Ishqbaaz FF: My Brothers Are Everything To Me- Chapter-33


…My Brothers Are Everything To Me…

Chapter 33:


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Chapter 33:

Priyanka knows she’s losing it…

She knew she’s weak but this making her even more weak…

Ranveer called her one day, a week before, since they hadn’t been talking at all after their fight.

Priyanka went to meet him because she too wanted to see him.

They have been talking for few minutes when all of a sudden the mangalsutra was put on her neck by him..

At first she couldn’t believe it but after few seconds of gaping at him, she raised a hand to slap him but he caught her hand and pulled flush against him, pressed his forehead with hers.

“I know.. I know what I did was wrong Priyanka and that too without pehre or proper rituals but I am past thinking morally… I know how much you value this mangalsutra. I wanted some assurance in our relationship. First I was going to buy a ring but then this idea had grabbed my attention.. I know what I did was wrong but I don’t have the strength to wait patiently while your parents let you see another rich guy”

Priyanka had pushed him away,

“But that doesn’t excuse you of what you did Ranveer”

“I know Priyanka”

“Without any family nor any rituals, how could you do this?”

“I am sorry Priyanka”

“Your sorry isn’t enough Ranveer”

“You don’t know Pri… How difficult is it to sit and wait for you in fear of your dad marrying off you to some rich man’s son suddenly. I knew your brothers won’t like me.. I know you love me Pri but you love your brothers even more.. I am going insane worrying whether you’re married off to someone, whether we meet next day.”


Priyanka still couldn’t control the anger and frustration she felt..

“I am sorry Pri that I angered you.. But I am not sorry for what I did Pri.”

He pulled her again and leaned again to rest his forehead against her.

“I love you Priyanka… You may have family, friends and many things in life but the only good thing in my life, the only light in my life is you. And I will go to any extent for you..”

Priyanka pushed him away with everything she got and ran away from him, ignoring him yelling her to wait.

If she stayed any longer, she will feel convinced of what he did was right…

With that she had stopped talking to him or even responding to his texts..

It’s been a week now and she felt so tired..

Looking at the mirror, reflecting her with the mangalsutra still in her neck.

She couldn’t take it off…

It was not even a marriage but she couldn’t take it off.. He had worn it as if knowing she won’t take it off thinking she respected rituals.

Yes, she did respect the mangalsutra but she wouldn’t have worn it if it was anyone.

She couldn’t take it off because it’s Ranveer’s mangalsutra.

He had underestimated her love for him..

He didn’t have trust in her..

How can he think she will just marry anyone like that.?

But her conscience asked her to think of something….

A memory…

~~~~Priyanka stuttered and couldn’t even convey half of what she wanted to so she just avoided meeting her friends and started staying in her room.

It has been her fault…

Just after she had completed her school, she was just eighteen when she had a urge to drive the car and Om bhaiyaa had assisted her with it.

It was an accident…

But it was her fault too….

They had in fear hidden in it from everyone. Om bhaiyaa who hates lying, had lied to everyone.

Priyanka couldn’t let go of the accident, she had started stuttering, afraid of hurting anyone just like she had hurt the girl in an accident..

The words refused to come out and she had became more shy than ever, flinching away from everyone.

Shortly she had came to know about Om bhaiyaa’s drug use and she became even more guilty as if that accident is part of the reason for bhaiyaa.. Om bhaiyaa gets stressed too much if he even lied something small but this might have been hard..

But her family never gave up…

Whether it’s Rudy bhaiyaa coming up with different ideas from his various girlfriend or from internet chatting of how to overcome her problem or be it Om bhaiyaa calling her from rehab that it was not her fault, giving her courage..

Most of all Shivaay bhaiyaa… He didn’t make her feel as weak for stuttering and had wasted a lot of money in bringing experts to treat her from various countries…

Her Shivaay bhaiyaa was there in every step, even went so far as to attend her first year college speech on stage.. He and Rudra bhaiyaa was there trying to encourage her to not give up her speech from background while she stood on the stage..

Shivaay bhaiyaa had finally twirled her around in joy when she started speaking properly again, giving a day off to his staffs in happiness and had even spent the whole day, hearing her talk to him~~~~~

Will you defy your brothers? Her conscience asked her..

And the answer is as clear as crystal…


They’re not just brothers..

They’re are her supporting system..

They’re not like any brothers.. They will go beyond anything for her.. They will tear the world apart if anything happened to her..

Their love for her is something she never ever wanted to lose..

But she loved Ranveer too….

She’s already defying her brothers by hiding this…

But if she let them know, they will kill Ranveer…

Priyanka didn’t know what to do..

She shouldn’t have fallen in love..

Now she’s struck between Ranveer and her family.


Annika went through the list of things to do for the arrangements of haldi..

She had finished arrangements for the haldi function yesterday at Tia’s house and now she has to do arrangements for haldi tomorrow..

In just a week he’s going to marry….

No… No…

She cannot let her mind get distracted..

He had been teasing her even more after the Sangeet day..

After the next day of sangeet, he had called her to his room and closed the door..

When she asked him why had he called her?

For that he said, “I had danced with everyone on my sangeet but couldn’t get to dance with you.. So, may I have this dance?”

With that he pulled her, not even waiting for an answer..

Annika could even now tell that she didn’t know half the time of what steps she was dancing.. All she could remember was that she had been a toy and her strings were on his hands..

She was pulled, pushed, twirled and was made to match his steps..

His hands were everywhere and Annika even forgot how to breath…

Her waist, her shoulder, her hands, even her thighs felt on fire with the way they were brushed away by his hands..

This cannot be happening..

When she gained her sense to push him away, he all but kissed the back of her hand like the English man in Hollywood film, saying thank you for this dance..

She had ran away feeling breathless..

Annika still could remember the feel of her body against his..

Why he’s teasing her like this?

Was it fun for him to play around, confusing her?

After that she couldn’t get to meet him and was glad to do arrangements in Tia’s house since they decided to keep this one traditional in their own houses..

Annika tried to concentrate on her work but her was roughly taken and pulled her along.

She opened her mouth to yell at who it was but closed it seeing it’s……


Why she’s letting him treat her like this…?

Why is it not okay when it’s others and why is it okay if it’s him pulling her hand?

When they reached his room, he let go of her hand and turned to face her. Annika couldn’t take her eyes off his azure eyes..

For days, she had been avoiding him and now she could properly see him..

If he was startled by the intensity in her eyes, he didn’t show it in his face but he pulled something from his pocket and extended it towards her..

A ring?


“Annika… Will you marry me?”

Annika was sure her heart is going to give out with the way it started beating fast..

What in the God’s name did he just say?


(A/N: How are you dear readers? My exam’s finished so here I am.. Thank you for all the wishes to do my exam best.

Anyway, A chapter for Priveer fans..

Let me know your thoughts. See you with next update)

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