Ishqbaaz ff by Sat episode 11

Hi guys, this is sat back again with dhamaka, guys actually I have typed a longer episode of yesterday but that part and precap got deleted so I mentioned the precap in the comment box, please see that . and i typed that whole part again. I am better guys presently as I am under medication. And guys I am really very much disappointed with the decreasing no of comments. I am very depressed yesterday, anyways for all those who commented on my ff , I whole heartedly say thank you to all, for reading my ff and commenting on it. Please whoever reads my ff, make sure that you comment that makes me really very happy and contended
Recap of previous episode:
We have seen that Annika doesn’t get ready for dinner which makes Shivaay angry and the team finds the clue and goes to the destination the next day. Shivika, ishkara, rumya have their moments. Annika apologizes to Shivaay and Shivaay forgave her. Om always supported ishana while walking. Rudra troubles sowmya.finally Shivika find a girl running, ishkara tries to stop but ishana gets hurt, she throw mirchi powder on rumya, but finally she is trapped by everybody and ishana brings the police and the police arrests the girl. And all the cases were closed on oberois
Ishana: finally we did it
Annika: thank god , you brought the police over here
Shivaay: great job sweetie
Rudra: didi, you’ve got a brain like Rudra
Sowmya: shut up duffer, if her brain is like yours, she would be scared and crying
Rudra: enough sumo
Om: ok guys stop your fight now

(Shivaay holds the hands of Annika , Annika holds the hands of Rudra, Rudra holds the hands of sowmya , sowmya holds the hands of om, om holds the hands of ishana and ishana holds the hands of Shivaay. They all hold their hands together and lift their hands up together, and shivomru shout” one for all and all for one” and they ask the girls group to shout the same . they all say it aloud. Shivika, ishkara and rumya look at each other and smile)
(they all reach the Oberoi mansion and say the good news and tej and shakti were there itself)

Tej: we are very happy now, all the cases and the complaints were taken aback
Shakti: thanks to mata rani, for freeing all the tangles of problems and complaints on us
Rudra: thanks to fukat raja after all
(everybody in the hall laugh)
(tej goes near to Annika , ishana and sowmya)
Tej: I know my daughters will always save me. Annika, I don’t know but, you really did a great job today,
Annika: what did I do?, I just proved my bade papa and papa are innocents
Tej: yes, truly, we are your bade papa and papa
Ishana: what about me, am I not your daughter bade papa (she turns her head)
Tej: you! You are the naughtiest one of all, so much stubborn, you will never listen to us, see you went out even though you are not feeling well, that’s why Annika is my favourite
Ishana: bade papa I hate you, I am not talking to you (she turns her face )
Tej: just for joke, I am sorry, he holds his ears
(thenishana removes his hands from his ears)
Ishana: I always love you papa
(tej hugs her and drags Annika in the hug, sowmya will be aside.)
Tej: sowmya! Why don’t you join us?
Sowmya: uncle…………….
Tej: sowmya, you too helped in closing the case. And you are also a part of our family. So come join us
(they all have a group hug)
Dadi: enough of hugging your daughters, give some credit to your sons
Tej: I forgot the heroes and went to our heroines first
(tej and Shakti hug their sons )
(and finally the whole family share a happy moment and they take group selfie)
(all go to their respective rooms)

In annika’s room
Annika: thank god, all the cases were closed, I am happy now
Shivaay: me too
(Annika turns and sees Shivaay)
Annika: billuji, why are you here now, and at this time, late at night
Shivaay: did you have your dinner?
Annika: to ask this question, you came here?
Shivaay: did you eat or not?
Annika: I ate, ok fine, now leave
Shivaay: now, sleep , don’t think and waste your time. And Annika, I need to tell you something
Annika: what? I know it will be I am your husband , I have every right on you, the great great Shivaay Singh Oberoi never loses challenges, right
Shivaay: oh my god, you have a big list I think. I want to tell you that now the case is closed and next……………….
Annika: next………………………….
Shivaay: the next event is our marriage, so get ready
(saying this he goes from there)
Annika: what?, I have to marry Shivaay Singh Oberoi again… no way, I don’t know why even now, I don’t feel him like a husband, till now, he didn’t even say me that he is loving me, how can I marry him?
(she touches the sindhoor on her forehead and reminisces the moment when Shivaay married her. She cries)

Shivaay’s room
(Shivaay gets a call from an unknown person)
Person: hello, is this Shivaay Singh Oberoi speaking
Shivaay: bua
Roop: yes this is your roopbua. I think you got to know that I am working with gayatri, that’s why, your brother Rudra and that other cute girl came and arrested gayatri
Shivaay: how dare you try to harm my family, I am not going to leave you. I am going to catch you at any cost
Roop: I know you closed your case. I think there are many new persons in your family, see what I am going to do , this is just a warning call

