Ishqbaaz ff by Sat episode 16

So guys this is sat again entering into ishqbaaz ff world . I want to tell you guys that I really want to know that you are liking my ff or not as the comments are decreasing day by day. I cant do magic which other writers can but still I am trying my best. As I said your comments are my boost and bournvita , so please comment down there. please tell if it is boring, I will stop it. Please please comment

And guys I want to say you all one thing. All are asking for Shivika marriage. It for sure and is going to be very grand. You have to wait for for some 5-7 episodes for that. And I promise you guys the wedding is going to be grand and it will be a 5 day marriage. So guys are you happy with the newss

So guys the recap of previous episode:
Shivika and Ishkara return back to Oberoi mansion and they welcome them. Annika is taken toshivaay’s room by him. Ishana brings out the true colors of Ridhimma and om breaks up with Ridhimma. Ishkara moment and finally Ishana confesses her love for om to Shivaay
Coming to the present episode:
(Shivaay goes to annika’s room and finds her sleeping. He goes near her and caresses her face and softens her hair )
Shivaay(in his mind): Annika, thank god for making me marry you or else I would be the one who will bring out the danger to my family. In fact I never believed om’s and ishana’s words but today I am believing them, yes it is destiny which brings us close, not by our wish, I wished that I would get the richest and high class girl, but now I got something more precious than that, the most precious possession I had ever had. I don’t know even now I didn’t propose you regarding my love, I cant express, atleast you can understand na.oh I forgot that we both are equally egoistic, even she might have the same thought in her mind. Ok now Shivaay sleep, otherwise this paanika might get up and scold you for being beside her
(he smiles and sleeps on sofa thinking that he could tell about ishana’s love to her the next day)
The next morning
In ishana’s room
Ishana: oh no, how to express, but how can I know does he loves me or not. Oh my god what to do? I never thought that this sort of situation will come to me like this, when it comes to love, I can give big big philosophical speeches or statements regarding it, but I am very much inexpressive like bhayya to confess my love
She starts practicing, I love you om
Oh no there is no feeling in this
Lets have an other try
I love you a lot om, will you accept my love
Oh my god, this more like demanding
Now I understand why bhayya couldn’t express his feelings to Annika didi, but it will be sooooooooooo cute when boy proposes a girl rather than a girl proposing her love
Oh my god, I am wasting lot of time, ok resume the pratise now,
I love…………….
(she gets a call and rushes out of the Oberoi mansion)
Rumya in sowmya’s room
Sowmya: Rudra, why did you come to my room? Any homework or project
Rudra: hello, this rudy can do anything on his own, ok then u am going to tell you good news
Sowmya: are you going to become papa or what?
(Rudra hits on her head)
Rudra: just shut up sowmya, romi is coming to house today. I am very glad to see her
Sowmya: what! Romi?
Rudra: ha romi, so……………….
Sowmya: Rudra, I need to tell you something about her……………………..
(just then a voice interrupts)
Person: hello sowmya
Sowmya: romi?
Romi: hi Rudra, (she goes to hug sowmya but Rudra assumes that she is hugging him opens his arms wide, then he realizes that she hugged sowmya)
Rudra: so, what plans today romi
Romi: I need to give an important gnyanasamachar to my followers. Will you join me?
Sowmya: actually, tomorrow we have a function
Romi: oh karvachaut right
Sowmya: ha ………
Rudra: then I will join you
Sowmya: Rudra, you don’t know her, please don’t go(she whispers in his ears)
(but Rudra ignores her and agrees to romi, and then romi leaves, so sowmya very angry as Rudra ignored her goes to her room. Rudra becomes quite suspicious about romi)
Everybody assemble at hall(dadi calls for a meeting)
(Shivaay brings Annika holding her very tightly, om, Priyanka, rumya comes, tejvi and pinky and Shakti also assemble there except ishana)
Shivaay: dadi, why did you call us now?
Dadi: tomorrow is karvachaut puttar, where wives do fasting for the well being of their husband and unmarried girls do fasting so as to get a good husband. We need to start preparations
Tej: shall I bring an organizer then

Dadi: In a day, an organizer cant develop everything like my Annika
(Shivika smiles looking at each other)
Jhanvi: but Annika is not fine, what shall we do
Om: ma, why are you tensed when we have an all-rounder in our house, but I wonder where is she now?
Shivaay: actually ishana, she messaged me that she went to bring some important file from office
Pinky: I never knew she did organizing anytime
Sowmya: aunty, organizing is not a big thing dadi will tell us and we will also do, I will also join ishana didi
Om: me too

