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SCENE: @ hill side
Omkara and Noori were still lost in each other’s eyes. Om was thinking to ask her is she Ishangi, although he don,t have any doubt but still he just wanted to listen this from her…. just once. There Noori was also feeling an unknown connection wiht him as if she had met him earlier but skipping those thoughts she started speaking (they were still looking into each other’s eyes)
Noori- Where did u get lost so fast. I mean I just clapped to bring u out but u again got lost somewhere, even u dragged me in ur unkown dream world. Where have u lost ??
(As if she was present in real world)
Om- In u….
As soon as these two words slipped his mouth both finally broked their eyelock. And Noori started,
Noori- I know that why u r here and I also know that who u r but trust me it won’t change my decission. I just can’t….
Om- Wait, firstly let me cllear u one thing that u might know that why I am here but u are definitely mistaken with my identity.
Noori- (in confusion) U r Omkara Singh Oberoi right!?
Om- Yes, but I am here simply as Omkara, who delibrately want that land for his own dream project.
Om waits for few seconds for her reaction but she remained silent as this line somehow entered her heart directly. And assuming her silence as yes, he continued…
Om- Look I know that u r emotionally connected to that place and trust me I won’t force u in any manner to sign that property in my name but I will still try to convince u. You know what in my whole mansion the only thing I loved after my family is my art…. my identity…. U know what no one in the history of my family is related to art in any way but still my heart lies in that only, and not in business.

Noori was silently listening to him with no expressions on her face but deep down in her heart she somehow started feeling to help this guy in any possible way but not this.
Noori- I can understand what u are trying to say but trust me I …… I don’t know what to do.
Om- Plz think once, I won’t do anything on that land which hurt ur sentiments. I simply want to make an institute where every talent must get one chance or may be many if it deserves. I don’t want anyone to loose his potential due to lack of money, or guidance, and more than that I want to do all this on my own.
This triggered something which was deeply burried inside her. She immediately took a step back and realised that this was what her mother also dreamt, this was what she was trying to do, this was for what she needed that land. Her eyes got brighten up and she said,
Noori- Tell me something more about ur project.
Wihtout thinking for another sec. Omkara started narrating her whatever was there left in his mind, as he had forgotten max. portion of his talks in excitement. Noori was impressed but she was still helpless. She finally decided to talk to him about her mother’s dream.
Noori- (pointing towards dark black sky) U know what everyone in this world find someone special in this bright and still pole star whom they have lost. And for me this star is my ‘mother’, whom I lost………even I don’t remember my age.

There was immense pain that could be found in her voice. Omkara was for a moment shocked at her open nature, but soon he realised her pain and wanted to support her. But to his surprise she wasn’t having any such traces in her eyes infact those were smiling stupidly on her fate. She continued…
Noori- I don’t even remember who my father was, and how my mother died or how I got separated from my elder sister. All I remember is those words of my mumma that noone should ever loose the dreams because of this stupid world where money matters a lot.
Om- She might be the most beautiful soul on this earth.
Noori- May be. But for me that’s true. U know what she was mad about art, drawings, paintings and her speciality was that she made beautifull sculptures. Even if she has seen a person once she was able to memorise it. And……
Om- And…..
Noori- (realising that she is getting extra familiar with the person whom she met just few hours before she changed her talk) And my mother wanted to build an art institute at that land which we can’t afford then.
Om- So u now wanted to fulfill ur mother’s dream.
Noori- Yeah. Anyways I think its too late and now we should leave.
Om- But we can continue tomorrow. Right (waiting to listen her yes in excitment)
Noori- (after thinking a lot) Hmmm…..See u in garden, tomorrow morning sharp @ 6:00am.
Om- (excitedly) See u.
Both of them left the spot and reached the orphanage and the peon took Om to the guest room. Om locked the door and sat thinking, after thinking lot he smiled and said, “U will have to agree with me”.

