Ishqbaaz ff by Sat episode 15

Hey guys this is sat again with the 15th episode.i know it is too late I am sorry guys please forgive me guys. I don’t what to say but I felt I couldn’t entertain you all with this track and storyline. I can figure this feeling by the decreasing no of comments, I just cant really bear it. I became very much depressed. That’s why it became late. Pleaseplease comment, for me, for my ff.please
And all those who are writing ffs, I really appreciate you guys for your wonderful talent and skills in literary arts, a big hats off to you also. And guys a small note that I cant comment the very moment you guys post your ff as I am having school as well as tuition. And this week I am not at all feeling well, I am under depression because of fever. Just came out of that now and typing this ff
And my dear dear readers, a big thanks to you all for spending your time in reading my ff. I am really very grateful to you all
A small note: actually someone named sat just like my name is also active on tu, please don’t get confused. I will always login and comment and if not I will mention you guys. Sat(2), I just want to get rid of confusion that’s all, please don’t think anything else.
Ok, enough of my emotional bakbaks
Lets move into the episode

The next day
(in annika’s ward, Shivaay is seen holding her hand and resting his head on her palm, Ishkara sleep on each other’s shoulder outside, then ishana wakes up)
Ishana(in her mind): I don’t know how is it going to happen, but trust meom, whatever I am going to do now is only to save you
(she gets up and makes everything ready for annika’s discharge)
In annika’s ward
(Shivaay gets up and sees annika’s face and smiles)
Shivaay:(In his mind) I just don’t know how cute she looks when she is silent and calm, of course for me, she will always look cute as she is now and forever Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s wife the greatest Annika Shivaay Singh Oberoi
(he goes out fills in the form, pays the bills and buys the medicines)
(by this time Annika gets ready with the help of ishana and om brings tea for her, she drinks
(then Shivaay comes)
Shivaay: time to leave guys
(Ishkara carry the necessary things and Shivaay supports Annika while walking, she walk good but she is weak because the bullet shots are powerful, so she keeps on tripping, and everytime she slips, Shivaay is ready to help her, hold her and support her, finally they go in car to the Oberoi mansion)

Oberoi mansion
(dadi and pinky welcome Shivika with aarti and they enter and Ishkara were about to enter, pinky stops)
Dadi: why did you stop them
Pinky: mummyji, my ishana beta did a lot to my bahu, without giving her aarti, how can I let her inside and even om, he supported Shivaay a lot
Jhanvi: so time to do the aarti to them
Pinky: so you do it jethaniji, I did for my son and bahu, you do for yours
(everybody were shocked and Ishkara looked at each other and om gave a question mark look while ishana gave a very happy and a bit shy look)
Pinky: I mean do the aarti for your son and also do to ishana, you treat her like daughter na
Jhanvi: ok pinky, I love to do so
(she does aarti to them and dadi hopes that her wish comes true)
(Shivaay takes Annika to his room )
Annika(in a low tone): this is not my room, why did you bring me here?
Shivaay: who will take care of you 24 hrs , you will be alone in you room, that’s why I brought you here
(she gives an astonishing look)
Shivaay: don’t worry, I will sleep on sofa, you can sleep on my bed
Annika: I don’t want to trouble you, I will be in my room
(she turns and about to go, Shivaay holds her hands and pulls her close, she tries to move away but his grip is tight upon her. He then lifts her in his arms and puts her on his bed)
Shivaay: not a word more, my paanika, not a word more, wait here and don’t move, I will make and bring your breakfast
(he goes from there and she smiles)

