Ishqbaaz ff by Sat episode 10

Hey guys this is sat signing in. I am ready to present you all a new epi. I am happy that you all are happy with my ff. yesterday I went to treatment for my ear once again as it is not totally cured. The doc did a big microscopic treatment for my ear, actually it was very painful after the treatment really, oh my mata. I thought to post my ff tomorrow, but I lost my control seeing your comments. But I want more and more. Reading your comments make my pain lesser and lesser
Ok enough of my bakbaks, now for the recap, in the previous episode, we have seen,
Om and Jhanvi cook tomato special for ishana, ishana’s condition becomes bad, Jhanvi gets to know ishana’s past, Shivaay and Jhanvi takes care of ishana, ishana was happy with Jhanvi, om feels guilty and apologizes her by making her breakfast, Shivaay asks Annika for dinner, rumya gets gayatri arrested and roop escapes

Now coming to the present:
Rumya with the police
Rudra: inspector, actually bua should also be there, but she escaped
Inspector: I will take care, somehow I will make gayatri tell out the truth and what she is planning for?
(rumya leaves)
Rudra: thank god, we got one demon arrested
Sowmya: demon?
Rudra: this time you are a duffer, gayatri is a demon, oh
Sowmya: what about roop?
Rudra: we need to tell the team
Sowmya: ha
(Rudra goes but sowmya stops)
Sowmya: Rudra I thought you are a duffer, but still today you have done a great job, I don’t know when your pea sized brain became walnut-sized
(Rudra keeps a puppy face)
Rudra: yeah, there is an increment
(they smile and leave from there)

In Oberoi mansion
(Shivaay gets ready with dashing blue black suit and goes to Annika’s room. He finds her not ready)
Shivaay: Annika, you didn’t get ready yet
Annika: billuji, please, I am not in a mood to come to dinner with you
Shivaay: then, you will go on a dinner with somebody else
Annika: I didn’t mean that really, I just don’t want to come
Shivaay: then don’t come I will take you
Annika: billuji, I am not ready and I wont come
Shivaay: my Annika looks beautiful even when she is not ready and in any dress
(Shivaay lifts her and carries her, then Annika shouts )
Annika: (shouts) billuji, I said leave me
(Shivaay gets shocked with her loud voice and puts her down)
Annika: I said that I am not in a mood , will you not listen
Shivaay: hey, hey what had happened to you. I am just taking you for a dinner. Why are you yelling at me
Annika: when I said I wont come, I wont come and I am not interested in dinners and dates especially with you
Shivaay: (with great anger) ok then leave it

(he leaves from there with great anger which is witnessed by Annika. She feels sad but thinks that she has to do it for a reason, otherwise all would be a mess. She goes from there feeling sad for him)

Rumya reaches the Oberoi mansion
(rumya calls everybody )
(all of them assemble in the room and asked rumya what’s the matter)
Sowmya: bhayya your duffer made gayatri arrest
Om: wow, Rudra really did you do that job
Rudra: in fact we did the job(pointing at sowmya and all were happy with the answer)
Annika: arreywah Rudra you did a great job
Jhanvi: ha I think your iq number has grown
Pinky: with this somehow, case has been solved
Shivaay: no, ma, we still didn’t yet find the girl.
Om: yes, she is the base for this case
Dadi: where is ishana?
Om: she is in her room, I gave her meds and she is taking some rest
Dadi: wow, puttar you became very responsible towards her. I am happy for you
(Annika looks at Shivaay but Shivaay turns not to look at Annika , a symbol of anger towards her)

Ishana’s room
(the team is present in ishana’s room)
Annika: now our main aim is to find that girl
Om: Shivaay, ask the acp to send a copy of the clip to us .we can get a clue from
Shivaay: yeah I will ask (still avoiding Annika and Annika feels sad)
Sowmya: Rudra where is prinku?
Rudra: she is still not feeling well. She needs rest
(Ishana gets up and om helps her in making her sit)
Om: are you fine now?
Ishana: very much better
Om: and broccoli as dinner
Ishana: yeah, as written in my chart
(they both smile, all see their chemistry and smile)

(Shivaay gets the video and plays it. Annika observes fukat raja and pauses it, here we got the evidence)

Rudra: evidence, but didi how
Ishana: but where is it?
Om: ha, I cantfind it
Annika: arreyyar see the poster it is fukat raja and it was just released last month
Sowmya: Annika didi, are you sure
Ishana: if it is released, then there is a point
Rudra: (checking his mobile) yes, bhayya, it was released just a month ago
Shivaay: then found the proof .om and myself will go to the acp
(Annika tries to talk to him but he avoids her)
(they show the proof to acp but the acp tell that it was not a correct in fact it was not an accurate proof, may be in tension, she might have told the wrong date. He asks them for a perfect proof. Shivom are disappointed and they come back to Oberoi mansion and they tell to everyone what had happened)

