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Hey guys this is sat back again with my bakwaas ff. ok it is everytime the same dialogue. Please comment on my ff, I am happy that my comments were in a good number last time. Thanks to all those who commented as well as those who have encouraged me .
And all the ff writers, sorry for the late comments I am very busy as I am having a quiz, ntse exam, science Olympiad, vvm ntse, my god so much hectic schedule, and please don’t be angry on me that I couldn’t comment. Please forgive me this time
Lets have the recap of my previous episode:
Dadi plans for karvachaut celebration. Ishana is to organize the celebration. Annika, sowmya, prinku decide to fast. Romi invites Rudra for some enlightenment. Ishana gets a warning call from Svetlana and decides to not confess her love.roop and tia ready with their plan. Jhanvi seeing ishana terribly depressed informs Shivaay and Shivaay tells to Jhanvi about ishana’s love towards om. Jhanvi accepts it and was very happy. The Oberoi youth and dadi complete their preparations for karvachaut.

Now coming to the present episode
In the morning
In the Oberoi mansion
In shivaay’s room
(Shivaay gets up early in the morning at 4 and dresses himself. He makes everything ready so that his Annika wont fell any difficulty in arranging. He selects her dress for the morning as well as evening. He selects her dresses in such a way that her dresses matches with him. Then at 5 he wakes up Annika)
Shivaay: Annika, get up it is time, ma will kill you if you are late
(Annika suddenly wakes up and sees time)
Annika: what it is 5 already, why did you wake me up late, I have to do a lot of work, I have to choose my dresses, arrange the sargi, the jewellery and much more, what do you think I have to do…………
(before she could complete her sentence, he cups her mouth and signals her to see all around)
(she was surprised to see everything arranged perfectly. She gives an astonishing look to Shivaay)
Annika: billuji, you did all these, you did all the work
Shivaay: again you will start your work and stress yourself and you will always slip, I have to catch you everytime, and it will be awkward in front of all to romance with you the whole day
Annika(totally surprised): what?
(Shivaay realized that he slipped his tongue and tries to divert the topic)
Shivaay: nothing, first you go and freshen up, and wear this dress and I will wait for you
Annika: but billuji, you said something
Shivaay: go…………..annika
(Annika is better now, she can walk properly, and her wound is healing)
(Annika gets herself ready, Annika has her sargi, and Shivaay secretly has his sargi before Annika woke up, he doesn’t want Annika to know that he is doing fast for her. Annika now go to the hall, they just looked like the most ideal couple in the whole world to the family when they are coming together)

Pinky: see, my son and bahu came
Shakti: ha, in fact my son and daughter came
Tej: so, Shivaay you are doing fast today right, we all are doing
Shivaay: what? Do we have to do? I don’t know (acting as if he is not doing fast)
Annika: bade papa, I don’t think billuji is habituated to all these traditions, it will take time for him to adjust, leave him this year, he will do from next year
Jhanvi: my Shivaay is the luckiest to have this sort of wife
(Shivaay smiles looking at Annika)
Dadi: ok everybody had your sargi right, now don’t stress yourself this day with more work, no office today, and I called panditji, he will come today evening to do the pooja. And girls get ready fast in the evenyone, don’t be late in getting ready
Ishana: dadi. What is this, no office, I need to go
Om;(holds her shoulders, she was shocked at his gesture in fact the whole family was shocked): no today ishana is not going to office,don’t worry dadi, I wont let her go
(ishana sees him teary eyed and she just thinks about svetlana’s words and leaves from there)
Rudra: om, what is happening guys?
Om: I cant let my friend stress herself
Rudra: just a friend?
Om: shut up Rudra
(thinking about rudra’s words, “ JUST A FRIEND”, om is lost in deep thoughts and goes from there)
(Jhanvi and shivaay observe this and smile looking at each other)
Sowmya: so Rudra, go to romi’s house, she will be waiting for you
Rudra: don’t feel jealous sumo, I will go after having my breakfast
Sowmya: Rudra I think I need to tell you really something important
Rudra: ok, tell it then
Sowmya: Rudra, actually….
(Rudra gets romi call)

