Ishqbaaz ff by Mihra ep 4


Thank you for reading my ff so here goes ep 4

Anika’s pov
Jhanvi: Om invite the guest and don’t forget
Om: ok mom
Jhanvi: some one bring my glass of wine
Shakti: pinky where is my files
Meanwhile rudra was on 2 phones talking to girls
Om was busy painting
Shivaay was busy yelling on phone then breaking the poor phone ?
Anika’s pov when will this change they have a family but don’t care everyone’s busy and my family everyone is never at home their always somewhere in the world
Then she leaves to the kitchen and cooks lunch
Shivaay is busy talking on the phone near the door just then a person ran and hugged shivaay
Person: you could of at least tell me your getting married
Anika: in her mind is this a house or hotel every minute someone is coming first malika then sidharth then his mom dad, daksh now him
Person: I am not talking to you
Shivaay: Karan ok sorry
Omru: Run to Karan and hug him
Rudra: how are you karan bahiya
Karan: great. Now shivaay introduce me to your wife
Om: I will call her Anika come here
Anika: yeah om coming
Anika: Karan tum Anika tum and they both hug each other
Karan sees Anika and gets shocked you got married
Anika: Yeah
Karan: too who
Shivaay was burning in anger
Ru: O is there something burning?
Om: yeah I think we should bring all fire trucks available
Rudra: array Anika didi I mean bahbhi and shivaay bhiya are married
Karan: Anika you didn’t tell anyone how will dad react haha your in such big trouble plus you could off just tell me
Anika: how do you know billuji
Karan: remember my best friend shiv well shiv is shivaay
Anika burst into laughter ?
Wow billuji you were a failure in high school
Shivaay: Karan you told her
Karan: I have to tell my sister so tomorrow is your reception trying to change the topic
Anika: Yeah
Karan: so are you going to invite our family or is it just me coming
Anika: you invite them
Karan: why would I want to jump off a cliff just message them they will understand and it’s only us not mom or dad so you can relax
Anika: I will see
Just then a little girl ran in and hugged karan
Girl: chachu you forgot me in the car
Karan: sorry my princess
Karan: Aliya guess who this is
Aliya: anu chachi
Karan: Anu bua not chachi
Aliya: Bua sounds to old chachi is better then she goes to hug Anika
Anika: how are you my princess
Aliya: good chachi can you help me tell papa I failed the exam plz your his favourite and makes a puppy face
Anika: Wa bhi wa already requesting
Anika: What you failed an exam
Aliya: plz help me I promise I will study next time please ?
Anika: ok
Aliya: love you chachi and kisses her ?
Shivaay: Karan I will arrange your room
Night at OM
Shivika room
Shivaay how is sleeping on the bed today
Anika: check on the calendar
Rudra: what calendar
Shivaay: ummm my meeting in
Anika: my office
Rudra: what
Anika: aaa he means he has to help me set up my office so I can have my first meeting
Rudra: ok GN
Shivika: GN
Anika: runs and closes the door and sees rudra spying on them so she sees shivaay sitting on the and sits on the bed with him and starts playing with his hands
Shivaay: what the Anika what are you doing have you gone mad
Anika: in a soft tone rudra door look
Shivaay: oh and hold her hand back
Rudra: wow romantic movie night in his head and kept on watching
Anika: when is he going to leave
Shivaay: I know how I am sorry
Anika: what before she could say anything shivaay kissed her hand Anika’s eyes got so big and shocked she looked at shivaay then shivika had a long eye lock then finally rudra left leaving a embarrassed shivika
Anika: I will sleep on the sofa
Shivaay: yeah I will get blinds for the windows and quickly acted like he went to sleep in his mind rudra wait and watch
Fb first night of shivika Anika who is sleeping on the bed ? Shivaay: you will tomorrow I will look here is a calendar we will swap each day and on the 31 we both will sleep on the floor Anika: ok
Then they hear a recording of them speaking rudra come out and says should I tell dadi shivika: noo rudra: so now you will be a normal couple and bahiya you will buy me the new sports car then more black mailing fb ends
Next morning breakfast table
Rudra: so bahiya bahbhi how was last night
Shivika: good why then they got a fb of last night and tried to escape from his questions
Anika: I will go check Karan I mean wake up him just then hear Karan yelling Aliya
Everyone runs to his room to see if everything is alright and see Karan decorated with makeup
Everyone one started laughing ?
While Karan was yelling at Aliya then Aliya ran to Anika
Aliya: chachi help me
Anika: why did you decorate Karan
Aliya: chachu was saying oh not this colour hurry up with you makeup so I put makeup on him see I did so good
Anika: grabs the spray bottle and a cloth and starts cleaning Karan’s face
Karan: ahh Anika are you washing my face or scratching it
Anika: next time don’t think of your future wife meera and sleep and laughs
Karan: churel I will not leave you and they both start running around the room
Jhanvi: you both stop and Karan come down stairs after you clean your face
Karan: ok aunty
Breakfast table
Anika serving the food
Dadi: Anika did you select your clothes
Anika: not yet
Dadi: good I got you both clothes and get ready on time
Anika: ok
Shivaay: I am going to get my files then going to office

Shivaay: ANIKA
Anika: ran up stairs with omru what happened
Shivaay: where is my black file
Anika: I don’t know
Shivaay: what do you mean I don’t know hurry up find it
Anika: wait let me see and opens a drawer what project is it
Shivaay: #375
Anika: it’s under your laptop
Shivaay: where is my laptop
Anika: I should get u a map of your room your laptop is under your coat
Rudra: how did you find your stuff when Anika didi didn’t marry you
Shivaay: I used to clean my room myself not ms panika who is the most messiest in the world
Anika: I am messy you are the one who just throws everything on the bed
Karan: don’t start again Anika bahiya is coming in 2 min
Anika: ok wait what am I going to tell him
Karan: don’t worry I told him about your marriage and ishana is coming next week so is mom and dad so we invited the obrois to our house
Om: get ready fast
Shivika: ok
Shivaay wears the same suit like the show
Anika: also wears the same
I wanted to skip the family meeting and just go to daksh
Shivaay pov finally this reception ended
Daksh: shivaay congratulations
Shivaay: why are you here I mean how is aunty and thanks
Daksh: she is fine where is my lady love Anika
Malhothras: what
Ajay: what is happening Anika
Anika: I will explain you guys plz go inside
Ajay: ok
Anika: I am sorry daksh I can’t marry you I don’t have the trust to continue this relationship sorry and goes to her room and gets the ring and puts the ring in his hand
Daksh: you can’t say no to me I will kill you and grabs her hand tightly
Shivaay: removes her from his clutches and yells at daksh don’t you dare touch my wife go from here and don’t you dare come back
Daksh: I will come back I always come back remember those 2 years your parents your name Anika this time I will take something else and leaves
Anika: starts crying
Everyone gets shocked that she is crying
Ajay runs to his sister and controls her
Anika: Mama papa it’s all because of me and faints in his hands
Ajay: tells shivaay to pick her up and take her to the room
After ajay tells Karan to call the police to catch daksh asap
A doctor comes a checks Anika and tells them to let her to rest everyone is outside sitting shivaay goes to the room and pecks on Anika’s forehead and hold her hand
Shivaay: my panika is so strong why did you get so sacred and was about to leave just then ajay came in the room
Ajay: I have to talk to you
Shivaay: can we talk about it later
Ajay: shivaay its about Anika’s past we have to talk right now
Shivaay: ok bahiya

Precap Anika’s past ……. Anika to get kidnapped……

In few episodes I will add romyaa ishkara and priveer into my ff and more shivika right now it’s just family drama

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