Ishqbaaz ff by Sat episode 18

Hello guys this is sat back again to entertain you all with my ff. I know guys I am becoming late everytime posting this ff. the reason is I am having school as well as tuition. So I don’t have time except at night. And these days my health is not so good, I am becoming suddenly ill, recovery is becoming late. And guys as always I want all the ones who read to comment as it is my energy potion. The number of comments in the previous episode is the least till now in my account. So I am a bit concerned. That’s why I want to ask you all some questions just like shama di’s poll yesterday
1)is my track becoming boring?
2) am I missing any important aspect or is my ff missing some essential qualities?
3) are you all happy with my ff?
4) am I concentrating only on Shivika or Ishkara or rumya?
5) is anything wrong in my grammar or ability to express?
6) can I extend this ff for a long no of episodes or stop by 3 or 4 episodes
7) this is the last question, out of 10, what are all your ratings, say me like a true reader
And all those who commented on my episodes, I am really grateful to you all, they motivate me a lot. Please continue to comment always
Ok, enough of my bakwaas bakbaks
Recap of previous episode:
Shivaay arranges everything for Annika, he fasts for Annika without her knowledge, romi forces Rudra to fast for her, Sowmya fasts and Ishana fasts for om, while om is in dilemma and fasts as everybody are fasting, Annika reels and Ishana checks her, Shivaay scolds Annika and feeds her, when Annika gets to know Shivaay fasted , she feeds him, the family is happy seeing them, then Rudra scolds Sowmya for not telling about romi, Rudra breaks Sowmya’s fast , om worries about Ishana, om breaks Ishana’s fast, and dadi mourns for someone

In the hall
Dadi: we miss you a lot, (she breaks down)
(tej and Shakti hold her)
Tej: we know that, even we miss her, I love her, she is the reason behind my success and our status. I know she worked a lot for us. But I don’t know she will leave us forever
Shakti: I know ma, what can we do now, only we can pray for her and remember her in our hearts
Jhanvi: mummy ji, I know she is a great lady who fought against everything and got up in her life. Even I feel sad in fact myself and tej mourn for her everyday looking at her photo like you
Pinky: me too, we can never forget her, as you said, Annika reminds me of her. She is like a goddess and a good sister for me. I really miss her mummyji

(shivomru, prinku come there)
Rudra(crying): I know today Sarah bua left us and went to heaven. I love her bhayya. I want her back
Om: (crying) not only bua, also uncle as well as our cute darlings
Shivaay(teary eyed): I never know she will leave us, she is india’s top businessman defeating all the men at her time. Her death shattered us. I love you bua please come back
Prinku:(crying) I love you bua, why did you leave us, you promised me that you will always be with me. You told I am a brave girl. I just need a bit support, how can I be brave without you, but still I will try to be brave as you said.(she cries terribly)
(Annika IshanaSowmya come. They get shocked seeing everybody mourning terribly. They don’t understand anything. They feel that the whole atmosphere of happiness vanished this day in Oberoi mansion today)
(Annika goes to Shivaay and puts her hand on shivaay’s shoulder. Shivaay terribly needs support now, someone who can console him. He just turns and hug Annika tightly. Annika is shocked at his gesture. She just thinks that the need of the hour is to console him, so she reciprocates, he really hugs her tight, she can understand how much pain he is in)
(Ishana goes to om and sees him. She senses him in pain, she sits beside him and holds his hand trying to console him. He just falls on her shoulder, he badly needs her now, she in return softens his hair trying to console him, she could sense his tears on her wet shoulder, she wants to know the reason)

