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SCENE: @ Oberoi Mansion
Tia enters Oberoi Mansion with a fake crying look, followed by few reporters and cameramen. Oberoi’s were shocked seeing all this, before they could understand anything the reporters surrounded Anika and started questioning her about her relation with Oberoi’s. They asked several questions to her such as;
What is she still doing here when Shivaay had married Tia as she was just a wedding planner??
Why is she living with Oberoi’s and not Tia??
Do Shivaay have any extra marital affiar with her, as this is not first time both their names are dragged together??
What is her relation with Shivaay Singh Oberoi??

All the while reporters were questioning her, she was standing numb, but this time she wasn’t having tears in her eyes, but she was looking confident. She was having a different kind of sparkel in her eyes, as if she will…….(I just can’t explain her tadi wala look). All the elder’s anger was on another level, they were just not able to expose the bad side of her. Soon Shivaay entered the mansion and reporters rushed to him for another sets of questions which were meant for him. The questions were,
Why are u cheating on ur wife??
Mrs. Tia Oberoi is pregnent and u r cheating on her??
About one month plus a week ago it was declared by Mrs. Tia Oberoi that she is pregnent and u both are happy with this news. What happened within this period that u r cheating on her??
What is ur relation with this girl (pointing on anika)?? Is she ur……..
Before the reporter can complete his words a voice thundered in the house, which was of Shivaay of course as the reporter crossed the limit (not his but of Shivaay’s patience).
Shiv- Don’t u dare say anything about my wife (in complete angry tone).Else u don’t know what I can do.
This shocked the media and all started talking in a whispering tone. Tia goes near Shivaay,
Tia- (in a loud tone)Shivaay baby why are u doing this to me?? Have i done any mistake that u r even not accepting me as ur wife….Shivaay baby we need to talk alone.
Shiv- (he was literally shouting on her) Why do we need to talk and that too alone. You have called all of them now….
Before he could continue few women from Mahila AAyog came inside. they were of course from Tia’s side. They shouted on Shivaay,
Woman1- Don’t u dare shout Mr. Oberoi otherwise it will be an unberable burden on u, which u won’t be able to afford. Its better that u stay in ur limits.
Tia smirks evily and started recollecting how all this happened.

Tia- Shivaay baby u can’t do this u have to give me the amount else I’ll tell truth to the world.
Shiv- Which truth are u talking about ?? If u r forgetting then let me remind u one thing that u r the one who is at fault. And yes i was paying u since last one month so that u keep urself mum. But now I have paid u more than enough.
Tia- U don’t know that u r messing up with whom?
Shiv- It would be better that u don’t try to mess up with me.
Shivaay leaves doing his signature step and with a victorious smile. Tia immediately called someone, talked in a way as if she got hurt and was fake crying. After disconnecting the call she laughed evilishly, saying
Tia- Shivaay baby u did a mistake by telling the world that we got married. Now this so called world will help me in entering ur life again.
She again laughed evily.

Women2- We are meant for solving such issues, did u know that if u didn’t coperate us then u may be behind bars.
Woman1- Mrs. Oberoi u continue (pointing at Tia)
Tia compiles, and moves to Anika.
Tia- Mrs. chatterjee (let this be the name of woman 1) she is the one who is behind my situation. She has trapped my husband. U know na these middle class girls, they don’t have any self respect, they r soo cheap that they can do anything for money, and look what she has done she has snatched my husband, now he don’t even trust me (she again started her fake crying)

While Tia was faking all the blames Shivika and Rumya recieved some messages and after checking the message they immediately forwarded the message to all the family members including Ranveer.
Now it was Shivaay’s turn. He moved forward and in his complete tadi he come near Tia and started,
Shiv- U know what u r one who cheated on me and the blame that u r putting on me is completely baseless.
Tia was confused at Shivaay’s confidence and Anika’s smile. While reporters and those women were hell confused.
One media person (MP1) counters Shivaay,
MP1- Few minutes before u claimed this girl (pointing @ Anika) as ur wife. Is this true??
Shi- Yes this is.
MP2- But u were gonna to marry Miss. Tia.??
Shiv- (completely relaxed) Yes u r right, and I would have done so if Miss. Tia Kapoor have not ran away just few minutes before marriage.
Tia interrupts.
Tia- I told u Shivaay baby, that I got kidnapped by one of ur rival.
Shiv- (with smirk) You got kidnapped!! Really.
MP4- What is this kidnapping crap??
MP3- How did u married this girl??
Shiv- (Now guilt could clearly be seen on his face) After this girl ran away I….
He was not able to complete when Anika cuts,
Anika- He straightly went to his family and told them everything and then we all decided that we…,I mean Bi…Shivaay and I will get married.
All stares Anika.
Tia- She is lying.
Rudra- No Tia u r lying, u were saying na that u got kidnapped… We have proofs that u ran away.
Tia- No I didn’t (trying hard to convince all)
Rudra- Then why did u force bhaiya to announce u as ur wife and not Anika bhabhi. If u were good at heart then u would have brought the truth out on that day itself.
Now Tia’s plan backfires.
MP1- Is this true that u forced Oberoi’s to give false statement? (turning to Tia)
Tia- But…
Shiv- No no no…Don’t dare to say anything. You ran away on the day of our wedding with ur husband Dushyant.
Media was now simply covering all the awesome movie which didn’t cost much while covering or recording but will definitely earn a huge profit.
Tej- And u bluffed us till the point that u introduced ur husband as ur brother to us.
Pinky- O my mata u were calling my bahu cheap, looks at u how cheaps u r.
Ranveer also joined them.
Shakti- More than that u even lied to us about ur bankrupcy. U cheated all of us.
Ranveer- Mrs. Tia Dushyant Khanna u are under arrest. And plz don’t dare to ask ur charges coz I can’t waste my energy in again re-telling u ur sins. But the biggest sin of urs is that u murdered ur husband .
Reaction?? U all know that, TIA SHOCKED, OBEROI’S ROCKED.
Woman1- Proofs??
Oberoi’s send the videos to all, and instruct all of them to edit the unnecessary parts. They compiles.
So Tia exposed.

