Ishqbaaz ff by nans(part 19)

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Last part shivika engagement anika singing iktara for shivay and their dance.

Here it goes,
After ta engagement all r really tired coz they all arranged everything within five hours before engagement.they all hugged their beds immediately.but not our shivika.
Shivay in his room with om beside him sleeping peacefully and rudra beside om cuddling over om with his left leg on both om n shivay.shivay looks at them smiles and gently takes rudra leg off from him and covers them with blanket and leaves to anika room.
He slowly peeps into anika room and closes the door.he looks at bed but she is not there.her dressing table is with her jewelry and dupatta she weared today.he goes near and takes kamarbandh and smiles looking at it.he then sees anika in her room balcony wearing tat apple ghagra.he is facing her back.she is lost in cold breeze and moon with her hair dancing rhythematically to the breeze.
Shivay slowly goes towards her and keeps his hands around her waist to make her wear kamarbandh.shivers pass through anika body with his sudden cold touch and jerks close back to him.
Anika breathing heavily: you ?
Shivay keeping his chin on her shoulder ,looking at her eyes: wear this kamarbandh looks beautiful on you.
Anika smiles.shivay slowly tries to make her wear kamarbandh brushing his fingers on her waist making her heart beat skip.but the hook got stuck so he kneels down and tries to loose hook with his teeth while his lips are touching her soft skin.she immediately runs towards her bed and sits on the bed.shivay comes and lay downs on bed keeping his head on anikas lap.
Shivay: so miss super girl is blushing.see tats my magic.(and he smirks)
Anika makes him getup and shows him ta painting om gifted tat is on ta table in front of bed.she comes close to his ears from back and says β€œ tat is my magic”
Shivay: anika!!!
And they start pillow fighting on bed and slip into each other.they fall asleep laughing and holding each other hands.

Next morning shivika are in deep sleep cuddled into each other.shivay face in anika neck crest.( they just slept together dont dream too much naughties!!!!)
Anika wakes up with falling sunrays n smiles looking at shivay.suddenly she hears her sissoos voices and gets nervous seeing shivay.they r about to open door she immediately drapes ta blanket completely on shivay and sits leaning back to bed with stretched legs and keeps pillow half on her legs half on shivay covered face.with this sudden act shivay wakes up and is abt to talk but anika closes his mouth with her hand under blanket.
Cousins: u r still on bed today? We think jiju became naughty in ur dreams.
Anika nervously smiling.shivay listening cousins voice understands what’s going first he too gets nervous but then something hits his brain.its not omru its anika cousins .so its his turn.he Removes anika hand on his mouth.he smirks and starts kissing her hand.
Anika becomes more nervous and is covering her face blush with her left hand and trying to take her right hand but shivay is not leaving.
Kirti: anu what r u doing and y r u acting weirdly?
Anika: huh? Noth…..nothing.
Under blanket shivay starts playing with his fingers on her waist.
Anika eyes become widen.
Kirti: anu what’s wrong with you?
Anika: ha……nothhhhhinnnnnngggggggggggg.
She tries to stop him with her right hand but he holds it with his left hand and starts doing naughty things and now he starts tickling her.
Anika:πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ laughs .
Her cousins are confused and they try to come near her.
Anika: stop!!!!!
Still laughing
Anika: guys u go I will freshen up n come
Cousins: r u OK?
Anika still controlling her laugh: ya you go.
Cousins leave.immediately anika takes off blanket and gives shivay serious look.shivay laughs aloud.but suddenly a voice is heard.
Rudra: bhabhi!!!!!!!!
Shivay face gets fused and immediately hides under blanket.
Omru enters and sees anika.
Rudra chcks ta room.
Anika still in half blanket : what happened?
Rudra: whre is bhayya? He is not with us its obvious he will be here.
Om: anu y r u still in blanket?
Anika: actually ur brother…….
Shivay gets tansed and holds anika hand with both hands and keeps his forehead on her hands pleading silently.
Anika: ur brother didn’t came here.I think he must be in study making some video conference.
Om: I think u r right.
Anika: OK so u leave .
Rudra: bhabhi y r u making us leave?
Anika: nothing I am sleepy I wnt to sleep some more time so???
Omru: OK and they left.
Anika removes blanket and laughs at shivay.
Shivay: anika stop it
Anika: no and gets down the bed and laughs continuously setting her dupatta
Shivay: anika!!!!

