Ishqbaaz ff by nans(part 20)


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Last part shivika haldi mehendi sangeet happened with their romance.
Here it goes,

After sangeet all are relaxing in their rooms.shivomru teasing each other talking about anika sowmya sweety.ram knocks ta door.
Shivay: come uncle!! Sryy dad.
Ram: shivay if u don’t mine can I talk with u for few minutes?
Shivay: ofc and they leave to lawn.
Ram: tomorrow u both will get married,I don’t wnt to be a typical father but I want to share something with u.
Shivay looking at him: sure .
Ram: anu had been through a lot.I told u how she was in tat depression for 2 years n still fighting with it. But shivay whatever be the pain and sadness she never shares with evryone.if its happy news she becomes radio but when it comes to sad she just calms herself sitting alone.she is tat much strong that she makes herself out of it.she never expresses anything.I always have to compel her to know things.and I am not saying this to u so tat u share her pain, coz u don’t need to.whatever be it is she will come out of that by herself.but I just want u to sit her side when she cries.let her cry don’t stop her don’t say anything just be her side.tats all I want.
Shivay : dad I know I can’t fulfill ur duty bcoz u r there always to do it even after ta marriage.I can say one thing I will be with her always ,in evry path even if its painful or joy.
Ram smiles and hugs him.
Ram: thanks shivay.if anu would listen this na then she will laugh at me seeing me as a typical father.goodnight.
Shivay: goodnight.
And they both turn only to see anika.
Anika with folded hands: what’s hapening here?
Ram: nothing.

Anika looks at them suspiciously and then looks at ram n shivay happy come proud faces.
Anika: something happened.let it be.
She comes forward and hugs both of them.
Anika: I love you guys.
Ram n shivay both smile.
Anika kisses on rams cheek n then shivays cheek.shivay is surprised n feeling embarrassed.
Ram: kya din dekna pad raha hai? See how modern daughters have become.
Anika: when u can kiss mom in front of me when I was kid why can’t I?(she does logic wala sign)
Shivay feeling more embarrassed: goodnight
And he leaves.
Ram laughs.
And then anika sleeps in rams lap in his room.

Next day ,
No one disturbed shivay anika beauty sleep.all started their arrangements for shadi.they woke up very late.shivay getting pampered by his family members so do anika.anika is enjoying it while shivay all ta time”oh please “ vala look.
They got ready in their rooms.
Mandap: ( all in white n red)
Groom is in muhurat time.bride is called.
Anika in her beautiful elegant red shadi ka joda comes with her sissos looking at shivay.shivay lost in her beauty.she steps on the mandap shivay gives his hand.anika holds it and sits down.after mantras its time for varmala.shivay is about to wear varmala but omru come and lifts anika.
Shivay: u r my brothers .
Omru: but we r on our bhabi side.

At last with 6 trials shivay puts ta garland.
Its anika turn.
Ram, tej,shakti come and lift shivay.
Shivay smirks at anika.
Anika tries a lot then making puppy face”my dear lovely dads plssssss”
They all melt n leave shivay.
Shivay: not fare evryone on her side.let it be.I am also on her side.
All laugh.
Then they take pheras.(ishq pe an soon ishq me magma ishq sukoon hai rahat ka)
They sit back.

Shivay makes her wear mangalsutra looking into her eyes. He puts sindoor in her maang.a tear escapes from anika eyes.shivay wipes it.anika smiles.
They take blessings of all elders by touching their feet.they finally come to ram and take his blessings by hugging.all cousins n friends hug shivaay n anika.omru sahil come n hugs shivika together and they pull prinku n sowmya too.
Shivay: where are my joothey?
Sisssos : with us.
Anika: but where are mine?
Omru: with us
Anika: huh? When did this tradition started?
Rudra: when rudra came in this world.
Shivay: OK my dear saali sahebas! What do u want to return my jhoota?
Sissos: promise that u will love anu forever like this.
Shivay: OK done give my jhootas.
Sissos: not like this say it.
Shivay: OK….fine…I will love miss.stubborm forever.(looking at anika)
Anika smiles at him.

Anika: so what do u want omru?
Rudra: bhabi promise tat u will always allow our midnight cookings,pool sitting,obro moments.
Anika: huh? What a stupid promise is that!
All looks at her shockingly.anika confused.
Anika:i….mean……y….should…I..promise…I mean what ta need to promise? Whom am I to allow u? U three r brothers from birth I came into ur lives just now na ….sooooo(with a innocent look)
Evryone glaring at her.
Anika whispers in shivay ears: billu ji what’s happening here?
Shivay smiles at her.omru comes and hugs her.
Rudra: bhabi then I will ask u something later.
They all take beautiful snaps with all family members.

Its night.anika is taken to her room by her sisiters.shivay got stuck with remaining youngsters.its been 1 hour since anika went.
Shivay: guys I think u all tired u should sleep now.
Rudra: u r so desperate to sleep na?
Om: crction rudra, he is so desperate to not to sleep.
Rudra gives him HiFi.
Shivay: stop it guys.
Sowmya: let bhayya go na and makes him leave from the capture of omru.

