Hello friends KEHKASHA is back with another chapter of ff O SAATHIYA. Sorry for all the grammatical mistakes that i have made in previous chapter. And thankyou for all the comments. Anyways let’s start with a new chapter but before that,
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Shivika were the first to get up, they made others stand. All were tensed about what happened, but they were also satisfied that no one got any major injury, just scratches.
Shivaay enquired the manager,
Shiv- U were talking about the short- circuit, how come there is a blast ???(he was in complete anger)
Manager- Sir actually the chefs and the other workers of the kitchen out of fear ran away without noticing that they have put the stove on without igniting the flame. And due to the fire the cylinders blasts so…..
Shiv- (now bit calmed) Plz check for the saftey of everyone. Its your duty. We are leaving right now, coz I can’t take any more risk on my family’s life.
Manager compiles. All return back to Mumbai, before time (means they were supposed to return the next day but they returned that night itself) and this shocked the family. When Shivaay narrated the whole incident, the elders thanked God that nothing wrong happened.
Pinky was the first who rushed to Shivika and hugged them tightly which shocked Anika, but soon she realised that the misunderstanding due to which Pinky was harsh with her got cleared, so she simply reciprocated.
All went to their rooms for taking rest. Om took out a locket in the chain, from his pocket.
When the music stoped the girl (Ishangi) started to leave when she bumped with someone (as she was busy in her phone) and something fall there. She left the place. Om who noticed this took that locket and kept it with him as she was already gone.
The locket carries four alphabets as “AnKi” in gold nicely tucked in a golden chain. He smiles looking that.

Days started passing with Rumya nok-jhok, some O’bros moment, few extraordinary kitchen scenes of O’bros accompanied by AniPriYa. Shivika bonding started improving, RuMya now started feeling for each other, or I should say that they started realising their love for each other. they were now more than “just friends”. A new bond blossomed b/w PriVeer as they now started dating each other. And our adorable painter, he was still lost in solving the puzzle, the puzzle which he memorised in Kashmir. All this was happening in such a great intensity that this was noticed by everyone present in the mansion…. oups…. “home”.

One month passed……….
That night Om was lying on the bed trying to sleep, but he was simply measuring , by tossing it. He was getting flashes of all the incidents that happened with him in past month. He was able to rewind his life, he was recollecting O’bros moment which were now more special because of AniYa presence, the pool side stupid talks on which somtimes or most of the time he used to say, “SHUT UP RUDRA”, their Kashmir trip…….. that girl “ISHANGI”. As soon as her face flashes within a sec or two he wake up with a jerk, holding his head and caressing his long hairs, he got down the bed and covered the distance to his workstation and sat in front of a covered sculpture. He removed the cloth and stared it for a minute or two and started shaping the eyes. After sometimes he was having a satisfied smile as if he completed it as he wanted…………as if he has solved the puzzle….