(they look at Shivaay and Rudra)
Shivaay: guys, I have a bigger responsibility than you all,(he hold the shoulder of Annika), I have to take care of her
(everybody smile and taunt Shivaay)
Rudra: bhayya, my head is aching
Shivaay: take some medicines in my room
Rudra: sorry my head is not aching, I thought you will go and bring the medicines for me’ if it is for anika didi, you will run like ptusha and get it
Annika(in a low tone and with a bit cracking voice): no Rudra, he would have told me the same
(Shivaay gives an angry glare at her)
Priyanka: ok, now I will also help ishana didi
Shakti: what about Rudra then?

Rudra: actually I am going for some speech on enlightenment by romi, so I cant participate
(he looks at sowmya, she gets worried but she turns her face away as she is angry on Rudra)
Dadi: so Jhanvi and pinky, be ready for fasting tomorrow
(the both nod in yes and they leave to their rooms along with tej and Shakti)
Sowmya: dadi, I will also do fasting please. I want to do
Priyanka: me too
Dadi: but puttar, you guys don’t know that it is tough, you didn’t get married yet right and don’t worry you will get good husbands , you can do the puja not the fasting
Sowmya: no dadi please, when will we get habituated to all these, we will start from this year, please dadi
Priyanka: please dadi, please……………………
Dadi: ok, then, but you have to not stop it in middle then
(they both nod in yes and feel very happy)
Annika(in a low tone): dadi, I will also do
Shivaay: no, you will not do, have you gone mad, you have got enough hurts, I don’t want you to strain further
Dadi: yes billu is right, these girls means I can accept, see your condition how pale and weak you are? I wont let you do in this condition
Annika: dadi, you said that a married girl has to do and I have to follow the oberoitraditions.and I will do without any objection, please let me do, I want to do, I never did this before, this will be my first karvachaut
Dadi(thinks for a while that she is doing that for Shivaay): ok puttar, but not at the cost of health, nothing should happen to you
Shivaay: dadi, you accepted, this girl is mad, she doesn’t know anything, why did you agree
Dadi: Shivaay, let her take her decision, she wants to do, I cant force her like you to stop the fast
(saying this she leaves from the room)
Rudra: sumo, I don’t know how u will survive tomorrow
(Sowmya goes away from the hall putting a deaf ear to his words. Rudra gets sad)
Om: annika, you have to take care of your health, just a span of two days from the injury, you are taking yup such a big task
Annika(with cracking voice): no om, I felt like doing, I cant get another karvachaut until the next year right
Shivaay: cant you observe your voice is still cracking, I don’t know you all always take up works which you have to not do, now come you need rest, a double rest I mean a combined rest for today and tomorrow
Annika: what I am dead bored sleeping continuously, please I will be here for sometime

Shivaay: now another nautanki, it wont be nice I agreed for your fast but I am not going to change my decision regarding your rest, just come with me now
(he lifts her and catches her shoulder and arms and takes her to the room)
Ishana’s office
Ishana: what happened and why you called me so suddenly
Employee: mam, I am a good friend of yours as you said, your mom sent an important message I want you to hear even though she doesn’t want you to hear it
Ishana: what? What happened Maya

Maya: mam, your mam sent an audio clip, please listen to it
(she plays the audio clip. It is as we know Svetlana’s voice)
Svetlana ( in the clip): maya I know that you are a good friend of ishana, but your life is very miserable, you are getting good salary and ishana gives you more if you are in need. But I will give you life time money without doing any work, just do what I say. I know I am in abroad so I cant get in contact with ishana that much. I know she can do any wrong this time and she usually takes advantage of these situations, she can be trapped finally and the money and property of mine will be put at stake. I don’t want that.
So as a good friend of hers, I want you to do me a favour, she will do whatever you want. So listen to me and do what I say. Firstly be always in touch with her, I want to if she is having an affair with any boy or she is loving anyone. Secondly I want to know that person if he is there and want his full details. And thirdly to kill that person, get in contact with my personal security and I will tell you their names, they are not able to keep an eye on her as that Shivaay is there. and now totally I handle the responsibility to you. Tell me yes, I know u cant say no as I will kill your family if you say no