(Sowmya sees Rudra and goes to him. Our crybaby wants the same, someone whom he can take support, he just hugs her, Sowmya can understand the situation, she reciprocates the hug, she rubs his hair, and he keeps his shoulder on her, and cries, Sowmya thinks what is happening to all of them)
(Jhanvi and pinky support prinku, while tej and Shakti support dadi)
Annika(in the hug position): billuji, why are you crying, just tell me please, why are you all crying please tell me, please, I cant see you all like this, please don’t cry, please billuji
Ishana: ha tell us, what is going on, why are you all shattered today
Sowmya: what happened, we want to know, we cant see you all like this
(then panditji comes)
Panditji: kalyani ji, can I start the pooja
Dadi: ha ji, as always
Ishana: panditji, what is all this, what sort of pooja are you doing when everybody is crying(she doesn’t know a lot about traditions as Svetlana never made her close to culture)
(Annika just gets a clue hearing Ishana statement)
Annika: pooja when everybody are weeping, ……………………….means it is an obituary ritual, but for whom
Sowmya: obituary, but I know dadaji didn’t die on this day
Shivaay: I will explain you all later
Om: panditji , please continue the pooja and try to end it fast

(panditji completes the pooja and goes, everybody were deeply sobbing while the pooja is going on. Dadi, tejvi and shinky go to their rooms.
Shivomru , anishya and prinku go to a room with all photos. That room which anishya didn’t see till now. It is very large and clean as everyday dadi and the whole Oberoi family come to see it. They cry and come out of the room as if nothing happened)
(Ishana observes a big photo of a lady very beautiful a bit like Annika. She gets amazed by her beauty and the spark in her eyes. She looks classy, powerful and dignified. Her eyes say that she is always happy and lovely. Ishana feels some strange connection with her. So does Annika but they don’t tell it out as already the Oberoi brothers are very sad)
Sowmya: now tell us who is she and who is he beside her. And who are these small kids
Shivaay; Sowmya, Ishana and Annika, I know we didn’t tell you all about her and her story all these days. We are extremely sorry for that.(he goes to Annika and holds her hand) I know it is wrong to hide anything from you but I am sorry. We are trying to remove the pain by not lifting her topic anytime. But today we cant hide anymore.
Annika: I can understand. Don’t cry and don’t feel sad for that, now tell us who is she?
Om: I will tell you
She is the great, in fact the greatest Sarah Singh Oberoi, the first sso, the first daughter and the eldest child of prithviraj Singh Oberoi. She took the whole business when it was in losses and protected the company from collapsing. She was a great daughter and a caring sister. She took the responsibility of mr Oberoi, choti papa and roop bua’s marriage. She did not marry until they get married. She was one of the world’s best businessman and india’s top one. She was always number one…………………..(he pauses and cries)

(Rudra continues)

Rudra: she used to care for us a lot, she lifted us in her arms and used to play with us. She used to take us out, she used to buy us everything we want. She used to defend us everytime whenever mom and dad scold us. We used to always be back of her shouting bua bua bua everytime, for every small thing we need, she used to not be irritated, she used to always listen to our stupid stories in school even though she used to be busy. She is the best ceo ever( he cries)
Annika: (she touches a picture and gets teary eyed) then who is he?
Shivaay: when om and myself were born, bua loved an orphan and married him. Dadaji loved her choice as he knows she will never do a mistake in choosing her life partner. Her name didn’t change, her surname is permanent as always she is Sarah Singh Oberoi even now and he is rajveer Singh Oberoi, attached to our surname. Before Rudra was born, they had two lovely daugters, we love them. They are always very naughty, they know that bua wont scold us so they used to blame every mistake on us (he smiled)
Om: and we know that our moms wont scold them so we used to blame them everytime. We used to have a good time
Rudra: I remember them even now anita didi and ishita didi, I love them, they used to always support me when you guys tease me. I miss them a lot
Prinku: and bua is so sweet, she always encourages me to stand and face all obstacles, but now I feel I lost all my support
Ishana: what happened then?
Shivaay: we had happy lives then, we are a happy family then. After 12 years of anita’s birth, they went for a business conference to delhi, even anita and ishita went leaving us. Then a sudden car accident, the car blasted into pieces, all we could find is uncle’s body, we couldn’t find bua’s,anita’s and ishita’s body. We concluded that their body got scattered into pieces. We had hard times then, it took a long time for us to console dadi, she was almost in the state of death. We still miss her, we still love her, we still want her back, but there is no hope in our lives
(he just breaks down)

