Ishqbaaz ff by Sat episode 12

Hi guys .this is sat again. I am back again with 12th episode. your comments are my boost and bournvita as already said. Please please I want all the silent readers to drop their views on my ff. it was nearly 60 comments in the starting it has decreased to almost half, I feel my ff is becoming boring to you guys, please tell it so, I will change the track. Somehow I made it a bit interesting today. Please review and comment
Recap of previous episode:
We have seen tej praising his daughters and sons, roop’s warning call, Shivaay discusses the problem with his brothers, shivomru to protect the anishya , Annika tells to dadi that she needs time for the marriage, Shivaay postpones marriage for security concern, Annika relieved, Shivaay scolds ishana as she wants to go to office, om consoles ishana, Annika supports Shivaay, Shivaay apologizes to ishana, ishana forgives him, sowmya in trouble

In a godown
(a person whose face is hidden with a mask, wore a saree and sowmya infront of her unconscious tied with ropes. Suddenly that person splashes a bucket full of wateronsowmya)
(sowmya was trembling and realized that she was kidnapped , she was very much scared and starts sweating, her body turns cold)
Person: so, my dear cutie , you woke up, such a pleasant surprise
Sowmya: who are you? Why did you kidnap me? What am I for you?
Person: oh cool. Dear, I feel pity for you
Sowmya: just release me? Leave me
Person: oh just wait, you are living with Oberoi family right? How are they related to you. Why are you living with them, the ones who are in high risk
Sowmya: they are also my family, I will do anything for them
Person: then risk your life also for them, they will write your name in the books that’s all, hahahahaha
(she leaves from there)
Sowmya: bade bhayya, om bhayya and Rudra will save me for sure, I have belief in them, where are you all, I am waiting for you
(shivomru and security forces search for sowmya like mad people but all in vain)
Rudra: bhayya, I will call to ishana didi, she will have solution for every problem in her head
Om: no rudra, don’t call her, if she hears that sowmya is kidnapped, she might become mentally ill
Shivaay: yeah, don’t say to any of our family members, they will be really worried
Rudra: but how to search for sumo,(he cries), it is all because of my fault, I shouldn’t have gone aside for romi’s call. I am very sorry sowmya, I am very sorry
Om: Rudra, don’t get depressed now,
“ our mind just tells us how to do, but our heart always tells us what to do”
Just remember these words and listen to your heart and then tell it to your mind what your heart has said, because without knowing what to do, what you will do by knowing how to do
Rudra: (closes his eyes and thinks something)

Bhayya I got an idea,
Shivaay: what is it Rudra?
Om: please tell it fast Rudra
Rudra: bhayya , actually, I switched on gps location in her mobile, when you said that we have to be cautious, I just did it for safety
Om: wow, Rudra that is the only option and clue left
Shivaay: (in a high tone) now why are you waiting, just check out her location in your mobile
Rudra: ok bhayya

In the godown
(the person comes back)
Sowmya: you are a lady right
Person: a very good guess, I thought the drug which I gave you will not let you see anything clearly
Sowmya: drug?
Person: don’t worry , that drug is not so poisonous, if I don’t give you an antidote in 2 hours, your veins will start bursting and the pain will be terrible, hahhahhahhah
Sowmya: please leave me, I did no wrong to you
Person: you did so much wrong helping the oberois
Sowmya: ok then, we will see, my bhayyas and Rudra will surely find me and save me
Person: we will see…………………………hahahaha
(the person leaves from there, sowmya starts feeling the pain in her body and she screams )
(here Rudra gets scared)
Rudra: Shankar godowns, dwarakanagar
Om: it is very near, we need to go fast
(they reach the godown and it is divided in to three lanes)
Om: Shivaay you search the first lane, I will be searching the last lane and Rudra you will be searching the middle lane, right let’s move now
(Rudra and Shivaay nod yes and they go as said by om)
(om searches the last lane entirely but can hear sowmya screaming, Shivaay can also sense that and Rudra can hear that sound very clearly and loudly, Rudra moves in the direction where sound is heard)
(the person will be laughing thinking that sowmya will be dead within 1 and ½ hours and suddenly she sees om coming towards her direction)
Person: oh my god, how can they reach here so fast, it will make my whole plan flop, I don’t know what I am thinking, but now I need to move from here and take that girl from there
(she runs while om sees someone running and runs towards that direction but she disappears)
(Rudra moves through the direction of sowmya’s sound and finally he sees sowmya, she was crying out of helplessness, she was crying out of terrible pain, he could sense that, he was crying seeing her. He couldn’t control himself. Sowmya saw him in the faded vision, she smiles and says in avery low tone to Rudra while Rudra removes her ropes and holds her very tightly)
Sowmya: rudr……………..
Rudra: sumo, I am very sorry for leaving you, see how your condition is now, please sumo speak something
(sowmya screams out of pain, she breathes faster, an hour left to antidrug it)
Rudra: please tell out something sumo, I cant see you in pain, what had happened, tell me(he cries)
Sowmya: rudr…………………
Rudra: tell it sumo
Sowmya: Rudra,………………… hospital,,…………………….. hospital
Rudra: so, you want me take you to hospital right, ok I will take you
(he lifts sowmya in no time, this time he didn’t feel her heaviness , nor did he feel pain in lifting her, his eyes only saying that he has to protect his dearest , he cant leave her and he cant live without her. Sowmya’s eyes filled with tears of happiness, pain and also fear. Happiness as Rudra is with her, pain that is caused due to the drug, and fear that she might lose him)
(Rudra calls om and Shivaay and tells the matter)[conference call]
Shivaay: ok take her to city hospital immediately
Om: and we will join you
(Rudra rushes to hospital along
some lady rushing, he runs back of her, but she manages to escape)
(that person searches for sowmya with sowmya and admits her there)
(Shivaay while coming out sees but couldn’t find her and thinks that her plan failed and informs to roop about the matter and roop thinks and tells that plan 1 failed but plan 2 will surely work out and she laughs)
(om and Shivaay meet now)
Shivaay: thank god she is safe
Om: I don’t think so, she is in terrible pain
Shivaay; you are right lets move to the hospital now

