Ishqbaaz ff by priyali ( Tu Hai) Part 6

Hello guys.I’m Priyali back with my ff. Missed me?? I really want the no of comments to increase. So plz plz plz comment….. I want at least 20 comments on this episode. I’ll only post the next episode tomorrow if I get a get a good response. Your decision.. so now, enough of my bakbaks and let’s get on to the episode..
Recap: Anika finds the album of her and shivaays pictures. She thinks to ask shivaay about it.
Present epi.
Anika wonders why shivaay has kept this album. She keeps it on her bedside table and continues smiling and sorting her clothes.

*****at 6:30 pm*****
Shivaay returns home from work and goes to his room. He doesn’t find Anika there and then goes out to the poolside. He sees his anu there standing by the pool and goes to her. He taps her on her shoulder but she does not respond. He shakes her this time and she finally turns around.
A: when did you come?
S: just now. What happened to u?
A: nothing. But I wanted to ask u, what is this ????
Anika pulls out the album. She shows it shivaay. Shivaay smiles & says, I made this for both of us. This is the first time I’ve fallen in love so I want to remember each and every moment of our togetherness.
A: aw. How sweet.

Anika puts her hand on his shoulders and whispers in his ears, “ I love u!” shivaay says, I know!. He pulls her close and hugs her. Anika reciprocates the hug and they stay in the hug for a loong time. Anshu and ivanku are searching for Anika when they see Shivika near the pool hugging. Anshu spots them first and almost slaps ivanku’s hand in her excitement. Kya??? An irritated ivanku’s reply comes. “ arrey ghadhi Voh dekho.” anshu says (pointing towards Shivika.) Ohhh so mamma is busy with Papa….. chalo baad mein aate hai. Saying that, ivanku drags anshu with her to their room. Ivanku and anshu’s room has one big bed with curtains tied at the side. There is also a dressing table for each of them. I & a decide to dance together for a while. They play sau asmaan from baar baar dekho and start dancing. Soon, ishkara come to their room and see them dancing. Dekha ishu , tumari tarah mast dance kar rahi hai. Om says. “ chachi & chachu aap Kab aaye?” ivanku asks( suddenly seeing them) just now. Ishu replies. Bahot acha dance kar rahi thi dono….. ishu says. Hume aapka dance dekhna hai. After all. Humne aapse hi to learn kiya hai. Anshu says…. OK ishu says . Ishu ties her duppata and gets ready to dance. Ivanku plays mohe rang do laal and ishu dances kathak on it. Her dance is soo beautiful that ivanku and anshu and om are mesmerised. Ishu is doing her final chakkars when she suddenly feels dizzy and she loses and falls down (almost) when om catches her in her arms. Ishu utho!! Om says. Screen freezes on om, anshu and ivanku’s worried faces.
So, what happened to ishu?

Hope u liked this episode. Waiting for your comments!!
With lots of love

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  1. Shivika22kapoor

    Nice one priyali but very small try making it long dear and keep writing and post asap dear I am waiting ?

    1. Priyali

      thanks shivika…

  2. Nansshivika

    Its good yaar but u didn’t answered what is the age of shivika daughters? Shivika scene is cu n sweet

    1. Priyali

      22. I thot I posted it on my prev post nans….

  3. D episode is awesome

  4. Anjaly

    nice episode

  5. Shivika

    I loved shivika scene a lot… was all too mesmerising………….i liked it a lot………u r going so well dear……

  6. Nansshivika

    Oh then I must have missed it sry for tat

  7. Loved it

  8. Tulasi

    Awesummm one dear…….shuvikaa hug??????? luvd it so soooooo much…make it a bit longer……plzzz…..waitng for next….ishu ko kya hua????

  9. Jazz1

    Nyce one

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