Ishqbaaz ff by priyali ( Tu Hai) Part 4


Hi peeps… Priyali back with me ff. I’m over the moon because u guys are showering so much love on me… thank u sooo much for commenting…. I am sorry I can’t reply back to your comments because I don’t have time but still . I really appreciate your comments. Without anymore of my emotional bakbaks, let’s get on with the episode. …
Suddenly, the lights come back on . Shivaay and Anika go inside their room. They lay down on their bed and switch off the lights. Shivaay usually likes to work until late but everytime Anika likes to snuggle close to him and go into his arms. He allows her to do it because he likes her in his arms. This time Anika was in shivaays arms until shivaay was working until midnight. Shivaay finally closed his laptop and looked at Anika. She was sleeping soo peacefully and her face was like an innocent Angel’s. Shivaay kisses her forehead and lays down too.

******** In the morning*******
Anika is the first one to wake up and she looks at shivaay sleeping . She decides not to wake him up because she knew her husband and also knew that he must have worked until midnight. She gently tried to free herself from his arms but he just pulled her back and said” sone do naa” .. Anika stops resisting and rests her head on shivaays chest and watches him sleep.
******* 20 mins later.*******
Shivaay finally wakes up and sees Anika resting her head on his chest. “ good morning sleepy head. U finally woke up.” she says. What time is it ? Shivaays reply comes. “It’s 8 am. So wake up now. I’m going to shower.”. OK can. See u in a bit. Shivaay says.

Anika comes back from the shower and starts getting ready in front of the mirror. She is wearing a turquoise blue sari and she dresses herself in simple matching blue earrings and her mangalsutra. She fills her maang with sindoor and goes out.
“ good morning maa.” . Anshu and ivanku come and hug her . Good morning meri betiyon comes our anu’s reply. Kya baat hai dono , aaj full Indian attire mein ho ?.
I&a : haan aaj man kya so we dressed in matching suits .. ??
Both were looking beautiful so Anika took a bit of her kajal and put it behind their ears.
A: what will u have for breakfast?
I&a (both at the same time): aloo paratha!!!
A: sure. I’ll make it now.
Anika goes to the kitchen where ishu joins her.
A: good morning ishu
I: good morning di.
Shivomru enter the kitchen
Good morning Anika bhabhi omru say.
Good morning om and Rudra.
“ bhabhi, mera protein shake?” Rudra asks.
Ye lo. Anika hands him a glass of protein shake. “ ur the bestest bhabhi!!!” Rudra says. “ aur hum??” shivaay says? . Bestest bhaiya duh!! Apko bhabhi thodi na bulaunga. Comes our Rudy’s reply. Rudy hugs shivkara. “ Anika and ishu, family hug hai. Tumhe invitation Dena padega?” om says. Anika and ishu join the grp hug.

So that’s it for today. I hope u enjoyed the episode. I’m waiting for your comments ..

With lots of love,

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  1. Samm

    so sweet! 🙂 i seriously think i might become diabetic after reading your ff! 😀

  2. Shivika

    Nyc dear

  3. Osm episode dear… Keep going
    Waiting for next

  4. Priyali

    Thank u . Samm, Shivika and sanaya

  5. Ananya7044

    Too short yaar…please upload bigger episodes….plsss….i become disappointed when i see the precap..that too very soon..

    1. Priyali

      Ananya di, I’ll try my best to do that par I can’t promise .. hope u stop reading bcoz of this .

      1. Ananya7044 di yaar…and ofcourse i wont stp reading it….i can understand..its ok..but try to update longer ones

  6. Nansshivika

    So sweet episode and family bonding is lovely

  7. Priyanka_22

    nice update

  8. Ayath

    hi priyaali a big sorry dear bcz i read all ur epi but i could comment on tht particular time but nw onwards i will…..epi was superb….aweseome i like ur concepi shivika part was sooo goood

  9. Sweet episode

  10. Cutewala episode?

  11. Shivika22kapoor

    Okay so finally I have read your ff it sounds amazing and different as well.
    Keep writing dear and post next part asap and sorry for the delay.
    Ff is super duper hit.❤??

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