Shivaay: new members, what do you mean
Roop: I think your sister came recently from paris and is staying with your family, I forgot her name………..ahhh
Shivaay: don’t you dare talk about ishana
Roop: hah, ishana and that cute one with Rudra, poor innocent girl. I don’t know her fate
Shivaay: sowmya. Hey, they are nowhere related to this revenge, you cant harm them at any cost
Roop: who are you to tell me what I have to do? And cool Shivaay, you need to hear another shocking thing.
Shivaay: what the hell are you speaking, make it clean and clear
Roop: cool Shivaay, cool, recently I got to know that you’ve married , and got a wife, I think she is also in my list of new family members, Annika right. Hahaha, I will try my best to destroy them as far as possible. Try to save your family, mr Shivaay Singh Oberoi.
Shivaay: bua, if anything happens to them, I am gonna kill you the very instant. They are nowhere related to you. I warn you if you do anything against them………….
Roop: oh cool beta Shivaay, try your level best to save them,…this time my plan wont fail, hope you liked my warning, ok bye……………
(she cuts the call)

Shivaay: what the wuck, bua, I am not going to leave you. Annika, ishana, sowmya, oh my god, I have to protect these girls,
(he tells to all the security to search for bua through tapping or any other source)
Shivaay: I will tell it to omru tomorrow, this is very important
The next morning

In annika’s room
Annika(in her mind): I don’t know why I am not yet ready to marry him in front of the whole world even now, I can see love in his eyes, but I am not sure that those kanji eyes always tell the truth. I don’t know when he will confess that he loves me, may be when I will confess my love to him. No no Annika, are you sure you love him, are you sure you will be happy in a relation with a person who characterizes people on the basis of their surname and status? But he is good to me these days? Maybe because he married me unintentionally, he has to keep up Oberoi traditions, so he is ready to marry me, oh my god Annika, these many questions and doubts running in your head, I need time, I will ask dadi.

Shivaay’s room
(Shivaay was very much worried. he calls Omru to his room)
Om: what had happened Shivaay? You look so worried.
Rudra: ha bhayya, please tell us also na.
(Shivaay closes the door and turns to omru)
Shivaay: Rudra, om I need to tell something important
Rudra: bhayya you have to share with us everything important
Om: I agree with Rudra, come on, open up Shivaay
Shivaay: guys, yesterday I got a warning call
Rudra: a warning call?
Om: but from whom?
Shivaay: roopbua
(omru gets shocked)
Yes, roopbua called me and she warned that she is going to harm our girls
Rudra: girls?
Om: which girls?
Shivaay: girls of our family, I mean Annika, Ishana and sowmya
Om: but what did they do to her
Rudra: they are innocents bhayya
Shivaay: that’s why I am worried and concerned for them. I don’t know what she will do to these innocent ones. They are being risked for Oberoi family, so it is our duty to protect and safe guard them

Rudra: yes bhayya you are right.
Om: so what to do now, can we tell them
Shivaay: what you are going to tell them, are you mad , they will be mentally depressed and finally they will come to a state that they would be ready to sacrifice their lives, I know these girls, they will be ready to do anything, they wont even think of their lives and their dearest people who love them before risking their lives
Om: so, we wont tell them, but what next
Rudra: I have an idea, why cant we be back of each girl and protect them
Shivaay: I didn’t understand
Rudra : I mean bhayya,
You protect Annika didi,
I will protect sumo
And our om will protect ishana didi
Shivaay: that’s perfect Rudra
Om: (pats on his head) I don’t know when your light glows
(the trio keep hand on each other and say “one for all and all for one”)
dadi’s room
Annika: dadi, I need to ask you one thing
Dadi: tell it beta
Annika: marriage…………………..
Dadi: don’t worry, I already started the preparations
Annika: no dadi, it is not about preparations

(then Jhanvi and pinky come there)