On call
Romi: hello Rudra, did you have your breakfast
Rudra: no, I will have and come to you
Romi: no, don’t have breakfast, just come here, I will tell you what to do
Rudra: ok, then I am so delighted to come
Romi: bye
Rudra: bye
Sowmya: Rudra………….
Rudra: sumo, I have to go, tell me whatever you are saying afterwards
(Rudra leaves from there, sowmya gets worried)
In ishana’s room
Ishana: I am doing this fast for om, but will he break it or not, but how can he break my fast, how will I ask him to break my fast without knowing his feelings, I am just not knowing what to do now. But safety of om is more important than anything. I cant let anything happen to him. I will just sleep, I wont break my fast as it should only be broken by om, and that cant happen
in om’s room
om: is she just my friend or something else, there is some strong and strange connection between us, which I am not able to figure out. It was for the first time I am not having any clarity regarding a relationship; I am not having a name for it. Ok leave about it now. I want to keep my fast today, just don’t know why? I think just interested to do so
(he keeps fast and no one knows that)
Romi’s house
(Rudra goes there and was surprised to see romi dressed in goddess avatar wearing red saree with a golden border, a crown, and a trisul in her hand)
Rudra: romi, is there any drama going in here?
Romi: what sort of drama Rudra, you know today you are keeping fast for me
Rudra: fast, but I never did a fast. And I am neither married nor being married, why should I do?
Romi: you are going to do for me, for the divine
Rudra: what is the connection between you and divine
Romi: you have to do fast for a god, don’t you know you are a disciple of me, so do whatever I say
Rudra: but you called me for some gyana smachar
Romi: yeah I am starting it and these are my disciples
Rudra: what ?
(romi is gifted with fruits by everyone and many valuables, romi accepts them and in return wishes for their well being. Romi tells about god and goddess and how to pray them. Rudra goes mad)
Romi: so my speech is over, I am delighted that you accepted me. So you are doing the fast for me right. And it should be broken when the moon comes, don’t dare to eat anything before the moon comes
Rudra: but romi, I cant…………………………..
Romi: Rudra, I told you not to eat breakfast and come to my house and now you start doing the fast
Rudra: I thought you will make breakfast for me
Romi: don’t irritate me more, I will turn you into a fly, you have to do fast and you are doing it, that’s all, no more words
Rudra: please romi try to understand me…………………..
Romi: just shut you have to do the fast for me
Rudra: but we are not yet married
Romi: I am a goddess and you are giving excuses that you wont fast for me
Rudra(surprisingly): goddess?
Romi: yes, I am a devi and you are a dev. You have to do this for me or else I will(she swings her fingers)
Rudra(got scared): ohhk,ohhk I will do, don’t turn me into a fly
(Rudra leaves from there sadly )

In the evening
(tej breaks jhanvi’s fast and Shakti breaks pinky’s )
(Annika gets ready and wears an orange and white lehanga. She feels somewhat dizzy. Shivaay on the other side gets ready wearing orange and white sherwani. Shivaay waits for Annika in the balcony where the others did the pooja. Annika slowly a bit dizzy comes there. Shivaay smiles)
Shivaay: thank god finally you came. I was waiting for a long time for you
Annika: this dress troubled me
Shivaay: ok, fine, so let us start
(annika takes the sieve and puts it before the moon and then in front of shivaay’s face. All she could see through the moon is his smile.Then she takes the glass of water in her hand and was about to give to Shivaay, she just faints and was about to fall down. Shivaay who was just infront of her holds her and worries)
(he pats on her cheek to wake up but of no use, and then he makes her drink water. Yet she didn’t become conscious)
Dadi: I told her not to do fast, she never did it before, she never cares about her health
Tej: just call the doctor immediately, I say now
Jhanvi: where is ishana?
Pinky : ha, call ishana fast, prinku go and call ishana as fast as you can,
Shakti: nothing should happen to Annika
(Shivaay so worried that he lost his senses, he was just holding her. Then he realizes that she wasn’t conscious yet, so lifted her in his arms and carried her to his room.)
(everybody along with Shivika go to his room. Ishana comes very much hurriedly along with om)
(ishana checks everything)
Shivaay: anything serious ishana
Ishana: everything serious bhayya
(everybody were shocked to hear this)

