Ishqbaaz ff by Sat episode 25

Hi guys, this is sat back again. I know this is super-duper late as I did not post since nearly 3 weeks. I am sorry for that. I am really sorry. Firstly I went to a trip to Hyderabad with my school and next I got affected by viral fever and then now I am suffering with severe headache. i thought you all will be angry on me that’s why I am typing this episode. But I feel most of you didn’t miss my ff and even I didn’t get many messages for me to post the next episode. I got4 of course. But that is a quite very less number. I felt many of you are feeling my ff boring. that’s why I didn’t feel like typing as your each and every single opinion about my ff matters to me. But still I am typing this ff to satisfy myself and the fact that I still have readers. And please if this ff really give some interest, some happiness of reading, or atleast if it means one out of a millionth to you, then please comment, even single word of expression of your felling after reading my ff brings out immense happiness in me. Please understand my pain and drop down ur comments

I hope you all will prove me wrong as in the corner of my heart I feel everyone like my ff but hope it becomes true
And this is the link for my previous episodes

Now enough of my emotional bakbaks, lets move on to recap:

In the last episode , we have seen ishana is in hospital and in a critical state,……………………..shivaay remembering his moment with ishana,……………….sarah feeling for ishana,…………………, om realizes his love for ishana,…………………..ishana gains consciousness,……………………..sarah controlling herself,…………………….shivaay and dadi suspicious about sarah’s behavior towards ishana,………… …………….., om proposes ishana, ……………….ishana falls unconscious,………….shivaay shouts ‘doctor’
Now coming to the present:
Shivaay: ‘doctorrr!!!!!!!!!!!!”
(the doc comes)
(the doctor comes and checks everything)
Annika : what had happened doctor?
Doc: it is nothing serious, it happens, don’t worry she will be conscious soon. She is a bit weak, and I am reminding once again don’t let her takestress
Sowmya: we will take care doctor
Rudra: when can we discharge her doctor?
Doctor: she has done her doctorate in medicine right? I will provide all the apparatus to Oberoi mansion. She will be fine tomorrow, but don’t let her get out of bed for two weeks, from the third week let her walk. She will be completely fine within 3 weeks from now. You can discharge her tomorrow, I will send a nurse, she will help you in fixing the apparatus. And take the help of her personal assistant tara, she might prove to be really helpful. I know her very well and ishana is my friend, so I got to know all this.
Now excuse me
Shivaay: thank u doctor

Prinku: om bhayya, you have proposed her, you didn’t inform anyone of us?
Shivaay: you didn’t even tell us about it
Rudra: om, you forgot your promise, no secrets between obro brothers
Annika: and didn’t even tell to your bhabi huh?
Sowmya: and not even to your cute little sissy!
Om: ok enough guys! I just realized it now and burst out my emotions to her. I didn’t prepare anything so I didn’t ask you guys anything.
Shivru: oooooooooooooooh!!!!!!!!!!
(everyone giggle except om and smile crept on om’s face)
Om: fine then, we have to not let her stress, so I will again propose her but later
Annika: with full preparation
Sowmya: and full concentration
Prinku: and full determination
Om: just stop it girls
Rudra: om now you also and ishqbaaz huh?
Shivaay: only you are left duffer(signaling om to look at sowmya who already immersed herself into deep thoughts at that statement)
Om: sowmya and prinku, you were also left
(sowmya comes into senses)
(Rudra becomes sad)
Rudra: no om, she has fixed her engagement with Reyaan
(saying this he leaves from there. shivom find him sad. Sowmya feels very uncomfortable and leaves from there. )
(it is night, sarah, dadi, tejanvi, shinky,rumya,prinku, leave to mansion , couples in their respective cars and sarah , dadi and prinku in one car)

In Rumya car
Rudra: sumo, are you sure about engaging Reyaan
(sowmya was silent. She doesn’t want to talk anything about that topic)
Sowmya: Rudra, why cant you switch on the fm, I want to hear some songs
(she switches on the fm)
HAMARI ADHURI KAHANI plays,…………………………
(they both see each other and feel sad)
(the whole journey is silent and immersed with silent thoughts. Finally they reached the mansion)
In the hospital
(om, Shivika in the lobby)
(om gets up to go)
Shivaay: hey! Where are u going
Annika: to ishana right! Just control, she will still be unconscious
Om: no Annika, I know she wont be awake, but I want to give you two guys a bit privacy as you didn’t romance from so much time
(Shivika blushes)

