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Hey guys , hope you all know me and for those who don’t know me, I am sat. I am very glad presenting you all, this ff for my ishqbaazians or for crazy ishqbaaz fans. Everyone please do tell me how my introduction is. All flowers and shoes are accepted. Silent readers, please drop your views

I am a die heart fan of ishqbaaz. And I am very happy writing my own ff(fan fiction).
All the characters are same and in my fan fiction, I would like to change Ishana’s character and Ishkara’s track.
So , now let’s stop all my bakbaks and start the track

(In the evening Shivika, Rumya, Om, Dadi, Priyanka, Pinky, Jhanvi sitting in the hall seriously thinking about how to know the truth regarding the cd .After ganapathi visarjan by the Oberoi brothers as Shivaay changes after listening annika’s words)
Dadi: Shivaay beta, I think we have to find who is that girl in that cd?, her family, friends and everything.
Om: Ha dadi, that would really help out

Shivaay: for that, we need to check…………….
Annika: Oberoi employees, workers … Hmm, I mean there might be her co-workers or friends in that.
Shivaay: right, that is what i wanted to say
Om and Rudra together say “right”
Shi: just shut up you guys
(just then Tia comes)
Pinky: Tia beta, you came at right times
Jhanvi: Tia, a pleasant surprise, you didn’t inform us
Tia: Jhanvi aunty, don’t I have right to come to Oberoi mansion at any time. Am I not your would be daughter in law
Jhanvi: nothing like that beta, I just………
Pinky: you can come at any time beta it is your wish. It is your house
(pinky holds jhanvi’s hands saying “it’s okay”, Jhanvi smiles)
Tia: Shivaay baby , I want to know when are you going to marry me. First of all, are you going to?…….
Shivaay: (with great anger ) Tia, are you mad. When my family is in problem, how do you think I can think of our marriage, I will talk about it later.
Tia: Shivaay baby, I didn’t expect this from you. You kept on postponing the wedding and now you are saying that we will think about it later. And coming to family, am I not a part of your family
Shivaay: tia , please listen to me and calm down

Tia: Shivaay baby , how many times should I listen to you? If you don’t marry me this day, I am going to cancel the contract of $500 million. And that’s final
(Shivika, Rumya, Dadi, Priyanka, Pinky, Jhanvi all are shocked)
Annika: tiaji, please understand billuji’s situation
Tia: Don’t you dare interfere (shouting)
Shivaay: why are you yelling at her now.
Pinky: “Marriage”, By today itself, oh my Mata
Dadi: how can that be done?

Om:Don’t be so possessive Tia
Rudra: He is a part of this family first.
(Annika sitting quietly because of Tia’s warning. Shivaay observed this and turned)
Shivaay: just enough Tia, more than enough.
Tia: ok, thenlet’s cancel the contract, “$500 million”. And now I am leaving, I am giving you another chance, to the least by tomorrow.
Shivaay: what the wuck, (throws his mobile and goes to his room)
Shivaay in his room thinks what to do, shall I go on with that lady for money, power and class or follow my heart for family and myself(thinking thinking ………………………..)
He says I have made a decision. Then he goes.
He calls everyone to the puja place.

Shivaay: ma, dadi, I have made a decision.
Pinky: tell it billu
Shivaay takes some sindhoor in his hand.(no one observes)
Shivaay: ma,what do you want me to marry for?
Pinky: you know that billu, I want to see you happy with your wife and children, I mean my grandchildren.
Shivaay: ok then,
He drags Annika with one hand and brings her near the gods’ idols.
Annika gives a question mark look and doesn’t know what he is upto.
Shivaay keeps sindhoor on her forehead.
Everybody were shocked and horrified.

Precap: Annika confronts Shivaay. Dadi, Rumya, om, prinku, support Shivaay and character sketches(the most important one for ishkara fans, a suspense)

This episode has Shivika because , I want to give a gun shot start. I am going to add ishkara and rumya in the coming episodes. So no worries.
And just because this is promo, it is short. I will make the episodes long.
Please comment and all suggestions are accepted
Please do tell if the track is not interesting or if it is not good. So that I can continue.

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  1. renima ishqie

    Hey sat…..what a start ishqie…..u nailed it…..omg …..i think now anika will say “ek chutki sindur kee keemat tum kya jaano Billu babu “……ha…ha….ha……just kidding dear……ishqie…..quite unexpected twist…..waiting 4 ishkara and rumya…..

  2. Sat

    Haha ! Thanks di. I am really eagerly waiting for your comment. Di, Ishkara and rumya will be seen more from 4th epi. I have submitted my 2nd epi of ff a n hour ago

  3. ImmatureBookworm


    1. Sat

      Tu takes time to moderate Yar . Oh my mata thanks for your Wonderful comment

  4. Superb promo.I loved it.?

  5. amazing dear waiting for ishkara

  6. Super srart and super twist……

    1. Sat

      Really, a great thanks for your compliment

  7. Hey Sat.. Rocking.. I really loved the twist. Keep rocking. All the best…

    1. Sat

      Than ok Kiki for reading and commenting

  8. ImmatureBookworm

    True that 🙂 I’m waiting for it

    1. Sat

      Tu is taking so much time yar



    1. Sat

      Thank you so much kuahagra

  10. Hiii sat usually im not intrested in fan fictions i just readed bcz u told but really dr its amazing start and continue like this and inshahallah i will read every episode

  11. Sat

    Thanks so

    1. Sat

      Thanks so much . Ok keep commenting

  12. Priya15

    amazing dear….pls continue..

    1. Sat

      Priya di, I am waiting for your compliment since a long time. And than you

  13. Heyy Sat…..Superb dear 😀

  14. RANdomfANCreationz

    Really unique and nice
    Sorry for late comment
    I was busy ?

  15. Piyaliii

    Wah yrrrr…..kya likha h…..mast…..
    What a start yrr…!!!
    Main tho fann ho gayi tumhari….???????
    Aise hi likho……waiting for next ff…..????

  16. Nice episode sat ??

  17. Aaru

    Omg!! 110!! I luv only ishkara..Ishana more than Omkara..

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