Jhanvi: then what Annika beta
Pinky: don’t hide anything from your ma
Annika: pinky ma, Jhanvi ma, dadi, I need time
Dadi: time for what
Pinky: hello already my billu married you, only the world should know about your marriage
Jhanvi: what is the matter beta, we wont pressurize you
Annika: I think I am not ready for the marriage yet
(dadi, Jhanvi and pinky were shocked)
Dadi: what do you mean by not ready for the marriage puttar
Pinky: you still didn’t accept my Shivaay, your marriageis over, how many days you will not accept him. Oh my mata, then when will I get my grandchildren
Jhanvi: pinky, let her speak
Annika: I don’t know when he was marrying me, I don’t know the life after marriage, even though I know that my father and my mother lived happily(she cries) . I don’t know a married life with billuji, it is like I don’t know what I am for him yet. Just a wife or something else, I have many questions running in my head, I don’t have an answer to any of them, I really need time
Pinky: beta, you will be his wife, what else relation you want with him. After marriage, everything will be fine, don’t worry
Jhanvi: pinky, she wants to know what is Annika to Shivaay and what is Shivaay to Annika, not just a husband-wife relation, it is beyond that
Dadi: I can understand puttar, I know you cant express this to billu, that’s why you came to me. I will talk to billu, you don’t worry, I will let this marriage happen only when you are ready and totally understand him, ok puttar, nowgo, have your breakfast
(everybody leave to the hall)

In the hall
(everybody assemble at the hall, ishana also comes there and she is very much fine now)
Dadi: billu, I need to tell you something
(Annika looks on)
Shivaay: about what?
Dadi: about marriage, actually……………………
Shivaay: dadi, we will talk about marriage later, maybe after some days, I am busy
(Annika feels happy)
(he turns to Annika)
That doesn’t mean that I am not marrying you at all, don’t be happy. I am going to marry you but after some time and that some time is very near

(Annika is relieved and dadi, Jhanvi and pinky are happy with Shivaay’s answer)

Ishana: ok, now bhayya can we leave to office
Shivaay: no, Ishana not today, you can go tomorrow
Ishana: no bhayya I scheduled all my important meetings today. You said two days rest and it is over, infact even doctor said two days rest is enough
Shivaay: I said 3 days ishana
Ishana: bhayya, don’t worry, 2 days rest is enough, and today you cant stop me, I am leaving
(she goes towards the door but Shivaay holds her and she stops)
Shivaay: (he shouts aloud) I told you that you have to not go to office today means you have to not move.
Ishana: (scared) but bhayya………………….
Shivaay: just shut up ishana, not an other word from your mouth, it is not going to be nice, just go to your room, now
(ishana shocked and was trembling, she couldn’t move)
Shivaay: I said you to move now
Annika: billuji…………………
Shivaay: Annika, I don’t want you to interfere now (he shouts)
(ishana cries and goes to her room, and om goes back of her, Annika goes from there angrily, and everybody leave from there anxious about the behavior of Shivaay)

Ishana’s room
(ishana was continuously weeping sitting on her bed, remembering shivaay’s words)
(om comes and sits beside ishana)
Om: I know Shivaay never behaved like this with you
Ishana:(wipes her tears) bhayya, never scolded me, in fact he never shouted at me
Om: I know but he cares for you, he cares for your health that’s why
Ishana: no omkara, it is not about my health, it is something else, he knew that I am fine, there must be a solid reason
(om diverts the topic as he doesn’t want ishana to know about roop)
Om: I think you wont forgive Shivaay at all
Ishana: who said so?
Om: what do you mean?
Ishana: I am angry on him, that doesn’t mean that I will never forgive him. He did it for a reason, not because of loss of control over his anger. Whenever he says sorry, I melt down forgetting all his mistakes
Om: you understand him a lot, now take rest, tomorrow I myself will take you out.
Ishana: really
Om: for sure, annika’s pinky promise.(he pats on her shoulder)
Ishana: (she holds his hands and says) never thought I could get a friend like you. Thank you
(om bids bye and goes from there and ishana cancels all her meetings)

Shivaay’s room
Shivaay: I shouldn’t have scolded her like that, I don’t know what she is uptonow, I made ishana hurt and Annika angry. Both ladies will pounce upon me but I have to do so to protect them
(just then tej comes over there)
Tej: I know Shivaay, you scolded her for a reason, but from whom you want to protect them
Shivaay: bade papa, I want to protect ishana, as her health is not good that’s all
Tej: I think Annika is healthy right, then why did you say I want to protect THEM. Shivaay, I know you are hiding something from me, I know there is a problem, tell it to me, I am like your father, you have to share everything with me
Shivaay: (got emotional with his words) that roop , she is working with gaytri and now she is planning against our family especially against Annika, ishana, sowmya
Tej: what? Just wait, Annika and ishana are really our family members, but why she wants to harm sowmya
Shivaay: she is so close with us, infact she is also our family, she helped Rudra in arresting gaytri. She observed her closeness with Rudra, that’s why
Tej: that’s a matter to think about
(Shivaay tells his plan)
Tej: that’s good, I will increase the security force, and don’t let the secret be revealed to girls, they will get scared
Shivaay: ok bade papa, thanks a lot
(tej leaves from there)

