An ishqbaaz ff ~ BY SAIRISH #PART 7

heyy guys…i hope I’m not pretty late this time..?? for the previous part ..
Dr. Shipra or omkara’s dearest friend soon left and then shivaay was about to enter the picture…
omkara for while was in his deep thoughts regarding the very short description of the girl his dearest friend gave…
on eyeing omkara immersed in deep thoughts..shivaay coughed a bit to bring him out of his dreamland…


S-(clearing his throat) uhhu..uhhuu..what are you thinking ?
Om-“nothing” came an instant reply from omkara ..
Om-“shivaay..!! ..achha now tell me that what are you doing here??
S- why?? can’t i talk to my brother??
Om- of course you can …but the point is that …what is so important that you needed a conversation with me at this point of hour ..!!!
S-amm…actually wo annika ….

Om-[ON hearing the name of annika from his brother’s mouth …the possessive devar (brother in law) inside omkara came out like the lava erupting from a volcano]
“bhabhi ….what happened to she fine and if she’s not then what the hell are you doing here..come fast we gotta …
trying to stop the unstoppable shatabdi…
shivaay spoke
“om…annika is fine ..its just that I wanted to talk to you rather i wanted to clear my confusion regarding my feelings towards her ..i came to you as i feel you are the correct person who can guide me ” …

“hmm…so matter seems to be quite interesting as well as complicated “…om continued “so..firstly closed your eyes and think about the person who affects you the most …his/her every action..every movement …just everything that matters to you of him/her”

shivaay did what he was directed and as expected the retreating figure that captured his mind and soul is none other than his wife , ANNIKA…
“ANNIKA….” ..
om,” so shivaay from now on I’ll be saying you some things…just relate it with with your lover rather “lady love” ..

°the very first person with whom you wanna spend your whole life ,..
the person with whom your day should begin and end with the same…
the person with whom you felt takkar..
the one to whom you can convey a bundle of talks without uttering a word from your mouth ..just let the eyes speak their hearts out…..

“WELL….I’M HAVING A LOT MORE TO SAY BUT THEN IT’LL PROBABLY NEVER FINISH AND WOULD SURELY BE OUT OF YOUR UNDERSTANDING…” said om after narrating a few points of his definitionof love ….to a hopeless shivaay…
“don’t answer me …just think In tranquillity and try to give the answers to yourself” om further continued..”WELL…I’ll be leaving in morning or so meet the girl about whom Shipra said …have great day bro …”
” surely i will…take care om ” finally shivaay was able to utter a word…all the while he was just thinking about mom’s words and the only name ,image that came to his mind was that of Annika

…………@ next morning

omKara recieved a text message from Dr.Shipra which quoted …’ . philosopher ..glad that you agreed to my request and are ready to meet HER…meet me at ccd at 10 a.m I’ll be waiting for you with HER ..once again thanks a ton ‘ ..
He replied to the message with an emoji indicating true pleasure and content ??
he reached ccd being very punctual ..but at the main gate itself he received another message from Dr. Shipra “really sorry dear ….there’s an emergency in the hospital…really gotta go..please don’t mind ..amd yeah…SHE is there in ccd wearing a churridar in the darkest shade of see green…byee take care ”
“no need to be sorry …i can understand… take care I’ll meet HER for sure” replied om..
he mentally smiled as the colour of his short totally matched with the colour of her dress..and also at the talent of Dr. Shipra and that was describing the dresses of the people …because with the help of the description he can clearly recognise the lady whom he has to meet in just a single glance….and that too from the back ..this means that the face of the girl is still to be revealed…

here the whole night shivaay was thinking about the kinda relationship he and annika shared …a relationship based on trust but he himself broke it …he was confused like hell…
just then he the scenario which lifted him to another world ….
His very beautiful wife coming out of the bathroom with her hairs wet and water dripping from her fringes …which then travelled through the curves of her body…and of course not to forget how enthralling she was looking in the sarree which was in the lightest shade of pink…
she was looking not less than the Aphrodite (according to the Greek mythology …Aphrodite is the goddess of beauty ) …her killer looks were driving him crazy but his reaction and facial expressions after seeing her was yet unnoticed by annika …..

Heyy guys sairish back with another chapter of AN ISHQBAAZ FF ~BY SAIRISH… can’t write much ..will post the next update surely tomorrow i.e Tuesday or Wednesday ….I’m trying to get a nice track for rumya ..
thanks to each and everyone for commenting…really encourages me to write more…but I really got a great response in start but then the reviews reduced continuously..IF I AM NOT WRITING WELL…TELL ME FRANKLY ..I’LL STOP WRITING…THAT’S WHAT ALL I CAN SAY…
sorry for the grammatical mistakes and typo error if any …
HAVE A GREAT DAY AND STAY BLESSED (though I’m the one who needs to be blessed by great writers and my readers who are elder than me ??????)

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