Ishqbaaz ff by mihra episode 1


Hi everyone I am Mihra I am new on telly updates and I am writing a ff on ishqbaaz so hope you enjoy my first ep.I am going to start off a bit different ps all characters are the same

Anika’s pov its my reception should I be happy or sad ? My life has became into movie I wish that I can just fly away to another land

Both Anika and shivaay come downstairs there was only 1h left before the whole world knows they got married
Just then acp and tia enter into OM
Pinky: Oh My Matha tia and runs to her. Are you ok? What happened
Jahnvi: pinky let her sit someone get some water
Acp: Mrs Anika I am here to arrest you for kidnapping Mrs tia kapoor
Everyone gets shocked
Anika: what proof do you have

Shivaay was about to say something but acp cut him off
Acp: tia saw you when she got kidnapped and when you tried to shoot her
Anika: what proof do you have that she is not lying
Acp takes out a gun and shows it to her is this yours ?
Anika: where did I shoot her
Acp: on her arm
Anika: oh ok there is no solid proof
Acp: what do you mean the gun has your finger prints
Anika: of course it does the gun is mine I own that gun so it has my finger prints
Acp: so there is proof and you admitted it and this gun is not yours it belongs to the RRPD
Anika: oh god are you the acp or me ? You don’t understand a thing if that is my gun so it will have my prints on it plus if I wanted to kill her I would shoot her in the head or heart plus I am I professional shooter I would not shoot her in the arm

Precap pinky slapping tia omkara’s truth out acp shocked

How is Anika a professional shooter?
Why are shivika together?
Are acp and anika related?

Thank you for reading my ff all kinds of comments accepted
Sorry for spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes

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  1. Intriguing….

  2. Mukta

    Heh?? what’s that…. Anika….. Professional shooter??? what’s happening?? anyways update was interesting?? waiting for the next update…………..

    1. Mihra-101

      Thank you I will try to post asap

  3. Shivika

    Oh god wat was that…….anika owe a gun….amazing plot…post nxt one soon

    1. Mihra-101

      Thank you I will try to post asap

  4. SamSun

    cool!! anika a professional shooter! awesome. and what a precap pinky slaps tia so does that mean tia will be proved wrong???? I guess I have to wait but pls don’t make me wait for long.

    1. Mihra-101

      Thank you I will try to post asap

  5. Puvi

    Awesome Mira post asap soon eager now the suspensr

  6. ShubhangiRokxx

    oh my god full on suspense

  7. Sat_9492

    Awsm episode….

  8. Priyali

    suspense in the first episode… not fair …. but episode was fab… post next asap.

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