Ishqbaaz ff by Mihra ep 9


Thank you for reading my ff and commenting plz do comment also I wanted to clear some confusions
I will show that Anika is more close to ranveer than her family except Karan because Anika stayed away from her family also for priveer love story
Also readers one request if you all can forget the romya track because I will be doing a better track for romya because I feel it’s to unrealistic that somya will tell Anika now enough of my talking let’s get to the ep

Anika: if you want to eat breakfast than eat if you don’t than I will eat all of it
Shivaay: come let’s eat
Rudra: you can try how much want to delete this video but I saved it plus this is your best one yet
Shivika: shut up
Anika: Om prianka after you eat meet me at the garden I will be waiting
Rudra: didi why are you dressed up like police officer
Anika: I am going on duty
Shivaay: what why
Anika: I don’t only handle my business I also have to go on duty once in a while
Shivaay: so then why are you taking Om and prianka
Anika: Om wants to see training lessons for his new painting and prianka was to go to the library so I am going to drop her
Somya: where are you taking the barfi
Anika: ummm this is for the training
Somya: oh
Anika: I kept some for you in the fridge
Somya: yes
Rudra: somu you should try to diet once in a while
Somya: shut up cry baby
Anika: I will come back by 8 pm
Rudra: but we wanted to go out today
Anika: ok I will try to come early
Rudra: why did you join the RRPD
Anika: long story
Rudra: I have a lot time and Om is still eating plz tell us
Anika: ok after bye Om come fast

Acp house
Acp: come in
Anika: thank you
Anika: did ishana come
Acp: yeah she is in the room
Anika: you go I will come Om I know you and ishana don’t get a long but we have only a month so plz cooperate
Om: ok
Acp sister room
Acp: she is my sister sharddha
Anika: ok Ishana what should we do
Ishana: i think we should try to make her remember old memories
Acp: how
Ishana: tells us stuff she loves
Acp: she likes listening to songs like raabta etc
Ishana: is there anything else she likes
Acp: she likes dancing
Anika: I heard that if you show patients photos of them and family they could respond
Acp: ok here are some pics
Anika: starts talking to her showing her pics
Anika: Om did you send her reports to a doctor
Om: I did he told me we will get the reports tomorrow
Anika: Om go with ishana and arrange some speakers
Ishana: umm didi can he go with acp or prianka
Anika: sorry ishana but they both have to stay
Om: come
Ishana: where are the speakers and sees the speakers Om pass me the speakers

Om was lost is his own world
Ishana: OM
Om: I can’t believe you ishana
Ishana: what why
Om: you are talking to like you did nothing everything for you is a joke
Ishana: i don’t Om but you have to hear my real pov once
Om: ok tell me your fake sad story
Ishana: ok then I will tell you I know I was acting like a con girl you how your older bro is the shield of your home just like that I have to protect my home my dad took a lot of money from this person then we couldn’t pay him back so he came after my sister our families weakest link she was in coma for 5 years I didn’t want to lose her again so I acted with you but then I found out your past and that riddhma is also just after your money ? so I tried to tell you but you never listened instead you yelled at me I know you are mad at me but you should of listened like I listened to you now I am a dancer I dance for my profession
Om: was shocked but he in the inside felt the most happiest that his heart was right
Ishana: now pass me the speakers
Om: your not mad at me ?
Ishana: no you were right in your pov but in mine I was misunderstood
Om: so you forgive me
Ishana: umm ok but one condition you will always ask me before you get mad at me also you have to be my friend
Om: ok
Anika: was hearing everything awww so cute itni jaldi maf kar dia
Om: here are your speaker
Anika: come fast
Anika comes in and sees acp talking to a photo
Acp: anu I wish you were here you were my best friend we both did training together but then I left you always supported me when ever I needed help
Anika: I can’t believe this this is ranveer as in the ranveer that I always helped but he became into a sadu after all these years
Acp: oh what ever she must be happy in her life while I am here trying to face my sister
Anika: ranveer I am back
Acp: who is it
Anika is hiding behind the wall
Anika: it’s me anu I am so mad at you became so bad you always cared for people but now you don’t respect anyone
Acp: no wait how do you know where are you
Anika comes out
Anika: I am anu
Acp: what kind of a joke is this
Anika: it’s really me avantika malhotra
Acp feels like someone took the ground away from him
Acp: I……..sorry anu
Anika: ranveer i don’t know what to say what have you became
Acp: Anika I am really sorry for what I said to you in the past it’s just because I am mad at the obroi they ruined my sister’s life
Anika: it was in accident I know it’s their mistake but still
Acp: look I am sorry I promise that I will never doubt on anyone’s character
Anika: pinky promise
Acp: pinky promise and hugs her
Om and ishana enter in
Om: what is happening
Anika: meet my friend ranveer
Ishkara: ranveer
Anika: what his name is ranveer
Om: he is your friend
Anika: yup but we just found out
Om: you just found out
Anika: because he changed so much I never knew it’s him
Ishana: let’s take a friend selfie ??
Acp: ok then we will discuss about sharddha
Ishana: smile
Om: I think we should wait for the doctors reply
Anika: ok so now we should eat barfi

Shivaay: rudra what are you doing
Rudra: nothing
Shivaay: I wonder where is prianka
Rudra: she must be at training with bhabhi
Shivaay: yeah ok just then Om and prianka come in
Rudra: finally you got time for me
Shivaay: where is Anika
Om: she just left for training
Shivaay: what was she doing the whole time
Om: I mean she has midnight training in another place
Shivaay: oh
Rudra: why what happened you planned something tonight
Shivaay: no actually Anika told me that she wanted my help for a presentation
Om: ohhh
Anika: came back few hours later
Anika: Om you have to go to your art gallery right now
Om: why
Anika: the art bandits are going around town and your status are very expensive so plz take care I just want you to be there on a watch because there is a lot of police going around for security
Om: ok I will leave
Shivaay: no I will send guards
Anika: don’t worry nothing will happen to him
Anika yes now they both can sort out their differences
Fb Anika called and told the same thing to ishana but told her that shivaay isn’t letting Om go so if she can go fb ends

As always plz ignore my mistakes

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