Ishqbaaz ff by priyali ( Tu Hai) Part 3


Hey guys. Priyali back with my ff. Thank u all for commenting. Tulasi di, hridey, nainaa di … and many others. Actually this episode will be about Anika’s past which she has never told shivaay about. Today I won’t say much because I’m happy with the no of comments. So let’s get on to the episode..
In the kitchen
Ivanku and anshu and Shivika are still laughing. After a few minutes,
A: u both have a performance tomorrow so go change and sleep. (She kisses them in their foreheads and ivanku and anshu leave.)
She turns to shivaay and says “i need to finish washing the dishes so u go sleep first”
S: no I’ll help u .
A: OK .

Shivaay and Anika wash the dishes and leave to go to bed. As they are walking back to the room, the lights suddenly go off as there is a power cut. Anika holds shivaays hand tightly and starts breathing heavily. Shivaay says “ Mrs Anika Singh oberoi, u are with me so why are u scared? Relax the power will be there soon .”
A: I know but…. ( Anika has not told shivaay why she is scared of darkness )
S: but? Why do I get the feeling that you are hiding something from me?
Anika just starts crying. Shivaay immediately pulls her into his arms and caresses her hair to console her. He wipes her tears and asks her why she is crying.
A: whenever there is darkness, I don’t know why, but the accident in which I lost my parents always flashes before my eyes.
Anika while telling shivaay goes into flashback

It’s a rainy day and anika,ishu and their parents are traveling in their car. They all are talking when suddenly their car skids over a few stones and almost falls over a cliff.
****** comes out of flashback*******
A: I remember grabbing ishu and going out of the car. I couldn’t save mom and dad because the car had already toppled over the cliff when I left it. We had to stay on the road for almost a day before a police car came by . They brought us to the orphanage where we were adopted by sahils parents. Even after that, problems did not leave us. After two years, sahils parents died as well and we were stuck with bua. She forced me to work just so she could have money to fulfil her wishes. Then I was all alone and…..
Her voice trailed off..

S: you were alone then . But now u are not. U have me , ivanku and anshu.
A: smiles and says “ I know “. But today I’m missing sahil even more, I don’t know why.
S: wait I’ll get something for u
A: kya?
S: arrey wait na
Shivaay leaves somewhere.

He comes back with candy floss.(gudiya ke Baal)
Anika takes it (she gets very happy ) and says “ where did u get this from?”
S: just somewhere .
Anika starts eating it happily and feeds it to shivaay as well.
“ thank u shivaay , u always know how it cheer me up. I love u!!” and Anika hugs him. .
(In the hug,) shivaay says” I know . I love u too.” shivaay smiles at her pleasure.

So that’s it for today guys. I hope u enjoyed it and do comment. I know it was a bit boring but my third episode was planned like this. If u found it boring plz tell me in your comments ..

With lots of love,
Priyali ??

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  1. Priyali

    also i know it was short and im sorry for short update. but what to do ? im not allowed to spend more than half an hour on this ff.

  2. Nithu

    Priyali…its really very pyaari

  3. Nansshivika

    Such a short one priyali but I loved it so emotional shivay being her support system is awesome

  4. Priyali

    Thanks nans and nithu….

  5. Tulasi

    As always my dear…its lovely…..shivika always rocks…..??? tht ll be d most cutest part of shivaay supports anika….their hug…his carressngg…evn i want it?? …luvd it dear…short cute n sweeeeeeeet…….☺? waitng for d next2

  6. Shivika

    It was not at all boring interesting one

  7. Priyali dea… i liked it vry much dea
    Just carry on
    ? nxt epi

  8. Priyali

    Thank u so much. I’ll post next part either tomorrow or maximum Thursday.

  9. SamSun

    It is a very cute and sweet epi. ?? post the next one soon pls. Am waiting?

  10. Nainaa

    Wow!! Priyali…. You had a magic in your hands…..
    I just loved this part…… Shivika’s scene had stole the glimpse of the epi….
    Looking forward for your next part…

  11. Sanaya_malik

    Don’t know Why I am feeling so you have a great shade of being a writer……
    Really really enjoyed the epi thoroughly and I really feel that calmness in my soul after reading your ff….❤❤

  12. Priyali

    thank u sooo much naina di and sanaya dii

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