Ishqbaaz ff by Sat episode 27

Hey guys this is sat back again.a very big sorry for being late. did anyone rememeber me? lol being this much late i felt most of you fad forgotten that my ff exists after all. a very few enquired about it about 5 or 6. thanks for remembering me. but now I am feeling a bit distressed seeing the number of comments. I am feeling I am not able to entertain you all. By seeing the number of comments, I fell there are many flaws in my literary art. If the track is really going boring, I am going to stop this ff. also, to decrease the sadness, I am saying you all, I am really feeling so bored presently. At least with your comments, I feel a bit happy and blessed. If my ff is worth admiring, please comment. Please express your doubts freely, I will answer for sure. Whoever reads my ff,please comment, a word is enough for me to feel it as a token of admiration. I am expecting a bounty this time.ok enough of my bakbaks

Lets move into what happened in my previous episode:

Ishana opens everything to maya,……………………………..shivika to stay under different roofs,…………………………………………rudra feels for sowmya,…………………………rudra gets attracted towards maya…………………………………………………..sowmya feels jealous ,…… ……………….dadi and Shivaay suspect sarah,………………………………om proposes ishana and ishana accepts,………………
Now comes the episode

After 1 week
(sowmya’s mother had an important work so she took a delay of one week to come and so Shivaay decided to talk to sarah later and Annika is still in Oberoi mansion)
in sarah’s room
(sarah is seen hugging a picture, and is crying vigorously and talking to herself)
Sarah: why did u leave me rajvir huh? U think I can live without you. rajvir( u all guys remember that rajvir is none other than sarah’s husband) I love you rajvir, I cant live without you. but I cannot die also. Your sacrifice made us escape from death. I should not die valuing what you have done, I should not die Because I have to live for my daughters.
Person: bua, are anita and ishita alive?
(sarah was shocked)
(ishana is recovered and can walk, )

(Meanwhile ishana was walking in the corridor and om is also coming through that way opposite to the direction of om. They were lost in their thoughts of love. And they suddenly collided and ishana fell in om’s arms, they were lost, flashes of memory of the proposal were ringing in their mind. Finally after a long time, they broke their eyelock)
Ishana:woh ………………………….
Om: woh ………………………..
Ishana: I mean ………………….
Om: you mean………………………….
Ishana: can we go……………………………….
Om: can we go………………………………………….

After a long pause
ishkara(both of them together): on a date
(both of them were happy, om comes closer, ishana breathes hard)
Om: of course we will go, get ready by evening.
(ishana blushes)
Ishana: ok, now I should go to office
Om: yeah me too…………….
Ishana: (places her palm on his forehead) om are you fine, you are going to office??? Is everything ok
Om: (hits her head) arrey duffer, they say love is blind, but you became dumb
Ishana: what the wuck
Om: I mean to say I have to go to my gallery also.
Ishana: oh…………….

Om: I cant come to your office to romance you ok
(ishana blushes hard)
Om: your face became like a tomato and oh my god see your face, you are smiling too wide and continuously. Love can change a person this much or what
Ishana: its enough, more than enough. Go to your gallery now, I need to go to office
Om: ha, fine
(they both go in different directions and they turn at once and say together)
Ishkara: and don’t forget about the date
(again together)
Ishkara: I remember
(they smile and again together)
Ishkara: bye
(they smile thinking of their moments and go to their works)
In maya’s room(remember maya is the pa of ishana)
(maya was settling her clothes in the cupboard and all the time she was whistling “tuje dekha tone jaana sanam” song tune, and then she hears someone starts singing the same tune, she turns to see the person)
Maya: excuse me

Person: hello, my name is Rudra, Rudra Singh Oberoi
(they shake their hands)
Maya: my name is maya
Rudra: well you are whistling good
Maya: thank you
Rudra: how is this place
Maya: pardon me
Rudra: I mean how is Oberoi mansion
Maya: it is big, large
Rudra: I know that, I am asing you whether you like it or not
Maya: I don’t like it
Rudra: what the wuck, till now no one said that
Maya: I love it
(Rudra took a pause and understood her statement, he smiled now and maya laughed)
Rudra: you have a good sense of humour
Maya: I know that and thanks for the compliment

