Ishqbaaz ff by Sat episode 14

Hey guys this is sat again coming back with the 14thepisode , guys a bad news to you all, my school will started from yesterday and I cant upload daily, but I promise I will update alternate days , and during Sundays I will update longer ffs. But don’t worry, I will surely entertain you all with my ff thanks for those most adorable comments I have ever heard, they really bring out the real me,
So guys enough of my bakbaks, lets move to the recap first

Recap of previous episode:
We have seen Ishana in danger and omkara on time helps her and tej gets annoyed with the weak security, Annika and Ishana become suspicious about shivomru, Rudra takes care of sowmya, Annika comes to know the secret, Shivaay reveals everything to Annika, Ishana realizes that she is loving om, om gets doubt about his relationship, Annika went to temple along with Shivaay, Annika was shot by someone

(Shivaay sees Annika shot and in pain and was shocked)
(the girl along with a lady was about to shoot another bullet, the Oberoi security catch themand then they found roop along with tia)
(Shivaay was terribly shocked and became teary-eyed and Annika was crying in a fear that she would lose him, they were exactly infront of the temple god infront of the most lovely couple fighting against death )
(khanna(security) contacted Shivaay through phone)
Khanna: sir, we have caught roop and tia madam was also with her. They were the ones who shot Annika madam, sir
Shivaay(teary-eyed fuming with anger): just kill them I say, just kill them(he cries)
(khanna understanding shivaay’s situation contacts om and tej in a conference call and tells them everything, tej tells to khanna to inform to police and make them arrested. And om and tej rush to the temple)

(Shivaay finding her bloodshed cant see her situation, tears were rolling down his eyes as well as hers)

Annika: billuji…..huh…………..huh……………huh(she breathes heavily)
i……i…………….i think I cant live, say everybody that I love them a lot and a big thanks for supporting me in all means, and say omru a good bye and even Ishana, sowmya and priyanka
Shivaay: Annika, I am not going to lose you, you are going to live this is your husband’s order, Shivaay Singh oberoi’s order, if you go against it , it wont be nice
Annika: your words………………huh……huh, cant………………….change………..huh………………….my life………………………billuji(she breathes heavily and couldn’t sleep)
Shivaay: just shut up, at least now listen to your pathi’swords,yourpathi’s words,
Stay strong, nobody can do anything to you, if your desire is strong, surely it will lead to your destiny
And according to me, your destiny is to live with me forever, so don’t lose hopes my panika
(he realizes that she is bleeding and lifts her in his arms, looking into her eyes only her eyes nothing else and rushes to his car, then om and tej see him and signal him to move to hospital)

In the hospital
Shivaay: nothing should happen to her doctor, she should be fine, please, we will pay you how much you want
Doc: I am not sure about her life, it is very difficult to estimate as she was shot with 3 bullets and she has lost so much blood, we can only be sure only after her operation. And we need time as the doctor went out, we have called him but he is stuck in traffic jam
Shivaay: what the wuck, don’t you have any other doctor, you are having this much big hospital
Doctor: actually we all are junior doctors and don’t handle these critical, we doctors have a ceremony today so many doctors today are not available
Tej: then we will shift to some other hospital
Doctor: sir, he is the best doctor and this is the best hospital and another good hospital is very much far, I think it is better for you to wait
Om: just wait, I have an idea,
(He calls someone and the person on line rushes to the hospital within minutes)
Tej: omkara, what did you do?
Om: I have called Ishana
(Shivaay hugs om and thanks him)

(MeanwhileIshana comes very much worried and tensed)
Ishana: om what had happened, please tell me, bhayya where is Annika didi
(Shivaay tells everything to Ishanaand Ishana goes to operation theatre to check Annika)
(she comes out for wearing all her gloves and bringing the necessary apparatus)
Shivaay: is everything ok
Ishana: it is very much late bhayya, I will try my best
Om: your best is enough
Ishana: thanks om
(saying this she rushes to the operation theatre)
Shivaay: enough of hiding this matter, we have to inform this to our family
Tej: are you sure Shivaay?
Om: we are very much sure Mr. Oberoi
(om calls everyone and informs everything as Shivaay is not in a situation of speaking to anyone)
(everybody rush to the hospital)
(Shivaay goes and hugs dadi)