In the car
Om; I saw a lady rushing from the godown, I couldn’t clearly see her, I just saw her from back
Shivaay: what a coincidence, om, me too, I saw a lady rushing from the godown but couldn’t catch her
Om: that’s a matter to think about
(they reach the hospital)
Doc: I don’t know who did it or how it was done but she was injected with a dreadful drug whose antidote is very rare and costly
Shivaay: we don’t bother about the cost, but is it there with you
Doc: luckily, we had one sample left and we used it
Om: is she fine now?
Doc: now, it is nothing serious as the antidote is injected, however, she will have so much pain
Rudra: doctor, please do something, she has to not feel the pain
Doc: I will prescribe pain killers and some medicines, the dose should be given at the right time. But she needs rest, I hope you handle the job carefully
(the doctor leaves from there)
(Rudra feels sad and depressed)
Om: Rudra, you did a great job
Shivaay: ha, Rudra, you did a fantastic job
Rudra: really bhayya, did I do a great job by leaving sumo there
Shivaay: no duffer, you did a great job by saving sowmya
(they all smile and have a group hug and tell it aloud “dil bole Oberoi”)
(ishana calls om)
Ishana: om, where are you, why did three of you disappear all of a sudden
Om: ishana, I am in city hospital
Ishana: hospital(she tells it aloud)
Om: don’t shout aloud, don’t let anyone know, yourself and Annika come to city hospital
Ishana: but om what had happened
Om: I will tell you everything once you come here
Ishana: but …………………(om cuts the call)
(ishana informs to Annika and they rush to the hospital, dadi sees them going out)
Dadi: where are they going? I don’t know what is happening in this house. First this Rudra and sowmya went out, afterwards billu and om went out, now this Annika and ishana, I think something is going wrong
(meanwhile Shivaay gets a call)
Shivaay: hello, may I know who is this?
Roop: you already know me Shivaay beta
Shivaay: roopbua, you, how dare you
Roop: I think you are happy that that cutie is saved
Shivaay: so, you tried to hurt sowmya, why did you, I am going to kill you?
Roop: Shivaay, you know what that sowmya has so much belief that you will all come to save her, ok now she is saved, but what about your two more gems
Shivaay: what are you speaking about?
Roop: sowmya is not that much related to you when regarding your family, what about your true sister and your dear wife
Shivaay: I am going to murder you if you talk about them
Roop: you are getting this much angry only if I talk about them, what if I kill them, huh
Shivaay: I wont let you do anything to them and I am not going to leave you, I am going to kill you bua
Roop: give some respect to elders and we will see how you are going to protect them
(she cuts the call and Shivaay throws the phone and the phone breaks into pieces and falls on Annika’s legs, she gets shocked by his behavior and he gets shocked seeing her and sees Ishana also behind her)
Annika: billuji…………
Shivaay: oh, Annika,you , why are you here? And ishana
(om called here)
Om: I called them here
(Shivaay gives a surprising stare at om)
Annika: what happened billuji?
Om: Annika, ishana I need to tell you something
(om narrates the whole incident and Annika and ishana cup their faces in shock)
Ishana: I need to see sowmya, where is she
Om: A block, room 18
(ishana leaves from there)
Annika: I will also see her
(Annika gives a very suspicious look to Shivaay and leaves from there)
Shivaay: what did you do om, why did you call them, what if they know everything, huh
Om: no, Shivaay, it wont happen like that , I called them so that they can comfort sowmya, they are like sisters to her
Shivaay: it is ok then (he then informs everything to om and warns him to be cautious)
(Shivaay informs tej that everything was fine and shivomru and anisha take care of sowmya in the hospital and the next day sowmya gets discharged from the hospital and they take her to Oberoi mansion)
(dadi, pinky and Jhanvi see sowmya being supported by om and Rudra and gets shocked )
(dadi and Jhanvi go and take sowmya with them)
Dadi: what happened billu?
Shivaay: actually dadi, sowmya slipped and got hurt
(the team gets shocked listening his answer and when Shivaay signals them , they think that he is doing so that the family should not be worried)
