Ishqbaaz ff by Sat episode 26

Hey this is sat back again, because of my pre board exams, I couldn’t type my ff. but this one week I may update regularly as I have pongal vacation. But I also have to cover up my syllabus. I will try to update. I know many of you are excited for Shivika’s marriage. As I promised, I will give you guys a five day marriage with all traditions for them. Please tell me if my track is going boring as I am not able to capture my previous readers’ attention. Please tell me if you want me to stop. And thanks for all your comments, now lets move on to the ff. a sincere sorry to the ff writers as I couldn’t comment on them because I have to complete my syllabus for board exams and also have an entrance exam test. Please forgive me. But I have to tell you, you are doing an excellent job.

Now enough of my bak baks
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Recap of previous episode:
Shivrumyanipri tease om at his confession,……………………………shivika romance in the lobby,……………………rumya feel some connection between them,…………………………………., family preparing for shivika marriage,……………………Sarah takes the responsibility of bride,…………………………………,om questions ishana if she heard anything in her ward,……………………om invites maya ,…………………………ishana cries and hugs maya
Maya ; what are you saying ishana?
Ishana:actually om confessed his feelings for me in the hospital(she tells everything to her)
Maya: that’s great, he realized his love
Ishana:but you know na, what if Svetlana ma gets to know
Maya: whatever it is , I told you I wont tell anyone about your love and don’t worry about spies, all are under my control
Ishana: shall I accept then
Maya: what are you thinking then, you wont get this opportunity, I am telling you. just accept and we will think what to do later
Ishana: are you sure?

Maya: I am sure, don’t worry
(ishana hugs her and thanks her, she is about to go from there but ishana holds her)
Ishana: where are you going, please be here for some more time
Maya: don’t worry ra, I am here only and until you recover, I will be here in the guest room, your family welcomed me with warm greetings. I just loved your family, I mean your future sasural. Om told me to stay how many days I want for your happiness
Ishana: wow, that’s great, thanks a lot for staying here. And be careful with Rudra, he will try to flirt and don’t fall for him. It will be just a funny one, I mean don’t take his tactics serious, they are just for fun, if you take them serious, they will hurt you. and you are so sensitive
Maya: yeah! I will take a note of it. Ok, I will refresh now, as I didn’t sleep yesterday due to heavy work

Ishana: just sleep now, otherwise you are over in my hands, and how many times should I say you, health is more important than work. Go take rest, I will ask someone to send you breakfast later and join us for lunch I the afternoon. And remember, I am not asking you, I am telling you.
Maya: ok madam , as you order, ok I am leaving
(maya goes to her guest room. She thinks about Rudra as a funny figure in the family)

In shivaay’s room
(Annika is settling the cupboard while Shivaay comes there)
Annika: you know what shivaay, we have to be in separate rooms for 4 weeks
Shivaay: what the wuck?
(dadi comes there)
Dadi: Annika beta, you should not be in separate rooms

Shivaay: thank god dadi, she is expecting too much
Dadi; actually, I know it will be sad for both of you but it is compulsory
Shivaay: no problem dadi, we will be in one room, no problem for us
Dadi: actually shivaay,
Shivaay: dadi, I said na……………………..
Dadi: let me complete Shivaay puttar, you both have to not be in one house for these 4 weeks
Shivika: what?
Dadi: that is a strict tradition and it is compulsory for both of you, panditji said according to your stars
Annika: but dadi
Dadi: no ifs and buts, you can meet Shivaay but you both cant be in one house at any cost. No more argument in this matter
(she goes from there)
Annika: don’t worry, after a month, we will be together in same room
(Shivaay holds her hand )
Shivaay: is it ok for you? (he pulls her close) I cant be more far than this
(Annika takes deep breaths)
Shivaay: how are you going to breathe without me huh?
Annika:to unite, we need to be patient, obstacles come like this only, we have to face them, not be weak
Shivaay: I know, but promise me that you will take care of yourself, and also don’t worry about me, and I will come and we can meet everyday at some place as dadi told not in the house.
Annika: I promise, and you too should take care, I will ask dadi when should I leave
Shivaay: but where will you live?
Annika: I should ask dadi
(he pulls her more closer and pecks on her forehead. )
Shivaay; I will miss you
Annika: I will miss you too
(they both become teary eyed and hug each other)
(Shivaay goes to talk to dadi)
In rudra’s room
(Rudra and Sowmya were present)
Sowmya: tomorrow my mom is coming
Rudra: to fix the marriage???
Sowmya: I don’t know. Dadi invited her. She might talk about my marriage also
Rudra:ohh(why am I only feeling insecure, why not she , why not she understand my feelings that I am scared of losing her, when will she understand the pain when someone else is taking her possession.. wait, is sumo my possession?, is it so? of course she is mine, no doubt from my side now, I don’t know this feeling whether it is love or something else, I cant afford to lose her to anyone at any cost, but still this feeling that she is not mine haunts me)

Sowmya:(I think I should not have committed to Reyaan, I will tell to mom. Reyaan and me share a good bond, ut our understanding and way of making up is not good. I will tell mom that I cant marry Reyaan. I want at least a tint of love in my life)
(they both come to their senses and do their work)
(just then maya comes, she looks awesome, Rudra gets stunned seeing her. Sowmya sees Rudra staring at maya. He is lost and she is jealous)
Maya: I am ishana’s pa, actually I need some help, can you tell me the way to the dining table, ishana told that breakfast will be there
Rudra: can I show you? if I show you will never forget(he makes flirting faces)
Sowmya: I will show you, he needs to do his assignment
(Rudra frowns and maya smiles at his antics, Sowmya gets jealous, Rudra smiles seeing Sowmya jealous)
(Sowmya takes maya from there)

