Ishqbaaz ff by Mihra season 2 ep 1


Hi everyone I am mihra back with my 2 ff I hope this one is better than the last one
So my ff starts where shivaay puts a blanket on Anika

Shivaay: I think I should call a doctor heart yes mind why should I she is the one who made a mistake you know what I will call a doctor
Tia was hearing all this got a plan

Shivaay room
Doctor I will put an needle she will be ok by morning let her take rest
Shivaay: ok doc
Shivaay: why am I caring for her ahh whatever I will sleep on the sofa
Dadi: shivaay where is Anika
Shivaay: she is sleeping she had a fever
Omru: what how
Shivaay: she slipped in water
Om: really she did we saw every thing
Shivaay: I am going to my office and goes to his room omru fallow
Om: sees Anika and sits by her and hold her hand
Om: what medicine did you give her
Shivaay: why I called a doctor and he gave her a needle

Om: check her pulse
Shivaay: it’s so low and picks her up
Shivaay: rudra get the car fast
Rudra: ok
Om and shivaay rush down and take her into the car
Shivaay: get the doctor fast
Doc: what happened and checks Anika
Doc: nurse make the emergency room ready quickly and takes Anika into the ward
Shivaay: how could this happen
Om: I happened because of you why can’t you trust Anika she’s your wife if anything happens to her it’s your fault

Rudra pulls Om and brings him to the side
Rudra: what are you doing O
Om: making him realize what’s Anika’s place in his life
Doctor comes out
Shivaay: how is she in a worried tone

Doc: how can you all be so in response able if you didn’t bring her on time she wouldn’t be with us
Om: what exactly happened to her
Doc: a poisonous dose was ingected to her while she was sleeping
Fb tia talking to an actor
Tia: you have to act like a doctor and I told you the name of the dose to give her got that you will get your money
Actor: your job will be done
Tia: SB I called the doc
Shivaay: ok
FB ends
Rudra: will she be okay
Doc: yes let her rest and please be careful
Shivaay: can we see her
Doc: yes excuse me
Om: how are you Anika
Anika: I am fine what am I doing here
Shivaay: nothing we will come and pick u up in a hour
Anika: ok

Rudra: I am staying with Anika didi
Shivaay: ok bye
Om: he will never change looking at shivaay looking at Anika with care throw the window
Omru: we will come in a min
Om: shivaay what doctor did you call
Shivaay: I don’t know his number tia called him

Om: still you trust her
Shivaay: stop acting like Anika and leaves in anger
Omru both come in with Anika
Dadi: what happened
Om: wo dadi
Shivaay: she by accidentally took the wrong dose of medicine
Pinky: was about to taunt Anika for trying to take attention but dadi cuts her in the middle
Dadi: beta go take some rest
Omru take Anika
Shivaay goes to the garden to think why should I believe Anika she has no surname she is middle classed but if anything happens to her I feel like it happened with me but now I have to be with tia and stop thinking about Anika
Anika: what happened with me
Om: nothing you rest
Rudra starts crying an Anika hand
Rudra: di you will never leave me right
Anika: no rudra I won’t
Rudra: pinky promise
Anika: pinky promise
Rudra: I love you di
Om let her sleep bye Anika take care

Next morning
Anika opens her eyes and sees rudra staring at her
Somya: dumb bell stop bothering her sorry di
Anika: it’s ok and try’s to get up but than a pair of hands help her
Shivaay: take care and leaves
Dadi: beta are you ok
Anika: ha dadi I am ok
Anika gets up and changes to come down stairs
Tia: grand mom what rasam do we have to do

Rudra: Anika di has to do the rasam not you lady baba
Anika comes down
Anika: dadi I am going for a job interview so I might come home late
Shivaay: why are you going
Anika: turns back into her panika avatar because i am not ms SSO that I don’t have work after the divorce I have to get back to work and leaves
Rosevilla designers
Anika enters in oh pata ki Kia office ha
Receptionist you must be MS Anika sir is waiting for you in his cabin
Anika: ok thank you
Anika knocks on the door may I come in

Sir: yes come in but she could not see his face
Anika: comes in and sees a messy cabin
Sir: please sit
Anika: thank you
Sir: so miss Anika I read your resume it very good your accepted and turns his chair and gets shocked seeing Anika
Anika: rohit tum
Rohit: it’s been years but you only Anika not
Anika: I will explain later you have the messiest cabin ever first I will clean this then we can talk
Rohit: no my cabin is fine just then rohit got a call and it was on speaker
Person: sir did you find my file I gave it to you a month ago but the client just called saying he did not get it
Anika pops in and says don’t worry tell them they will get it this week
Person: ok mam
Anika: you were saying and starts cleaning
Dadi: where is Anika it’s 12:00 pm
Anika was on the door sorry dadi time ka patha nhi chala
Then a driver came and gave Anika car keys and a laptop
Anika: thank you
Rudra: di did you get your job
Somya: duffer she got the job look she has a laptop and car keys in her hand
Anika: omru I need you guys tomorrow in the morning to help me make designs
Omru: ok we will come

Shivaay: I wonder if Anika got the job and sees Anika sleeping on the sofa he ruffles her hair and goes
Shivaay what am I doing ah omru are going to get me mad one day
Anika fresh’s up and comes down to the breakfast table
Dadi: Anika today you can work at home because few of my friends are coming to see the new daughter in law

Anika: but dadi I am not the new daughter in law tia is
Dadi: at least stay at home plz beta
Anika: ok dadi
Shivaay: dadi why did you call your friends
Dadi: beta I never knew your going to accept tia in front of the media
Anika: omru when your done come to my room ok

Shivaay: dadi do I have to stay at home to
Dadi: of course there coming in an hour
Shivaay goes to his room while Anika is talking to omru about her designs
Shivaay comes in and hears them talking

Om: nice designs but this one has to much going on
Rudra: no it’s perfect
Om: ok then shivaay come here is this good
Shivaay: yeah it’s good
Anika: do you want to see all the designs
Rudra: yes
Anika: shows all the details and designs

Dadi: shivaay come down there here and bring Anika
Shivaay: ok dadi wait what
Jhanvi: fast you both
Anika: ok coming
They both come down like a perfect couple
Dadi’s friends they both look perfect
Shivika have a eye lock

Ms: Brilla sorry I am late arrey Anika beta tum
Anika: aunty ap
Miss brilla: finally I got to meet you in person rohit always talks about you where is rohit these days he doesn’t even call only once a month
Anika: oh I will talk to him aunty tell him to be more neat it took me 4 hours to clean his cabin

Brilla: you still meet him the last time he told me he saw you was 5 years ago
Anika: I joined his company a day ago
Brilla: oh shivaay you are so lucky you got a perfect girl
After they left
Dadi: beta you know miss Brilla
Anika: yeah dadi me and his son are good friends
Rudra: best friends or friends

Anika: best friends why
Rudra: nothing I feel something is going to burn
Anika gets a call
Anika: ha rohit bolo
Rohit: the annual national fashion show is this week I need all the designs in 2 days can you do it
Anika: all the designs are done I will send them right now and call aunty she misses you
Rohit: ok I will call wow you finished so fast just like a computer ok then in 4 days we have the show I will come pick you up bye
Anika: bye

Rudra didi we are planning to go somewhere in 3 days do you want to come
Anika: sorry rudra I have to go to a fashion show but you can watch the show on the tv next week we will go promise

Precap fashion show …….. shivaay turns into JSO ……..
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