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So guys, this is sat back again. Really very much sorry as I had many things to attend. Last time I got a good number of comments but still I didn’t get answers from you all for my poll. But that’s ok. And I know most of you have this question in your mind, if anita is sarah’s daughter, she would be the sister to Shivaay. actually in my family, in fact most of the families in south india, a girl can marry her mother’s brother’s son as well as a boy can marry his father’s sister’s daughter. Sorry for the inconvenience. And guys the track would not be possible if I don’t go like this. So please adjust guys, please

And coming to the number of comments, as always I want more and more number of comments.
And guys the surprises are waiting below. Sorry for making you wait.

And now enough of my bakbaks
Let’s move on to the epi
Recap of previous episode:
We have seen dadi is mourning for her long lost daughter, everybody describe about sarah, shivomru describe about sarah to anishya, they cry, anishya console omru, anish feel some strong connection with sarah, ishana finds sarah on road, she brings her to mansion,family shocked as well as happy for her, they share a family moment, Shivaay introduces Annika to sarah, sarah hugs Annika tightly, and omru introduce ishya to sarah, everyone ask her about the accident and how was she alive, she starts narrating the incident
Now coming to the present
Just then sarah starts narrating the incident
Dadi: wait, where is rajveer, where are my anita and ishita
(sarah looks at Annika and ishana and cries)
Sarah: let me tell you the incident first
(She starts……………………)
Ma, we went to delhi and completed that successful business conference and I informed that news to tej and Shakti, they were happy. I want to make them still more happy, so I started back to Mumbai the very next moment. We were very much excited to meet you all, so much. In the car anita was listening to songs while ishita was busy doing some calculation about the petrol usage, how fast we have to go and she is even telling that she wants to become the next ceo, (she smiles) I remember everything even now ma, I even remember asking anita if she wants to become the next, she told she was not all interested and was very weak in calculations, (she smiles), I know that she is very naughty always
Shivaay: what happened to anitabua,
Ishana: and to ishita
Sarah: Shivaay beta, om then a sudden crash, that’s all, my air bag worked and rajveer’s didn’t, I couldn’t protect anita and ishita(she cries terrilbly) nor I could protect rajveer, (she cries). Then I escaped out, I was totally under mental stress and pressure, I was stuck in a forest. I couldn’t get out for years, I couldn’t bear the fact that my love, my children are lost, I felt like dying, but I still have money with me no use of money in the forest, I tried hard to get out, an year back. During the forest fires, the government officers rescued me along with other tribes whom

I have lived with all those years. Finally I was out and brought some good clothes nearby .and these bangles , do you remember ma, rajveer gifted me these bangles during my marriage(she cries and dadi hugs her)
Ishana: aunty please don’t cry and take rest, you are really very weak now. Please don’t stress yourself with those moments, you badly need rest, please don’t cry
Om: ha bua, take rest now. I will take you to your room
(Ishkara and sarah goes to the room and ishana does the aid needed and sarah sleeps)
Shivaay: that means anita and ishita are no more…………………..(he cries)
(Annika also cries and puts her hand on his shoulder and consoles him)
Dadi: billu, whatever happened is happened, at least we have to be happy and thankful to god that sarah is back
Tej: ha Shivaay, don’t breakdown, I know you loved anita a lot and wished her to be your…………..
(Shivaay glares at tej)
Annika: wished her to be his……………………
Shakti: nothing beta, you take Shivaay to his room, he needs you now
(Shivika go to their room)

Sowmya: what did bade bhayya wish anita to be
Rudra: arrey sumo, actually Shivaay wished anita could be his wife and om wished ishita could be his wife, if we say this to Annika didi, another world war starts, oh my god, I cant even imagine that. I wish bua had a third daughter, so that I can wish her to be my wife
(sowmya pouts her face and Rudra smiles at her thinking that she is jealous)
(Shakti and tej leave to the office and pinky and Jhanvi continue their work and dadi decides to talk to Annika)
Rudra in his room
Rudra: why did sowmya make funny face in front of me, when I said that dialogue. Why is she jealous like that. And why am I liking her a lot these days. I find her cute everyday, even though I find many girls hot. Of course she is not hot, but she is lovely and cute. Why did I badly needed her support today, why did I completely depend on her to compose myself,why did I completely break down infront of her. What sort of connection I have with her? Is she just my friend? Or really more than that? If at all really more than that , what sort of connection is it, what should I call this strange connection?. …………………… …………….
(he keeps on thinking)