Om: enough of hiding and seeing each other, and deep eyelocks, immense thoughts. I will go out and have some walk. You both spend some quality time
(saying this he goes)
Shivaay: thank god, om got some sense and realized how badly I am waiting for some time to spend with you
(he comes closer, she goes back)
Shivaay: Annika, I wont bite you. this is a public place not our bedroom also. And I promised you, until unless you are ready, I wont attempt that act.
Annika: I trust you Shivaay
Shivaay: (he pulls her closer and encircles her through waist. Everyone were sleeping as it is late night. He started speaking)
You know what
“so many memories
So many stupid fights
So many inside jokes
And the craziest moments
Everything crazy that I do
Always seems to happen
When I’m with you”
Annika: wow, of course not a good and typical shayari like om, it is good one
At least my bhagad billa tried something
(he pulls her closer)

Annika: Shivaay!!!!!!!!!
Shivaay: what did you say before?
Annika:wow, of course not a good and typical shayari like om, it is good one. Voh, I mean to say it is fine for……………….
(she is cut by Shivaay)
Shivaay: not that one. The next
Annika(thinking):At least my bhagad billa tried something
(she bites her tongue)
Shivaay: whose bhagad billa Annika?
(Annika doesn’t want to speak)
Shivaay: Annika, don’t be too possessive, I am my family’s also
Annika: for your family you are Shivaay, for me you are bhagad billa
Shivaay: hey! Don’t call me that
(they smile and hug each other and on chair sleep in peace enjoying each other’s embracement)
(om comes there)
Om: I know this would happen( smiles seeing them)
(everyone were busy)
In the hospital
Annika: Shivaay, I packed everything. Ishana’s requirements, and by the way did you buy the medicines and some bandages prescribed by the doctor(in hurry burry mode)
Shivaay: oh my god! In arranging the transport and paying the bills and fitting the apparatus in ishana’s room, I completely forgot about it. Just a minute, I will get them soon(in hurry burry mode)(he goes from there)
(he finds om on the way suddenly he remembers something)
Shivaay: om just listen to me, call maya, her pa and tell her condition, she is very much worried and ha please invite her to Oberoi mansion, I need to talk to her regarding ishana(saying this he hurriedly walks off from there)
Om: I just damn forgot about it. I will call her and send a car for her by 10(he goes to the ward)
Om: Annika , everything set
Annika: everything fine om, I will carry these and you carry your lady
Om: ha ok,(just then realizes what he said) oh, you meant that I have to carry her, ok fine
Annika: oh hello, don’t hope that much, you are going to take her through wheelchair till the car and then put her into the car
Om: whatever it is, I am with her, that’s enough
Annika: thank god all boys are not like you, Shivaay will always try to lift me in this case
(om smirks at her, while Annika realizes what she has said and blushes. She just rushes out of the room. Ishana was conscious now)

Om: so how are you ishana?
Ishana: I am……….f…..(tries to speak)
Om: no speaking, feeling better right
Ishana: she nods her head
(he takes her to the car through the wheelchair and places her in the car)
Om(thinking): I wonder if she heard my proposal
(they reach the mansion)
(Jhanvi, pinky and sarah do the aarti and ishana was directly landed in her room full of hospital apparatus. )
Shivaay: ishana, no speaking, no talking, no chatting, no posting, no meeting, no working, no walking, not even thinking is allowed. Enough of taking stress
Om: ha, and this is a strict rule, and don’t worry we will be like entertainment to you, Rudra will dance or sowmya will sing or I will talk or Shivaay will tell about your records or Annika will company you.
Annika: only thing you have to do is to listen and see. And no solid food also, you know na some glue will be sent through the selyne bottle
Sowmya: Annika didi, not glue it is glucose
(Shivaay laughs terribly while everyone giggle and ishana smiles. Annika glares at Shivaay and goes. Now everyone laugh terribly seeing the state of Shivaay)
Shivaay: Annika………………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(he goes from there)
Rudra: so this is how we entertain didi and you have to see and smile.
Prinku: and don’t worry didi, pinky aunty will be coming at night to chant some mantras as some evil spirit is behind you it seems
(ishana keeps a puppy face while everyone burst out of laughter)