He runs after her anika comes out of room running.shivay comes n holds her.anika still laughing.shivay holding her from back.
Suddenly they see left side n get shocked seeing all youngsters smirking at them.
Shivika stand in straight position making innocent faces.
All youngsters are abt to say something,
Anika: Mr.oberoy have a nice day
Shivay: same to you miss.rajput
Anika leaves to her room shivay leaves to staircase with formal looks on their faces.
Evryone: huh?
Rudra: what’s happening here
Om: we r kids we should not talk abt ths let’s go.
All left giggling.
Later they all came to dinning room for breakfast with shivika targeted by all youngsters giggles.
Dadu: behenji I wish ta marriage happen in palace if u don’t have any problem
Dadi: ofc bhaisaap

Then they started preparations schedule.they decided 5 the day night will be cocktail party then 6 day mrng haldi evening mehendi n sangeet together then 7 day eve marriage at muhurat time.
They all started discussing sitting in lawn about evryone choices dishes colours ideas.
Anika cousins: u know what jiju we will hide ur name on anika didi mehandi tat u cannot find it.
Pinky: mera Hera beta is so sharp he will find it easily.rights na anika?
Anika: aunty sry mom is it necessary to write name in mehandi?
Evryone are shocked.
Anika tensedly: I mean is it OK if I don’t get his name written on my hand with henna.
All are again shocked.shivay confused.
Dadi:anika puttar its ritual na so… u have any problem?
Suddenly something strikes anika mind.her face becomes bright.
Anika: no dadi no problem
And she leaves running.
Evryone: what happened to her?
Shivay leaves in search of her and finds her talking in phone with someone.shivay goes to her by the time her convo is done.
Shivay: anika evrything ok?
Anika:perfect actually.i have some work.see you soon.bye.
She hugs him saying” love you” and leaves.
Shivay: this girl na totally mad.and smiles.
Five days passed with arrangements decors theme deciding outfit designing jewelry matching all that stuff.
Shivika romance all ta time and evryone pulling their legs.rumya omety shikam priveer growing bond closeness.
Cocktail party: light brown colour is theme.evryone had a gala time.youngsters enjoyed it to core with couple dancing singing drinking and more fun.

