Ishqbaaz ff by Sat episode 13

Hey guys, I am back again. This is sat signing in again, a big thanks for all those who commented an my ff. your comments gave me energy to write an other episode ,guys, I want more and more energy guys, please comment and give me more energy,and guys last time I got the least comments in my ff history, I know everytime I am asking you to keep on commenting, you might feel irritated but if all the ones who read my ff really comment, my happiness knew no bounds, I am really very sorry for everytime mentioning the same thing, I just do it so you understand. And guys don’t be sad, I am not going to stop this ff, as this story came from my heart
Ok, enough of my emotional bakbaks,lets move to the episode now

Recap of previous episode:
Sowmya kidnapped and the Oberoi brothers rescue her, and roop again calls and blackmails Shivaay, Annika and Ishana come to know about the incident, Annika worried seeing Shivaay worried, Ishana gets a call that there was a fire in her office, she rushes immediately without telling anybody, she finds that her brakes are not working , someone took off her brakes
In Oberoi mansion

In the hall
Shivaay: dadi, I am going to office, I have an important meeting, don’t call me, my phone will be switched off, and take care of Annika, sowmya and Ishana
Dadi: why are you talking so strange billu, do you think I wont take care of them
Shivaay: nothing like that, and Annika, I want to know your every step, I said you
Annika: ok,mmm……………………….
(Shivaay leaves from there and dadi, Annika feel something weird in his behavior)
Dadi: what happened to this billu, he is hiding something
Annika: yes dadi, I need to know everything

In Ishana’s room
(om comes there and searches for Ishana , he doesn’t find her and he searches for her in the whole mansion)
Om: where did this Ishana go, I told that I will take her, but where is she?
(he asks Annika)
Om: Annika, did you find Ishana anywhere?
Annika: no, I didn’t find her anywhere, she was in her room , I think
(om asks everybody and everybody replied the same, he gets worried and calls Shivaay, he doesn’t lift the phone and then he calls Ishana, she too doesn’t lift the phone)

On the road
Ishana in car
Ishana: what happened to the car, everything was fine yesterday?, no brakes are working, not even the emergency brake, that means this is someone’s plan, but now, how to get rid of this
Oh my god
(she gets so much worried)
I will call Shivaay bhayya
(she calls Shivaay but he doesn’t lift her, she calls him a 20 times but all in vain , then she thinks that she has to do something and goes to an isolated place and keeps on driving in fear)
Bhayya is not lifting the call , what to do , I will call om, that is a good idea
(she calls om)
Ishana: hello om, om…………….
Om: Ishana, are you mad, where are you now, just say me, I told that I will come with you
Ishana: (she cries and breathes heavily) om,….om……
Om: Ishana you seem so worried, what happened just say me, tell it now, are you fine?
Ishana: om my brakes failed , huh huh, in the car, I am so worried do something, I came to an isolated place, I am in laxminagar
Om: what brakes failed! Are you mad, but how ?
Ishana: om, om , I will tell you everything later, but please do something, I ………….i……………. am really scared, please help me om, please
Om: ok, first of all don’t panic, drive slowly, don’t accelerate for anything, drive slowly, don’t go through lanes or low lying areas, you said you are in laxminagar right, go immediately to a high land, slowly
Ishana: ok, ok, but please come to me, I will go through a hilly area
Om: that’s fine , I am coming , I am saying you, don’t panic
(Om rushes to his car and starts it and goes)
Oberoi mansion
Annika: I am feeling something bad, is everything ok, why did om go in hurry, billuji, omru are hiding something

Sowmya’s room
(sowmya is laying on bed while Rudra keeps wet cloth on her forehead and sowmya wakes up)
Sowmya: Rudra Rudra, you are fine, nothing happened to you, nothing happened to bhayya, what happened to me
Rudra: sumo, sumo cool cool, nothing happened to you, nothing happened to me as well as bhayya, so don’t worry take rest, you are in house right now
Sowmya: Rudra, how did I get out
Rudra: sumo, this rudy, saved you that time
(sowmya remembers the moment that Rudra lifted her and she gets teary-eyed)
Sowmya: Rudra, you lifted me and took me to hospital, you didn’t feel any pain, I am so heavy