Rudra: I know how to make her jealous. But I never knew that didi’s p.a will be so beautiful. She will be a good try

In the hall

Shivaay: dadi, where will Annika live, I mean in her old house, she will be alone and she doesn’t have another family also except us, so she can stay here na
Dadi: billu, so much expectations, huh? I called Sowmya’s mom
Shivaay: she is coming for Sowmya and Reyaan engagement right,I mean she will be busy with that na
Dadi: billu, I have arranged everything, don’t think your tactics will work in front of me. And by the way, Sowmya’s mom is coming for your marriage, not for Sowmya’s engagement, Sowmya didn’t say anything for the engagement yet. She will be helping Sarah in completing customs and duties from bride’s side.
Shivaay: Sarah bua is taking Annika’s responsibilities????? Well, that’s a good choice, but still why only Sarah bua. Recently she had recovered right, why to take such a big responsibility? Bade ma and bade papa are there na

Dadi: Sarah herself told that she will do those duties, we know her past na, I cant say no to her. And Sarah and Sowmya’s ma and Annika will together stay in Oberoi guest house. And yeah, Sowmya will also accompany them
Shivaay: I feel something fishy in Sarah bua behavior. When it comes to Annika and ishana, she just becomes blank, she feels so much as if she is having an emotional outburst
Dadi: me too, anyways, now we will go to her and ask her about Annika responsibilities
Shivaay: ha ok, I will come with you. I will ask her if she is hiding something
(dadi and Shivaay move towards sarah room)
In ishana’s room
(maya and ishana were present)
Maya: so, are you going to be in a relationship now
Ishana: only if he proposes first
Maya: acha, boys should propose first huh? Girls dignity will go low na
(they both laugh)
(om comes and sees them laughing, he coughs, they both come into senses)
Maya: excuse me

(she goes and signs ishana, ishana blushes)
Om: why did she leave?
Ishana: I don’t know
Om: aren’t you getting bored sitting in this room all the day
Ishana: if I move an inch from here, bhayya will simply……………..
Om: simply………………….
Ishana: eat me?
Om:eat you? (he laughs) ok fine, I will take u out
Ishana: hello, for your kind information, I shouldn’t walk
Om: I will take you on wheel chair, don’t worry
(he lifts her suddenly and she gets surprised of his sudden act, they both stare into each other’s eyes filled with love. He places her slowly in the wheelchair, he takes her to a room which is dark)

Ishana: why is this room dark om, I cant see anything
(she finds no one holding her wheel chair, and a whistle is placed on her lap)
Ishana:om, om ,om,……………..what is this whistle for? What should I do, am I any kid. (she whistles)
(the whole room slowly starts becoming bright, one one candle in a row is being lit, and she is surprised to see om doing all that work. He completes decorating everything, he drags ishana inside holding her wheel chair,)
Ishana: om…….
Om: for sometime, I don’t want to hear anyone else voice except mine
(ishana nods)

Om: you met Shivaay 3 years back, while you were very much close to him, he brought us to my family, I thought Shivaay will marry you, but you started calling him bhayya, that sounded so weird for me. A girl who had such a bond and understanding with a very great man treated her relationship as bro-sis bond. Then I got to know you are shvetlana’s daughter. Though you are adopted, I never cared
for your feelings. I used to treat you very bad. In fact I used to never care about you. I used to neither care about your presence nor you absence.i used to ignore, rather say avoid you.
(ishana was lost in his words)
But I got to know that you are a girl with a matter of feelings and connecting relationships, I saw you connecting to people very fast. When you suffered with tomato allergy, I know I was the root cause, I felt so guilty, I don’t know how I did. Then I started a relation called friendship with you. I came to know you more and more. I feel your inner beauty is more awesome than your exterior. I came to know every feeling of your soul. I came to know your innocence, I came to know your stubbornness, your funny tactics, your SherlockHolmes’ mind, your emotions, your skills, your perseverance , your possessiveness, your protectiveness, and oh my god, I have many to list. It wont complete by today, so I am stopping there itself.
(ishana was teary eyed)

When you used to be beside me, I used to feel some weird connection between us, not just understanding, it is equality which makes our bond stick together, I am still running out of words to express my feelings but I have to tell you at any cost. It is too late. I have so much fear of losing you. I should tell out before anything happens. Ishana, (he holds her hands and kneels down) I am incomplete without you. In fact, it is not that I cant live without you, it is that I fear I can live without. It is not that I am jealous of anything that will grab you from me, but it is the fear that you will go far away from me. I don’t how to propose ishana, I just told out my feelings.
(Ishana was stunned at his proposal, she knew he would propose her again but she didn’t expect such a proposal)
(flashes of svetlana’s words are ringing in her mind, she then remembered maya’s words and then her heart)
(her heart said ‘yes’, yes, it was yes for the proposed, she immediately blurted out)
Ishana: I love you om, I love you too(she cried)

(he hugged her in the wheelchair itself. They both shared a pleasant moment, unaware of the future circumstances. That night om took her to the balcony and they shared the pleasant moment enjoying the night sky with pleasant breeze, moons and nature)

Precap: sarah’s dark secret revealed,………………………………………………….., ishana was threatened,…………………………………..annika to stay in Oberoi mansion,………………………………………..danger to om,…………………………………tia’s evil plans for Shivika marriage

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