Ishqbaaz ff by priyali ( Tu Hai) Part 1


Hey guys. This Priyali back with the first episode of my ff. Thank you for your lovely comments guys. Also guys I know that this may not really relate to the prologue but I’ll do my best. Plz comment if u have any questions or problems with the ff. This idea just popped into my head so I just wrote and published it . I didn’t want my first epi to have a lot of romance but I wanted it to be family types.Without further ado, let’s go to the episode .

Author’s note
I forgot mention that anika and ishana are sisters….also , sumo is their cousin. Sahil is abroad for his studies.

*********** at oberoi mansion**************

Everyone was sleeping peacefully in their rooms. However, anika, ivanka, anshika and ishana were already awake because they were going to make breakfast for the obros as a surprise. Anika would bring breakfast for shivaay, ishana for om and anshika and ivanka for Rudy.

*in the kitchen*
Ishu is mixing the batter for dahi vadas, while anika is making her famous aloo puri. Ivanka and anshika are making coffee, tea and protein shake.

*shivaay’s room*
Shivaay wakes up and sees that anika is not in the room. He gets a bit worried about her. He gets up and starts looking for her. Suddenly, his phone beeps and he receives a text message from anika” good morning! Don’t freak out bcoz I’m not in the room. I got an important call so I had to leave . Vapas soo jao.I’ll be back soon.”
Shivaay smiles seeing the msg and goes back to bed.

**a while later**
Ishana , anika and the sisters are ready with the breakfast and leave to deliver it to the obros .

Shivaay’s room
As anika is taking the tray to the room, she suddenly hears shivaay shouting her name. She rushes in, thinking that what happened. She puts down the breakfast tray on his bed side table. She sits down on the bed and holds his hands, he looks at her and immediately hugs her. She is surprised but thinks she needs to console him so she responds to the hug. After a few minutes, they both break up the hug. Shivaay is still trembling. Anika gently holds his hands and asks him what happened. He says that he had a bad dream. She than says” kya hua us sapne mei?”. Shivaay is like, forget it, what was ur important thing? Anika gives him the tray and says” me ishu ivanku and anshu made breakfast for u obros”. Shiva’s eats the breakfast and says “ u made my morning. Thank u!!” shivaay kisses Anika on her cheek and leaves to get ready for work. Anika smiles and gets his clothes ready.
Meanwhile in omru’s room ..
“Good morning” ishu , ivanku and anshu coursed. “Good morning meri pyaari ladies…. “Omru replied .
Rudra: is that breakfast.
IIA: yeps. We have Anika di’s aloo puri with Dahi vade and Rudra chachus protein shake.
Om: wow. . Give na… super hungry..
Rudra and om tuck in but halfway stop.
Omru: Tum teeno ne kuch khaya?
IIA: no
Rudra: anshu and ivanku, dono idhar aao. Rudra feeds I&A as well.
Om feeds ishu and ishu feeds om.

******in the evening.********
Shivaay comes home from work and goes to his room. He goes behind Anika and puts his hands on her eyes. “ billu ji, ye kya hai?” . Without saying anything , shivaay twirls her and lifts her up in his arms. He brings her into the balcony and tells her to keep her eyes closed. He takes out a beautiful pendant that he brought for her and ties it on her neck. He tells her to open his eyes and asks her if she liked it. She says “ no . I loved it.” she hugs shivaay and shivaay reciprocates.

That’s it for today everyone. Sorry for not adding ivanku and anshu. Next epi. Pinky promise. Waiting for your comments!
And another thing, I don’t like to put precaps as I feel it spoils the suspense of the next epi.

With lots of love,

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  1. Nithu

    Priyali…its lovely…pls update nxt one asap nd evn lengthy…

  2. Shivika

    Nyc……i liked d ff but im bit confuses about the characters can u plzz clr me that…
    I would be thnkful……

  3. Tulasi

    Priyali awesummm again ……..shivika ??? if der r shivika scenes …nthg other than them can make me suprr happieee……lovely moments they had

  4. Priyali

    Thank u so much everyone. I really appreciate that you like my ff.

  5. Nansshivika

    Shivika scenes are so lovely family bonding is so great awesome post next asap

  6. Niceeeeee

  7. Sat

    Priyali dear, I am really loving it
    And a big sorry for not commenting on your prologue
    But I loved it really
    Shivaay hugging annika was awesome to the core
    And finally shivaay gifting annika a pendant by closing her eyes and lifting her in his arms is really romantic
    Ok please update the next epi ASAP???

  8. Ananya7044

    Nice one….

  9. SamSun

    This was such a good a start priyali??

  10. Cuteprincess

    nice …shivika was cute…

  11. Akshaya

    Loved it

  12. Nice priyali it’s interesting

  13. Are Ivanka and anshika shivaay daughters or om daughters

    1. Priyali

      Yes anshika and ivanka are daughters of Shivika.

    2. Priyali

      Thank u so much everyone…. I will try to make it longer but I’m sorry I can’t promise bcoz I have only limited time to write this ff… but if my episodes are short , don’t worry they will either be dhamakedar or I will update regularly.

  14. Priyanka_22

    Shivika moments wr really cute n romantic
    Loved it
    Awsum work
    But plz try to make it bit lengthier dear
    N update soon

  15. Yazhu

    Nice epi yaar Priyali…loved it…try to make the next update lengthy…just a request…Love my Shivika in this…

  16. Priyali

    And also bcoz when I type it on Google Docs it’s really long and then later when it comes to tu it becomes really short.

  17. Sanaya_malik

    Priyali i m so sorry for not commenting on ur prolague…. But seriously i m in love with ur track….. Sorry the late comment
    And shivaka scenes always make me feel out of rhe worldwide ❤❤

  18. Priyali

    Thank u so much Sanaya di… what happened to your ff? I’m waiting for your update

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