(just then Annika comes)

Shivaay: Annika, (he goes near her and holds her hand) I shouted at you today, I am out of control today, I don’t what to say , I slipped my tongue and yelled at you, so, I am………………………
Annika: (she holds his hands tightly) I know you want to say sorry, but no need, tell that sorry when you are habituated to express your emotions
Shivaay: really Annika, I am very scared about ishana and you tried to control my anger, but I really……………..
Annika: billuji, I can understand, there is no mistake of yours, at first I am angry, but I thought for a while, you did no wrong, so no apologies
Shivaay: (holding her hands tightly) I am really ……………………
Annika: (she cups his mouth) I said you not to say, when I ask you to say, you will never say but whenever I don’t want you to say, you always say…………………. And Billuji, I think you are hiding something from me
Shivaay: Annika………… actually……………………I ………………………..
Annika: ok no problem, when I was small, I remember my mom’s words,(she gets teary-eyed)
My mom told me that “whenever we have problems our heart becomes heavy, if we share it, our heart becomes light and we get more support,”
I always remember her words and I am telling you now
I know it would be tough, but take you own time and express it, I am always there to support you(she smiles)

(Shivaay was very contended with her answer and hugs her tightly and Annika was surprised)
Shivaay(teary-eyed): Annika, after omru,dadi,ishana, I thought no one will be there to understand me, but I was wrong,
my wife is always there by my side. (he hugs her tightly and this time Annika reciprocates the hug)

Shivaay(in his mind): I cant tell you Annika, I cant see you shattered and depressed, but I promise you that I will always be there for you
Annika(in her mind): I think there is a problem which billuji is not able to express. I have to find it out, I cant leave your heart heavy
(they smile and Annika leaves the hug and goes from there. Shivaay goes to ishana’s room)

Ishana’s room
(Shivaay sees ishana crying badly and goes and sits beside her and ishana turns her head)
Shivaay: ishana, I am…………………
Ishana: bhayya I have to take rest, will you please leave from here
Shivaay: I am really sorry sweetie, will you not forgive your stupid, idiotic, angry, short-tempered bhayya
(ishana melts down. She goes and cries and hugs her bhayya tightly)
Ishana: do you think I will let my bhayya scold himself, do you think I will never understand and forgive bhayya
Shivaay: I know my sister always forgives me
Ishana: I love you bhayya, I love you
Shivaay: I love you too……………..
Ishana: (they leave the hug)bhayya I think there is something which you are hiding from me
Shivaay: nothing ishana…..nothing
Ishana: I know my bhayya will never scold me for a stupid reason, so what are you hiding
Shivaay: nothing Ishana, you take rest
(he goes from there leaving ishana suspicious)

Sowmya’s room
Sowmya: I need to go out, I have to get some books and novels and have to get my laptop repaired
(Rudra hears this)
Rudra: no need to go out, here Rudra is there to bring whatever you want
Sowmya: Rudra, if I ask you to get something related to arts, you will bring darts, I don’t want that to happen
(Rudra thinks that sumo is not understanding)
Rudra: ok sumo, I am coming with you, I am feeling bored in house
Sowmya: (why this Rudra is behaving like this today) ok come out
(they go out)
Sowmya: you wait here , I will get the books
(Rudra waits outside, he gets romi’s call and he goes aside)
Person: this poor little girl’s responsibility is given to a duffer, so sweet so cute, she is over now, Shivaay, this is my first step. This is a chance, I am going to utilize it
(Rudra comes back and doesn’t find sowmya. He finds books fallen down along with her laptop.)
(he shouts for her a lot and searches the whole place but all in vain)
Rudra: it is all because of me, I shouldn’t have left her, no Rudra, you are going to find her and save her, no one is going to harm her, sowmya, I am coming for you. I will tell it to bhayya and om
(Shivaay and om gets shocked hearing Rudra, they come immediately and Shivaay informs tej and tej release the security forces in the town)
(they start searching)

Precap: sowmya gets scared……………………………….., Rudra finds her,……………………………., Rudra gets hurt,…………………………shivomru save sowmya……………………………….., tej is annoyed,……………………………….., Annika and ishana gets to know about sowmya,…………………………., Ishana in trouble, ……………………………………., Shivaay reveals everything to Annika

Guys I feel this is long enough
And I want more comments from you guys, I am really feeling sad seeing the decreasing no of comments
And a great sorry as today I didn’t include much romance as I want to concentrate on understanding between couples
So, guys I am waiting for your valuable reviews
And silent readers, please comment, I want your opinions too, your comments are the pillars for my ff
So, plzplzplzplzplzplz comment

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