Ishqbaaz ff by Mihra ep 3

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Anika: I won’t tell and you won’t also
Shivaay friend: Karan this os your sis Anika right
Karan: no yes no yes I will see
Shivaay: can one of you tell me what is happening
Anika: after Karan come with me
Karan: ok and they leave
Shivaay what ta wack
Omru come shivaay we’re leaving to go home dadi called
Shivaay: sure Anika is outside where is somya
Rudra: somo is outside to

Parking lot
Anika: karan karan wait I know you’re mad,scared sad but please I tell in the right time
Karan: right time it’s been 7 years in that 3 years we thought you not alive next 4 years your alive but we don’t know where you are and now this Anika we are your brothers not your enemy that you are running away
Anika: I can’t face them
Karan: at least keep contact with me
Anika: ok and hugs him
Karan: breaks the hug and tells her to close her eyes and leaves to get some thing
Shivaay and Om came behind Anika and watching what is happening Karan comes with a gift box and a jewelry box on top he taps Anika
Anika: what’s this
Karan: remember you promised all of us that your going get us ready when its my wedding
So will you come next week and bring your family to
Anika: what about
Karan: don’t worry I will handle them and good luck for your fashion show bye and leaves
Anika: phel ja ritia
Shivaay: what was that
Anika: ahhhh ummm let’s go home yeah

Rudra: so Anika di can we come to your fashion show
Anika: yeah sure
Rudra: ok then we will come it will be so much fun so many models
Om: Anika when did you learn to drive
Anika: oh look where home and runs out of the car
Om: something is up
Rudra: O there’s a roof on top
Somya: duffer that means Anika didi is hiding something oh well let’s go
Shivika room
Shivaay: you know him
Anika: yeah I have to go bye
Omru: Anika why did you marry shivaay
Anika: umm
Then the story happened as show
Sahil: SSO your really bad and starts hitting him Anika dadi just wait I will tell Karan chachu
Anika: come sahil and leave to the room
Pinky: slaps shivaay I can’t believe you can do this your not my son and everyone leaves
Shivaay goes to his room
Shivaay pov I’m a monster I’m horrible looking at the video I feel horrible my family hates me and sees omru siting near the pool and goes to them
Om : I can’t believe shivaay did that
Rudra: I wonder how Anika di felt when all this happened and she didn’t say anything she just listened everyone’s taunts
Shivaay: Om rudra
Omru just walk away
Shivaay just sits there Anika who was watching this felt sad
Anika goes to shivaay
Anika: ap tek to ho and sits beside him
Shivaay eyes get all watery and just leaves
Anika I feel this is happening because of me I have to fix this
Next morning
Pinky: Anika beta come here
Anika: coming aunty
Pinky: not aunty ma go get the bangles I gave you
Anika: ok
Shivaay: mom where is rudra
Pinky: go from here and when you make things right then come
Jhanvi: shivaay you did wrong but you have to fix this
Shivaay: I will do anything
Tej: your going to tell the world Anika is your wife
Shivaay: but media
Om: shivaay
Shivaay: I mean ok sure
Anika comes down
Anika: so what is happening
Rudra: bhabhi today is your reception
Anika: wait what after a lot of fighting she agrees
Tia: SB what is happening coming inside
Ru: O hello lady baba you can get lost in your universe my bahbhi is mine
Tia: what do you mean
Rudra: bahiya is leaving you
Tia: SB and goes to hug him but shivaay moves to the side
Dadi: you both go get ready we will handle tia
Tej: just leave tia shivaay can’t marry you he’s married
Tia: obrois don’t forget me so fast I will come back specially for Anika and leaves

Shivaay: thank you for coming once again I would like you meet my wife Anika shivaay singh obroi. Anika comes down from the stairs looking fabulous with her hair open in a golden and red dress
media: so miss Anika how do you feel coming back to India where were you for all these years
Anika: I will not answer that question but I will answer one I came back to India 7 years ago so I feel good I guess
Media: so will you start off where you left or is there anything else your doing
Anika: not decided yet
Obrois what is happening
Media: so Mr shivaay Singh obroi how do you feel right now
Shivaay: good
Media: can you take some poses we need photos
Shivika: ok they both have trouble finding a correct position
Rudra got so mad he literally went up there and positioned them
Rudra: you both need classes
Reception over
Tej: Anika what where they talking about
Anika: can I tell you guys later
Jhanvi: its,ok you can take your time
Shivaay: I have one question how did you guys start talking to me
Pinky: all because of your wife
Shivaay: which one
Jhanvi: shivaay
Dadi: be thankful to Anika she explained to us
Shivaay: one more question why did the media not ask any questions about tia
Rudra: we told them that that was a fake reception and they understood
Rudra: how about we play a game
Somya: ok what
Rudra: truth or dare ok so I will go first
Rudra: so shivaay bahiya dare I dare you to go to Anika bhabhi and say sorry for whatever you did on your knees
Anika: he can never
Shivaay: I can do anything
Anika: ok then do it
Ru: Om this will be interesting
Shivaay goes on his knees
Shivaay: Anika I understand how you feel right now that I am Really rrrrude and perfect
Anika: perfect
Shivaay: ok wait let me try again
Shivaay: I so how is sahil
Anika: kya billuji ap sa nhi ho ja
Shivaay gets up and says thank you

Person on the door
Person: wow anu you got such a nice family was sahil mad at shivaay all that black mail drama what is this
Anika: Karan that’s not true he is just a little kid
Karan: I know if that was true I would kill shivaay so Anika you didn’t call anyone at your wedding so after my engagement you all will come home I mean our home ok bye
Anika: where are you going is such hurry
Karan: because of you dad gave me 57 meetings in one day for hiding that your in India
Anika: haha
Karan: not funny at all when you come back you have more than me plus a lot of protocol meeting for R.P.D
Anika: now go your late
Karan: I have 5 minutes Anika help me sonam bhabhi will kill me
Anika: how
Karan: every minute a designer or other people are coming and I have try on a million suits you know how much I hate shopping come home fast and save me
Anika: after my fashion show
Karan: ok nice meeting you guys bye
Anika: bye go fast Mr mehra is waiting for you
Karan: how do you know
Anika: I know everything I am a devi
Rudra: what
Karan: for real how
Anika: dad gave me half the files because someone couldn’t wait till there engagement to tell everyone I am back so the only you have to do in half of the meting is talk about the progress and etc
Karan: bye
Rudra: you are so lucky if Anika didi bro found out he would kill you
Om: we have to tell the truth to him
Anika: no we can’t he will actually kill you my brothers are really protective of me
Shivaay: is you show tomorrow
Anika oh yeah tomorrow let me call rohit
Anika: rohit what time is the show
Rohit: they changed it to next week
Anika: why
Rohit: Idk why they just told me was it’s next week so you have this week off
Anika: ok
Anika: the show is next week and my family called all of us tomorrow if that’s ok
Tej: its ok
Everyone leaves except omru shiv Anika somya
Somya: didi how far is your house from here
Anika: about 10 minutes
Om: but that’s where the malhotra palace is
Anika: yeah I am Anika malhotra
Everyone gets shocked
Rudra: then why were you living so far 30 minutes away in a smaller house
Anika: actually mostly we lived in France but 10 years ago we came back to Malhotra palace so that’s why mostly media and people know me by my first name Anika and the rest is just history
Om: what was that history?

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