(Annika hugs him and consoles him. She still couldn’t understand that she cant take off her eyes from that lady, she feels some strange connection. But for now she tries to console Shivaay. )
(Ishana hugs om and pacifies him. She too feels the same like Annika. In fact the first confusion is that she resembles Annika)
(Rudra falls on Sowmya’s shoulder an Sowmya becomes teary eyed and she rubs his hair)
(prinku cries terribly, Annika sees this and goes to her and hugs her)
Prinku: thank you Annika, for entering our lives, you fill the vacuum left by bua
Om: truly Annika, I feel you are bua’s resurrection
Rudra: Annika didi, I love you(he goes and hug Annika, while om and Ishana join the hug, and then Shivaay too)
(Annika feels like a mother that time and pacifies them. She gets teary eyed and pacifies them)
Annika: whatever is over, we cant change, but we can remember, we will remember and love her throughout our lives. Don’t cry please
Ishana: ok lets get back to our works now
(everybody leaves the room. Annika while closing the door just stares at the family photo and Sarah’s photo. Why am I resembling like her?, she goes)

(Ishana goes to office in hurry as she is too late today)
(she drives the car with full speed but carefully and she sees a lady passing infront of the car who cover her face with her saree which is classy and golden bangles on her hands. She suddenly applies brakes and the lady out of shock reels and falls down. Ishana rushes out. She sees her and takes off the saree covering the face. Ishana gets shocked seeing her. )
Ishana: Sarah Singh Oberoi, but how come?
(Ishana does the required first aid and takes her to Oberoi mansion on car, the lady becomes partially conscious and Ishana supports her to walk in, she holds her shoulders and makes her walk. Everybody were shocked to see her)
(everybody were silent and still for a moment)
Dadi: Sarah!
Shivaay: bua!
Tej: didi!
Shakti: ha didi! But how?
Pinky and Jhanvi: didi?
Om and Rudra: bua came back,(they are very happy)
Prinku: sowmya, bua is back
Sowmya: ha prinku, aunty is back(she hugs her)
(just then Annika comes)
Annika: hey what is going on here? Why are you all standing still, you guys didn’t at all have your breakfast today and that ishana idiot left without having breakfast

(then Annika sees sarah and ishana at the main door.she is shocked for a moment She becomes teary eyed)
Anika: sarah aunty?
(dadi runs to her and hugs her. Dadi makes sarah sit on sofa. Sarah is still partially conscious , ishana gives her injection so sleeps)
Dadi: my sarah, my lovely beti,
Tej: ishana, where did you find didi
Shivaay: ha where did you find bua
(ishana narrates the whole incident, and everybody were happy that she came back)
(then sarah wakes up)
Sarah: ma!
(she gets teary eyed)
Dadi: sarah(they both have a tight hug)
(then tej and Shakti hug sarah and then pinky and Jhanvi)
(the Oberoi brothers look at her, and she gestures them to come and hug her, they run and hug her tight)
Rudra: we missed you bua
Shivaay: why did you leave us
Om: where are you till now
Sarah: don’t cry, I am here with you right now, na
(Sarah hugs prinku and asks her if she is brave or not, prinku nods yes and again hugs her)
(then sarah looks at Annika, ishana and sowmya)
Sarah: ma, tej, Shakti, are your sons married?

