Ishqbaaz ff by priyali ( Tu Hai) Part 2


Hey guys. This is Priyali back with another episode of my ff. I’m really happy that u guys are liking it. But honestly, I want the number of comments to increase.. so plz plz comment. Silent readers, I really want your views as well. So enough of my bakbaks and let’s move on to the episode.
Shivika break the hug and leave to go to the kitchen. They start preparing dinner and while they are doing that, they are talking. Suddenly, ivanku and anshu sneak up on Anika and shout in her ear “MOM!!”. Anika gets startled and loses her balance and almost falls but our hero shivaay catches her. Shivika share an eyelock while oh jaana plays in the background. Ivanku and anshu smile at each other and hi five.
Five minutes later, shivaay and Anika are still in the same position. Ivanku clears her throat” ahem”. Shivaay and Anika break the eyelock and Anika stands normally. She goes to ivanku and anshu and pulls their ears. “ bahut badmaash ho gayi ho dono”. Suddenly shivaay is like,” hey panika, meri betiyon ko chodo aur paneer ko dekho, jal raha hai.” . Anika leaves them and says her world famous “ phel gaya raita.” . She immediately switches of the gas and turns around to see shivaay with his arms around his two daughters. “ shivaay, Tumne dono ko bigad rakha hai”. Just then ivanku asks shivaay, “ kya bulaya tha aapne mama ko ?” . Anika gives a furious glare to shivaay. Shivaay says “ummmm…. “ anshu is like say something na! Pinky enters the kitchen and says “ is dinners readys? Everyone waitings” .. shivaay leaves his daughters and says “ i have never so glad in my life to see you ma.” . Pinky goes to Anika and says something in her ear. Anika begins laughing and nods her head . Then pinky and Anika take the food and bring it out Shivaay in his mind was like,” fhat the wuck??? In dono ko kya ho gaya?”. But anyway leaves for dinner. While Anika is serving shivaay, he holds her hand and does not leave it. Anika is like seriously billu ji, don’t behave like a kid. Ivanku asks her mom to feed her . Anshu is like then me too. Anika , ivanku and anshu share a mother and daughter moment. After dinner, Anika is washing dishes the kitchen when shivaay comes and hugs her by the waist. Anika says,” kya baat hai pati dev, aaj bade romantic mood mei hai aap.” . Shivaay says , “ jab kisiki itni sunder wife ho, to romance karne ka mood kiska nahi hoga?”. Anika frowns and says that I’m starting to believe pinky ma ki baat. Konsi? Comes shivaays reply. A: aapki tabiyat to thik hai? Vo vali. Ab chodenge? S: kabhi nahi a:OK than. Saying this, Anika takes water in her hands and throws it onto shivaays face. Shivaay is now fuming and he takes a glass full of water and chases Anika with it. She starts running and ducks behind ivanku and anshu. Shivaay throws the water and it lands on ivanku and anshu. They both scream “DAD” .. shivaay cups his mouth in horror . I and a go to the tap and get two glasses of water and throw it on shivaay. IIA then hi five. All four of them start laughing and they have a family hug.

So guys, that was it. I know you want it long but I only have limited time to write this ff. But I do promise you that I will update regularly. I hope u liked this epi … also, do comment . Silent readers I really want your views.

With lots of love,

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  1. Nithu

    Loved it priyali…i xant stop laughing whn their children threww water on shivaye….pls ypdate nxt part asap….

    1. Priyali

      Thanks nithu… I’ll post it today.

  2. nice super plz come back soon and shivka daugter age what plz reply

    1. Priyali

      Both have finished their studies. So maybe around 22

  3. to be honest it was really good plz post it daily

  4. Priyanka_22

    Nice update 🙂

  5. Nice and cute update… Sweet family moments are amazing …
    Update next part soon dearand bit lengthy too…

  6. Nice yaar

  7. Tulasi

    Haaa suprrr swweet n cute familyyy…?? sach mein shivaay saab bade romantic ban rahe hain….luvd it dear

    1. Priyali

      Thanks di.. .

  8. Sanaya_malik

    Superr se upper vala episode….. Loved the water scene…… ??

  9. Nansshivika

    So cute family moments awesome

  10. Nainaa

    Nice one Dea…..
    Umm….. Shivaay is too romantic huh!!
    And loved Shivika’s daughters alot and their bonding is damn cute
    looking forward for Next epi…. 🙂
    And Priyali Please read my ffs “Love for Life” and “ISHKARA – Ishqiyapa” and comment your views on it…

    1. Priyali

      Sure dear. Thanks for commenting.

  11. Cute family moments

  12. SamSun

    This is super cute ?. Shivika moments and family moments r just awesome ?

  13. Samm

    it’s so sweet that now i’m afraid i might become diabetic after reading this! 😉 🙂

  14. Priyali

    Thank you so much guys for commenting.. it really means a lot to me.

  15. Pinkyyy

    Wow dear awesome update??

    1. Priyali

      Thanks pinkyyy. Do u have any ff of your own

      1. Pinkyyy

        Nope dear ?

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