Rudra: sumo, you became cry baby now, yeah I lifted you but…………………….
Sowmya: but……………………………..
Rudra: that time I could see the pain and fear in your eyes, that’s all, I didn’t feel your weight, I just lifted you, I don’t know how I became a superman
Sowmya: thanks Rudra, really a big thanks to you, you are really a super hero, if you are not there then
(Rudra cups her face)
Rudra: don’t complete the sentence; I am not ready to hear it(bg music plays)
(he takes the hand from her mouth, with a great smile on his face, he feeds her fruits and she very happily eats them and they share good time)
(om is in the car driving fast while Ishana is driving continuously, very much worried, she is in contact with om)
Ishana: I came to a hilly are and a very isolated one as nothing should happen to anybody because of me, and I sent my location to you through gps, please check it out(she breathes heavily)
Om: ok,Ishana I told you to not be panic. Ok keep moving upwards, don’t go downwards , and don’t off the engine, you wont have a stop then, I am coming to you
Ishana: om, I have to dash something, otherwise, it will be a danger, how much time can I drive
Om: just shut up Ishana, don’t try any experiments, I say you, it will harm you
Ishana: if I don’t, it will harm everybody, I will dash some tree
(om drives very fast)
Om: Ishana, shut up yar, why don’t you value your life for sometime, think about bhayya, think about Annika, dadi, mr Oberoi, choti ma, ma , choti papa, rudy and sowmya and finally me, your friend will not leave you like this, we have to fight more, we have to talk more, I have to care more for you,we have to arrange Shivaay, your bhayya’s marriage, where will you go without seeing your bhayya’s marriage, where will you go leaving your best friend alone, I want you to design my marriage dress, will you? But if you give up hopes now, who will design the best dress for me,huh, just tell me
(he cries and speaks while Ishana cries continuously)
Ishana: tell bhayya that I love him and wish Annika didi a very happy married life and tell rudy to take care of himself and say to sowmya that she should be a brave girl, and tell to dadi that I loved the care she gave me and thank pinky ma and jhanvi ma for their showers of love on me , tell to tej papa and Shakti papa a great thanks for treating me like their own daughter, and you, never thought I will get a good friend like you, I really loved the way you took care of me, we had all tom and jerry fights, I used to enjoy them a lot, gusse wale Oberoi, I will miss you buddy, i………….
(om almost reaches there and Ishana’s fuel tank will be going down , they both are crying a lot thinking of their moments, their liplock, their eyelocks, om supporting Ishana, and they all enjoying their victory in solving the cd problem, now Ishana is searching for something to dash and stop the car)
Om: just stop it yar, I almost came there, if you do anything risky, I am going to kill you, it wont be nice
Ishana(crying): what if I die before you kill me? No om, I have to do this om, I am sorry, don’t forget my words,
“ if anytime any problem comes to you, don’t run away from it, always face it with courage and remember me” and
“ if ones’ dearest are lost from the real world, don’t at all lose your hope, they are always in your heart forever, ok”
And don’t forget me, ok
Om: why are you giving a good bye speech, did you lose your mind, I said you I wont leave, don’t attempt any risk
(just then Ishana finds a tree and she thinks she has to hit it and it is at the edge of the mountain, she gains courage and goes ahead to hit it)
Ishana: bye om(she hits it and car falls down)
(om reaches the spot., there he immediately comes out of the car and searches for her)
Om: Ishana, Ishana where are you idiot, where are you, arrey fool where you yar
(he checks his mobile and sees the gps location and thinks that he reached the same location and the gps location stopped. He searches for her everywhere)
(then he sees big scratches on a tree )
Om : she is a very stubborn lady, she doesn’t listen to anyone, she risked her life , oh my god, what the hell she did
(he falls down on his knees and cries)
(then he hears some branches rustling and he goes toward the edge and to his surprise, he could see Ishana holding the branches, taking their support and was still alive. He immediatelystretched his hand at a reachable distance for her and she could see him, a hope for her is still alive, she in no time took his support and he pulled her and caught her around her waist through his arms , pulled her a little more close so as to give comfort to her)
Ishana: om, (she was breathing heavily and crying terribly and the first thing she did was hugging him tightly, om was surprised and thought that she needs him presently and reciprocated the hug, she hugged him so tightly that there is only one support in her life and it was only him , and she was so much comfortable with his warmth, . om was very happy that she was alive, remembering the words spoken by her regarding him, he was literally crying and suddenly Ishana fell over his shoulder, he was shocked, he found her fainted, he immediately took her in his arms and took her to the hospital and everything was fine, just some wounds on her head and her hands)
(he then took her to the house, where everybody including Shivaay were present , everybody were hell shocked, Shivaay immediately got up and Ishana the moment she saw him hugged him tightly)
Ishana: bhayya…………..(she is weeping)
Shivaay: what happened ?just tell it Ishana, tell it out om,(Ishana releases the hug)
Om: wo actually Shivaay, nothing, actually accidentally the air bag opened and with that force, she got hurt
(Ishana, shivru and tej understood the situation)
(Annika takes Ishana to Ishana’s room)
Tej’s room
(tej and shivomru were present)
Tej: what the hell is happening in this house, what the damn is the security doing, just the wuck to show their presence here
Shivaay: what actually happened om?
(om narrates everything to tej and shivru and they cupped their faces listening what had happened)
Om: it was for the first I have seen Ishana’s helplessness
Ishana’s room
Annika: what actually happened Ishana, your car is manufactured and developed by you and it is weird that air bag hit you by an accident
(Ishana narrates the whole incident which makes Annika hell shocked)
Ishana: that’s all didi, today om really appeared to be my savior
Annika: he is always a savior, but didn’t you observe, just recently sowmya was attacked and now you, isn’t it strange
