Ishqbaaz ff by Mihra ep 6

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Anika: yes I got the recording now I will tell billuji
Rudra: I wonder why didi wants to take revenge oh what ever I got a new sports car
Anika: billuji billuji
Shivaay: what
Anika: shows him the video of rudra saying yes to take revenge on him haha I win
Shivaay: not so fast you still have Om
Anika: wait and watch
Shivaay: of course

Fb Anika your brothers are so nice
Shivaay: I know but they will always be on my side
Anika: no they will always be on my side I am there super bhabhi
Shivaay: no they will always be with me
Anika: ok then if I get them both on video saying they will help me take revenge on you. You will say sorry to me in front of omru somya and prianka
Shivaay: deal I believe in my bros
Fb ends
Anika: start practicing for saying sorry and leaves to go to Om
Anika: how do I get Om to agree oh no I had to complete mr metha file today and ran to her room and starts using shivaays laptop
Shivaay: comes in to go get ready for dinner with his friends just then he gets a message

Shivaay bring your wife cuz our wife’s are coming to
Shivaay: ahh I have to bring her to
Shivaay: Anika get ready
Anika: for what
Shivaay: were going to dinner with my friends
Anika: but I have to finish my presentation for tomorrow
Shivaay: ok then do it in the car
Anika: what
Shivaay: just get ready
Anika: bagadh billa
Shivaay: what
Anika: nothing I’m going
Shivaay: goes to his laptop and sees the presentation she made wow that’s pretty good
Anika: comes out shivaay go get ready
Shivaay: yeah
Car the restaurant is 3 hours away
Anika: if I don’t finish my presentation you are finishing it for me
Shivaay: your almost done just add a production status and made by Anika shivaay Singh obroi
Anika: tadibazz

Shivaay: were here
Anika: ok why did I have to come I’m going to get bored with your friends and their wife’s
Shivaay: it’s only 2 hours
Anika just gets out of the car
Shivaay and she calls me tadibaaz what am I saying and locks the car
Shivaays: where is the other 3 family’s
Friend#1: we are here
Friend#2: also here
Anika to shivaay where are there wife’s
Shivaay how do I know
Anika then why did you make me come here
Shivaay: they told me there wife’s are coming not my fault
Friend 1: shivaay so sorry all our wife cancelled
Shivaay: oh ok
Friend2: come let’s order the food
Shivaay: yeah lets go come Anika
Friends: at least introduce us to your wife
Friend3: wait I’m here sorry I am late
Shivaay: meet my wife aaa
Friend3: churel tum
Anika: suhail

Shivaay and other friends: you both know each other
Suhail: wait shivaay she is your wife she was my best friend in college
Shivaay: umm yes
Anika: is there any other family coming
Friend1: no come let’s order some food
Shivaay: so this is my wife Anika
Anika: hello
Friend1 2: hello sorry our wife’s cancelled so might be bored
Anika: it’s ok
Shivaay: so how is your business going
Friend1: good
Friend2: I am going to London this week
Suhail: stuck with my wife’s cosmetic company and my company is going good
Anika so interesting I am so bored
Shivaay: here comes the food
Friend lets eat
Suhail: so Anika how is your business going
Anika: which one I have 3
Shivaay’s friends: shivaay eh to tum sah bi ajah nik le
Suhail: modelling
Anika: that was 7 years ago now I don’t model
Suhail: oh
Shivaay and his friends continue their talks while Anika is trying to stay awake
Dinner over all the friends bide bye to each other and leave
Shivaay: Anika come the left
Anika: I am never coming with you again in a sleepy tone
Shivaay: come on
They both reach the car
Shivaay: umm did you finish your presentation
Anika: yeah what time is it
Shivaay: 9:30 pm why
Anika: you took a wrong turn

Shivaay: it’s a short cut
Anika: I am turning on the radio and love angel and her amar prem are hosting the show
Shivaay: change the channel
Anika: why
Shivaay: you know what and just changes the channel to a song paan banaras wala
Both remember the party night
Anika just turns of the radio but then the car stops
Shivaay: I will go check
Anika: my champa is much more better than this car
Shivaay: I don’t know what happened and sees the gas
Anika: the gas ran out what are we going to do know
Shivaay: I will call omru they will send a car
Anika: we don’t know where we are
Shivaay: umm
Anika: wait maybe we can walk a bit and find a taxi
Shivaay Singh obroi will never take a taxi
Anika: nhi ap ka body guards ap ko dohli pa outa ki laka jayi ga
Shivaay: come let’s walk
Few km after
Anika: I’m tired
Shivaay: I will call omru
Anika: its 12:30
Shivaay: so I will call khana
Just then some one hits Anika and shivaay on their head
Shivaay finds himself laying down in a room with anika
Shivaay: ahh what just happened and goes to wake up Anika
Shivaay: Anika Anika
Anika: ahhh I’m not late papa
Shivaay: Anika get up

Anika: where are we
Shivaay: I don’t know
Anika: where is your phone 📱
Shivaay: I don’t have it
Anika: what do you mean trying to open the door
Shivaay: Anika wait let me try and sees the obroi logo this is our farm house
Anika: did that kidnapper hit you so bad that you fully lost it
Shivaay: what do you mean by fully
Anika: first you were partly mental but now
Shivaay: Anika
Anika: what ahhh michmichi
Shivaay: kya hua
Anika: spider
Shivaay: your sacred of a spider
Anika: how is this obroi farm house
Shivaay: Om ru come out come out
Anika: told you this is not a farm house
Shivaay: this is
Anika: Om ru come out fast or else
Rudra: coming wait
Omru open the door
Shivaay: why did you kidnap us
Rudra: oh I was doing a experiment
Om: I don’t know what he told me the same thing
Anika: rudra what was the experiment
Rudra: you wanted to take revenge on bahiya so I wanted to kidnap bahiya but then I hit you to
Shivaay: what
Om: why
Anika: oh yeah that wasn’t true and the car was rented
Rudra: what
Shivaay explains what happened
Rudra: but I want that car
Shivaay: ok but since when did the farm house get so messy

Rudra: this is the spare room
Shivaay: what where is your phone
Om: why what happened both of our phones are in the other room
Shivaay: the spare room only opens from the outside
Anika: What no why did you put us in this room
Rudra: we’re trapped
Om: duffer
Anika: how are we going to get out
Rudra: my protein shake
Shivaay: did you tell anyone we are here
Rudra: no
Anika: I have to be stuck with this billuji
Shivaay: I have to be stuck with you
Om: look at our situation then fight
Screen stops at everyone’s shocked faces


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