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Anika- Who’s with Om….Om had gone for deal na….and not for….
Shiv- Hey….control your emotions…..first lets go and see that what is the matter..
Anika- Hmmm….let’s go..
They both comes down and see OmRuVeer smiling and PriYa were giggling.
Anika – What happened …..why are you all smiling like this…….and wait Ranveer u said na that someone has come with Om…….whose the person…..tell me…
She was asking all this in her James bond wale expressions ….to which all of them bursts into laughter….
Om- ( controlling his laugh and almost in a serious tone) Which is the place where you lost ur last reason to live and the same place gave u another reason to smile…..!!??
Anika- ( she was having tears in her eyes and unknowingly she rushed outside) I’ll be back soon..
Every one was amused while shivaay was confused ..
Ranveer – Shivaay go behind her ..
OmRu- we will also come…

The trio rushed behind Anika….
Anika was running in almost absentmindedness she ran by colliding with different cars and vehicles stopped at signal…. Shivaay was running behind her in complete worry and a lot of anger on her so called stunt…..they were at distance due to the time gap between both…OmRu were following them in a car….. This was the time when Anika stopped and look at her left and find a completely dismantled board having written on it”CHHAYA ORPHANAGE”
She starred the board for sometime recollecting all the weird dreams that never let her sleep…..soon she gathered all the courage and again started running to an open ground which was behind the orphanage, further connected to a bridge with an old river on either side…..
She stopped for taking breath as she was almost tired of running….. Soon she saw a girl standing at some distance…..facing her back…..
Anika slowly started to move in that girl’s direction……all this was witnessed by the three brothers…..Each time Shivaay tried to reach her for helping her his brothers used to stop him….assuring him that their super girl will surely manage…
As soon as she reached near that girl she found a kind of pain in her heart as if….as if her heart was witnessing someone very close to her…..
The moment the girl turned….. There was complete silence as if everything has stopped……
Anika- ( in a hardly audible tone with great difficulty she speaks) CHUTKI……..her breath started raising and her mouth was only calling out same name….CHUTKI……CHUTKI…..CHUTKI……. As if she was reminding herself

Noori who was standing completely numb starring just one single thing……the bracelet Anika was wearing……..and holding her own locket in the tight grip of her hands……with plain and a pale face with no traces of tears…..she was simply admiring her sister…..her own sister…..
Anika- U remember what papa used to say…
Noori ( or Ishangi or chutki) nods….
Noori- yes..
Anika- Ek ko rulana mushkil (seeing Ishangi)
Noori- Aur doosre ko hansana mushkil…(smiling at her cute elder sister)
Anika- But now I have learned to smile and now I hardly cry….
Noori- But u r still crying di….
Both smiled at each other and continues..
Anika – U know what my Jodidaar was lost for so many years so I made my tears and smile the best pair, but now u r back so…..

Noori- So… from now u will never give tears a place in ur eyes….
They just hugged each other and finally both were soo happy to meet each other after years…
Noori- But di how come u know about me…
I mean ranveer must have told u my name…..and wait from where did u get my locket…. I have lost it in….
ShivOmRu comes closer to duo….
Om- U have lost it in Kashmir..
Noori- Yes but how do u know…..
Rudra- Wo actually when u lost this locket….O found it…
Noori- (confused) O… !??
Shiv- Omkara..
Noori- Oh! But how did u…….same time something clicked her mind……..So u were the one whom RV (Ranveer) wanted me to meet……right…
Om- Right…
Noori- And if I am not wrong then you are the same person with whom I danced…..
Rudra- Sahi pakde hain..?
Shiv – Should I arrange some tables and chairs so that u all can settle here and chit-chat properly…. U know …….we can have a candle light dinner here only……
All bursts into laughter at Shivaay ‘s comment…..
Noori- Om won’t you introduce me with ur family….
Rudra- No need di we all know u….
Noori- How..??
Rudra- Aree…its simple Om had made ur beautiful sculpture and Ranveer have told us your name and few more details ….and rest was cleared by Bhabhi…
Noori was confused listening bhabhi from Rudra which Shivaay sensed and said..
Shiv- Before u ask something else we must return as its too late and by now everyone must have returned….so…
All compiles and leave the place…

In the car all of them told Ishangi about Shivika marriage including the force part and how they expose Tia….to which Om raises a question that how and from where did they got videos (remember Om was with Ishangi that time so he is unaware, even u all are but I will disclose all that in upcoming parts)…to which Shivika promised to explain later….
Then Omkara also introduced Ishangi as the same girl whom he went to meet….and introduced her to his brothers…She was also enjoying their company…..

SCENE: @Oberoi Mansion
All five of them entered with a different kind of smile and satisfaction on their face. Everyone was looking Ishangi and then Ranveer….he signed them in Yes and soon Pinky speaks….
Pinky- Stop there only..
They all stopped at their places…they were in hall only….
Pinky- Before u all enters I wants to ask few questions to this girls…
All were shocked to the extreme…
Pinky – Whats black magic have u dones on my childrens that they are talkings about yous only… From mornings they all’s wre out and…..waits how are u Anika’s sister….U didn’t remembers her till nows and today u are with hers…..
Prinku- Choti ma we already told you everything….then…
But Pinky shows her hand indicating her to stop….
Pinky- Aree… Why u alls always misunderstood me…I was only sayings that I hope she (looking at Ishangi) has not gone through any memory loss in her childhood like u Ranveer puttar….
A smile crept on Ishangi’s face and she replied…..
Ishangi- Its nothing like that auntiji…… Actually we were unaware of each other’s exsistence….I was too small to handle that situation and di….she could not do anything at that time as she was………leave all this its just past……a dark past…..its better not to revive it..
Jahnvi- U r right beta….but I agree with Pinky on one point….and that’s u have done some kind of magic on all of them……. Look Anika is so happy with ur return…..we all have never seen her this much mad before…. And Ranveer, sumo, rudra all praises u …..
Anika- Even Shivaay praised u yesterday….
All were shocked at this statement and u know why SSO never praises anyone…lol…
Dadi- U know puttar what thebest part is…..that Om has made a sculpture exactly like u look…..
Pinky- And that too without lookings at u completely….only ur eyes he sees and…..
Jahnvi- Exactly Om we all know that u r an amazing artist but this is limit of being amazing even without meeting her before even once you potrayed each and every silt on her face so beautifully…..
All were chuckling while Ishangi was simply starring Om……..and Om he was completely shocked…..coz he had no idea that the gang would tell everything about that sculpture to everyone…….and that too elders…..
The screen freezes on shocked face of Om clearly throwing daggers to Rumya and Priveer…….

——————————- So friends done with the update… usual hope u would like it…..and plz if u have any confusion then plz do ask me in the comment section……. Thanks a lot for u wonderful support.
Thought for the epi.:

Keep flying the jet of ur dreams..
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    Rudra – sahi pakde hai ???????????and Shivaay telling shall I arrange dinner date was epic….oh god I think I have to stop it here otherwise the comment will turn into a summary for your ff….
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