Rumya in rudra’s room
Sowmya: Rudra, we are having exams ahead just in a month and all these troubles
Rudra: you are worried about exams rather than our lives
Sowmya: when did you start talking so sensible Rudra
Rudra(holds her shoulders): sumo, I can bear if anything happens to me, but not to my dear ones
Sowmya: I am your dear?
Rudra: no, not at all
Sowmya: then why did you cry that day, lifted me, searched for me like a mad person, worried for me, and why did you take the whole job of my health
(he reminisces all the moments and time spent with her and becomes teary-eyed)
Sowmya: (caresses his face) oh cry baby don’t cry, if you cry I don’t like it and I cant see it
Rudra: holds her hands, I am not crying sumo, I will not cry until a friend like you is there with me
Ok now, you were always telling me that you were going to say something about romi
(her phone rings and she goes out with her phone, and Rudra gets a message and will fell very happy)
Social workers and ngo’s office
Ridhimma: how dare you take me out of this ngo, I will inform to omkara Singh Oberoi, your whole ngo will be closed,
Office: but mam what can we do?that is our order, and we are ought to do it. Where is your boss?
(she goes to the boss’s office)
Boss: so you came for your job again, but we cant because a very powerful lady blackmailed us to do so, we are very sorry
Ridhimma: who is that?
(just then a person comes)
Person: what if it is me?
Ridhimma: ishana?
Ishana: yes, ridimma I am ishana, I think you know that
Ridhimma: but why did you do like this, I am a great social worker and why did you fire me
Ishana: a great social worker never uses other’s name and fame my dear
Ridhimma: other’s name and fame, what do you mean?
Ishana: I know you will always want to become famous by earning money using omkara’s name, poor soul, he never suspects you
Ridhimma: poor soul? I think you want to manipulate my omkara, he is never yours and always mine, he will never get closer to a person who is the daughter of a blo*dy b*t*h Svetlana
Ishana: (teary-eyed) mind your words Ridhimma, not a word more, if you open your mouth, I don’t know what I will do
(Ridhimma a bit worried rushes to Oberoi mansion while ishana too does the same)

In the Oberoi mansion
Shivaay’s room
(Shivaay comes with breakfast in his hands)
Shivaay: so, here is your breakfast mrs. Annika Shivaay Singh Oberoi, have it
Annika: billuji, I am not in a mood to eat
Shivaay: I think everytime, you will have no mood to eat, finally you will be listed in the world records as the only person who avoids food when she has everything, now comeon, you have to listen, it will make me angry
Annika: I cant fight with you now
Shivaay: that’s why I am going to feed you, when your pathi is there with you, why worrying, and ishana told she will check you in the evening
Annika: billuji please listen to me
(Shivaay starts feeding her and she has no other option other than eating, otherwise she knew that he would kill her. They both share a cute moment and are very happy that they are together)

In the hall
(Ridhimma comes shouting for om, she shouts aloud, everyone except Annika assemble there)
Om: what happened Ridhimma? Why are you shoutingnow
Shivaay: what happened Ridhimma?
Ridhimma: you know what your sister did to me Shivaay?
Shivaay: ishana?
Om: what will she do?
Ridhimma: she fired me out of that ngo, made me jobless
Jhanvi:what? Ishana will never do like that. I think you are mistaken
Tej: Ridhimma, how can you say that, and where is ishana?
(ishana comes from back)
Ishana: I am here bade papa
Om; just tell me ishana, you didn’t do like that?
Ridhimma: so, you trust her more than me na
Shivaay: Ridhimma, please don’t interfere while he is talking
Om: (shouts) tell it out ishana
Ishana: om, the one whom you love to the core, the one whom you trust a lot is everyday betraying you, she is ditching you and you like a fool believed her in every means
Om: I am not understandingyou ishana
Ishana: om, it is me who fired her from her job

(everybody were hell shocked)

Om: ishana, I trusted you really, but you will not change at all
Ridhimma: om, she is interfering in our relationship, she wants to trap you
Shivaay: just shut up, not a word more about her
Ridhimma:(crying) so you all support her even though she has done this much to me
Om: ishana never wants to trap me riidhimma, I know her, but ishana how dare you take her from her job, if you are angry at me, at my character, punish me, why did you do this to her
Ishana: om, bhayya, you know that I will never do anything big just for a silly reason right
(both nod their head in yes)
And om, I neither punished you nor angry at you. But I am just feeling pity for you. I don’t know how you loved this girl who loves your surname and not you, who loves your fame and not you, who loves your name and not you. How did you fall for this girl. I don’t call it love om, I call it crap
(she gets teary-eyed as she still sees him as her lover)
Om: what the hell are you speaking, how dare you comment like that on my relationship, in fact you said you were my friend right, friend will never break relationships, you are a creep infact
(for the first time ishana bore his scoldings not even countering him and is still teary- eyed