(dadi feels something fishy)
(Shivaay leaves from there, Annika finds him worried)
(Everybody go to their rooms while Rudra supports sowmya and takes her to her room, sowmya is still not yet active so the oberois decide to give her some rest)
Om’s room
Ishana: I think bhayya is hiding something from me om
Om: (worried that she might know the truth) Shivaay will never hide anything from you right
Ishana: no, om , it is not like that, bhayya never scolded me, but he scolded yesterday due to some reason, likewise bhayya never hides anything from me that doesn’t mean that, he will never hide anything from me
Om; (diverting the topic) ishana, you speak like me, you see logic and reality in every word, that was great
Ishana: (walks) no om, it is not like that……………………
(sayingsaying, she trips over om’s legs and she almost falls, but om is ready with his two arms to catch her, to protect her and he saved her,she just was feeing the warmth in his closeness. They both went into each other’s eyes in fact each other’s world and at that moment they both resembled like the best couple in the whole world. Suddenly they realize and they break the eyelock, ishana forgets what she was speaking)
Ishana: so, omkara, I need to know at least today, you told me that you will take me out
Om: yeah, for sure, get ready, we will go in an hour
(she leaves from his room)
Om: thank god, she didn’t think over that issue again, for now, I have to be careful, any risk, I cant take with her
Shivaay’s room
(Shivaay was deeply thinking how to save ishana and Annika and he is feeling bad for what had happened to sowmya)
(just then Annika comes, she puts her hand on shivaay’s shoulder)
Annika: billuji,…………………………what is happening to you?
Shivaay: nothing Annika, can you do me a favour
Annika: what billuji
Shivaay: Annika, I need to know whatever you do, wherever you go, every step of yours and everytime
Annika: billuji, please tell me what had happened you look so worried
(she caresses his face and she could see anxiety and fear in his kanji eyes)
Annika: your eyes are telling me that you are hiding something from me
Shivaay: nothing Annika, it is …………………………… nothing
(and he leaves from there, )
Annika: what happened to billuji, why he looked so worried today, why my heart is telling that something is going bad,……………I need to find out
Ishana’s room
(Ishana sits worriedly, thinking about sowmya’s state, just then she gets a call)
Person: mam, mam, the 3rd chamber in the office, huh………….huh(she breathes heavily)
Ishana: what happened to the 3rd chamber in the office
Person: it caught fire mam, please come mam, we need you urgently
Ishana: what fire,? Ok wait, first vacate the 3rd chamber and then the whole office, just say this to everybody, use the fire extinguishers, they will help you , I am going to call the fire officers, you take care
(ishana calls the fire office and tells the matter, the fire force goes to ishana’s office. Ishana rushes to her car)
(the person who called ishana laughs loudly and tells you are over now oberois, you are going to miss your dearest now)
(ishana drives very fast and suddenly sees a cow in between and applies brake but it doesn’t work, she turns immediately not to dash that animal, she applies the break again, but fails, now she uses the emergency brake, but it too failed, she is so much worried and was continuously driving)
(beforeishana could start the car, a person below the car removes all the brakes and laughs loudly and thinks ishana you are over)

Precap: omkara doesn’t find ishana……………………………..ishana calls om,……………………… is ishana out of danger,…………………………rumya moments,…………………..shivaay reveals everything to Annika,…….,…………….. Annika is targeted,……………………..what happens to Annika?,………………….., will she be safe or not?

Guys, I know this is a bit short as I am a bit busy with my preparations for competitive exams
Ishkara and Shivika fans I am sorry as I couldn’t add much romance in them today
Fingers crossed I want more than 50 comments today
And please tell me if it is boring as my comments are getting reduced
If you want me to stop this ff, I will stop, please tell me
Just waiting for your valuable and heart-touching comments
Ok guys, bye for now

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