Ishqbaaz ff by Mihra ep 7

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Anika: what are we going to do now
Just then they hear footsteps
Rudra: kholo kholo
A acp opens the door you can get out but ms Anika we are here to arrest you
Anika: what why
Acp: you are the reason why miss tia kapoor husband killed him self
Shivaay: what ta wack
Anika: it’s a lie
Acp: well you have come with us it’s the rules
Anika: you shouldn’t be talking about rules
Acp: why are you talking
Anika: I am your senior officer
Acp: and I am SRK 😂
Shivaay: and I am Shivaay Singh Obroi I can fire you out of your job
Acp: I fallow my duty
Anika: I am actually senior officer Anika Malhotra RRPD
Acp: how can I believe you
Anika: shows him a badge
Acp: so sorry mam and leaves as fast as he could
Om: I had one question that day Mr d acted to die but then they took him and there was blood in the pool what actually happened
Anika: me and my rangers hired a person to act like Mr d when tia pushed him into the pool we took the real one and put a fake person to act dead so he doesn’t die then the rest is history
Shivaay: wait what actually I don’t want to know what happened
Anika: why is this tia acting up again
Rudra: because she is lady baba
Anika: we have to fix her come let’s get out of here
Shivaay: wait let me get my phone
Rudra: come lets go
Shivaay: at least we have a car
Anika: hummm tia Mr.D dead what is happening
Rudra: just leave it bhabhi focus on your show it’s tomorrow
Anika: oh yeah

Next day
Anika: hello is this ishana
Ishana: yes you must be Anika
Anika: yeah so are you ready for the show
Ishana: yup tcb ( take care bye )
Shivaay: who were you talking to
Anika: why do you want to know
Shivaay: why I can’t ask
Anika: ok sorry billuji I was talking to some staff
Shivaay: where is sahil
Anika: idk
Rudra: he has gone to boarding school
Om: Anika we all will stay here and watch the show on the tv but shivaay is coming with you
Shivaay: what no what will I do there
Rudra: have fun with bhabhi
Shivaay: haha very funny
Anika: I am going to get ready
Shivaay: Om I have a meeting you go with her
Om: I canceled your meeting
Shivaay: what how I was lying
Om: I caught you now go
Shivaay leaves
Hall everyone is gathered to see the show
Anika is tensed about the show
Royal gardens
Rohit: Anika we have a big problem
Anika: what
Rohit: we have 8 designs and we have to present them first but we only have 7 couples to model
Anika: pahil ja ratia what are we doing now the 8 design is the show stopper
Rohit: looks at shivaay he is your husband right
Anika: umm yeah why then understands what’s happening
Rohit: shivaay can you help us
Shivaay: yeah sure
Anika: no he can’t
Shivaay: why can’t I
Anika: umm he is asking about me and you modelling the 8 design
Shivaay: what no
Rohit: plz or else we will lose the competition
Shivaay: competition
Rohit: this is a fashion show but different designers compete the designer who gets the most votes wins the fashionnista 2017 and the company gets to host the annul fashion show next year
Shivaay: no
Anika: can’t we not get any other model
Rohit: to late ishana’ dance is ending in 5 minutes you both go get ready
Shivaay: I knew I shouldn’t come here
Rohit: just go
Anika: you have to wear this
Shivaay: ok and they both go to get ready

Pinky: oh my matha wheres my Hera beta and my bahu
Just then rudra stands up in a shock
Everyone what happened
Rudra look at the screen
Everyone cups their faces seeing shivaay and Anika
Anika was in a blue and golden lengha with a touch of sliver her hair was open and she was wearing a diemond set and shivaay was in a gold shirwani both were looking fabulous
Fashion show
Shivika were walking down the ramp shivaay eyes were stuck on Anika the whole time
Their part was over and it was the next designers turn
Rohit: you both are looking amazing wait let me get a pic
Shivaay: can I go change plz this is more heavy than my own wedding shirwani
Rohit: sorry but you have to wait a hour
Shivaay: but
Rohit: ok now let me take a pic
After few more pics rohit left shivika alone
Anika: broke the ice there is a room over there we can sit there
Shivaay: ok sure
Rudra: what just happened I never knew bahiya will ever model
Om was still in his thoughts about ishana
Om’s pov
Ishana why did you do this to me you understood me but left me knowing you are a con girl
Why why why
Rudra: Om look they are announcing the winner
Person: we would like to thank all the wonderful designers but we would like to congratulate miss Anika shivaay Singh obroi for winning the fashionista 2017
Anika: yes and hugs shivaay
After a min Anika realizes their position and goes to get her award
Anika takes her award
Person: would you like to thank anyone
Anika I would like to thank my bros my dadi they supported me a lot
Person how about your husband if I am right you and him walked the ramp for your 8 design
Anika yeah he also helped a lot I think
After a lot congratulations Anika got a lot of orders for her 8 design

Shivika both enter in wearing the a lengha and sherwani
Jhanvi: why are you still in these clothes
Pinky: you both looked amazing
Anika: thank you
Rudra: congrats bhabhi
Om: shivaay where are your clothes
Shivaay ask her not me
Anika: it’s your fault for not locking the door
Dadi: what happened
Anika: well billuji and me both got ready then I told him to lock the door but he forgot and our clothes for thrown away
Om: how was the show
Shivaay: horrible I had to stay in these clothes for more than 3 hours because Anika had to make me model with her
Anika: oh hello it’s not my fault the model couldn’t come
Tej: you both go change then we will have dinner
Dinner table
Rudra: how many orders did you get
Anika: I am still counting
Shivaay: 1450 order
Anika: calculator Singh obroi
Dadi: Anika we also need 1 order for our home
Anika: who’s weeding is it
Dadi: rudra
Screen stops at romya’s shocked face

Precap ishkaara romya

Why did dadi say rudra’s wedding ?
What will happen now ?

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