Ishqbaaz FF: My Brothers Are Everything To Me- Chapter -32

…My Brothers Are Everything To Me…

Chapter 32:


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Chapter 32:


This is what happiness really is….

Such happiness that he himself was afraid of….

Can he allowed to be this happy….?


His heart thrumming with happiness and Shivaay felt blessed enough to feel like this….

His heart which has a medical condition came alive today, pumping blood faster than ever, making him hear the lubb dubb sound more than ever clearly..

Dancing with Rudra and Om…..

Letting go of everything, even forgetting that it’s his sangeet…

He danced around, laughing like this…

To Shivaay, happiness is being with his brothers and laughing around with them knowing they’ve got no problems..

Even the world is destroying, Shivaay could forget that while he is his with brothers…

That’s why nothing bothered him more than few minutes after all he calms after being with his brothers.

Shivaay smiled looking at Om’s clumsy steps and Rudra’s energetic steps knowing Rudra loved functions like this..

Many people think that if there’s a problem, he tries to solve it by himself. It is true that he takes responsibility for everything not because his brothers can’t handle it but because he wanted them to enjoy a normal life without any problems..

He’s their big brother and it’s his duty to look after them…

To see them smiling like this…. Every pain, every problem he tolerated was worth it.

Shivaay laughed aloud with Rudra when Om missed a step and awkwardly managed to cover it. Om looked at them laughing and tried to glare but failed miserably, giving into laughter…

Everyone could see how happy Shivaay is especially Om and Rudra.

His azure eyes expressing the happiness and joy which made his already alluring eyes even more radiating, drawing other people attention to his eyes..