Rudra- Uff…. I have took a lot of stress today let’s see some video’s or any movie, what say!!!!
All laughs and compiles. Elders left the place to give youngers some privacy.
Anika- So which movie Rudra.
Sumo- Crybaby plz a good movie not….
Rudra- Hey Sumo atleast sometimes toh u can consider my choice. Anyways I think My Laptop is in O’s room. So I’ll be back.
Rudra leaves to Om’s room. As soon as he entered the room he firstly rolled his eyes throughout the room and after receiving a big shock he shouted out every possible name he can. Hearing which Shivika ,Priveer and Soumya came there rushing. Elders paid no heed to his shouts as they know that he might be playing a new prank and more than that they knew that there were someone who are always there for him.
As soon as all entered the room they recieved a high voltage shock as for the first time they saw paintings and sketches of a girl in Om’s room, and to their surprise all were of same girl. Some of them were completed, some were rough, some were incomplete, some were having only eyes, some were having the lower portion, and …. forget it. Suddenly Prinku’s eyes fell on a covered sculpture. After exchanging each other’s glance all decided to remove the veil from that sculpture and after a lot of discussion Ranveer moved forward to do the honours, and……all get shocked and they cupped their perfect o-shaped mouth……..

SCENE:@Akriti Orphanage
Om was still in a shocked state, when Mr. Mehra shooked him slowly saying,
Mr.M- Omkara she is Noori, and Noori he is Omkara.U remember i told u about him (says while starring Noori)
Noori- Yes of course. Hello Mr.Omkara and forwarded her hand for a hand shake.
Om- Hello Ms.Ish…. I mean Noori.
Mr.M- Ok then I’ll take a leave, u guys carry on.
Noori- But I have to talk to u….So See u soon.
Mr. Mehra leaves while Omkara is still lost in his own world.
Noori- I think we should go hill side, that’s a perfect place for chit-chat.
Om compiles and they started walking. There was complete silence but a lot of noise inside Om’s heart. He again lost thinking that ……

SCENE: @Om’s room
All of them were hell confused as they don’t know who that girl was, but
Ranveer- I didn’t make them meet infact when I tried to do so then also they were not able to see each other by face, still he made this exactly like her.
Prinku- About whom are u talking Ranveer?
Ranveer- Ishangi. Who else.
Rudra- I was saying a that O has changed after returning from that trip.
Sumo- So she is the reason behind the change which we all were noticing.
Shiv- But what to do now. Om hidded all this from us. But I didn’t get one thing if he has not seen her once then how could he make a perfect , I mean she is so cute and..
Rudra- And beautiful also. Hai na bhaiya (in excitement)
Anika- He was doing this since long time as these sketches can’t be made in one day.
Shiv- Yeah right.
Suddenly Anika notices a locket around sculpture’s neck.
Anika(in mind)- I have seen this somewhere, no it is related to…
Her thoughts break due to voices around her.
Shiv- Let’s go and sleep. It was a tough day for us. Ranveer u also stay with us, and u can share room with Rudra, I mean this room only.
Rudra- u r right bhaiya I have to prepare a list of questions for O, and for that I need rest , then only my mind will work.
All compiles and leaves but Anika was restless…….

SCENE: @ Akrit Orphanage
Om’s pov- I don’t know how but i really made a correct face. I have no doubt that she is Ishangi ,Ranveer’s friend.But why I always feel connected to her. I have got so many hints about her till now, and as soon as I solved this puzzle, look she is in front of me and now I am more confused about her although I got to know soo much about her.
Thinking all this his mind finally concluded that she is the girl who effect him a lot.
Noori all the while was simply walking with him , rather waiting for him to come out in the real world and speak something. So finally she slightly clapped in front of his face. As Om came out of his thougts they share an eyelock filled with lots of care on one side and curiosity on the other.
So friends done with the update. Hope this one is uite long and u all got the answers to questions that were running in ur mind. So plz do comment if u read it, no matter u liked or not but at least let me know ur feedbacks.
Thought for the epi.:

Keep admiring urself.
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