(Annika is there sitting pretending to be angry at Shivaay. Shivaay comes there. which husband cant understand his wife huh? He understands that she is doing drama)
Shivaay: you know what Annika, you look so cute when you are angry
Annika: you mean it doesn’t matter for you when I am angry
(he hugs her from back)
Shivaay: Annika, don’t act oversmart , when I can feel your presence,I can even understand your feelings. So don’t lie to your husband
Annika: don’t try to be close to me
Shivaay: (leaving her) so you want me to be far with you
Annika: I didn’t mean that(trying to go close to him)
Shivaay: so you want to be close to me
(he pulls her closer)
Annika: I didn’t mean that either
Shivaay: but I mean that only, I want to be close to you always
Annika: but not now(she pushes him and goes)
(she goes out of the room)

Rudra: is sumo really going to get engaged to reyaan, why am I getting so much feeling that I would lose her, I would miss her. Why? Cant I live without her. What is the connection I have with her. Her stupid fights, her silly talks, why do they affect me to the core. Why do I smile when I think about her. In fact why do I think about her to smile. Did I start feeling for her? No Rudra you didn’t don’t believe in these feelings, but I cant stop myself, why running away from these feelings when I have so much to know from them? I will soon try to clarify what are all these feelings revolving in my head

Sowmya: am I doing right thing with Reyaan, is my compatibility good with Reyaan, I don’t feel comfortable. I love being with Rudra, I enjoy his company, I love correcting him, I love his stupid shayari, I love his idiot jokes, I in fact enjoy every thing done by him, why do I feel with this step I will go far away from him. I am feeling our connection is something more than friendship. I am love angel, I solve people’s problems , but now I am in such a condition that I am not able to solve my own problems. Ok leave all those, now ishana didi is not well, I have to concentrate on bade bhayya’s marriage

(all elders were there)
Dadi: so tej, what you have decided, when are we going to announce billu marriage
Tej: ma, I think there is just 4 weeks time and in that time ishana will be completely recovered, but still I don’t want to assign her any sort of work
Shakti: we will arrange everything from bridegroom’s side
Pinky: but what about the bride’s side
Sarah: I will arrange, please give that chance to me.
Jhanvi: but we are there na, why are you taking all the stress
Sarah: I lost my two daughters, at least let me fulfill the duties as a mother of shivaay’s wife(she gets teary eyed)
(dadi goes and hugs her)
Dadi; you have every right as a mother on her, don’t worry. All shivaay’s bride’s duties in the marriage will be done by sarah, that’s all, no more buts
Pinky: whatever you say mummyji, it will be exactly done, don’t worry sarah didi, everything yours
(she hugs sarah)
All the family members were happy and were excited for Shivika marriage
In ishana room
(only om and ishana were present)
Ishana: om, you completed your statue
Om: long before, and ha, did you remember anything after your operation
Ishana: what thing
Om: did you hear anyone speaking?
Ishana: aah(thinking) nope, I didn’t hear anything
Om: try to remember once
Ishana:(thinking) nope I didn’t hear anything
Om: ishana a surprise for you, see there
(maya comes there)
Ishana: maya(sounding very happy)
(she lightly hugs maya)
Om: I will bring coffee for you(he goes from there)
Ishana cries
Ishana: I heard everything om, I heard everything. I heard you. I am happy that you realized love. I love you om, now our love is true and realized from both the sides. I still cant do it maya. I cant dare to risk his life. If anything happens to him I cant live, I cant tolerate

Precap: sarah dark secret revealed to Shivaay and dadi,………………………’s surprise for ishana,………………………………tia’s evil plans for shivaay’s marriage

So guys that’s all for today
And this is my 25th episode, I am really happy that I reached that number. Hope I get more comments for this silver jubilee episode.
(expecting century, I know I am expecting too much, but I have counted, those are the number of readers, so I wish all of them to comment)
And sorry for not commenting on any of your ffs, not even getting time to do so. really a hectic schedule. Please forgive me and don’t be angry on me.and all your works are awesome(see my wall, there is a message for you guys)
Forgot to tell about my tour to Hyderabad, it was l;ovely, I went to ramoji film city, we had campfire, we did shopping, we had fun in rides, i enjoyed a lot with my friends
And coming to my reliance quiz my my team (2 members ) is first in prelims, also first in regional finals, and we ended up third in all finals. Myself and my partner were awarded with Samsung galaxy tablets. I missed the laptops. Anyways glad that i made my school proud
And next I am completely feeling ill, that’s why this much late ff
And guys this time at least expecting a good number of comments. Hope you wont let my hopes down
And wish you all a happy new year
Bye 2016, welcome 2017
And be careful friends, don’t go out at late night of December 31 2016, you will land up to your house the next year. Share to all the guys you care


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