Shivay goes to anika room but she is no where.all her jewelry is on ta table but she is not present even in her wardrobe washroom.shivay waits there for 15 min and he comes out in search of her.he searches whole palace in the fog but anika is not there in any room.
Suddenly he collides with ram.
Ram: why r u roaming here n there?
Shivay: uncle its…anika is not there in her room.
Ram: what? Oh ……shivay when anika is so happy na she spends the time in twilight dome.
Shivay: twilight dome?
Ram: 4 km from lawn u will find tat place.
And he leaves.shivay thinks and goes to lawn.he takes golf cart.after 4 km he finds full trees.he goes inside and witnesses beautiful scenario.
There is a pond with a centre big dome shaped room.there is pathway from grass to room along pond.he smiles at her tightly folding his hands in that fog and steps into ta room.anika is facing back to shivay standing in ta balcony closing her eyes in cold breeze.anika skin is sparking in that twilight.the total room is occupied with beautiful curtains n aroma candles.

Shivay is surprised to see her in the red saree which he gifted her on diwali.( but she didn’t wear it coz he made her upset by proposing her from daksh side)
He comes near her and hugs her from back.
Anika opens her eyes with his warm touch.
Anika: u take this much time to find me?
Shivay: u should had told me before ,I wouldn’t have wasted this much time.
Anika blushes.

Shivay makes her turn to his side holding her close by her waist.
Shivay: why do moon n stars always fascinate u so much?
Anika: don’t know.I feel like they share our pain, joy by witnessing us always.
Shivay tucks her hair streaks behind her ear and kisses near her ear.he slowly presses his lips on her lips.he starts sucking her lower lip passionatley.anika reciprocates by sucking his upper lip.shivay holds her more close and his tongue starts dancing romantically with her tongue.anika breaks part unwillingly when she needs air but shivay again starts kissing her intensely without letting her breathe.anika pushes him gently and runs a bit. Shivay immediately pulls her and holds her from back tightly.anika starts breathing heavily.

Shivay can clearly hear her evry breath and chanchan sound of the kamarbandh due to cold breeze. He makes her hair towards right and starts kissing her neck making it warm n wet while his right hand is playing with kamarbandh on her gets unhooked and falls on the floor.shivay turns anika and lifts her in his arms.he takes her to bed and makes her lay down.he starts kissing her right part of neck removing her saree.anika pushes him in shy and sits up.
Shivay removes his sherwani and comes close to anika and unties her blouse back threads and kisses her back.anika turns and hugs him tight. Shivay gently removes her clothes and makes her lay back.he pulls the blanket over them he totally gets over anika.his evry body part can witness anika body and they consummate their bond all the while anika moaning in his ear with her right hand leaving nail marks on his shoulder back and left hand holding his hair tightly.shivay is taking love revenge for her tight grip by making it so hard for her.

After a while they rest their bodies by cuddling into each other arms.anikas head on shivay chest and his hands on her shoulder.
Shivay: I never thought u r this much wild Mrs.oberoy. see how many marks u left on my body.
Anika hides her face in his chest and closes his mouth with her hand.shivay removes her hand and kisses it.
Shivay: anika why do u love me when I hurt u so much?
Anika looks at him by keeping her hands on his chest.
Anika: “ aap se juda har dard is dil ko manzoor hai,
Par appko dil se door karna namumkin hai”
Shivay smiles listening this: love you!!!
Anika: love you too.
she pecks on his lips n again sleeps on his chest.

Next morning , shivay wakes up and looking at his anika lovingly.he plays his fingers on her cheeks giving her tickling sensation.
Anika still closing eyes: shivay!!!!!
He kisses on her forehead: good morning!
Anika wakes up and says good morning hubby!
They get up from bed and they start wearing their clothes.shivay done looks at anika struggling with saree.
Shivay: don’t u know to wear that?
Anika: I know but I don’t wear it usually so…
Shivay comes near her and makes her wear by touching her all over again igniting fire in her.
She truns n hugs him tight.he takes kamarbandh from floor and makes her wear.
They leave to palace arm in arm.

Evryone get ready to leave.anika packing is also done.its her bidaii.
They all are standing at entrance of palace.
Anika: I will not do bidaii (in upset tone)
Ram: oye its a ritual.
Anika makes sad face.
Shivay: let it be if she don’t wants.
Dadi taps on his cheek and comes to anika.
Dadi: puttar bidaii doesn’t mean ur connection with ur family is ended.u r just sharing ur responsibility as daughter to others.

Anika smiles and does the ritual.she hugs evryone in her family.they all cry but not anika.
Anika comes to ram: don’t dare to feel that now u can do anything!!!
And punches him in stomach.ram hugs her.
Om in driving seat ( he is totally out of depression now he drives car) ,rudra beside him shivika in back seat.they start their jrny.
Shivay looks at anikas plain look.
Shivay: anika u can cry if u want.
Anika: why should I cry I won’t .I am still rams daughter before ur wife.
Shivay: OK then don’t cry then laugh.
Anika: huh?
Rudra: bhabi ek shayari,
Shiv om ru ho toh obro moment,
Bhabi ko ajane par oberoy moment!!!!
Vahva vahvaaaa
Anika laughs.
Shivom hits their own heads.