(thensahil comes)

Sahil: Annika didi, I want to sleep, will you come with me
Annika: sahil, can you please wait for some more time, please
Sowmya: just wait sahil, will you help us in this problem , so that you will not get sleep
Sahil: ok sowmya
Annika: sowmya didi
Sowmya: it doesn’t matter, leave it
(om takes him and shows him the video, then sahil finds out a clue)
Sahil: just see that junkar dance class, Bhavnagar, mumbai-5
Rudra: wow, sahil, that was great, now it will be easy
Annika: only thing left is we have to find the correct poster in that area
Ishana: but wait Annika didi, how can we, it was released last month and many new movies came up afterwards
Shivaay: yeah, there is a point
Annika: posters will not be removed, they will be pasted over new ones
Om: then fine we will start our search tomorrow, all get ready and ishana you will be here
Ishana: what ?no I will come, how many days I should be bedridden
Om: you were just on bed for one day and you are speaking like as if you were taking rest for an year.
Ishana: but I have to walk, I need exercise, I know what to do. Please bhayya
Shivaay: ok, but be careful, if anything happens to you I cant bear.
Om: ok I will take care
(everybody will be surprised)

Rudra: bhayya, when did you start taking care of didi, hah huh
Annika: tell it om, what a change
Om: I did the mistake, so I have to correct and bear the punishment, responsibility precisely
Shivaay: ok, agreed, sahil, take your didi and sleep now(he doesn’t look at Annika and Annika feels sad and goes from there). Rudra and sowmya, go to your rooms now, om and ishana, sleep early
And ishana, bade ma will sleep along with you
(ishana nods in yes. Om goes from there and Shivaay talks to ishana)
Ishana: I don’t know what you did bhayya, I wont even ask, but whatever you did, I know it made me happy. Thank you bhayya
Shivaay: I will do anything for my sweet little cutie(he holds her cheeks)
Shivaay: ok did you eat your dinner
(om comes there)
Om: dinner is ready ishana and broccoli
Ishana: thanks
Om: no thanks, sorry and please between friends
Shivaay: friends? When did you both become friends
Ishana: today. Om I am telling you , that you said no need to use those words between friends right but those words make friendship strong and stable
Om: you were talking same like me
Shivaay: ok ishana, enough of talking, have dinner and sleep
Om: yeah have dinner and sleep
(shivom goes from there while ishana smiles and after having her dinner, she sleeps, and Jhanvi comes along to sleep with her afterwards)

The next morning
(all have their breakfast and om makes breakfast for ishana)
(all assemble In the hall)
Shivaay: all ready,Rudra, sowmya, huh Annika(he doesn’t look at Annika), just wait where are om and ishana
Ishana: here bhayya
(om helps her in walking)
Om: she is not listening to me .in this state how is she going to walk there
Ishana: with you
(osaathiya plays)
(everybody were surprised)
Ishana: I mean om will help me
Shivaay: ok guys , let us move now
(they reach Bhavnagar, Mumbai-5)

Annika: we have to search clean and clear whole the place
Sowmya: in order to do that and search this whole place………………..
Rudra(interrupts): we have to divide ourselves into teams
Sowmya: yeah, that’s what I mean to say
Om: ok then I will take ishana on my side
Rudra: we know that bhayya
(ishana smiles)
Ishana: I am ok with it
Annika: we know that ishana
Ishana: just shut up bhayya, we both are a team from first
Om: yeah right, what about you Rudra
Rudra: I will be with my sumo
Annika: “ your sumo”
(everyone will be surprised)
Rudra: I mean she is in my team right
Shivaay: ok then, om, take Annika also with you, I will search alone
Om: what, she is in your team and your ego will not work out here, we are all in two, so you should also be in two
Ishana: and bhayya, you don’t know much about these areas, Annika didi will help you out
Rudra: why are you not taking her with you?
Sowmya: is there any fight bhayya, didi , did anything happen?
Annika: no, nothing happened sowmya.
Ishana: then why are you wasting time bhayya, we already have less time, ok om, we will go, Rudra and sowmya start your search, and bhayya and didi, you sort out your matters and start the work
(Ishkara and Rumya leave from there)
Annika: billuji, please listen to me
Shivaay: you don’t talk anything for now Annika, just follow me
(Annika feels sad and thinks that Shivaay is very much angry on her)
Rudra: oh my god sumo, how can you walk so fast, I am thinner than you
Sowmya: you duffer , I am healthier than you
Rudra: ok, sowmya, I am very hungry now, please we will eat something
Sowmya: dumb, you just now ate your breakfast, how can you be hungry
(Rudra goes to chatdhaba and starts ordering)
Sowmya: Rudra you are eating like Kumbh karan
Rudra: who is Kumbh and who is karan. Are they your boyfriends, I want to see those unlucky fellows
Sowmya: just shut up Rudra, Kumbh karan, the brother of ravan
Rudra: oh, then that character perfectly suits you.
Sowmya: shut up Rudra,
(Rudra gives her a plate of chat)
Sowmya: is it for me?
Rudra: I will never eat alone
Sowmya: ok then

