Ishqbaaz ff by mihra ep3

Thank you for reading my ff also sorry for posting same story 3 times so here is the real ep 3

Anika: phel ga ratia now I have to tell them my surname
Acp: O hello where are you lost ? When did you get married does your family know
Anika: No in her lightest voice
Before acp can say anything the whole family started bombarding her with her questions
Anika you didn’t tell us about you family? How do you know acp ? How did you know about om and prianka past? What’s your surname?
Anika: Who do I answer first

Shivaay: you answer me first ( you all know his question)
Anika: you will never change so I will answer you last
Anika: I will start by how do I know acp me and him are cousins he used to be a senior officer with me in the RRPD but he left 2 years ago and I left 3 years ago
2 question how do know about there past when om took drugs and prianka started crying I knew something is wrong so I followed her and found ranveer talking about an accident then I found the truth and told everyone

Now for Mr billu’s question I will give you a hint the queen of BMW
Shivaay: what kind of a hint is that give us a proper one
Anika: nope
Rudra: eyes light up like he saw a cold protein shake in a gold glass
Om: what happened rudra
Rudra: ran up to Anika and whispered a name in her ear
Anika: wow rudra for the first time and for ever you said something right
Rudra: makes a puppy face but then starts singing I was right
Everyone tell us
Anika: Rudra go tell them

Rudra: My super bahbi’s name is ,just then acp cuts him off and says how did you get married
Anika: Oh yeah I forgot to tell you so tia ran away from the hall so then mr SSO “begged” me to marry him for a day but the family did not know so I got married but when dadi found out she gave us a kasam that we have to live together
(Anika actually said a lie the same thing happened as the drama in my ff but dadi gave a kasam to them that they have accept their marriage also she black mailed them saying she will first die then they both can get separated)
Om: Now tell us your name how much suspense do you want to keep
Anika: Ok my name is Avantika Malhotra aka BMW Queen
Somya: Why BMW queen
Rudra: arrey somo Anika didi’s bro owns BMW and Anika didi acted in one of the adds and since then people started calling her BMW queen
Shivaay: I Begged
Anika: of course you begged me trying to point acp is right there
Tej: well we got a lot of surprises today and we have 10m before your reception so Anika are you going to tell your parents
Acp: yeah Anika tell uncle and aunty and put it on speaker I will tell rohit to tape their reaction
Anika: shut up
Acp: Ok at least tell ajay bahiya,Karan and rohit
Anika: No I will only tell Karan actually I will tell them after
Om: why isn’t the media here there always early
Rudra: O you must of given the wrong time
Om: why would I give them the time to come you invited everyone
Rudra: No you did
Tej: No one invited the guests
Jhanvi: how irresponsible of you both I could get rudra but om you
After few minutes all the older obrois left
Om: Thank you Anika
Anika: your welcome
Acp: Chal sharddha bye anu
Anika: bye
Rudra: why did acp call you Anu
Anika: My family calls me a lot of names
Rudra: tell me
Shivaay: was acting like he was not listening but he was more interested than anyone
Anika: umm, anu churial choti ani
Rudra: Anika didi how many people do you have in your family
Anika: Mom,dad,3 bros ajay,Karan,rohit 1 sis isha oh I mean ishanna 1 sister in law sonaam 1 niece Aliya
Somo: wow you have such a big family

Precap real reception…..Anika’s family’s entry….daksh’s entry

Promise next ep will be better

In my ff om had no past with ishana


  1. Mukta


    |Registered Member

    It’s just amazing!!!! Yar ye Sonam nam padke na……
    Mujhe khud ka dhyan aa jata h coz my real name is Sonam na!!!!!!
    Anyways awesome update!!!!!!

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