(rudra forwards his hand)
(maya didn’t understand)
Maya: excuse me
Rudra: u don’t even know that, uff u all are business typos, u one that Shivaay bhayya one and ishana didi also. Atleast ishana didi understands me.
Maya: hello, I didn’t ask u to understand me, neither did I say that I want to understand you. I just didn’t understand your gesture
Rudra: oh, I forwarded my hands for asking friendship. Friends??
Maya: oh that’s great, fine , lets be(she shook hands with him)
(sowmya was at the door fuming in anger and filled with jealousy seeing ruya (Rudra+ maya) relationship, she goes from there. Rudra and maya become good friends)
In sarah’s room
(that person is none other than Shivaay)
Shivaay; bua, ani and ishi are still alive, ani is still alive
Dadi: my grandchildren are still alive, say puttar

Sarah: ma, woh …..(she mumbles)
(Shivaay with so much anger shouts)
Shivaay: enough bua, enough of hiding from me. I have seen your behavior strange since the day you stepped into this house. But I didn’t interfere as I want to give space to you to come out of that depression. But you hid such a big thing from us. Why did you bua? (he shouts at the top of his voice)
(sarah cries very badly)

Dadi: billu………………….
Shivaay: no dadi, don’t stop me today, I need to know. I was shattered hearing ani and ishi are dead. My ani, whom I have promised that I will always be with her, whom I have promised that she will be my life partner and my dearest sister ishi, I thought they were dead because of her lie. I need to know what is the truth bua? Where are ani and ishi? Why did you hide from us?
Sarah: Shivaay, ma, rajvir didn’t die in the accident, in fact that wasn’t an accident at all
Shivaay: what do you mean by saying that it is not an accident?
Sarah: it was a murder Shivaay, it was a murder(her eyes became red filled with anger)
(dadi and Shivaay were shocked)
In rudra’s room
(sowmya comes there, Rudra was trying to complete an assignment)
Sowmya: Rudra, what are you trying to do?
Rudra: sumo, just help me with the assignment na
Sowmya: sorry, do it yourself

Rudra: ok then I will ask maya
Sowmya: maya??!!!!!! What the wuck.
Rudra: yeah! She told me that she is good in maths
Sowmya: fine! I will help you
(she sits down and explains Rudra everything. All the time he was looking at his sumo, thinking of the moments when she was jealous. He was enjoying that. Finally sowmya end up completing the assignment herself as our duffer is a duffer)
In annika’s room
Annika: tomorrow sowmya’s mom is coming and we have to move to Oberoi guest house. Will Shivaay be able to manage? I know he will surely come there and half the time we will meet outside. But still I will miss him. Just a few days Annika, and next you will be all his
(she smiles and packs her clothes)

In sarah’s room
Dadi: murder??
Shivaay: murder?? How?? And by who???
Sarah: we were going on a car and suddenly out of petrol the car was stopped. And rajvir called the office members in the nearby place for help. Suddenly she came and slayed rajvir with a sword, in a minute he was in a pool of blood and shouting at me to run away and take the kids from there and then he took his last breath. Anita and ishita are crying badly. I closed their mouths and ran with them, she was searching, but finally she failed, she laughed terribly seeing my husband dead and went from there.
I was crying, I was crying. I couldn’t save my husband.(she cries loud)
Shivaay: who is she bua?
Sarah: roop, my sister
Dadi: roop? How can she …..
Sarah: I am ashamed that she is my sister
Shivaay: but why did she?
Sarah:papa thought that due to money and everything, there can be a chance for the family to break in the future, so he transferred all the Oberoi property under my name, as he knew that I wont let my family break and keep it always united. And he has complete trust on me. Roop is the only one who knew that Oberoi property is under my name.she argued with papa, but he didn’t agree. So she ended up killing my husband.
(she cries badly)

Shivaay: I will not leave her bua, I promise you I will destroy her life and make it a hell that she would end up dying of the thought to leave.
(sarah stiffens her head at this statement and nods)
Dadi: then what about anita and ishita, what happened to them
Sarah: she was still hunting for me, so I registered my daughters in a nearby orphanage just to save them and registered their names as annika and ishana. And had a constant watch at it. I knew the people who adopted them also, I followed them doing small small works and finally by destiny they met you again and I came back to you. and even now I am scared that if roop gets to know that my daughters are alive, she is going to kill them, so I am after them not revealing my relation with them
(Shivaay and dadi hug sarah after listening to her tragic story, then Shivaay remembered something)

Shivaay; bua, you mean Annika and ishana are your daughters, you mean they are anita and ishita
Dadi: arrey puttar, till now you didn’t understand. And I very well thought Annika is somewhat related to sarah, as whenever I see Annika, I remember sarah
Shivaay: my ani, oh wow, I can get my promises fulfilled, that’s great. I am marrying my ani, I fell in love with my ani, wow that’s so cool.(he was just not in his senses due to over happiness)
And what if om gets to know if he is loving his ishi
Sarah: what did om realize his love, when
(Shivaay hits his forehead for revealing everything. Then he tells everything about how om realized his love and proposed his feelings)
(sarah and dadi are happy hearing that)