(dadi understands the confusion while Shivaay smiles and Jhanvi looks at Ishkara, rumya looks at each other)
(Shivaay goes to Annika and holds her hand and takes her to sarah)
Shivaay: not all your sons are married, only the eldest. And she is my wife,Mrs Annika Shivaay Singh Oberoi
(Annika keeps Namaste and both takes blessings of sarah)
Sarah: so, you are still the same Shivaay, I think you are sooooooooooo possessive about your wife, am I right, Mrs Annika Shivaay Singh Oberoi
Rudra: ha bua, he is really sooooooooooo possessive
Shivaay: shut up Rudra
(sarah sees Annika and gets teary eyed, as soon as she blesses her, she hugs her tightly and tears roll from her eyes, while Annika is confused of the sudden action but loves the embracement of her)
Sarah: who are those two girls
Om: she is ishana, a part of our family, my best friend, she is a great business tycoon like you
Rudra: and she is sowmya, dadi’s friend’s granddaughter, she will live with us only
Sarah: so you two got good info about them
Shakti: but didi, how come you are here, when that car blasted into pieces
Tej: ha didi, we didn’t find you
Shivaay: what happened that night bua?
Om: please tell us bua
(sarah starts narrating the incident)

Precap: sarah tells the whole incident,…………………….shivaay, omru cry,……………………………..rudra starts thinking about his relationship with sowmya, …………………dadi asks Annika to finalize the date for her marriage,……………………………om takes love angel’s help to get rid of confusion about his relation with sowmya,…………………..shivaay decides to propose Annika,……………………………………

So how is it guys
Please tell it fast
I am eagerly waiting for your comments
And guys there is a double surprise for you all, one will come tomorrow or day after tomorrow, an other one on Friday, so are you ready
And guys as always I want more no of comments, I am losing hope and confidence in me as I am not getting a good no of comments
And please review fast
I will try to post the next episode by tomorrow
Bye guys


  1. Zuha Fatima

    Zuha Fatima

    |Registered Member

    Woah…It was nice…Sorry I was not commenting because of exams!! And I will be rating your FF as 8/10 and do not loose far as you are enjoying writing I feel comments are nothing 🙂 Think +ve Be +ve 🙂

    Keep smiling 🙂

  2. Nansshivika


    |Registered Member

    Its not at all boring its awesome all couples are equally shown don’t get depressed and I wait eagerly for ur episode and it means its 10 out of 10 coz any ff goal is to entertain readers and I am damn sure tat everyone are entertained by ur ff so its 10.😊 and today is awesome but its filmy especially the names Anita to anika and ishita to ishana. Don’t u guys thinks its so filmy but this is fiction so filmy things make them more entertaining. And tc of ur health and post asap dear. And once again ur ff is really fan and entertaining

  3. Tulasi


    |Registered Member

    Hey sat………its awesum asusual….i luvd it….n sarahs intro was really gd…so anika n ishana r gng to be her daughters i guess……n if it was for sure….i luvd it completely…….
    Well i m not answerng them in a line…..
    But i shuld say u …u dnt have any element to be coveredd …really as a true reader i was tellng u…..u had each n evry single element reaquired…..i always feel connected wid ur ff like dis makes my movitation to introduce all d aspects like luv fear excitement suspence comedy etc to my ff tooo….
    I hope sumwer our writng patterns r alike though i m not as gd as u…..
    Dnt feel disappointed even i am facng d same problem…d num of comments gradually decreased in my ff…but u know wat one of my frnd told me tht even if tder is only one person intrestd in ur ff ..u shuld continue for their sake…..really i must say i luv ur ff a lott n not only me der r many such frnds of us always waitng for ur ff……sooo plzz dnt get disappointed…dder r many many silent raeders in our ishqbaazian grp…….
    Dnt stop ur ff …its awesummm …..dnt feel low…n itna aasani se hum tumhara peecha nahi choodne waalee…i wanna see shivika marriagee…….i wnt allow u to leave……
    So my dear dosth…keep smiling n continue….
    I ll give u 100/10….
    With all my luv,

  4. Radhika

    I am little confused if anita is anika then shivaay and anika should be brother and sister by relation

