Ishqbaaz ff by Mihra ep 8


Thank you for reading my ff and commenting sorry for the late post actually my wifi wasn’t working so it took time for me to post I promise there will be more ishkara in the next ep

Everyone what but why how 
Dadi: you guys are acting like I said he is getting married right now 
Anika: umm ok I will put a order but I need the size 
Rudra: how about after 
Somya: didi I need to talk to you 
Anika: yeah I will come go to your room 
Everyone leaves except shivaay 
Shivaay: congrats 
Anika: kya
Shivaay: for your show 
Anika: oh thank you 
Anika goes to somya 
Somya: didi come but lock the door 
Anika: ok 
Somya: I have to tell you something 
Anika: what 
Somya: I got married 
Anika:? how 
Somya: tells her ( some story as IB)
Anika: phel ja Rita 
Anika: how will you solve this 
Somya: we don’t believe in the marriage she felt like a knife stabbing her in the heart 
Anika: me and shivaay also didn’t but we had to accept what happened 
Somya: but 
Anika: I will help you both but I have to tell billuji 
Somya: no you can’t tell him he will get mad at rudra  
Anika: I will explain you trust me right 
Somya: yeah and hugs her I love you didi ?
Anika: ok now don’t make me cry I will go tell billuji 

Shivaay: where is Anika 
Anika: billuji I have to tell you something 
Shivaay: what 
Anika: its about rudra 
Shivaay: what 
Anika: umm you can’t tell rudra 
Shivaay: ok now tell me 
Anika: somya and rudra got married 
Shivaay: what ta wack 
Anika: and tells him how they got married 
Shivaay: what 
Anika: umm shivaay are you ok 
Shivaay: how is this possible how and how do you know 
Anika: somya told me 
Anika: before you say anything you have to help me convince the family and comfort rudra about it
Anika pov umm what do I do now I think I should change the topic 
Anika: it’s so late here go change you must be tired of the modelling today 
Shivaay:  looking at the shirt Anika the button is broken 
Anika: I will fix it 
Anika gets a needle and daga and starts stitching the shirt 
Shivaay: ahh Anika your poking the needle in me 
Anika: then stop moving 
Anika done 

They both were about to sleep but they here police sirens 
Anika: why is there police down there 
Shivaay: come lets go 
Shivaay: acp randawa 
Acp: oh miss Anika employee to wife 
Shivaay: shut up why are you here 
Acp holds up a pic of robin aka Mr.D 
Tej: that’s robin tia bro 
Acp: no it’s her husband and she is saying that Anika killed him 
Anika: what 
Shivaay: you have lost it 
Anika: why would I kill him I saved him if you want you could talk to my department about it 
Acp: which department 
Anika: RRPD 
Acp: ok then I will talk to them 
Shivaay: who wrote a complain against us 
Acp: tia kappor
Anika: lady baba 
Anika: any other reason you came 
Acp: yes a other case which includes prianka and Om 
Shivaay was about to burst out but Anika holds his hands to stop him 
Om: what happened acp
Acp: like you don’t know 
Anika: wait acp can I talk to you come here 
Acp: what is it why did you call me to the side 
Anika: I know you are mad at both of them but can we solve this problem together 
Acp: you are their bhabhi of course you are going to support them
Anika: first I am a officer then their bhabhi how about we all as in pri Om you and me go to the garden and talk plz 
Acp: ok and leaves to the garden 

Anika: Om and prianka come with me 
Shivaay: where 
Anika: come 
Shivaay: where are you taking them 
Anika: don’t worry we will come back in a hour or two now come you both 
Acp told his side of his side of the story and so did Om 
Anika: umm I can’t decide who is right and wrong but I have an idea acp is mad about his sister but what if  om prianka and me try to help your sis 
Acp: what no 
Anika plz 
Acp: no 
Anika: plz plz plz 
Acp: no no no 
Anika: plz 
Acp: ok but only for a month and if I see any progress then you can come more 
Anika: yes 
Om: Anika what are we going to do 
Anika: well she is in coma that means we can get a imported doctor to check her and we can also try to help her remember memories and ishana can help 
Om: imported  ishana what 
Anika: imported doc like from another country 
Om: you mean we send her files to a doctor and see what he says 
Anika: see you got my plan 
Anika: and I said ishana because  her sister Mona was also in coma when she was little so she might know what to do 
Om: she must be lying like always 
Anika: well I trust her so yeah 
Acp: if any of this doesn’t work then what 
Anika: then I will hand over them to the police 
Ompri: what 
Anika: you both did a big mistake then hiding it made it bigger but since she is in coma you will only have 1/2 year punishment 
Om: wait how did your find out about this 
Anika fb after you took drugs you were in billuji room I started searching your room and phone then I found out everything fb ends 
Acp: I should leave you can come tomorrow 
Anika: ok bye 
Om: I don’t want to work with ishana 
Anika: you have to come lets go inside or our brother is going to kill me 

Jhanvi: what happened 
Om: nothing there was just a little problem with my gallery 
Shivaay: are you sure 
Rudra: how about we watch a movie tonight 
Somya: which one 
Rudra: comedy 
Shivaay: I have to work 
Rudra: bahiya plz you always work plz
Shivaay: oh ok 
Rudra: come lets go 
Anika: yeah come 
Somya: lets watch bobby jasos 
Rudra: yeah ok I will put it on 
Halfway through the movie ? 
Anika’s eyes were closing and she slept on shivaay’s shoulder 
Rudra: the movie was so good 
Om: now you all get out of room and go to sleep 
Rudra: when did you become shivaay bahiya 
Om: nothing it’s just that I have a big order to complete 
Somya: GN 
Om: goes to change 
Shivaay notices Anika sleeping on him 
Shivaay: how do I pick her up so she doesn’t wake up 
Shivaay carefully picks her up and puts her on the bed 
Shivaay she looks so nice when she is not arguing with me and goes to sleep 
Anika wakes up and sees no one awake she carefully walks out of bed to cook breakfast 
Anika calls acp 
Acp: hello 
Anika: hi did I wake you up 
Acp: umm no why did you call 
Anika: what does your sister like in sweets 
Acp: barfi 
Anika: ok thank you bye 
Acp: what 
Anika: so I have to make barfi and breakfast ? 
Shivaay wakes up and comes downstairs to the kitchen 
Shivaay: what are you making 
Anika: barfi 
Shivaay: is there something special today 
Anika: no just felt like it 
Shivaay: ok I will make breakfast 
They both started making their dishes but they had to fight 
Anika: billuji the milk over boiled 
Shivaay: can’t you not see the milk 
Anika: your the one who put it on high heat 
Shivaay: so you could of turn it down 
Anika: why do I 
Shivaay: because I am shivaay Singh obroi 
Anika: your tadi is never going to change and looks at the water jug 
Shivaay knew that Anika will throw the water at him so he planned to throw ice at her they both went to reach what they wanted but they swapped their items splash drop 
Anika threw ice on shivaay and shivaay threw water on Anika 
Shivaay: ANIKA 
Both of their voices were strong enough to wake up the whole house 
Everyone came running down stairs and see both of them and broke into laughter except tej and shakti 
Rudra: khanna did you get the recording 
Khanna: yes here
rudra runs and links the phone and tv and calls everyone to see their fight

Precap: ishkara…..

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