SCENE: @ Oberoi Mansion (same night)
In Shivika’s Room
Shivaay sees Anika a lil bit tensed, he asked her the matter.
Shiv- Anika I am noticing that u are tensed since we have returned from Om’s room. What’s the matter??
Anika- (being a bit hesitant) Shivaay I don’t know that should I tell u or not, but……I don’t know why but I feel that I have seen that locket, I meaning its like I own it, l am related to it…….no l have gifted it to….
Shivaay cuts her..
Shiv- Wait why are u talking like Om, l mean u r sounding very confused or l should say that u r talking in a round round way.
Anika- …(no response)
Shiv- Anika (shaking her a bit).
Anika- Ha…hmmm……
Shiv- About whom are u talking? And which locket….
Anika- Actually l have seen a locket in Om’s room that was hanging around her neck…l mean sculpture’s neck.
Shiv- (remembers about Anika being lost somewhere holding something, he only had noticed that locket in her hand) Oh that locket which had something written… some alphabets they were An…
Anika- ..Ki
Shiv- Exactly. But how do u feel connected to it.
Anika- (lost in herself) l don’t feel that l am connected to it but actually l am…..l am the one who gave it to her. To my Chutki that means she is alive and she is near to me, (excited and having tears in her eyes). I have to find her, wait….it might be of Ishangi only……. that means she is my chutki… I have to meet her…. she jumps from bed … billuji I have to meet her…..she rolled him around as she was super excited, she hugged him tightly.
Shiv- (smiling and reciprocated the hug) Now toh l also want to meet her as she has changed so much even …. even she has not met us once. l will ask Ranveer to call her here only. But for now we must sleep, right.
Anika looks @ him and compiles.

Next Morning
SCENE: @ Akriti Orphanage
Noori was in the garden watering the plants when omkara arrived,
Om- Soya nahi raat ko, neend nahi aayi,
Sari raat dil ko aaj ki fikr satayi.
Noori completed further….
Noori- Ankh khuli to paya apne aap ko bilkul akela,
Phir yaad aaya, rehna hai mujhko hamesha adhoora…

Both stares each other. Noori realises that she had been too senti in this so she changed the mood of shayari….
Noori- Kuch nahi chahiye muskaan hi kafi hai,
Dil mein bas ek armaan hi kaafi hai;
Om- Armaan hai ki aap sada khush raho,
hamein yaad rakhna wo ehsaan hi kaafi hai.
Both laughed at this as both just completed each other’s life.
Noori- What a coincidence….
Om- This is not for the first time..
Noori- What?
Om- Nothing… Friends.
Noori- Why not Mr. Omkara….Friends…but don’t think that this will help u in ur deal.
Om- No not at all. But… don’t call me Mr. Omkara that don’t sound good.
Noori- So l’ll call u Omkara or Om or mr.Shiny hairs…hmm…
Om- Anything u love..Anyways where are the kids…
Noori- They are in their art class.
Om- And why are u here…l mean u must teach them na… U are so good at drawing….
Noori- No l am not l have just learnt how to create or draw or paint.
Om- Meaning ??
Noori- Means this is not my field, l was least interested in this but l learnt this for my mother, and now this art has become a part of my life.
Om- Ok…but still u r too good. By the way in which field were u interested. l mean what’s that for which ur heart beats.

Noori- What according to u am l having as an inbuilt talent??
Om- Ummm….Well… Mr. Mehra told me that u are running this orphanage and also an art institute on ur own and that too without anyone’s support. So if it is about ur mind, then l must say that u might be interested in business coz l have seen my brother handling too many things at the same time.
Noori- Then l must say that u have keen observation. If l would not have to fulfill my mother’s dream then l would definitely be indulged in business……but the thing that noone was there for my support is quite unrealistic….l have a support system and l call him my strenght.
Om- I like ur positive and true approach. Well who’s behind ur success??
Noori- He was like a brother to my mumma. so l call him Mamu. Leave all this tell me what do u want to talk to me as l have already told u that l can’t……
But Om cuts her in b/w,
Om- l have a deal for u. As u said u r interested in business, so l think u will definitely agree with me.
Noori- Ok, say .
Om- I want u to come with me to Mumbai, as our dream projects are somehow similar, so u can see my project in detail there and if u like it then we can do a collabortion of our projects without disturbing the base of each other’s projects. The land will be urs, investment will be mines and the dream will be ours…..What say…
Noori- Its a nice idea but.
Om- Look l am not forcing u its just that l want u to at least consider this once…
Noori- (thinking) hmmm…….Ok. l’ll come. But..
Om- Don’t worry u agree only if u like it.
Noori- Ok.
PRECAP- Ishkara @ Oberoi mansion.

So friends done with the update. Hope u like it and thanks again for ur support, and let me tell u that there are lots of twists awaiting. So plz keep reading.
Thought for the epi.:

Keep trusting ur near and dear ones.
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