Next morning is haldi.Anika is ready in white yellow weight less saree with sleeve less shining yellow blouse.she is wearing floral jewelry in her wardrobe.shivay comes there.
Anika: shivay what r u doing here?
Shivay is in simple white shirt and white pant.
Shivay comes close to her:my princess is looking awestruck in saree.
Anika smiles: shivay go now.
Shivay: its our haldi and I have first right to apply haldi on you.
Anika: what? But where is haldi?
Shivays opens his fist and shows haldi.
He passionately applies haldi on her cheeks.
Shivay: now my work is done.
And he starts to leave.anika stops him holding his hand.
Anika: I too want to apply u haldi first(making cute face)
Shivay: but haldi? (Showing his empty hand)
Anika looks at him ,comes close to him holds his neck face part by both hands.shivay understands her gesture and holds her close by waist.anika rubs her cheeks with shivay bearded cheeks on both sides.
Anika: now my work is also done.
Shivay still holding her.
Anika: shivay ??? We r getting late.u should go.
Shivay pecks her on her lips and leaves from there with a smile.anika too smiling n blushing.
Later haldi stars in lawn with shivika separated by thin parda.they already wiped off their haldi neatly so that no one can caught them.all family members start their haldi.youngsters make haldi pack on shivika faces.
Shivay: oh god!!! OK now its over na can I go?
Dadu: no still ritual pending.
Shivay: what?
Omru : we will explain come.
And they take shivay to a pond in lawn.( I said na palace has her big lawn in acres with ponds )anika n cosuins also follow them
Shivay: what is here?
Omru smirks and come to shivay they tear shivay shirt into pieces asap.
Shivay: guys r u mad???
They pushed shivay into pond.
Anika jaws are wide open .
Shivay: what ta wuck!!!!
Omru: its kapde phad ritual.
Anika bursts out into laugh.
All cousins look at each other and smirks and then thaaaaaaa
They also pushed anika into pond.
Anika gets up holding shivay: phel gaya raita!!!!
Shivay laughing.
Cousins: what will groom do alone in pond?
They all give HiFi to each other.
Evryone: now come out fast n change ur clothes
And they all start leaving.
Rudra: don’t get lost in pond romance
And they left giggling.
Anika looks at herself totally wet and starts to leave but shivay pulls her back. Holds her close.
Shivay: finally they got sense and left us alone.
Anika: shivay leave me!!
Shivay: no way and smirks.
Anika: Mr.romantic Singh oberoy plsss see we both r shivering already in this cold water.we will get frozen if we stay like plssssss(making a puppy face)
Shivay starts melting anika tries to free herself.shivay again holds her close.he takes water with his right hand from pond in his palm and pours on anika face n cheeks.water is so cold tat anika starts shivering more and holds shivay bare chest shoulder part more tightly.shivay starts wiping haldi from her face.he kisses on her forehead and they both hug each other tightly.

Its evening,
Mehendi n sangeet ceremony.theme is blue and white.
All are waiting for our anika.their she comes in light blue colour ghagra along with her cousins n friends( only girls) shivay is awestruck seeing Anika .
Omru: ahem ahem.
Rudra: bhayya anika bhabhi is beautiful na
Shivay: beautiful like an angel.
All boys giggle.
Shivay: I meannnnnn not bad.
Anika sits on her place.
Dadi: pinky! First u make ta design.
Shivay: dadi u r elder na u also join her na
Dadi: its not good omen billu( she is widow na so)
Anika: dadi r u saying this? How can u believe on all this ? When ur bleesings can bring us good then how can Bad will happen with us?
Dadi: but puttar their are some traditions we should follow them.
Anika: u only say tat traditions should change with time then?
Shivay: yes dadi anika is right.
Anika: I don’t kow dadi u start mehendi or else no mehendi will happen.
Dadi: OK don’t do nautanki.
She goes and and starts mehendi evryone smile.
Then pinky does.remaining whole part is done by her sisoos.
Rudra: bhayya! I will write anika didi name on your hand.
He takes his hand.
Sowmya: duffer don’t write anika bhabi OK?
Evryone laughs.
Rudra makes funny face.
Om takes shivays hand and writes anika in tiny letters.rudra takes and writes angel next to anika.
Shivay sees this n smiles.
Then all youngsters bring shivay to dance.while anika mehendi is going on.
Mehendi lagake rakhna
Doli sajake rakhna
Lene tuje oh gori
Ayenge tere sajna
Sehra sajake rakhna
Chehra chupake rakhna
Ye dil ki bate apne
Dil me dabake rakhna.
And almost a beautiful design is made on her hands.while all are enjoying dance.
Kirti: so anu where to write jiju name?
Anika silently shows her left hand ring finger side part.
Their sissos get surprised.anika signals them to keep silent.
All family members perform on different songs.
Aaj to go crazy jab bajte Punjabi wedding song…….
And then
Rock n roll soniye doliye man there liye…………
Dak dak dak dak dhadke ye dil
Chan chan bole amristsari chudiyan
Raat badi hain mastani
Koi dilbar jaani kar le galla goodiyan
Tej to jhanvi:
Ye nain mathaka tere muje baad tadpave
Tu dekto aj vii dilbar kudiyen
Teer sa ek chaljaye……..
Om and rudra:
Hello hello dil dil se connect karna ye lo ye lon ye bate direct karna
Shivomrudra: dhak dhak dhak dhak dhadke ye dil………..galla goodiyan….
Anika mehendi also got dried.
Om-sweety,rudra-sowmya,ranveer-prinku,avishi avikam performs on Saadi.ka fall sa kabhi match kiya re kabhi chod diya dil kabhi catch kiya re……….
And then anika family performs on maahi ve……tats ta way mahi vey…..they all get emotional.
Anika chotima n chachi: Chandra mera chanda tuje kaise mein ya samjavu
Tu lagti hain muje kitni pyari vein
Khusiyan jitni hain sab dhoond dhoond ke lau
Teri doli mein sang bhardu sari ren……
All hug anika emotionally crying.
Anika friends: tuje aya sajke mehendi rachke
Chal bachke oh soniye
Tuh jitno ka khaye dhajke oh soniye…..
Jind mahi ve soniyee………