    • Jazz1


      |Registered Member

      I agree with Radhika about shivika. I have this same confusion. And ur ff is not boring at all. I understand how u feel when u get low comments but still u have to keep going. Sorry for not commenting on your every episode as I am busy and today I finally got time. But I always read ur ff and I always love it 😍 so keep going and from me your score is

  5. Pinkyy

    Awesome update dear
    I love your story
    Today’s update made me emotional
    And your ff is not boring at all
    And don’t be sad or discouraged
    We love your ff sat 😘😘😍😍😍

  6. Ishqkum


    |Registered Member

    Ohh sat how can u ask it boring? Its just amazing I egarly waited for your update Dr .10 out of 10 .don’t stop writing I really really loved’s episode was emotional and touchy .update next ASAP

  7. Priyali


    |Registered Member

    Di if u even think about ending your ff, I don’t know what I’ll do. I’ll just explode… we all love your ff so why in the world u think its boring?

  8. Luna


    |Registered Member

    Hi Sat, sorry for not commenting in ur previous ffs… U once said that ur ffs are bakwaas…well I tell u that u r completely wrong… u know very well how to write a good story and u also know how to portray the emotions…there are some minor errors but flaws r in every piece of art…so don’t be disappointed.

  9. Nithu


    |Registered Member

    Love it..
    Dnt feel ff is one of the best ffs in ib…
    Evry ff has its own charm…and dnt stop ua ff…

  10. namrata

    It was awesome.
    Just brilliant
    I would rate it 9.5
    and u write ff for long Nd dont finish it soon. I just loved this ff.
    Plz continue writing and don’t take negatives take control of ur mind

  11. Renimarenju


    |Registered Member

    sat dear…..i will read and comment on thursday @ all parts of ur ff….i am feeling bit better now and tmrw i have an urgent work @ office….but thursday 2 saturday i have leave….and i promise u i will coment as a true reader on thursday… patient….and sorry 4 not commenting….karan johar

  12. Pri_24

    Its amazing update dear and quite emotional and I lived the way AniShYa support ShiOmRu they all are made for each other and Sarah’s entry is amazing and now I am dammn sure Anika and Ishana are going to be her daughter..

    And yeah do not even dare to call this track boring one I loved it to much…
    Plz update next part soon… ☺☺☺☺☺

  13. Bshama1239


    |Registered Member

    My junior karan johar who told me that readers can be busy too huh so plz keep patience and as going through the whole the conclusion came.. That
    ” someone should read it and give u offers of writing scripts and I don’t feel ur should stop ur ff didn’t lack in any aspect and your description motivated me a lot whenever I red ur episodes and for thinking that ur ff is getting boring u should get a panibaazi punishment by friends guys u no na that you’re my inspiration…
    And inspiration is a thought for me which never fades throughout the life it reflects in our life somehow… And a person who inspires is like an artist who gives a shape to our thinking in a way in such which resists in our thinking ” .
    You know my ff ishkara friends Os vanished 11 times… 😣😤😩😭😭😭😭😭 I was about to finish just 3 lines more and as I went it vanished..

  14. Cuteprincess


    |Registered Member

    ohh sattie you are great…you were rocking like ever ..and I am sure you will be able to complete a 50+ episodes and be the best writer….just amazing dear..sooo we will have flashbacks and lot of secrets revealed…just waiting…

  15. Sanaya_malik


    |Registered Member

    Listen sat. ……I don’t agree with any point…..actually I don’t feel that their is even single problem in ur ff… would not choose any point…….
    And coming to todays episode…….it rocks as u always do…..with ur episodes…..
    And don’t feel low dear…..for me ur ff is just awesome…..❤❤❤❤

  16. Tharu


    |Registered Member

    It’s not boring at all dear..sometimes I couldn’t comment although I read it…so never say like this…And I am giving you 10 out of 10 ok..coming to episode it is awesome…such a twist..anika and ishana are sara’s daughters..waiting for next part…