They reach city.all ladies go fast and brings aarti taali.anika hits kalash makes her hand print and enters in leaving foot prints.
Then they r made to sit.prinku gets a taali with milk and rose petals.they drop ring in it and ask shivika to find it.
They both start playing.omru,tej,shakti dadi are on anu side and prinku sowmya ,jhanvi pinky on shivay side.sweety recording video of it.
Finally shivay wins and he looks at anika lovingly.anika smiles.
Rudra: what bhabi? U loose it.
Pinky: see now my son will rule.
Om: see anu what u did!!
Anika: let it be he already he accepted tat he is on my side.(she smirks at shivay)
Its night all r tired so they skipped directly in their rooms.
Shivika also lay down on bed hugging each other.
Shivay: why did u loose ta game intentionally?
Anika: Mr.shivay Singh oberoy don’t like loosing na!! Tats why.

Next mrng,
Anika does pooja by dadi instructions while rudra records everything.then she makes sweet dish for evryone n she makes cake for rudra.they all enjoy it and give shagun to her.
Shivay sits on sofa busy in his business work which was pending from 1 week.while om RU are helping anika to set her things in room. When shivay lifts his head the only thing he can see is hanging starts n moon lights as anika scared of darkness.he smiles looking at Ani omru hugging eachother after their work is done.
Then rudra plays music and they start dancing dragging shivay too.

One year passed.
Anika brought many changes in their lives for good.the so called stranger thing Btw ta family members now changed to strong now calls tej as dad.rudra become mature with anika guidance n sowmya support.still our aniru do stupid things to irritate om n shivay.after shivika marriage anika got to know rumya marriage when she overheard them.rudra saw her and tried to stop her saying to shivay.but anika tells shivay tat rudra wants to say him n om something and she leaves.rudra gets his courage out and explains whole gets angry.but at last shivom ani support them.they told to family which made them angry but shivaniom managed.dadi again did rumya marriage.they r still studying and live together in ta room as buddies with growing love.
Shivay started smiling wthout reason but still he is same shivay Singh oberoy when it come to business.change is tat he thinks with heart when it comes to always our anika knows how to calm him when he gets hyper,sometimes with her songs sometimes with her romance sometimes with her omru team.
Obro kitchen moments are still on swing but ta change is when shivay is out for business it becomes oberoy moment with omru ani.

Shivika anniversary: but anika is sad as shivay is out for business but she understands him.but suddenly she gets a huge surprise from all family members in night.shivay already returned and he played hide n seek with anika from mrng.all enjoyed ta night by playing singing dancing.

In room:
Anika goes to take her night bath when shivay is in study.she forgets her dress n comes out wearing shivay shirt which was in bathroom.shivay just enters room locking door.he gets mesmerised seeing anika all wet and in his white shirt.
Anika looking at him tries to hide herself with pillows.
Shivay: u should have told me tat u love my fragrance so much tat u wear my shirt.
He comes close to her and pulls her close n holds her.
Anika : nothing like tat my hubby I forgot my dress.but u don’t talk to me and makes angry face.
Shivay: what I did
Anika: u did nothing.u didn’t gave me anniversary gift.I composed a beautiful song, made a glass painting for u.but u? ( she makes a pout)
Shivay: awww so cute.see this ( he shows his hand sleeving his shirt up)
He made a tatto in name of anika.
Anika gets surprised and hugs him tight.he kisses on anika on cheek n lifts her to bed.they passionately kiss each other..

After few days,
All assemble in living area as per ani order.
She comes.
Shivay: (in angry voice): what’s tis ani? I have imp meeting and u made me come here.what so imp
Anika: y r u shouting?
Shivay: bcoz of u.
Anika: OK fine shout.when my baby comes after 8 months he will support me Mr.akhdu Singh oberoy.
Shivay: oh please why will he support u he will…..wait what? What did u say? Baby?
Anika nods at him and keeps his hand on her belly.she says”doc confirmed its 1 month pregnancy”
Shivay tears roll down and hugs her.pinky starts dancing. all bless her.rudra comes n lifts anika and makes rounds.
While shivom ask him to be careful.
Rudra ,pinky starts singing “kanji ankhon wala Jr.bhagad billu” and they dance.
Shivay side hugs anika and kisses on her forehead.

***********the end**************

I did some fimy drama in my epilogue.hope u all like it.I want to dedicate my ff to my NiSaTuPi gang.I started writing for them.I know they will support me all ta while but u guys also always supported me in my jrny with ur comments.thanks a lot.I wish I have more beautiful words to express it.
Thanks a lot guys.this is my last post of “ff by nans” so I request all silent readers to comment today plzzz.just an emoji if u can.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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