(maya cries and ishana becomes teary eyed)
Maya: ishana mam, I know you gave me this job even though I don’t know anything, you taught me everything, helped my family in every deed,
how can I betray you, but………………
Ishana: I know maya, don’t cry nothing will happen to your family until I am there, say yes to her and tell her that I am not having any affair, I will also give you the numbers which I frequently dial, show them to her as proof. Don’t worry I cant let anything happen to your family.
(ishana will be just thinking of om and svetlana’s words and she takes her decision back of confessing her love to om, she just cries terribly)
Maya: mam, I know you are in love with a person, I can understand you, don’t cry, nothing will happen to him,I am going to take care. Don’t cry mam, I cant see my boss aka friend crying like this
(ishana hugs maya and cries)

Ishana: I never thought i could get such a faithful friend like you. Thank you, thanks a lot, I am so much grateful to you
(from there she goes crying terribly)
In the jail
Roop: they are escaped now, what to do tia
Tia: what will I do, you are the master of crimes and tactics and you are asking me what to do
Roop: I am not getting any idea
Tia: I trusted you even though I don’t have any relationship with you to take revenge against Annika, but you spoiled all the plan
Roop: you were tempted to shoot more bullets and we wasted time, that’s how we were caught. Anyways I have something I need to do some arrangements and get rid of this jail
Tia: I never thought I could step into a police station, but now I am in jail. And do something fast to come out of this jail
In the Oberoi mansion
(ishana wipes her tears and rushes to her room, no one observes her.)
(Jhanvi finds ishana car parked outside the mansion and she thinks that ishana came home and goes to her)
In ishana’s room
(ishana cries terribly, her eyes become red and skin pinkish and pale)
(Jhanvi enters the room ,ishana observes this and wipes off her tears and starts acting to be normal)
Ishana: bade ma , please come inside
(Jhanvi observes her eyes red and skin pale as if she has been crying since a long time)
Jhanvi: where were you till now, and why are you so gloomy
Ishana: (she remembers svetlana’s words and gulps) actually I went to office for a meeting
Jhanvi: meeting? Shivaay said you went for a while and tej didn’t say anything about any meeting today
Ishana: (she remembers she has messaged Shivaay something else): actually……………..bade ma…………….i went for a file and remembered that I have to attend a meeting , actually it is with my employees regarding a deal. It is a small meeting
Jhanvi: oh, (she feels something wrong) ok then, will you do us a small favor, please
Ishana: for sure bade ma, whatever you say
Jhanvi: tomorrow we have karvachaut, will you please organize, as you know Annika is not feeling well, so please
Ishana: surely bade ma, I will also do karvachaut this time. I love to do it
Jhanvi: actually you have a good team then, sowmya, prinku and om will help and myself, pinky and mummyji will tell you what to do. Don’t ask about Shivaay, he is stuck to Annika there, with his wife, and that Rudra wants to go for some enlightenment speech.
Ishana: don’t worry bade ma, I will take care if all those
Jhanvi: fine then, you look so stressed, take some rest you have to start preparations from evening again
Now sleep and no words and no thoughts
(Jhanvi leaves and feels that something is worrying ishana and ishana in her room terribly cries. Jhanvi goes to Shivaay to tell him about ishana)
In shivaay’s room
(Annika is sleeping, Shivaay beside her and then Jhanvi comes there)
Shivaay: bade ma, come in
Jhanvi: how is Annika now?
Shivaay: she is fine but she is too stubborn,(he caresses her face and smiles)
Jhanvi: you are just taking care of her as if she is your child, she is very lucky to have you
Shivaay: please tell that to this duffer, she will never understand that
Jhanvi: don’t blame her, the way you married her is not fair, you should have confessed your love and then marry her, any ways happened is happened, atleast now confess your love, in fact you are a duffer for not telling that to her till now
(Shivaay thinks for a while)
Jhanvi: actually I came here to talk about ishana, she looks quite worried
Shivaay: she is in the same problem like me, cant express
Jhanvi: what do you mean?
(Shivaay realizes that he had slipped his tongue and decides to tell the truth to Jhanvi)
Shivaay: bade ma , I have to tell you something really important, I know it will be tough for you to listen this, but I have to say this to you. Actually I don’t know when their journey started, they were two rivers flowing in different directions, I never thought they would merge into the same sea. And I call that sea as love
Jhanvi: when did you start talking like om, tell it clearly Shivaay
Shivaay: actually bade ma (he holds her hands) ishana loves om
Jhanvi: what ?really