This is what Shivaay bhaiyaa is…

And Rudra cannot help but think about a special memory of his brother…

~~~~~Little Rudy glared at nothing in particular in angry because everyone is calling him little and little Rudra who is barely eight hated that he’s little…

But soon he abandoned everything and shivered in fear, hearing the sound of thunder, lights flashing on and off.

With his little hands, Rudra tried to shut his ear so he won’t be able to hear..

Usually Rudra would go to his Shivaay bhaiyaa..

But no….

Even though he wants to he cannot go…

Yesterday was the first time he witnessed Pinky aunty yelling and shouting. Granted he had witnessed it before but it was never directed at him.

Yesterday Pinky aunty had yelled at him who hid a little behind O. She was saying that they were the reason Shivaay spend all his time with them instead of studying.

Rudra hated it….

He hated loud sounds…

It always remembered him of his parents fighting…

Even the thunder sounded like the sound of his parents fighting and throwing things has being amplified from the sky..

Usually Rudra didn’t care if their parents fought or not but he is after all a child.. Usually Shivaay bhaiyaa is always with him…

But not today…

He heard from dadi that Shivaay bhaiyaa had demanded a separate room, refusing to sleep in Pinky Aunty room when he was seven.

But Om had refused to sleep with all the shouting when he barely reached five. Rudra and Priyanka had grown in dadi’s room…

After reaching four he roomed with Om and their parents let it go, keeping Priyanka in their room from then on.

But soon Rudra had gotten a separate room since there are so many toys and he felt grown up..

But now…..

Little Rudra wished he is not alone in his room….

His door was opened and Rudra let out a shaky breath, grabbing the nearby thing to defend…

Is it… Is it thunder monster who eats people ears…?

Om had told him about it all in a serious tone…

“Come here duffer”

Om smiled at him, standing near the door..

“I… I am not afraid O.. You go and sleep”

Little Rudra said in all his cuteness and false braveness, putting away the water bottle he had grabbed on to defend.

“Come here Ru”

Just then only Rudra saw his Shivaay bhaiyaa…


Little Rudra jumped out of his bed and literally ran into his bhaiyaa’s arms while Om muttered,

“Unbelievable… Cold shoulder to me and now you’re practically jumping into Shivaay’s arms..”

Rudra stuck his tongue at O…

“That’s for scaring me with thunder monster story..”

“So you were scared Rudra”

Rudra nodded a little, not wanting to lie to his brother..

“But you like O didn’t come to my room since yesterday just because my mom scolded you two..”

Little Rudra fidgeted pulling away from his brother…

“Here I thought you two will never abandon me throughout anything but… I see… Just because my mom refused, you guys let go of me.? I am so sad…”

Rudra and Om hugged Shivaay…

No…. Rudra was sure if bhaiyaa hadn’t come here, he would’ve gone to his room, dragging O along..

Rudra and Om won’t last even for a day without seeing their brother..

For that, Rudra felt brave enough to tolerate earthquake, Pinky Aunty is nothing..

“Come on… Let’s go and sleep in our room, okay?”

Rudra and O nodded…

After putting blanket over Rudra, Shivaay bhaiyaa caressed, more like ruffled his hair..

“Don’t worry mom won’t ever say anything like that again”

Shivaay said to make them relax. His mother had been in tears when he said that if she ever scold them like that then he will never call her as mother..

“Ok… Ok… Now story time… Story time..”

“Duffer, you’re not a child..”

Rudra ignored Om and asked Shivaay bhaiyaa to tell him a story..

“Well… You know I am not good at telling stories but I will tell you the incident when you’re born.”

Rudra excitedly heard it when his Shivaay bhaiyaa narrated him the story.

“You see, I was a little child back then.. Four or Five.. The brat Om was born and being doted on his parents. Just after a year and few months, you were born.. Grandfather was so happy… You should have seen grandpa’s face Rudra… He was the one who named us all… He wanted three of us our name to be related so he was the one who named as Shiv God, Shivaay, Om and Rudra… Just as you were born after few days, brought to home. You cried non-stop… They did everything to convince you but it was the first time I saw you.. All pink skin and so small, crying your eyes out. I hated it even back then.. Why is my little brother crying.? So grandfather gave you to me, tired of convincing you.. You started sniffling then stopped crying after few seconds, giving your first smile to me… It was just like a miracle.. Everyone was shocked. They thought it’s just a one time thing but.. You stopped crying every time I picked you. You refused to sleep in bed or floor instead preferred to be always in someone’s arms especially me.. I carried you and held you in my shoulder until you sleep for almost a year.. After that you let go and reluctantly got used to sleep in cradle”


Rudra hugged and snuggled from the right while Om hugged him from the left..

“You’re just like a mother Shivaay.. Rudra’s mother”

“You’re one to talk O… Do you want me to tell the story of when you’re born?”

Om’s ears turned red…

“Come on Shivaay… This is so unfair… Just because you were born before us… We didn’t get a chance to see you in embarrassing situations”

“Aww… O is turning red.. See this Rudy..”

“Shivaay….” With an angry cry, Om started tickling Shivaay.

Laughter filled the room, the fear of thunder had been long forgotten~~~~

It always has been a special memory to Rudra.

The songs has stopped, indicating the Sangeet is finally finished. It has been crazy since afternoon.

They were dancing non-stop and just then Rudra saw Shivaay bhaiyaa limping.

Looked like his legs been cramped.

And as he was trying to hide it from everyone, he moved a little away towards the stairs..

Even Rudra wouldn’t have noticed if he had been not watching carefully. He moved towards his Shivaay bhaiyaa and lifted him.

“Rudy… Fhat the wuck?”

Rudra just simply smiled at him…

What use of six pack and muscles if not for helping bhaiyaa..

Everyone laughed and teased bhaiyaa while he too yelled to put him down.

“Put me down Rudra..”

Rudra always, always wanted to be the one to help even if it’s sometimes, he wanted his brothers to rely on him.

Now is the chance no matter how silly it is…

The legs which not only carried Shivaay bhaiyaa’s weight but in fact they carried this family’s whole weight is now cramping…

Rudra had heard it from his dadi and his mom too that even as a child, Rudra didn’t let go of Shivaay bhaiyaa so Shivaay bhaiyaa carried him till Baby Ru slept..

This is one hell of a rare chance to carry his brother…

“Bhaiyaa, you cannot even walk properly. You had overdone your dancing. Guess you’re getting old”

“Rudra Singh Oberoi….”

Oops… Touchy subject…

Rudra is going to be punished after this but at least he wanted to help his brother till room enough so he could use numb spray.

Everyone in the guests laughed and some even admired the bonding between them.

As like everyone, Annika couldn’t take her eyes away from him..

She never thought he is the type of person who dances and enjoys like this…

Seeing him like this…. So radiant…..

Annika felt her heart throb….

Sangeet function has finished….

Just mehandi and haldi…


He will be married….

He will be married to Tia….

No…. No….

Anikka could tell there has been a fire being already ignited. She could feel it spreading around already whenever she sees her with him.

Annika turned her back to the scene of Rudra carrying an angry azure eyed devil while Om too followed them laughing aloud, taking pictures of Shivaay being carried by Rudra.


She cannot be mesmerized by all this..

In fact she doesn’t even have the right to be mesmerised…


Priyanka recalled today’s Sangeet celebration happily, not participating in any dance unlike usual, she stood in a corner throughout the day..

Priyanka had hardly eaten anything for a week now so she felt weak and tired..

Priyanka looked at the mirror of her dressing table in her room, removing the bangles and other jewels…

Strangely even Dadi noticed that she had been wearing a collared neck dresses throughout the week and she had told Dadi that she’s having some sort of allergic reaction with open neck..

But that’s a lie…

Priyanka could feel the heaviness of the mangalsutra around her neck even though it barely weighed anything, hidden by her high collared dress.


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Sorry for the delay readers as I already said I have an exam this month so the next one will be late too.

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