Om: what are you saying, what is serious with Annika
Ishana: I am sorry for making you all worry, I mean to say that why to repent rather than stopping her doing the fast. She is very weak, she is just recovering and these fasts will affect her a lot. I don’t know that she is doing the fast otherwise I would have stopped her. She her, her immunity is so weak, thank god nothing affected the working of the recently hurt organs
Shivaay: I said her, but she is too stubborn, you know that she will never listen to me, ek dum impossible ladki, I don’t know who will marry her, he is going to suffer a lot
Pinky: Shivaay you don’t know who will marry her
Jhanvi: how sweet, my Shivaay doesn’t who is hisfiancée
Om: so Shivaay Singh Oberoi doesn’t who would be, no, in fact who is mrs Shivaay Singh oberoi
(Shivaay realized what he had told. He smiles and diverts the topic)
Shivaay: ok I will make something for her. Just take care of her
Tej and Shakti(together): we know how to take care of our daughter, you can leave now
Dadi: ha go billu, are you going to teach us how to take care of our bahu also
(Shivaay smiles and goes from there to kitchen and then he prepare a dish)
(he take it to his room where everybody are waiting for Annika to get. Shivaay enters the room. Then Annika jerk, he leaves a bowl of soup and dish on the table and rushes to her and holds her, he first gives her the juice. Annika finally regains consciousness and she just stares at Shivaay. Then sahil comes)
Sahil: Annika didi, again lost in bhayya’s eyes
(everybody burst out of laughter)
(Annika comes into her senses and Shivaay smiles.)
Annika: just shut up sahil, I am not lost anywhere
Sahil: you are not lost anywhere, you are lost here only didi
(again everybody laugh)
Dadi: this small child is understanding you better than yourself Annika beta
Shivaay: ok now drink the juice
Annika:ok, I will have it
(she completes drinking the juice)
(Shivaay brings the dish and the soup to her)
Shivaay: now have this
Annika: not now billuji, I just now had the juice right
(Shivaay is now very particular and starts yelling at her)
Shivaay: do you know what you have done Annika? First of all you did fast and spoiled your health and secondly you are not having food even now. What do you think of yourself, you just cant think about yourself,
(Annika gets scared and she starts having while Shivaay feeds her the food, the whole family watches all this)
(after completing half the food)
Annika: it is enough billuji, I cant eat anymore
Shivaay: you have to eat, it is not a request, it is an order. You will just reel and we have to worry
Annika: you wont fast and will taunt upon who will fast, you can never change
Ishana: Annika didi, don’t you know that Shivaay bhayya fasted till now and didn’t even drink water
Sowmya: ha Annika didi, I observed bhayya not even having a glass of water
(Annika hearing all this becomes teary eyed,she taps on his cheek)
Annika: why didnt you say that you have fasted for me huh?
Shivaay: Annika, actually…………………
(Annika takes the spoon from shivaay’s hand and starts feeding him. He smiles and happily has it. The family doesn’t want to disturb them so they leave them alone )
Annika: why did you do fast for me, when you are not habituated to do so
Shivaay; then why did you do for me, huh
(they both share a good moment. Annika sleeps on shivaay’s shoulder and Shivaay encircles his arms around her shoulder and they both sleep peacefully)

In sowmya’s room
(just then Rudra comes)
Rudra: sumo, did the moon come, I have to break fast or else I will die without eating. Newspapers will publish that Rudra Singh Oberoi died due to starvation
Sowmya: did you do fast
Rudra: ha sumo, romi told me to do or else she told that she will turn me into a fly
Sowmya: you started believing that devi
Rudra: you know that she is a devi?
(sowmya realizes that she slipped her tongue)
Sowmya: actually, I want to say…….
(Rudra so much angry that he pins her to the wall)
Rudra: sowmya you are such a cheat, I hate you, I trusted you, but you never kept my trust, you killed my trust and our friendship too. I thought you are honest but no you are not.
Sowmya: shut up Rudra(she shouts) and leave me now
(Rudra leaves her)
Sowmya: I tried to tell you many times but you never listened to me. You are the one who used to say I am busy or I have some other work, I didn’t get a chance to speak but you are now blaming me
Rudra: (he realize what he did) sumo, sorry for that,I am very angry first of all that romi devi, and secondly I am so hungry
Sowmya: wait Rudra,I will bring you something
(she brings juice and sandwiches)
Sowmya: Rudra, have it
(Rudra has it and a sudden question strikes his mind)
Rudra: sumo, did you break your fast
Sowmya: I forgot to do so
(Rudra feeds her juice and that’s how sowmya breaks her fast) (she starts eating sandwiches)
Sowmya: thank you Rudra
Rudra: sorry sumo
(while sowmya is eating sandwich, a bit of cheese is left over on the corner of her lips, Rudra smile and removes it. They both have an eyelock and reminisce of their moment when during the search for that girl while eating chat. They both smile and have a happy moment)
In ishana’s room
Ishana: (in her mind) I never thought mom would be so cruel. She made me to lose everytime, even though I stood up, but now she planned to suppress my love also, my love is so sensitive, it is not like me to bear all the oppositions. Never thought that love will also be defeated. And my fast it is not even broken, I wont break my fast. I want it to be only broken by om, not anyone else. I am so hungry, but no I wont break my fast. I will sleep, atleast I wont get that feeling of hunger
(she sleeps)

