Ishqbaaz ff by Mihra ep 6 (last ep)


Hi guys mihra back I feel that my ff is getting boring so I am stoping this ff this is my last ep but I will be starting a better ff on ishqbaaz and posting it tomorrow and a big thank you to those who commented

Shivaay: one question how is Anika alive if she killed her self
Ajay: actually it was a framed suicide by the kapoors the dead body was acutely a plastic dummy painted to look like Anika
Shivaay: oh ok and had a bunch of thoughts in his head
Aliya: papa come fast Anika chachi and rudra chachu are having a cooking competition
Ajay: what but Anika needs rest
Kitchen a whole mess
Shivaay: what the rudra what did you do to my kitchen
Rudra: bhabhi was bored so I thought of giving her master class of how to make a cake ?
Shivaay was fuming in anger while Anika laughing
Anika: ok rudra lets clean up
Rudra: oh no it’s 9 I have to call gf # 120 ok bye

Shivaay my kitchen
Anika: oh come on it’s only 2 bags of flour
Shivaay: 2 bags of flour and gets one whole bag of flour and throws it on Anika
Anika: BILLUJI and gets 2 glasses of water and throws it on him
Omru come in because all the yelling
R:wha wha panibazzi and flourbazzi
Soon everyone comes in and gets shocked seeing shivika
Pinky: oh my Matha
Dadi: calls the servants to clean the kitchen and tells shivika to get cleaned up

Both of them get cleaned up
Shivaay: Anika it took you 2 hours to take a shower
Anika: you threw 2 bags of flour on me ahh my head holding her head
Shivaay are you ok and made her ly down on the bed
Anika: surprised with his action when did this stone become soft

Next morning Anika’s bros leave
Dadi: I have a question for you both are you happy with this marriage
Shivaay was shocked that dadi even asked that
Family: we are fine with this marriage
Dadi: billu and Anika what about you
They both just looked at each other
Shivaay: umm I am ok
Rudra: yes
Anika: I don’t know I guess yes
Rudra: started dancing finally they became shivika
Everyone: what
Rudra: shivaay= shiv Anika =ika that equals shivika
Dadi: good so Anika you will do your first rasam you have to make something sweet
Anika: ok

Rudra: what are you making
Anika: kheer
Om: nice
Anika: rudra pass me the sugar
Rudra: ok today is so boring let’s play a prank with bahiya plz
Anika: ok lets do it
Om: I am not in this
Om: actually I am
Rudra: ok now this is the plan muted
Oman: ok ??

Everyone on the breakfast table
Rudra: kheer is served
Wow this is so good
Pinky: shivaay come taste the kheer
Shivaay: ok
Shivaay: rudra pass me some
Rudra: but it’s done
Anika: I will get more
Anika: here

Shivaay: tastes the kheer and likes it
Pinky: it’s good right shivaay
Shivaay: no it has to much sugar
Anika: we will se about that
Dadi now you have to do another rasam ( the one that they did in the show )
Rudra: gets the plate and gives it to Anika
Dadi: now you both feed each other
Anika: gets the kheer and feeds it to shivaay
Shivaay’s eyes get watery and runs to get water while om ru and Anika laugh there heads off
Shivaay: Anika

Anika: ka hua kheer nhi passand iye both sweet thi
Shivaay: no it was really good now my turn to feed you he also added red chilli powder in the sabzi and made her eat it
Anika eyes had tears and she ran to get water
Dadi: eh kya ho ra ha
Dadi: you know what I will taste the food
Shivika: noooooo
Dadi: why
Rudra: bhabhi put chills in the kheer and bahiya put chills in the sabzi
Dadi: you both will never change

Few years later
Anika changed everyone om now calls tej papa
Everyone starts spending time with each other

Sorry for the ending hope you will like my new ff better

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  1. I’m sad that u ended it… I’m waiting for ur next ff…awesome

    1. Mihra-101

      Thank you I will post the new ff tomorrow

  2. good ..but ending should contain shivika

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