  17. Nainaa


    |Registered Member

    Sat Dear! Don’t neglect your health take care of it…
    Coming to my views on poll::
    1. Not at all. you have many new innovations to keep us at the edge.
    2.Your ff had all essential qualities like fun, sentimental, romantic, thrill and care.
    3. I am totally happy and endorsed with your ff.
    4. No. you are just doing what is required for the scene.
    5. no way for that. you are portraying the characters in their best way and moulding each and every scene like a diamond and you are a great writer and trust me It will take you so far.
    6. To my point of view you have to continue because you are doing a great job with the ff.
    7. your ff didn’t loose any content till now so it’s 10 out of 10.

    Sorry dear I didn’t commented on your previous episodes because I am having my exams and in the evening I have to go to guitar class. Many times I gotta read 3 to 4 episodes at a time…. So, i was not able to comment daily. Hope you will understand me…

    I really want to say that you are having a true talent. Please Don’t get upset and don’t loose your confidence. As a whole the episode is rocking and kinda lovely….

  18. Vinya


    |Registered Member

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  19. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Dear first of all there is something in btw that ur ff portrays the real emotions which I remain n cry…

    I mean the bonding of bro sis btw shivay and ishu…. Then tdy the way u described Bua love…. I literally cried yr.. I couldn’t stop my tears…. I got the flashes of my mamu at that time…. Actually my mamu is in Singapore I m missing him alot… The scenes remained me of him…. Good…

    And it’s ishana na????

  20. Yaashi


    |Registered Member

    Plz don’t stop ur ff… Its too good…. And again don’t feel that ur ff is boring its just awesome… Do continue…. Waiting for the nxt episode…. Rating of ur ff out of 10 is 10…☺☺😃 ☺….

  21. Vincy


    |Registered Member

    It was interesting…. So Anika n Ishaan r daughter of Sarah…. They also belong to Oberoi family….

    Whn it will revealed??

  22. Ayath


    |Registered Member

    hi sat todat epi was awesome as always dont be sad yaar some people dont have time to comment so they just read it only…..i always waited for ur ff and ur ff always long i love reading long ff and sometimes u make my day…b happy always…plz write more more ff like this and entertain us
    1 no,not at all
    2 no
    3 yes but plz dont stop this
    4 u always concentrated on 3couples that’s great skill dear
    5 no
    6 10/10
    waiting for ur ff plz upload asap….love u lotz and take care dear
    one more thing….i never write long like this comment but in case of ur ff i always want to write big big waala comment…if am boring u sry sry…

  23. Aru

    Hi sat aru here first of all 10/10 for ur ff I love ur ff I am silent reader and pls posy soon as I love ur every ff

  24. Fama


    |Registered Member

    1) absolutely no
    2) no
    3) am not just happy but more than happy with your ff and the current track
    4) am not sure but will be happy with shivika it doesn’t whether short or long scene as I just love the couple
    5) there can be gramma mistakes but never mind as long as the spellings are right
    6) plz plz continue for more than 10 episodes if you can have the time.
    Finally I will give you 9.4/10

  25. Naaginfanforever


    |Registered Member

    Awesome Sat. I am sorry for commenting late. But I was really busy. But finally I got time to comment. The episode was amazing. And your ff i awesome. Please continue😊

  26. Ketaki19


    |Registered Member

    8/10 liked your story
    lekin agar anika n ishana sarah ki beti hongi to wo shivaay n om ki cousine sisters hi hongi to unka relation bahot weired nahi hoga? i know sarah shadi karke dusre khandan gayi n anika n ishana are not oberois but sarah to shiv om ki sagi bua hain to that mean they shared closed relation… its so weired yar plz don’t make like this….

  27. Aaru


    |Registered Member

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  28. Sat_9492

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  29. Mendesarmy


    |Registered Member

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  30. Rufina


    |Registered Member

    First of all epi was awesome mind blowing etc ..I want this ff to continue for at least 100 rating is 9 1/2

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