Ishqbaaz ff — A new journey (Episode 3)


Anisha – Plz you all be comfortable.
Maya – I will make arrangements for breakfast. She goes to order servents.
Anisha- Kalyani now tell me how are you all.
Dadi – Fine. Look what happened to our family.
Anisha – Dont worry Kalyani everything will be fine.
Shivaaye – Yes Dadi everything will be fine, we will get everything back from veer.
Omkara- But how Shivaaye…. We are helpless ..
Rudra – haa bhaiya.

Shivaaye- Veer won from us bcz he knew our weakness… He too wld have some weakness. We have to find it out.
Tej- You are right but who will help us.
Anisha – If you guys don’t mind Yuvi can help you.
Tej – Ofcourse mausi jii, we can take help from u ..
Maya – I had called him he had some meetings so he will be here in evening.
Till then Samar came.
Maya- Samar you are going .
Samar – Yes Mom, its an emergency in hospital.
Maya- But beta breakfast.
Samar – I will do it in hospital mom.
And he leaves.
Maya- Arrey but…
Anisha – See these they cant see anything over there work. Yuvi too went early & now samar also.

Just then Komal comes.
Komal – Ohh Nani i am there naa, i will eat there part too. She said with a sweet smile.
They all sit for bf. After bf, Komal too leaves for her boutique. As i told she is a fashion designer. Though the chaudhary ‘s are billionaires they live a simple life infront of world.
Maya has always taught her childrens to be grounded. It was almost 6 pm in evening.
ShivOmRu & AniGauriBhavya were in a room.
Rudra – Bhaiya , these rooms are bigger then rooms of Oberoi mansion.
ShivOm- Shut up rudy. We are here to discuss further step for teaching Veer a lesson.
Rudy- I was just trying to ease the environment.
Shivaaye- Rudra….
Anika- Offo Shivaaye, don’t say anything to my devar.. And you say…
Just then a servent came.
Servant – Maya mam is calling you all.
They go.

Maya-Arrey come beta… have snacks.
They sit. They were talking. Just then Samar arrives.
Maya- Samar.. come beta..
Samar- yep i will get fresh & come mom..
She smiles. Komal to arrives few minutes.
Komal- God.. so much work was there.. Thanks mom i was so hungry.
Oye bhukhaar .. atleast wash your hands says Samar coming downstairs…
Komal – Bhaii..
Samar- What chotti chudail… he shows her his tongue…
Bhai , i am not gonna leave you… She runs behind him..
Samar- Arrey.. he too runs…
Samar- Catch me…
Komal – Bhai.. she throws a cushion on him.. But someone stops it.
A handsome guy had caught cushion. Yes he was non other then Yuvraj.

Shaleen Malhotra as Yuvraj Chaudhari. A nice kind hearted guy. Girls droll over him. A business tycoon… Loves his family alot. specially his siblings.

Samar – Bhai..
Komal- Bhaiya…
They go to him.
Yuvraj – What were you two doing.
KOmal- See na bhaiya , bhai was calling me chudail.
Samar- But bhai..
Yuvraj- Samar this is wrong naa.. What if her face is like that .. u shld not say it.
Komal- Bhai you too… Go i am not talking to both.
She turns her back. Both look at each other. Yuvi signal Samar & they both together hug her.
Komal smiles.
Yuvi- You know naa, you are our jaan. Huh…
Samar- Haa, even if your face looks like a chudail..
Komal- Bhaiya…..
Yuvi- Samar…
Samar- Okay baba sorry… And they hug.
Maya & Anisha who were standing with oberois smile. Maya wipes her tears.
Maya- Yuvi.
He turns to them. Shivaaye & Om were shocked to see him. Specially Shivaaye. (Actually till now they had not seen his face as he had his back.)
Yuvi- Yes Mom.. He smiles. He did not saw Shivaaye till now.
Maya- How was your meeting..
Yuvraj- Superb mom…… And u know i am so hungry..
Maya smiles & says i knw. Come you three.
Btw Yuvi they are Oberois. Yuvraj looks at them. His eyes falls on Shivaaye. His face changes.

Yuvi- Ohh Shivaaye Singh Oberoi.. hmm
He stands infront of him..
Maya- You know hi,.
Yuvi- Ofcourse Mom & that too quite nicely.. Right Shivaaye.
Shivaaye was just standing looking at him eye to eye. Others cld not understand much.
Maya- How…through business cirle
Yuvi- Much before that…. Woh i mean we were in same college in US.
Samar – It means you both were frnds bhai..
Samar – Frnds & we … He looks at Shivaaye & smirks.
Om comes in between.
Om-Hii Raj.. I mean Yuvraj…
Yuvi- Hii Om..
He takes blessings from elders.
Maya- Come eat.
Yuvi – Ofcourse mom, Suddenly i am feeling more hungry… come…
Screen freezes…

Precap – Shivaaye-Yuvraj ….

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