Ishqbaaz FF by Maddy (PART 1).


Hello guys I am first time writing a ff on ishqbaaz do support me and do comment. Share your reviews. And let’s start.

My story is going to start on the current track. But a little change Malika kabeer choudhry and kabeer choudhry have also entered in this ff. Moreover a new entry is Siddhart Vikram Rana.

Who is playing who.

Shivaay(Nakuul mehta).
Anika(Surbhi chandna).
Omkara(Kunal jaisingh).
Ishana(Varushika mehta).
Rudra(leneesh mattoo).
Soumya(Neha laxmi iyer).
Tia(Navina bole).
Kabeer(Shaleen malhotra).
Malaika(Surbhi jyoti).
Siddhart(Karan vir bohra).

So let’s start hope you all will like my story.

So the story will begin when anika dream about shivaay saying sorry and then its come out as a dream. She went to oberoi family and told shivaay about the hood man sitting in tia and she saved both his and her life. And shivaay instead of saying sorry and thanks get mad and said its happened because of you only. And went from there.

So let’s start.

Anika: Huh instead of saying sorry or at least thanks he was showing attitude. Billu.
She went from there.

Anika was walking with papers in her hand and suddenly bumped in someone. She look up and saw a handsome tall man. He was wearing a blue suit. And was smiling anika also smiled.
It revealed to be kabeer.(Shaleen Malhotra).

K: I am really sorry.
A: No problem. I am also sorry.
K: Its OK. If you can tell me where is shivaay.
A: You mean billu.
K: Billu. Who is he.
K: Now who is SSO.
A: You don’t now I mean Shivaay Singh Oberoi.
K: Oh but why you said billu.
A: Let me tell you. He is billu aka a cat.
Kabeer laugh.
K: I must say you have a good sense of humor.
A: Huh what’s that.

K: You are funny I mean.
A: I know. Come I will take where this billu is.
Kabeer nods and went with anika. He look around the house and went behind anika.
Both were talking.
A: So why are you here.
K: Actually for deal.
A: Oh I see. Who will you handle that billu.
Kabeer chuckle.
A: Here is the billu.
Shivaay was seeing his file and was busy. Kabeer went inside and went toward shivaay saying. Hello MR SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI.
Shivaay look at him and smile. KABEER Yaar tu. Who are you. What going on. Where is Mallika.
K: Come down. Slowly pls
Shivaay smile and anika looked on being shocked.
Anika(Mind): Didt now billu can smile. Whatever.
K: Well I must say billu you look handsome.
Shivaay smile and then realize what he said: Billu.
K: Ha billu.

S: Who told you.
Kabeer was about to turn and point and anika when she left form there fastly
K: That girl.
S: Who. Anika.
K: I don’t now dude. I diet asked here name.
S: Okei come sit here. And tell me what going in your life.
K: Nothing much as usual. What with you.
S: You know.
K: Oh marriage and all ha.
S: Ya.
K: Well I also wanted to meet tia long time no see.
S: Year sure why not. After all she is your friend.
Both was busy in talking.

On the other side.
Tia was talking to someone.
T: No we will have problem.
Voice: Don’t worry tia.
T: No don’t tia me. You can’t come here.
Voice: I am already here. So chill.
T: What..What you doing here its danger.
Voice: Nothing is dangerous for me you now tia darling. Bye.
T: Hello. Listen.
But the call was ended.
Tia get furstated.
And throw her phone on bed.
T: Damm it.

Do tell me your opinions and ya kabeer and mallika is not evil here. I hope you liked it. Do tell me. And DO COMMENT.????????

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  1. Ausm ff ….I loved it

    1. Maddy_02

      Thanks shruti ??

  2. Manya

    Hey i am Ayushi and u hve a superb imagination ???post asap

    1. Maddy_02

      I will aru…thanks for comment??

  3. Mukti.H


    1. Maddy_02

      Thanks mukti?

  4. Ck1234

    wow shaleen, surbhi , karanveer.. awsome… i want all 3 to enter ishqbazz…. Surbhi & karanveer are finalized but abt Shaleen its still a suspense…..

    1. Maddy_02

      Glad you liked it.?

  5. ????????? awsum ff Maddy_02 fun part was kabeer and anika conversion do continue eagerly waiting for next update

    1. Maddy_02

      Aww. Thanks mukul.??

  6. Nice starting Maddy.
    And ck1234 if u read this plz me when will u upload nxt part of ur ff i m waiting from long time.and also tell u stop ur all ff in mid plz yr plz tell

    1. Maddy_02

      Thanks anshu

  7. thanks for your ff but dont stop it in mid way please.and update ff soon.

    1. Maddy_02

      I will shanya….and will try to not stop it in midway…?? love you….and by the way thankyou

  8. but when you will give ff.because i am waiting for your ff eagrly.pls updates soon.

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