In om’s room
(prinku comes)
Prinku: bhayya why did you call me?
Om:ha prinku did you break your fast
Prinku: ha bhayya
Om: so did you have your dinner
Prinku: ok bhayya, you call me for knowing this, ok then I will leave now
Om; just wait prinku, uhhhhhhhhhhhhh did ishana break her fast
Prinku: ha I forgot to say about her she didn’t break her fast and slept . actually I want to inform bhayya but he already slept with Annika didi so I don’t want to disturb them. I came to inform you but I forgot to.
Om: what the wuck, she didn’t eat anything, is she mad, has she gone crazy, whole day she didn’t eat anything. She just thinks she did mbbs along with mba right, doesn’t she know how to have a balanced diet
Prinku: I am leaving now, I don’t what you will do, she will never listen to me.
Om: ok prinku, go sleep now it is too late
Prinku: bye bhayya
(she leaves from there and om goes to kitchen and takes water, and food for her. He goes to ishana’s room)
In ishana’s room
(om goes to her room and sees her sleeping)
Om: this girl is mad, she never takes care of herself. See how pale she is? Already she is like a skeleton, does she need to do all these things. See how cute she is, just like an angel, your magic is affecting me ishana, really I don’t know what relation I am sharing with you, but I cant confirm anything about my relationship
(he pats ishana on her cheek and wakes her up)
Ishana: what are you doing her at this time?
Om: so my dear ishana, I got to know it
Ishana: actually om, it is too late , I will eat my breakfast tomorrow
(om brings the plate of his food to her
Om: so my dear ishana, I got to know it
Ishana: actually om, it is too late , I will eat my breakfast tomorrow
(om brings the plate of his food to her)
Ishana: om, no please…………………………I am not in a mood to eat anything
Om: I will take you in my arms and make you eat
Ishana: lift me if you can
(om lifts her and takes her to the balcony. Ishana was just staring into his eyes the concern for her, the care and possessiveness he is showing towards her. She could figure out the feeling in his mind, she just want to burst out her feeling to him, but again those warning lines plays in her mind. She withdraws her emotional outburst. Om takes her to the balcony and keeps her down)
Om: your challenge is so simple, so eat now
Ishana: no om
(om asks her to stop and and starts feeding her. Ishana couldn’t resist as she is truly loving him, this is what she wants, om breaking her fast, the moon is seen in the background. Ishana coughs and om makes her drink water. Their moment was very wonderful. This is how ishana breaks her fast. Om start eating along with her, and he breaks his fast, he is now very satisfied. They both chat for long time and then go to their respective rooms and sleep thinking of their moment)

The next morning
(dadi looks at a photo and cries. The whole mansion arranged for a pooja. Tejvi, shanky and shivomru faces are so gloomy today)
Dadi: today is the most unluckiest day in my life. I don’t know when she left our lives. She brought our company to the heights, she is the reason for us to live in luxury like this, never thought she will disappear from our lives. I cant leave without her, I always feel her presence, so cute, she always plays with me, don’t know why she left our lives today. I used to have the most deadly days without her, shivomru are the ones who made me come out of my long depression. I cry for you everyday, in fact everybody, they love you a lot, but you were lost and took away your husband as well as your two daughters along with you. Every day I pray for you. Will you come back ever , don’t know how you will come. Those are deadly times when you were not there with us, but when Annika came into our lives, I used to see you in her, I took care of her thinking her as you. That’s why I liked her so much at the very first meet. That’s why I want her a part of Oberoi family. I want to see you everyday, when I see Annika, I feel you, but I know you are not her. Why did you leave us? Are we not important. How can god be so cruel to us. I want you to be with me please god!

Precap: so who is the lady on the photo, how is she related to oberois,……………………………..pooja in Oberoi mansion,……………………..ishana hits a lady by car,……………………..ishana brings her to the mansion, everybody were shocked to see her,……………………………

So how is it guys
say it , reveal your opinions on my ff as soon as possible
please I am short of your comments and views
ok guys I will be soon with another episode within 2-3 days
and guys there will be a surprise for you on november1, are you ready for it?
So comment soon bye guys

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