Dadi: Shivaay, nothing will happen to her, please pray to god
Jhanvi: how is she now?
Tej: we don’t know anything, Ishana is doing the operation
Pinky: Ishana? That’s why she rushed out of house without informing anybody
Rudra: nothing should happen to Annika didi
Sowmya: nothing will happen to Annika didi, Ishana didi is there na
(Ishana completes her operation and comes out teary eyed and everybody see her anxiously)
Shivaay: what happenedIshana? Why are you crying?
Ishana: bhayya, (she holds his cheeks), until your sister is here, nothing will happen to your dearest, and these tears, you will never know about them, they flow when we are happy
(all were very happy with her answer and Shivaay hugged Ishana)
Shivaay: can I go to see her sweetie
Ishana: no bhayya, not allowed have some patience, when she regains consciousness
Om: (holds her hands) thanks a lot, really we are very much grateful to you , I don’t know what to say
Ishana: (speaks with a feeling of love) do you think he is not my bhayya nor she is my bhabi, we share a very good bond, and I am ready to do anything to save that bond, even risking my life
Om: enough of emotional bakbaks, l will bring something for you, you had a lot of stress during the operation, I know, now don’t speak anything(he puts his finger on her lips) , I will get you something
(Ishana smiles seeing him going, from back)
(everybody were surprised by their bond and were very happy, hoping that they would be one someday)
Tej: fine now roop is arrested and that tia, thank god you have married Annika and saved oberois
Jhanvi: what are you speaking tej, what did tia do
(tej tells everything to the family from sowmya’s attack to annika’s attack and roop’s plan)
(everybody will be shocked especially Ishana and Sowmya)
Ishana: so what happened for us was a planned attack
Sowmya: (she hits Rudra) Rudra, are you mad, why didn’t you tell me before, you thought you could be a great hero by saving me
Rudra: ok sumo, now stop it, it is over na
Sowmya(crying): what if anything had happened to you, huh
(Rudra was surprised by her question)

Rudra: nothing would happen to me as my bhayyas and didis and sumo is with me
(sowmya and Rudra smile)
Shivaay: Ishana, how much more time Ishana?
Dadi: arrey , operation happened just ten minutes back and you are in so hurry to meet her, love has limits
Jhanvi: and that limit is patience, Shivaay every man requires patience, even an Oberoi
Pinky: nobody is going to take her away Shivaay, as you always say, your mrs Annika Shivaay Singh Oberoi wont leave anywhere billu
Ishana: bhayya, just wait for another half an hour
Shivaay: what half an hour? Oh my god!,
(everybody laugh)
(thenom comes with a cup of espresso as liked my Ishana in his hand)
Om: so everybody are laughing without me
Rudra: you went to bring something for your best friend right, go on feed her also, carry on with your work
Om: just shut up Rudra
(Ishana blushes a bit)
Shivaay: why are you scolding him? He said you to carry on with your work, whats wrong
Om: you two………………
Ishana: (a bit shy) ok stop it bhayya, and om anyways you brought that one for me right , then give it to me

(Ishana drinks her espresso and half an hour passes and Shivaay sees every minute passing by, when he observes that half an hour passed,he jumps over Ishana. Ishana understands the situation. Meanwhile everybody except shivomish leave to the Oberoi mansion)

Ishana: ok bhayya, go inside, but keep silence
Shivaay: ok sweetie
(Shivaay goes into the room and sees Annika on the bed, he feels sad that an innocent was risked today, he becomes teary-eyed and feels that still he didn’t yet confess his love to her, he dint yet propose her. He goes near her and softens her hair, holds her hand and kisses her forehead that moment he remembers all the moments with her, from the day she broke the windscreen of his car till today how she got shot, he cries “I cant afford to lose you Annika”. He smiles at her , and then comes out. The trio decide to stay in the hospital at night and Ishana informs them that they can discharge Annika the next day)

In the Oberoi mansion
(sahil comes from his school and shouts Annika didi)
Sahil: Annika didi, I came, where are you? You know what I scored 100 marks today and that roll no 14 praised me a lot, where are you didi?
(everybody were teary-eyed listening to his words, and were worried about his reaction after knowing about Annika)
Rudra: sahil, first of all, have some snacks, I bought them for you
Sahil: Rudra jiju, please tell where is Annika didi, I have to tell her the good news, yesterday she scolded me for not studying properly and where is Shivaay jiju
(Rudra gets teary-eyed)
Sowmya: sahil, will you listen to me
Sahil: (smiling) yes, sowmya, I will always listen to you
Sowmya: annika didi is in hospital, she was shot, but now she is safe
Sahil: what? Hospital, someone shot Annika didi(he starts crying) where is Annika didi, I want to see her, now, please anyone take me there
Dadi: I don’t think it will be possible because…………………..
Rumya: dadi, we will take him
Dadi: sowmya, you already got hurt, how will you go again and again
Sowmya: dadi, I am fine and until Rudra is with me, I will be safe, don’t worry
(rudra smiles and rumya takes sahiltio hospital)
(they reach the hospital)