Shivaay’s room
Annika: it’s ok billuji, at least we have aunty now
Shivaay: ha
Annika: I never thought you would cry like a kid today
Shivaay : I am not a kid okay, I am not so girly
Annika: that’s why you cried a lot today just like a crybaby today
Shivaay: enough Annika as if you didn’t cry when I put sindhoor on your forehead
(Annika becomes silent, she reminisces that incident, she becomes teary eyed )
(Shivaay realizes what he had said, he feels remorse that he had slipped his tongue)
Shivaay: wo…….. wo…………. Annika
Annika: billuji, actually I am feeling well right now, so………..
Shivaay: so,……………
Annika: I need to tell you that,…………………..
(Shivaay thinks that she is telling him that she is ready to marry him. He is very much happy and keeps a bright face)
Annika: I am feeling well right, that’s why I want to move to my room from now,
Shivaay: what? But we are married right, I am your pathi, not a robber, you can in fact you should stay in my room
Annika: we didn’t yet completely marry, so you don’t have any right to order me
(Shivaay comes closer to her and Annika becomes nervous, he comes still more close, she worries, he finally reaches her so close that there is just a centi meter gap between them. She breathes heavily and her heartbeat starts beating fast. He encircles her in his arms, she tries to resist and go, but his arms are stronger than hers, he starts………….)
Shivaay: so mrs Annika Shivaay Singh Oberoi, remember that my name is attached to yours and will be like that forever but if and only if you accept by your true heart, and this impatient Shivaay Singh Oberoi will be patiently waiting for you

(she starts melting to his words and she realizes that, she tries to go)
Shivaay: oh hello, let me complete
(she resists more and she trips and turns around and both fall on bed. Shivaay above Annika. They both are lost in each other’s eyes, the shared a beautiful eyelock)
(Annika comes in senses and they both come out of the eye lock and while Shivaay smiles, Annika feels awkward, she tries to go, but Shivaay holds her hand and pulls he back, she falls on him, and he hold her)
Annika: leave me billuji
Shivaay: so when are you planning me to call me Shivaay
Annika: what?
Shivaay: ha, after our marriage also if you call me billuji, I have to call you panikaji, equality for wife and husband right
Annika: our marriage didn’t yet happen
(he pulls he closer and he tucked the hair strands obstructing their eye contact. He was about to say something, dadi comes)
(shivaay leaves Annika and they both compose themselves)

Annika: dadi, aap, yaha
Dadi: I need to talk to you important puttar
Annika: me?
Shivaay: what’s so important dadi?
Dadi: it is something personal, I will talk to you later
And Annika you told you are going back to your room right, I will be there finish your romance and come fast
(Shivaay smiles while Annika blushes and keeps an angry face towards Shivaay. dadi goes from there)
Shivaay: go get lost
Annika: it is my wish when I have to go, you need not tell me
Shivaay: (he comes closer) so you will be here for some more time, huh
Annika:(worries) dadi will be waiting for me, I need to go(she runs from there)
(shivaay smiles from back, she turns and sees him smiling and keeps a “what to do” look and goes from there)