(she eats and at the corner of her lips, some chat will be left over. Rudra gesture to clean but she doesn’t understand, finally, he comes closer to her and wipes off the chat from her lips, she will feel awkward, but finally smiles, they resume their work again)

(ishana will be supported by om, while walking)
Ishana: I know I am troubling you a lot
Om: do you remember the proverb, “slow and study wins the race”. Even though we are slow, our determination to achieve our goal is very strong.
Ishana: thanks for supporting me(om smiles)
(Ishkara were seriously searching, ishana trips suddenly and om catches her when she is about to fall, they both can see each other in their eyes, that moment was really pleasant for them, om’s phone ringing disturbs their pleasant moment)
(it is none other than sowmya)
Sowmya(ON phone): bhayya, did you get any clue
Om: no, sowmya, did you
Sowmya: no bhayya, this duffer is eating me
Om: omg, I forgot that you are with Rudra, be careful ok
Sowmya: ha bhayya
(she cuts the call)
Om: we have to move faster ishana
Ishana: alright om

Om(in his mind): wow, she called me om again and not omkara, that was great, wait, what if she calls me om, nothing would happen to me, why am I feeling that she is something special to me, no om , you have riddhima. Just move on now

Annika: billuji, please I didnt do that purposely
Shivaay: don’t talk anything and disturb my concentration
Annika: billuji. Please listen to me
Shivaay: enough Annika, it is enough, I don’t want to talk to you
(Annika keeps a puppy face but Shivaay ignores her)
(Annika will see the part of junkar dance class poster and stops )
Shivaay: what now?
Annika: billuji, I have found it
Shivika: what?
(she signs him to see the poster but he doesn’t understand, she will move forward but because of stones present there, she trips and was about to fall, but Shivaay is quite fast to react, he runs and catches her and pulls her in his arms, that moment he could really go into annika’s eyes and she could see the anger in his eyes , she gave a pleading look to her)
Annika(still in his arms): billuji, please ………………
Shivaay: (holding her closer) please leave me, that is what you want to say
Annika: no billuji
Shivaay: no, then,(he pulls her closer and keeps eye contact with her)
Annika: billuji, I am sorry for what happened yesterday , I know you are very angry at me, please forgive me………………please
Shivaay: ok, (he got melted with her pleading eyes) ok, what now?
Annika: now, please leave me, this is public place
Shivaay: (realizes that he is holding her and releases her) oh
Annika: billuji, I know that you are angry on me, but dadi told me that it should be known to the media and public until unless the actual wedding happens
Shivaay: ok, now no need of explanations, just tell me you got the clue right
(then Annika tears the poster and and shows fukat raja poster and junkar dance class notification. Shivika will be happy and they identify the broken window. They see through the window, then suddenly a girl who tied her face with a mask pours water on shivaay’s face and runs from there. Shivika contact to Ishkara and rumya. And they start searching )
(Ishkara finds the girl running and tries to catch her, but she pushes ishana for which she gets hurt and she runs away)
Om: omg, are you ok
Ishana: I am ok, please go and catch her
Om: no , I cant leave you
Ishana: I will be fine and come to you , I am a brave girl, right
Om: but……………………,ok take care, be careful and don’t run, walk slowly

(saying this he leaves from there and runs back of that girl)
(meanwhile rumya sees the girl running an comes infront of her, the girl sees the chilies beside and throws on them, they take so much time to get out of the irritation. Meanwhile the girl runs from there, then Shivika comes front of her, now the girl has no weapon, she tries to turn and run but finds rumya, then she turns towards the other side and find om, then she tries to go through other side, finds ishana coming slowly with the police. Finally she is trapped and stuck)

(Annika removes her scarf and finds the same girl who suicides in the cd)
Shivaay: so you are still alive
Om: why did you put a blame on my family
Girl: gayatri gave me money, so I did it
Police: thank god, you did a great job by finding her, all the cases will be closed and this girl will be arrested
(the police take the girl along with them)

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