In the hospital
(Shivaay was sitting on a bench with his head bent down)
(Shivaay saw sahil and sahil ran towards him and hugged tightly, ishkara and rumya became teary-eyed)
Sahil: jiju, what happened to Annika didi, please tell it to me, is she fine?
Shivaay: your Annika didi and my wife are fine, chotu
Sahil: both are same right
Shivaay: ha
Ishana: you want to see Annika, I will take you
Shivaay: I will take him
(ishana looks at sahil)
Sahil; I will go with jiju
(Shivaay shows thumbs up to sahil and Ishkara and rumya smile)
Ishana: ok , go but talk to her silently if she wakes up, don’t stress her bhayya about any topic,
Om: Shivaay, I feel you should not raise the topic of your marriage now
Sahil: I will manage, don’t worry

(ishana hits sahil on his head and sahil and Shivaay go to annika’s ward)
(Annika just wakes up and she feels dizzy and was about fall aside but luckily Shivaay holds her and brings her back to normal position, that moment Annika just stares at Shivaay and doesn’t observe sahil)

Sahil: didi, not just your husband, your brother also wants to see you
(Annika comes into senses and sahil hugs Annika)
Sahil: didi, are you fine now
Annika: (teary eyed) I am fine, how did you write your exam
Sahil: even now, you are thinking about me, and didi, I got 100 marks, so no worries
(Annika hugs sahil)
Annika: you are my best
Sahil: then what about jiju?
(Annika looks at Shivaay and he looks at her……..oh janna plays)
annika: nothing
sahil: what jiju is nothing for you
(Annika gives a deadly glare at him as Shivaay is there itself and Shivaay gives an angry look to annika)
Shivaay: ok sahil,you are speaking to much ha (he rubs saahil’s hair)
Sahil: ok, jiju, it is already late, sowmya told only an hour
Shivaay: ok, you go, Rudra and sowmya re waiting for you, I will be here
(Annika gets tensed)
Sahil: ok bye jiju, bye Annika didi

(sahil leaves from the room)

Shivaay: so, mrs Annika Shivaay Singh Oberoi, may I know how are you feeling now
Annika: I have already answered to sahil
Shivaay: I am not sahil, I am not your brother, I am your husband
Annika: oh my god, he started again
(Shivaay then realizes that he should not give her stress, and drives out of that topic)
(he starts cutting fruits and gives to her, )
Annika: billuji, I am not hungry, I cant eat
Shivaay: nobody is asking you to do fasting here, if you don’t eat, it wont be nice
Annika: I wont eat. I told that…………..
(by the time she could complete her sentence, he stuffs the pieces in her mouth)
Shivaay: you will never listen when I am soft
(he feeds her everything and she sleeps, he decides to sleep on the sofa beside, he couldn’t sleep because his eyes were staring at Annika and her movements . he was very careful and very much protective the whole night)
(om and ishana sleep on chairs beside and om sleeps on ishana’s shoulder, ishana observes it and smiles)
Ishana: I don’t what made me drive crazy for you zulfi Singh Oberoi. (she becomes teary-eyed) but what can I do, he is already in love, I can never make a sin by attempting to spoil their relation. Let my feelings be with me, let them live with me, let them die with me.

(ishana gets a call and a video message)
(actuallyishana asks her friends to enquire about Ridhimma as om should have a secured life. And the friends give the information.)
(in the video it is seen that unless until media is present, she doesn’t undertake social activities, she demands money from government, she publicizes that omkara is her boyfriend so as to seek attention in the media)
Ishana: oh my god, she is such a fraud, she will ruin my om’s life, I am sure I am going to reveal it out to om
(she softens his hair and caresses his face and finally sleeps)

Ishana and Ridhimma fight…………………………………………ishkara fight………………………………………………om and Ridhimma break up…………………………………………annika to be taken care by Shivaay…………………………………romi comes to Oberoi mansion……………………………………. Ishana tells about her love to Shivaay

Hey guys that’s all for today
Tomorrow I have a competition, so wish me all the best and day after I have an exam
From today, I will post on alternate days
A big sorry as I couldn’t post regularly
And guys I want your comments
And I am eagerly waiting for them
@nisha dear, you asked me if I could become your friend, hope you saw my reply, if not I am mention to you that I am your best friend and all are my best friends and even rufina dear
And a big thanks to all who have commented
And silent readers open up, I want your views and opinions also,please
Ok bye for now guys

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    1. Cuteprincess

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