Shivaay: yes bade ma, she is loving him truly, I can see that in her eyes and I can see that love in om’s eyes too. But I think it will take time for om to realize it. So she is worried about confessing her love to om
(he looks at Jhanvi worriedly)
Jhanvi: (after a long pause) tej used to say me ishana is perfect for om, but I always argued with him. Never thought they two can end up together, let us see if the fate ties them, I am ready to accept her
(Shivaay was very happy with her reply and requests her not to tell to anyone until om too realizes his love. She goes)
(Annika wakes up suddenly and was about to fall as she moved to the corner of the cot. Shivaay observes this and holds her tightly. He puts one hand around her shoulder and other holding her hands, he slowly lifts her and place her safely on bed. All that moment, Annika was just staring at his eyes, she was lost in those kanji eyes. Shivaay understand her situation and waves hands in front of her and she gets back into her senses)

Shivaay: so where are you lost, mrs Shivaay Singh Oberoi, lost in your pathi’s eyes or what, I will not be everywhere with you, if you keep imagining my eyes, you will slip, and I cant hold you everytime.
Annika: I am always in my senses and you need not hold me everytime
(she suddenly trembles and falls on Shivaay as she is still feeling some jerks of the shot’s pain)

Shivaay: in this state you are doing karvachaut for me, you are completely mad
Annika: who said I am doing it for you, I am doing it for my would be husband
Shivaay: hey wait, you are not doing it for me
Annika: are you mad, why will I do for you, I will do for my would be husband
Shivaay: who is that fellow, I am going to murder him
Annika: you are going to murder yourself or what (she bursts out of laughter seeing Shivaay jealous)
Shivaay(realizes that she played with him till now becomes cool and calm and starts laughing): you are really impossible Annika
Annika: you are soooooooooo(she thought to say cute but she stopped herself thinking that she is falling for him)
Shivaay: I am sooooooooooooooooo

Annika: nothing
Shivaay: I am soooooooooooooooo nothing
Annika: nothing I said you na
Shivaay: if I continue, it wont end, ok now you have to start walking slowly again, you are doing better, a still more effort you will become stable)
Annika: I will try
(Shivaay makes Annika walk properly for half an hour, and she is progressing in her health, then Shivaay goes out)
(Annika slowly walks to the cupboard and opens it)
(she sees the pendant which Shivaay gave her. She remembers his words telling her that if she accepts him,then she can wear this locket. She reminisces his words and smiles and then she remembers him calling her junk and she cries)
Annika: I need more time, god, why did you tangle me in such sort of situation, I like him and I hate him too. But am I loving him?
In om’s room
Om: (in his mind) yesterday ishana has done so much to me, she is saving me everytime, risking her life and her honor. I insulted her very badly but she is treating me like an angel. She is somewhat inbuilding new feelings in me every day. Don’t know why I feel like falling for her, I love her presence and always want the warmth and comfort in her touch. This time am I thinking properly, am I liking her these days, infact am I loving her, just don’t know, only god and fate will show the path. I cant take a wrong decision again. I will wait till I get some clarity about what are all these feelings……………………………………………………….
(ishana is crying in her room thinking about om)
(that evening the team arranges everything for karvachaut. And ishana and om share many cute moments, they look at each other and they feel so much but they couldn’t express it. Ishana slips from stool and om holds her and they share a good eyelock. Finally they complete the preparations, jahnvi seeing all this, smiles)
Jhanvi: I will see how many days you will play this game of hiding your love

Precap: karvachaut celebration…………………shivaay scolds Annika,…………rudra gets to know about romi,……………………ishana doesn’t break her fast,……………………………….cute scenes of three couples
Sorry guys as there is less romance today
Ishkara and rumya fans, I will make their romance intense in the next epi
I dragged more of concept today as I felt subject is needed in this part
And yar, please leave all your valuable comments
I know it is boring, but please tell your views
I am very disappointed with the no of comments
And guys I know many of you are very busy but please express you likes and dislikes by mentioning some scenes which you like or doent like, it is a humble request
And silent readers this is a repeated request, please drop your views on my ff
And thanks for spending your valuable time in reading my ff
Bye for now

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