Ishana: yeah Annika didi, I don’t know what is happening, they said sowmya disappeared and they were quick enough to save her, it could be like sowmya went for something else, they were like very sure that sowmya is in trouble
Annika: you are rightIshana, and today you saw om, he was first itself searching for you without knowing what had happened, I think these guys already had a perception about the danger……….
Ishana: or they already know that we are in danger, there is something which thesethree are hiding
Annika: ok, I will try to find it out but for now, you take rest, I cant see you like this, you take rest , I will ask Jhanvi ma to sleep beside you. And don’t stress yourself by thinking what had happened, oksleep peacefully. I am leaving, bye
(Annika was about to go but Ishana held her hands)
Ishana: Annika didi, thanks for entering my bhayya’s life, thanks for being my bhabi and thanks for letting me call you didi, thanks a lot Annika didi, just today, I really felt how the last moment of the life would be
Annika(teary eyed): I should thank billuji for having a cute sweet sister like you, hope you were there from my birth, but still you are there with me now, ok baba, so much emotional talks(she wipes her tears), ok sleep now and don’t forget to have your medicines, ok bye for now
Ishana: bye didi
(they both remember the moment when they got separated from their sisters and become teary eyed)
(Annika goes to shivaay’s room but she doesn’t find him, so she thinks to go to tej’s room so as to inform him of the circumstances)
Tej’s room
Shivaay: I know om, how it would be, really, I cant even imagine her situation, it would be like inches far from death and cms far from losing the dearest
Rudra: yes bhayya, even sumo’s condition is the same
Tej: how is sowmya now?
Rudra: I was with her till now, she was better now and became active, I think she would be ready to fight with me in two days again
(everybody smile)
Om: we cant risk further, sowmya out, Ishana out, now Annika left
Shivaay: I am not going to risk Annika at all,
Tej: yes, Shivaay, we have to not bring her the same condition like Ishana and sowmya, I cant let another daughter suffer
(om was surprised by his answer)
Rudra: yes bhayya , we have to protect Annika didi now
Om: right Shivaay, don’t let Annika know anything, but her protection responsibility is yours, we will take care of Ishana and sowmya
Shivaay: yeah, I wont let anybody harm my Annika
(everybody were happy with his answer, suddenly Rudra turned his head and was shocked , the rest all members also turned, they were too shocked, )
Shivaay: Annika!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(yes, that person is Annika, she heard their whole convo )
Annika: so you already know that we are in danger, why didn’t you tell us, at least me, I never thought my family will hide anything from me
(saying this, crying, she leaves the room, tej and shivomru were shocked)
Rudra: bhayya I think it is better to tell everything to Annika didi, she trusts you a lot
(Shivaay looks at tej)
Tej: go ahead Shivaay
(Shivaay goes from there to annika’s room but he stops in the mid-way as he gets a call)Person: can you guess me now Shivaay beta
Shivaay: bua,you again, I never thought you have courage to call Shivaay Singh Oberoi these many times
Roop: just two times beta, I heard that Ishana is also saved , somehow you manage to save the two girls, what about your dearest wife, I still didn’t lose hopes
Shivaay: don’t harm my Annika, it is my warning and I wont allow you to do so
Roop: your Annika, does she have your name on her
Shivaay: of course she has, she is mrs Annika Shivaay Singh Oberoi, my possession, mine
Roop: oh, nice explanation, then let me see what explanation you are going to give your possession when she is destroyed, bye for now, and all the best
(Shivaay really gets so much frustrated that he is neither able to save them completely nor stop his bua. He straightly goes to annika’s room)
In annika’s room
(he sees Annika wiping her tears and Annika could easily feel his presence, now his sole aim is to persuade her about the danger)
Annika: you need not have permission to come in Shivaay Singh Oberoi, this is your house
Shivaay: yes I need not have permission to come into this room not because this is my house, because this is my wife’s room
(Annika turns her face towards the window seeing the window and Shivaay has no other option other than using his force as she will never listen to his words)
(Shivaay comes closer to Annika and holds her though his arms from backside and Annika gets tensed, she starts breathing heavily)
Annika: I am not talking to you, let me go
(she tries to go away but shivaay’s force is strong, he caught her tightly, silence prevailed in the room, finally she gave up resisting him, then he started)
Shivaay: thank god you have stopped, I was just waiting for you to stop
Annika: you should have told me everything, I thought to share your sorrows and help you, but you never ever let me help you(she cries)
Shivaay: hey Annika, please listen to me once
Let me tell you what actually happened
(he narrates everything from roopbua’scall to everybody’s plan and explains everything to her. Annika is in shock and fear, she couldn’t speak thinking of the undergoing incidents)
(Shivaay now turns her facing her toward him and caresses her face)
Shivaay: I know this is how you get scared and depressed, I cant let you all be like this, see your body is shivering, that’s why I didn’t tell you all this, I cant afford to lose you, please listen to me
(he hugs her and says)
Shivaay: really, don’t take any risk like that innocent idiot today, tell me your every step, I want to know everything
(still in the hug)
Annika: it is ok billuji, I can understand, I will inform you my every step
(she breaks the hug and Shivaay goes from there just staring at her)
In ishana’s room
(ishana is crying remembering her words she told to om, she is lost in some thoughts)
Ishana:(in her mind) I never expressed my thoughts to anyone else like that, do I have a special connection with him, I really felt that I would lose all of them today, but I didn’t have that much good relationship between him, …………………………why am I feeling that his friendship is so precious to me,…………why am I scared that I would lose him,…………………………….why am I feeling so bad that he would go far away from me, ……………………………………………….…why is my heart beating so fast when I am thinking about him, ………………………………………….why am I shivering,……………………………………….. am I gone somewhere, ………………………………..….am I lost,……………………………………….. am I in him, …………………………….AM I IN LOVE

