Ishqbaaz ff by Mihra ep 5


Thank you for reading and commenting there are few questions for readers to answer so I know what you guys like so here goes ep 5

Ajay: I don’t know where to start I hope you understand I would tell this to anyone who married my sis myself before the marriage but your marriage was unknown to us so
Shivaay: you can tell me bahiya

Ajay: 7 years ago when Anika was 18 now she is 25 yeah so it was 7 years ago Anika loved modelling in 6 months she became the most popular model in the world and that’s how the term BMW queen came in because she mostly modelled for Karan and Karan is the owner of BMW so yeah you might now that malhotras and kapoors were business partners my dad and kapoors uncle had a fight day by day kapoors became our rival and enemy soon they got in a big loss and there name in the industry was the lowest

and blamed it on us they tried many times to hurt us one day they killed my parents and the rest of us were hurt because we were in the car but Anika say everything since then she was scared of the dark 6 months later everything slowly got back together Anika came across a family who were opening a bakery and wanted Anika to model for them so she said yes at the end of the shoot the family made a story that one of their son is in the hospital and that they could not pay Anika fell for the story and told them that it’s ok she will do the shoot for free the next week that family misused the photos our family got shocked we fought a case against them and found out that the family was a fake family arranged by the kapoors to destroy us

There was no hope that we will win the case Anika still stood strong at the last night before the last date Anika couldn’t handle it any more so she left the house ? next day we all went to court Anika got proven right we won the case we all went home to tell Anika when we went to her room we saw that she suicided but her was face was covered I was about to lift it but I saw a letter in Anika’s hand writing saying my last wish is that no one sees my face I got the biggest shock of my life we moved to France 2 years later the life of our house disappeared but for a change Karan still didn’t believe his sister and best friend died so he told us that he is leaving for a business trip but he actually went to find Anika. Karan went to a hospital to find anika luckily Anika worked there as a office administrator Karan told Anika what happened at home and then bombarded her with a ton of questions and then ajay whipped his tears but my anu is the most ignorant person in the world she called us and told us that she is alive and cut the phone no one knew what just happened but at least I had my Anika back the rest 5 years I don’t know what happened with her I just know that some how she has a brother she never used her surname so that’s Anika’s past
Ajay: now shivaay you know Anika’s past you have to give me some promises
Shivaay: umm ok
Ajay: never let my sister down always be with her
Shivaay: ok I agree
shivaay: I have one question what does daksh have to do this
Ajay: he is kapoors older son what

That is it for ep 5
Questions what do you guys think of my track and what should I add plz let me know if it’s boring
Plz ignore grammar mistakes

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