Annika’s room
Annika; dadi you told that you have to talk to me something important
Dadi: so I think now you are sure about your future
Annika: dadi, I dint understand
Dadi: so, are you willing to marry my billu
Annika: dadi, I said you already that I need time
Dadi: (with much anger)how much time, you are taking a lifetime, what is wrong with you
Annika: I am not sure about him
Dadi: so are you are not going to marry him can you be so stupid. I thought you are so mature, but what is all this, you are playing a game with your life as well as his
Annika: dadi, I am not knowing what to do, I am totally confused
Dadi: confused? For what? He is treating you like a princess in fact a queen here, what is wrong in him, which fault do you find in him
Annika: dadi, how can I say you that I love him until unless he tells me
Dadi: what do you mean?
Annika: dadi, till now billuji didn’t confess his love to me, he didn’t tell that he is loving, his kanji eyes always give me confusion, he is loving me or liking me. It can be like by emotional rush he married me and now he has no other choice except marrying me, he is showering all care on me, or is he truly loving me, I am not at all understanding. Until I understand that he is really loving me, I cant open up and cant agree for the marriage
Dadi(now cools down): so this is your problem, ok I can understand, I will give you another day time, tell it to me tomorrow, on Diwali, the auspicious day, I will be waiting for your statement(she smiles)
Annika: but dadi……………………
Dadi: ok, no more excuses, I am leaving.
(she leaves from there leaving Annika in deep thoughts)

In Shivaay’s room
(Shivaay is seen smiling thinking about his moments with Annika. Dadi knocks the door)
Dadi: so, my billu is thinking about his ishqbaaz right
Shivaay: good guess dadi
Dadi: it is not a guess, it is a fact
Shivaay: so what’s so important that you have talked to her
Dadi: about your marriage
Shivaay: did she say yes
(dadi pauses and with a sad face and shakes her head in negative.)
Shivaay: why, how much time will she need, did I do anything wrong
Dadi: it is all your fault
Shivaay: dadi? My fault
Dadi: ha, first you used to scold her about khoon and khandan and now if you say you will marry her, will she accept
(Shivaay keeps his head down)
Dadi: do you love her
Shivaay: why don’t I, am I mad to marry her
Dadi: then why don’t you tell that to her
Shivaay: what? It is very tough in fact it is impossible. You know na I am very weak at expressing my emotions
Dadi: that weakness will spoil your life, go idiot, tell her that you love her, that is what she wants
Shivaay: really, is that what she wants, I will try
Dadi: it is all your fate, I gave her the deadline tomorrow, and even yours will be tomorrow, I am going now, tomorrow is Diwali, I have lots of works
Shivaay: ok dadi
(dadi leaves)
Shivaay: I will take omru help

In ishana’s room
Ishana: sarah aunty is very beautiful naom
Om: she used to be still more beautiful
Ishana: I can understand, I can even understand how much you love her
Om: how can you understand me so clearly, so accurately
Ishana: I don’t no, I can just guess them, but I am very confident that they are right, and it applicates to very few people
Om: but my mind is like a jigsaw puzzle, I don’t know how you get it right
Ishana: it is very easy for me to know what is going on in your head. Don’t know and why?
(that question stunned both of them. Only one question was flashing in their minds, what is the connection they share. They look at each other. They are talking through their souls asking each other what connection do they share. They can only hear their queries but failed to get an answer)
(ishana is lost in thoughts while omkara leaves from there to his room)

In sowmya’s room
(sowmya closes the door and checks if anyone is there , she finds no one and switches on her laptop and starts her podcast)
Sowmya: hello guys this is love angel back again, I am here to listen all your queries and solve your problems,so dial up fast

In om’s room
Om: what is happening to me, am I falling for ishana, why am I not getting any clarity about this relationship, what’s wrong with me, I am the one who always teach shivru about relationships and how to define them, now my situation is just like a forest not knowing which way to go, which fruit to eat.
Oh my god, this much confusion and stress, I really need someone to help, Rudra and Shivaay are so bad in dealing these issues
(he calls love angel)

Precap: love angel says something which makes ommore confused,…………………………….Shivaay tells Annika that I cant kneel down and say like all men do, but I can tell you that,………………………………. Annika’s reaction, Shivaay has an accident

That’s all for today
Sorry for not commenting on many ffs, I am really very busy and I ju st cant comment without reading them, I will surely read them tomorrow or today and comment as I have exam tomorrow.
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