging look to pinky)
Pinky: ok, alright then, jethaniji, I will do the aarti
(everyone shocked and happy)
Pinky: I need time to adjust, but still I am doing this for my family
(everyone smile)
(she does the aarti and Annika kicks the mug of rice and enters the mansion by putting her legs in the sindhoor mixed with water and steps on white cardboard and Rudra takes the video, and Shivaay lifts that cardboard and asks the worker to frame it with costly wood with small carvings of Shivika on the wood and borders adorned with diamonds. Dadi is happy hearing all these. She pats billu on his shoulder. Rudra, Soumya, Om, Prinku play with Sahil)
(Shivaay goes close to Annika and was about to speak)
Then a sudden voice
Person: what is all this?
Tej: just tell me what happened here without us?(that person is tej)
Shakti: Shivaay , what did you do without us?
Shivaay: papa, bade papa but how did you come out?, I mean the lawyer whom I have contacted didn’t inform
(tej signs and looks at the door)
(everyone look at the door and find ishana)
You heard it right, it is ishana

Precap : Annika and Soumya were hell confused…………………..shivaay and all others smile and were very happy except Jhanvi and om. ………………..tej and Shakti learn about Shivaay’s marriage…………………………will they accept?…………………tia comes, ……………shivaay smirks,……………tej’s decision with the deal.

Guys this very much long. I want a hell load of comments please, I want to know all your opinions , please don’t disappoint me without commenting. And all the silent readers, drop your views, please……………..
Ok, bye for now.

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      No need to say sorry renima di, I can understand your situation di . Anyways thanks for your wonderful comment

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