Its time for spark….
Shivay and anika perform together on,
Ha hasein ban gaye
Ha nami ban gaye
Tum mere asman
Meri zameen ban gaye

Han ham badalne lage
Girne sambhalne lage
Jab se hain jana tume
Teri ore chalne lage

Har safar har jagah
Har kahin ban gaye
Mante the khuda
Aur ha vahin bangaye

Han haseen ban gaye
Han nami ban gaye
Tum mere asman
Mere zameen ban gaye………….

All clap for their beautiful romantic performance.
All youngsters make shivay sit beside anika.they ask him to find his name on anikas hand.shivay searches both front side n back side but he couldn’t.
Shivay: arey u guys didn’t wrote it.
Sissos: there is your name.
Shivay: where is it?
Then they show anika ring finger side part.there is shivay written beautifully above the ring with small heart.
Shivay smiles.
Om: wow so beautiful but y is it in navy blue colour?
Shivay: haa?
Anika: its not mehendi actually
Shivay: then?
Anika: it’s ….its….tatooo.
Shivay: what?(shocked n surprised)( he rememberd tat in these five days whenever he holds anika left hand she winces in little pain when shivay asks her she diverts ta topic somehow)
Shivay: r u mad anika? Dont know how much it would have hurt u? U r just…..
He tries to leave from there.anika holds his hand and stops him.
Omru: shivay y r u getting anger she did such a sweet thing.
Pinky: ha shivay my bahu loves u a lots.but anikas tat day u were hesitating to get shivay name on ur hand by mehendi but now u made a permanent tattoo?
Anika: mom I refused becoz I don’t wanted it to be written by mehendi coz it will get faded away after few days.
Shivay looks at her and somewhat melts.
Anika: but its a ritual so I thought if shivay name have to be written then y not in such a way tat it never gets faded away.sry if I hurt u all.
All smile at her.
But shivay still in his serious look.
Anika: shivay??
Shivay: if u had decided this then u should have told me na? I would also have did same thing.
All gets shocked.
Anika smiles: oh please!! U can’t even bear small injury and u r talking of permanent tatoo? Let it be.
All giggle.
Shivay: anika!!!
Anika hugs him.
Screen freezes with their hug.

Precap: shivika marriage ritual.

Guys I am sry for late update.hope u r happy reading this.tat day anika was taking appointment for tatoo on phone call.i don’t know much abt forgive me if I did any mistake.and plz do comment if u like this.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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    Nandu I am very angry on u for late update u know I was waiting from such a long time but after reading ur ff I melted it is awesome every line u nailed it it’s just I don’t have words say ur fantastic nandu

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    The episode was an absolute treat to read today. Waiting for their wedding in your next update.

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      Thank u dear for ur comment and I accepted anah request.I use that I’d only for ib not for gmail.I have another I’d for mailing purpose dear😊😊

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