Ishqbaaz ff by Mihra ep 5


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Tia’s mom: tia you can’t go to meet him you already know that Anika knows about him and you have to make a place In OM for you you have to make shivaay against Anika
Tia: I will mom but today I have to go no one can stop me and leaves
Rudra: why are we going to this resort I wanted to go to the beach
Anika: remember we are going to catch tia red handed
Om: Anika I think we shouldn’t do this shivaay is going to get mad
Anika: I’m use to it so I’m fine
Tia and Mr D(I forgot his real name so he is mr d) where swimming around and talking to each other about how there going to spend the whole day
Tia spotted omru and Anika so she told him to hinde in the water
Mr.D: no tia I won’t
Tia: pushes mr D in the pool
D: tia ahh my head
Tia: steps out of the pool oh hello Anika
Anika: oh hi
Tia: what are you doing here
Anika: we came to visit you hope we didn’t disturb you
Tia: of course not I was here for some good karma since you never let me sit peacefully
Anika: oh ok nice
Tia: so you think you can stay at OM for long well I am telling you won’t
Anika: goes near the pool and sees blood Om rudra blood
Omru: oh my god someone call an ambulance
Tia looks behind

Tia: D and jumps in the pool to save him
Rudra: is this an act
ambulance and police reach
They take out D but it was to late
Tia starts crying
Police: do you know him
Tia: yes he is was my husband
Omru: cup there faces
Om: what are you talking about
Tia: arrest her pointing at Anika she killed him
The police just leaves so does the ambulance with D
Anika: what do you think I listened to all that insult for no reason
Tia: what
Anika: Mr:D come out your beautiful flower darling in about to dry up
Mr.D: sorry tia I had to do this for us
Tia: Anika what is this how dare you and goes to push her into the pool
Anika: awwww tia is getting mad don’t worry your d is fine if you want I will add in 5 lacks for you and after this don’t you dare come back to OM deal or no deal
Tia: never do you think SB will ever trust you
Anika: maybe maybe not
Tia: oh get out of your dreams
Anika: I think you should and goes to omru
Anika: you both go and take my phone with you I recorded all this I will come in few minutes after because I have to go to Karan’s designer
Omru: still shocked ok and leave to the car
Shivaay: you both are back so fast but his eyes where looking for Anika
Om: shivaay call everyone down stairs
Shivaay: right now ok
Everyone gathers downstairs
Pinky: what the happenes Om
Jhanvi: why did you call us down
Om: rudra play the video
Video plays
Everyone gets shocked
Shivaay once again feels guilty about calling Anika a gold digger and accusing her for all the stuff for tia then pushing her in the water
Pinky: Oh my Matha
Jhanvi: pinky you shouldn’t care about it anymore Anika is our daughter in law not tia so should everyone else oh by the way where is Anika
Om: she must be coming she’s gone to spend time with her bro before his engagement
Shivaay: oh ok but still feels something bad is going to happen
Anika: this car had to stop right now and goes to check the car just then someone hits Anika with a metal rood then hits Anika with the rod badly
Anika: ahhh dak….
Daksh: you think I will leave you so fast Anika I will take you to OM and kill you in front of your shivaay and make him give you to me or else you won’t be able to meet anyone my sweetheart this is just a bit of pain and throws her on the ground and leaves

A car going by sees Anika and goes to her and sees her head bleeding
Person: umm I think I have seen her before where where oh whatever I have to take her to the hospital but then sees the obroi logo on the car now for sure I have seen her somewhere and takes Anika to the hospital and doctors check her
Nurse: are you related to her
Person: no
Nurse: so you can’t do the formalities
Person: I will sign them after
Nurse: umm ok
Person: can you come to the hospital I will explain later
Person2: what happened sidarth
Sidarth: malika do you know her and points inside the ward
Malika: that’s Anika what happened to her
Sidarth: I knew it I saw her somewhere
Malika: what happened to her
Sidarth: I don’t know I found her on the high way unconscious
Malika: wait I will call shivaay
Sidarth: ok but he doesn’t have any relation with her
Malika: wait let me call him
Shivaay: hello malika
Malika: shivaay come fast
Shivaay: where is everything ok
Malika: the hospital just come I will tell you after
End of call
Rudra: what happened bahiya
Shivaay: idk I will come in 30 min
Rudra: ok bye I wonder where bhabhi is

Shivaay: what happened malika
Malika: Anika is fine
Shivaay: what
Malika: tells him how sidarth found Anika
Shivaay: where is she
Mailka: over there she will be conscious in few minutes
Shivaay was about to go in but malika stopped him
Mailka: shivaay we need some one to do all the paperwork but none of us are related to her
Shivaay: I will do that
Malika: shivaay related not a boss or a friend
Shivaay: yeah I know she is my wife
Mailka: what but you were ….. tia what
Shivaay: I will explain later first I will do all the paperwork after all that shivaay escapes from malika and goes to Anika
Anika: daksh
Shivaay: daksh what happened Anika
Anika: he is the one who hit me with the pole
Shivaay: what
Malika comes in
Malika: how are feeling Anika
Anika: malika tum…. fine
Malika: now shivaay tell me how you both got married
Anika: in her head I don’t think you want to hear it
Shivaay: should I tell her
Mailka: shivaay I’m waiting
Shivaay: ummmmm and tells her how they got married
Malika: shocked are you serious shivaay I can’t believe you did that
Anika: that was everyone’s expression
Malika: at lest shivaay told media that you are Ms asso
Anika: so how is everyone at your home
Mailka: good now Anika plz don’t do any work at home and rest ok bye
Anika: ok bye doctor malika
Shivaay: come lets go home

Shivaay: I will not leave daksh
Anika: were here
They both go to the room trying to avoid questions
Somya was talking to reyan
Somya reyan I don’t want to go maybe next time
Reyan ok
Rudra somo what are you doing
Somya: nothing protein shake
Rudra: so do you want to come watch a movie with me in my room
Somya: ok
Somya: rudra do you want to help me do my podcast today
Rudra: you mean I will help you I mean love angel
Somya: yeah so shall we
Rudra: yes wait let me get my protein shake and I will get you tea
Somya: ok wow he changed
Love angel
Rumya were having fun

Somya here is the last call for today hello
Person hello
Somya: can I know your name
Person: ishana
Rudra: ishana I mean such a lovely name
Somya: steps on his foot
Somya: so ishana how can I help you
Ishana: I meet a friend of mine but because of circumstances I had to be an con girl but I am actually not now I am a dancer but his sister in law asked me to work with her I said yes but I’m afraid to go in front of him and his bros
Somya: I understand your problem maybe try to explain your pov to him your self with out your con girl act
Ishana thanks
Somya: so that was the end of today signing of love angel and cry baby and takes of her head phones
Rudra: somu and runs after her
Somya bumps into Anika who was coming into the room to call rudra
Rudra: somya and hold her they both have a long eye lock
Anika: rudra somya ahem hello rumya and they both come back to the world
Anika: should I come back later
Rudra: no ah your over here
Anika: come down stairs there’s a surprise for you
Rudra: for me
Down stairs
Rudra close your eyes ok bhabhi
Now go to the right now open your eyes
Rudra: what is this
Anika: it’s your keys to your new car
Rudra: why
Anika: your going to help me take revenge on your bro plz
Rudra: bhabhi I will always help you now can I take the keys
Anika: here but you better help me
Rudra: love you bhabhi

Precap Anika plan…. Daksh

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