Shivaay(keeping hand on sarah’s shoulder): bua don’t worry, nothing will happen to Annika and not even to my ishana. And don’t be scared to tell them that you are their mother. They are missing the mother’s love from many years, don’t make that pain be more.
(sarah nods in agreement)
Dadi; I will announce it when both your daughters are together, oohk and Annika can stay here now, as according to your customs, if the bride is bridegroom’s bua’s daughter, she can stay in the same house but in different rooms and moreover I don’t want to leave my bahu in risk as u said their lives are in danger

(Shivaay was very happy hearing this)
Sarah: u and ur customs, u didn’t at all change ma(she hugs her)
(Shivaay immediately dashes into his room where Annika is deeply immersed in thoughts)
Shivaay: Annika(he breathes heavily as he ran)

Annika: what happened Shivaay? is everything ok?
(he hugs her tight, she is shocked by his weird action)
Shivaay: I love you Annika
Annika: I know that, but what happened
(coming out of the hug)
Shivaay: good news!
Annika: what? Who is pregnant now? I mean we didn’t yet intimate and Ishkara are not so fast, how is it possible
(Shivaay hits her head and Annika gives him a glare)
Shivaay; you are not going anywhere
Annika: ha so, (she takes a pause and understands)
What really?
(Shivaay nods in agreement)
(now Annika hugs him and he reciprocates and she whispers in his ears)
Annika; “I love u Shivaay”
Shivaay: I love you too
In the restaurant
(ishana is in black gown with white pearl necklace and metal bangles and om is in his black suit)
Ishana: so this is our first date
Om: yes, I will note down the date and time
Ishana: I can remember
Om: yeah, u r calculator Singh oberoi’s sister
(ishana makes faces)
Om; can we dance(he forwards his hand)
Ishana: sure
(they dance gracefully on janam janam song, everyone were clapping for them. Then om went to take the car from parking)

(ishana phone rings. She gets shocked seeing the name”SVETLANA”)
Ishana: why is she calling me now
(she lifts the call)
Ishana: hello Svetlana ma
Svetlana: so you remember me
Ishana; how are you?
Svetlana; well, very fine, just thinking about you
Ishana: about me?
Svetlana: yes, you heard it right. I am thinking about you only. I fixed a match for you

Ishana; mom, but I am not ready
Svetlana: ready for a relationship with omkara but not for marriage
(she was shocked, fear could easily be seen in her eyes, she was sweating)
Ishana: but ,…………………
Svetlana; I know maya is your friend, she will be getting her pay for disobeying my words. I have hired a special spy for you which you didn’t get to know
Ishana: please don’t do anything to om
Svetlana: I wlll not do anything to om, but check this out
(she gets a video where om is taking out the car from parking and heading outside and a man with a gun from far and other side her marriage proposal)
Ishana: please don’t do anything to om(she cries badly)

Svetlana: then choose one om’s life or your love
Ishana(crying at her helplessness ) : I want om’s life don’t do anything to him, I will listen whatever you say, I will marry the one you choose. Please leave om (she cries badly)

(she cuts the call)
(the shooter aborts and Svetlana laughs terribly that her deal was agreed now and ishana on the other side was hopeless and helpless, she was crying and completely broken from inside)
Svetlana’s place
Svetlana: time to break up with om ishana
(she laughs terribly)

Precap: shocking twist

Sorry guys for being too late
I am really very very sorry.
Pre board exams are very tough and some personal issues are bothering me, that’s y
I know you all are angry at me, I am sorry
Thanks to all who asked for my ff, I am grateful to you all.
And the last time, I got the least number of comments, I am very sad. First time the number of comments was below 30

Please do comment for this one, please make me happy
And Shivika pre-marriage first ritual will be after 2 episodes
Please please comment
I am typing at late night for you guys
And any doubts please ask, I wont hesitate to answer
Last time one member asked that does om knows ishana’s past, no he doesn’t know , he just knew that ishana is an adopted daughter of Svetlana, not her complete past and her sufferings
And in my ff Svetlana is not too young, like 35 years and ishana is somewhat 24 years
Om- 25 years

Rudra- 23years
Shivaay-27 years
Annika: 25 years
Sowmya-23 years
(for your clarification and confusion)
Ok guys bye for now

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