No ishanano,…………………………,what are you thinking , ………………………….just wait………………… I really in love with him,
(she remembers all her moments, the liplock, Om catching Ishana, the care he gave her)
Yes, I am in love (she jumps),
I am in love
I am in love
Oh my god I am really in love
Just wait Ishana, you are doing wrong, you fell in love with a person who is already in love, yes he loves Ridhimma, how can he love me then, am I mad, how can he love me then, but I am in love with him,
(She cries terribly now)
Ishana just leave it, don’t disclose it to anyone, not even to bhayya, just kill all those thoughts and sleep.
(she cries and sleeps)
In om’s room
Om(in his mind): I don’t know what had happened today but really I never expected such a situation to come in my life, I never felt so scared, so shattered that I would lose her. I really lost my mind thinking of the thought that she might lose her life, I am really gone mad at that moment, what is happening to me, what is this sudden gloom in me, what are these ambiguous thoughts in me, why am I felling that I have a strong connection with her, why am I feeling that her every moment is important in my life, why am I feeling that I have to always be close to her
Om, just think about Ridhimma, what would she think, why am I stuck in these tangle not able decide, ok om, don’t think further and stress yourself, just go on with the life, it will take you to your destination, now sleep
(everybody assemble in the hall)
Shivaay: ishana, are you alright now
Ishana: I am fine bhayya
Shivaay: you will always be fine, we have to be worried thinking of your situation
Om: Shivaay, I will take care, you go to office now
(ishana looks at om and gets teary eyed, Shivaay observes this)
(Shivaay calls someone and says)
Shivaay:(on call) cancel all my meeting, appointments today, no questions, that’s all, bye
Dadi: why did you do like that Shivaay?
Pinky: ha Shivaay, ishana told me that today you have an important meeting with Raigas and Mittals
Tej: I will take care of the meeting with raigas
Shakti: and I will take care of the meeting with mittals(tej will assign the work to Shakti and Shakti still doesn’t know the danger)
Jhanvi: then what will Shivaay do? I mean he will be free in office right
Shivaay: bade ma actually Annika wants to go to temple today, I want to accompany her
Annika: ha bade ma , actually I want a little peace of mind and I am searching for some answers
(dadi, Jhanvi and pinky understood her words)
Rudy: why everyone are troubling them, let them have some romantic moments
Shivaay and Annika: just shut up Rudra
(Rudra keeps a puppy face and sowmya pats him on his head)
(Shivika go to temple on car)
(in the car)
Shivaay: you said you need some answers, that’s why I am taking you? And tell me those questions, I will try to answer
Annika: it is none of your business billuji
Shivaay: hey when did you start your own business huh?
Annika: please, billuji, I am really serious, I have some important decisions to make
(Shivaay then understands her situation and estimates that she is thinking about him and her life, and is silent)
(they reach the temple)
In the temple
(Shivaay and Annika join their hands and start praying, Annika was about to tell her queries to god in her heart, suddenly she heard 2 rifle shots, they were loud and soon she realized that those shots hit her, she was bleeding, another shot, she screamed out of pain, Shivaay opened his eyes and was shocked)
(a girl and an old lady from behind with the rifle was laughing terribly and now she was caught by Oberoi security with their guns in their hands, the girl was none other than…………………….)
Precap: Annika is taken to the hospital,………………………….will Annika be safe? ……………………..the news reached the Oberoi family…………………………….ishana comes to know about ridhimma, ………………………………..
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