Shivaay and tej were shocked as ishana didn’t start a counter)
(ishana steps forward and takes out her mobile and shows all the videos which were sent by her friends who work in the same ngo, and all her conversations about omkara, how to get fame were recorded)
(everybody were astonished)
Ridhimma: this is trash, somebody maybe against me
(omkara was deeply hurt by her words in the video and couldn’t tolerate)
Om: yeah but it is sure that somebody will not be alike to you and moreover all the recordings, I can guess and my heart says that I am correct, so you tried to trap me not ishana, in fact she saved me from my biggest trouble which may soon lead to life struggle if I continue with you, I break up with you Ridhimma, I break up, I am repenting to share my feelings with you, I am feeling bad that I had a relationship with you, I break up with you. Just leave this house now, myself and you have no connection from now, you and this house have no connection, just leave
Ridhimma: but om……………………..
Ishana: it is better to leave before he becomes more angry
(Ridhimma feels embarrassed and leaves from there)
(om angry goes to his room and ishana goes back of him)
(Shivaay gets a doubt that ishana is hiding something from him)

Om’s room
Om(in his mind): how did I fall for the one who is lied to me, who ditched me, not even now, she didn’t apologize to me, I never thought I will do a mistake in choosing my love, I am repenting now
(ishana sees this from outside and reads his mind)
Ishana: om, you never did a mistake in choosing your love, you just felt it as a relationship and you misunderstood understanding as love. In love both has to adjust , I didn’t find that in yours, that’s why I researched about her and pulled out the truth
(she sits beside him)
Om: how do you know what I am thinking, can you read my mind?
Ishana: don’t know, just felt that you were thinking like that
(he reminisces the break-up moment and hugs ishana tightly, ishana was bewildered at first but then understood his situation and reciprocated)
Om: thanks ishana for saving me, you are really a great friend
Ishana: (in her mind) still…………a friend
(then Shivaay comes there and they break their hug)
Shivaay: I need to talk to you urgently it is very important, I will wait in your room
Ishana: ok bhayya
(Shivaay leaves from there)
Ishana: I think you are stressed a lot, so please take rest, I will come back in a few minutes
Om: ok, I will wait for you
(ishana leaves while om takes a nap)

Ishana’s room
Ishana: bhayya, whats the matter? I feel something is worrying you, is Annika didi alright
Shivaay: she is fine, my worry is you
Ishana: me? I am fine and fit bhayya
Shivaay: really?
Ishana:ha yes bhayya
Shivaay: I know ishana you are hiding something from me,this is for the first time you are hiding something from me? Just tell it out
Ishana: (remembers that she did not tell about her love to Shivaay) huh(she stumbles) nothing bhayya
Shivaay(hold her shoulders): the first one whom you love in this world is your Shivaay bhayya, I thought you share everything with me, but I am disappointed now,
Ishana:(in her mind feeling sorry) nothing bhayya, I will never hide anything from you(she gets goosebumps)
Shivaay: so why are this goose bumps, you started feeling for someone who is close to me,ishana, you are caring about him a lot, you are going mad for him, you are saving him and protecting
Ishana: (crying) bhayya, I am sorry, I cant tell you the truth
Shivaay: I know I love you and also know that you started loving someone, right, just tell it out, I am your dearest brother
Ishana: bhayya, bhayya (she stumbles) bhayya, i…………….i……………..i………………….love………………….love……………….love…………………….huh huhom
(Shivaay was happy)

Shivaay: I know that, I know you sweetie, I know you more than me
Ishana: so you have no objection
Shivaay: no objection, you will share a good bond, does om know this?
Ishana: no, bhayya
Shivaay: no, then confess your love to him, you don’t have time duffer, fast
Ishana: ha bhayya, I don’t have time, and thank you bhayya
(she hugs Shivaay tightly and they both go to their respective rooms)

Precap:romi comes to Oberoi mansion,…………………. Shivaay share the news with Jhanvi ,………………..jhanvi’s reaction,………………….., Annika sees the pendant,……………………….ishana decides to confess her love,……………………… in a dilemma, …………………..and ishana gets a warning call

So guys that’s all for today
I am staying till 1’o clock to 2’ o clock till night everyday and typing this ff, so please value my effort and hardwork through your valuable comments
And please please silent readers I beg you, I want to know your reviews also
And I am very disappointed with the decreasing no of comments that’s why I am not replying,
Anyways for now , please spend some of your valuable time in reading my ff and commenting it
Ok guys, bye for now

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