Next morning
SCENE @ hall of the Mansion.
Jhanvi- Om have u kept all the essentials??
Om- Yes mom.
Pinky- Om beta returns with urs success.
Shiv- Don’t worry Om u will get that deal. You would be able to impress that girl and she will definitely help u.
Prinku- Han bhaiya when she would come to know that u need that place for ur dream project she will surely give u the papers for the deal. Moreover she is herself an artist so she will understand u.
Om- Its quite hard coz Mr. Mehra told me that the girl is emotionally connected to that place. And she had worked really hard to get that place legally. She is running an orphanage and also teaches Fine Arts.
Rudra- (in a teasing tone) Aree wah O , you have found out many things about that girl before meeting her. U know what I even have a plan, if that girl did not agree to give u that papers then …..
Anika- Then…..(in a questioning way)
Rudra- Then….(creating suspense)
Sumo- Aree duffer will u speak further, or ur words got jammed in mumbai’s traffic.
Rudra- Sumo(in a bit angry tone).
Anika- Rudra u continue.
Rudra- then marry her Om (said all this in one flow and tried to run away)
Om- Shut up Rudra (while chasing him)
Rudra- say something different O.(while escaping)
Om- will u be quite.(still trying to hold him)
Rudra- It means the same (shows his tongue and again ran away)
Om- Wait, I won’t leave u.
Rudra- First get a hold on me, then don’t leave me (again ran away)
All were smiling and chuckling seeing two kids, when Shivaay came in b/w and holded Om.
Shiv- Wait Om.
Om- U are also on his side.
Shiv- No.
Om- Then why did u stoped me.
Shiv- (shows his watch) coz u r getting late. U must leave for Lavasa now.
Om- (realising that he’s late) Ya. Thanks for reminding me otherwise I would have forgotten becoz of duffer.
Om leaves taking blessings from elders and leaves. He was going to Lavasa to meet a girl for a place which is in Mumbai but is registered on her name. He don’t know much about her. All he knows was that the girl is emotionally attached to that place and he don’t want to
Om- Yes Mr. Mehra
(The caller is Mr. Mehra)
Mr. M.- Omkara when will u reach here??
Om- In half an hour approx.
Mr. M.- OK then see you @cafe near Akriti Orphanage post half an hour. I am sending u the directions.
Om- Sure. See ya.
Om disconnects the call. And after approx. 30-35 min. he reached the cafe.
Om- Hello Mr. Mehra (he was already there)
Mr. M.- Hello Omkara(while shaking hands)
Om- Why have u called me here??!!
Mr.M.- Actually, I wanted to tell u something about that girl before u meet her.
Om- Ok. But before that let us order something.
They ordered coffee with some friers.
Mr.M.- You know what that girl is very well known as Noori.
Om- Why?? Wait u said she is known by this name, but Mr. Mehra every person is known by his/her name only.
Mr.M.- U r right Omkara but this is not her name. This is her nick name only. And she got this name coz everyone who meet her feels like she is the most precious gem. And the most precious gem is Kohinoor so, they gave her name..
Om- Noori. Hmm… impressive.
Mr.M.- There is much more to say about her name. But the fact is that she got all this success without using her name, i.e., there are hardly few people who are personally close to her, and only those knows her real name.
Om- Then how did she introduced herself in the professional world, where name matters a lot.
Mr.M.- She did not introduced herself but only her skills and for that she used her mother’s name “Akriti”. You might have heard about “Akriti Art Gallery” it is in Mumbai only, and also I mentioned in my previous conversation about “Akriti Orphanage”
Om- U mean the orphanage u r talking about…..
Mehra cuts him in b/w.
Mr. M.- Is runned by that girl only.
Om- U mean Noori.
Mr. M.- Yes
Om- This girl is sounding like a puzzle. I doubt that how could her parents be able to understand her. They would probably the most proud parents.
Mr. M.- Well Omkara she is running an orphange because she don’t want any other kid to face whatever she has faced in her childhood.
Om- That means she is also…… and she did all this on her own without anyone’s help.
Mr. M.- Yes.
Om- And still she is not letting world know about her. She deserves the fame and prestige.
Mr. M.- U r right but don’t know what’s going in her mind.
Om- She is soo strong.
Mr. M.- In all the ways. In short she is a multi talented girl.
Om – I don’t know how to ask her for that land. She is herself like a riddle and….
Mr.M.- And everyone who listens about her says the same, but the one who meets her changes the opinion. U can take nothing from her if u boast on urself, but u can take her life if u r genuinely a good soul.
Om- Hmmm…thanks.
Mr.M.- Let’s go and meet her.
Om- Sure.

SCENE: @ Akriti Orphanage.
Mr. Mehra made Omkara visit each and every corner of the orphanage. Om was impressed with the way she has maintained the whole place. He could feel the hard work she has done while her artistic journey. Mr.Mehra took him towards her art station, where she was already waiting for them.
They entered the room.
Mr. M.- Hello Noori beta. How are u???
She was facing in the opposite direction. Listening Mr. Mehra she said,
Noori- So finally u came. I thought u would have forgotten me (saying this she turned towards them)
Om was shocked seeing her………

So friends done with the update and no precap for today, but I want u to guess few questions,
What do that locket “AnKi” mean?
Whose sculpture did Om completed with a content smile??
Do coincidence happen???
Why was Om shocked seeing Noori????
Will Om get successfull in getting those land papers?????
Plz share ur guesses in the comment section, let me see who guess that what’s in my mind!!!

Thought for the epi.:

Keep following ur heart.
Signing off,

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  1. Anika+chutki=Anki. I guess so anyway good writting skill

    1. Kehkasha

      Thanks a lot for ur guess. And u will get to know about this in next few chapters.
      I will mention that were u right or not.
      Sorry that I am asking you to wait but I hope u understand .

  2. Kavya347

    And that was again a very very awesome update by you…OmRu masti…aww I loved it……It is so nice…And I think that Noori and Ishangi only…And ya…Don’t know will Om win the deal or not, but I am Damn sure that he will win her heart soon…Waiting for the next one….

    1. Kehkasha

      Thanks Kavya.
      Is it ur guess or gud feeling that noori and Ishangi….then u r……
      Well u will get to know soon.
      Remember one thing that Om has not seen Ishangi…..

  3. Samm

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  5. Mrunal

    hey dear…
    again the superb update with superb thought of episode…

    ans to ur guesswork…
    1. om completed inshangi’s sculpture..
    2. noori is none other than ishangi hence om is shocked…
    3. and about locket may be annika & ishangi r related to it…
    may be it’s hint of their connection…
    4. om will definitely get that land bcoz of this only inshangi will enter in their life…

    i hope my guesses r correct…

    1. Kehkasha

      Yes di u again rocked. I am gonna to post next part and u will surely like that.
      Fingers crossed
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        BTW i have posted the next epi my ff…
        If u r free then check it….

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