Ishqbaaz ff by Mihra ep 2


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Rudra: ok bhabhi
Rudra: where is your fashion show
Anika: near here I think
Om: you don’t know where it is
Anika: its rosevilla’s first time participating in the show so I don’t know yet but I think it’s in royal gardens
Rudra: for sure your going to win
Tia: SB I want my wedding dress from rosevilla I saw there designs online there great but I forgot the designer name it starts with a A
Rudra: starts laughing lady baba the dress is going to be in your dreams
Anika: thank you for the compliment
Tia: what

Anika: I am designer Anika from rosevilla
Tia: leaves in anger
Dadi: Anika look I got a surprise for you
Rudra: where
Dadi: here he is
Anika: sahil and goes to hug him
Shivaay: gets shocked seeing him then he realizes how bad he was to him
Sahil: hugs Anika but then makes a mad face
Anika: arrey sahil why are you mad
Sahil: Anika di some one called you 100 times you have a another brother right
Anika: no sahil your my only bro show me the number that called a ? times
Sahil: shows her the number
Anika: hummm let me think sahil did you pick up the phone
Sahil: yes when ever I picked up a man talked and closed the phone
Anika: ok forget about it so how is school
Sahil: good but roll # 120
Anika: sahil did bua bother you
Sahil: no now introduce me to everyone
Anika: ok this is rudra that is Om
Sahil: didi this is not a business meeting and goes to meet everyone him self
Omru and somya get along with sahil
Anika: sahil don’t disturb anyone eat one time and finish your homework ok
Sahil: why didi are you going somewhere
Anika: yes I will come late

Sahil: no fair di you always work you never spend time with me
Anika: next week ok bye and leaves
Rudra: don’t worry sahil we will have fun come
Next day
Anika: came home so tired
Shivaay: when did you come home
Anika: right now about to fall but shivaay catches her
Shivaay: I will take you to your room
Anika changes and goes to sleep
Shivaay: Anika get up
Anika: what
Shivaay: you forgot your medicine
Anika: you woke me up for that
Shivaay: you have to take your medicine
Anika: your name should of been billu the doctor
Shivaay: don’t call me that
Anika: what that
Shivaay: that
Anika: billu billu billu
Shivaay: panika panika panika
Omru: finally their back
Anika: now let me sleep

Shivaay: ok just then the lights went off
Anika: screams
Shivaay relax I am right here
Anika: hugs him tightly
Shivaay: look the lights are on but Anika still had her eyes closed
Shivaay: Anika Anika and sees she slept he carefully made her sleep
Om who was watching this I have to make them realize their love before it’s to late
Sahil: Om bahiya where is Anika di
Anika: right here sorry I didn’t spend time with you
Sahil: its ok
Anika: lets go to the park
Romya: us to
Anika: lets go
Om: wait I will go get the car keys
Anika: it’s ok Om I have my keys we will go in my car
Om: ok let’s go
Shivaay: where are all you guys going
Sahil: Mr SSO we’re going to the park
Shivaay: you can call me shivaay
Rudra: you come to plz
Shivaay: ok
Anika driving shivaay beside her the rest in the back
Rudra: bhabhi your car is so nice
Anika: thank you
Anika gets a call
Anika hello

Person: it’s me rohit
Anika: ok so
Rohit: is the 30 a good date for the meeting
Anika: sure date ok ( she wasn’t talking in full sentences because she was driving)
Rohit: for the show I was thinking every one from rosevilla will where blue
Anika: no the red one I mean red
Shivaay: date red what is going on
Anika: have to go bye
Rohit bye
Shivaay: who was that
Anika: rohit my boss
Shivaay: oh ok
Sahil was playing with somya
While Anika shivaay Om ru were talking
Omru: so where do you want to eat dinner
Shivaay: Host
Anika: the dahba near here
Om: how about the cafe near here
Rudra: ok
Waiter let me welcome Ms ishana metha to entertain you all
Ishana dance on Cham Cham Cham
Everyone enters
Anika: wow such a nice dance
While omrushiv are shocked and ishana is shocked seeing them
Ishana try’s to leave but Anika stops her
Anika: amazing dance ummm I know this is pretty weird and all but would you like to perform at the notional fashion show in 3 days
Shivaay grabs Anika to the side
Shivaay: she is a con girl why are you asking her
Anika: billuji I care about her dance and she is a performer not Om future wife
Shivaay who was drinking water spit it out what
Anika: so miss ishana your answer
Ishana: sure I would love to
Anika: great can I have you card or number
Ishana: here bye
Anika: Bye she is so nice I don’t get billuji
Everyone ate their food shivaay and Anika as always tried to ignore each other

Om: shivaay today is our college reunion
Shivaay: I forgot it’s ok
Rudra: no lets go
Om: a driver will pick up sahil then we can go somya and Anika you will come with us
Somya: ok
Anika: what will I do there I will just go home
Rudra: plz dadi it will be fun
Anika: ok
Jhanvi: pinky you should accept Anika
Pinky: but shivaay told media about him and tia what about status who will change that
Dadi: if I answer all your questions will you accept Anika
Pinky: umm ok
Dadi: no one knows that shivaay married Anika or tia I stopped the news and omru told everyone that came that it was tia mom wish to see her daughters reception as her last wish because she was sick so this was just an act and status she became an obroi how higher standard do you want
Pinky: ok I will try to accept her
College reunion
Everyone entry’s they see mostly everyone introducing their wife or husband to their friends
Shivaay: Om this place changed
Om: yeah
Anika: I feel I came here before
Somya: looks like rudra is bored I will go to him
Shivaay and Om were talking with their old friends
Anika: came in and got surprised
Anika pov why did I come here this is my old college everyone knows me by my surname I have to leave what is Karan and bahiya are here oh no
Shivaay friends: where is you wife
Shivaay: umm
Rudra: bahiya where is Anika bhabhi
Shivaay: over there somewhere
Rudra: oh there she is Anika bhabhi
Anika: rudra how many times have I told you and sees shivaays friends to be with somya she is going to get bored
Shivaay friends: so she is your wife
Friend 1: nice to meet you
Anika: you to
Just than one of shivaay friend joins them
Friend: Anu
Anika: k.k.k.karan tum
Shivaay: you both know each other
Karan: anu you got married
Anika: umm how is life
Shivaay totally confused
Karan: seriously
Anika: I can explain
Karan: I can understand but what about the rest
Anika: I won’t tell
Screen stops at shivaay confused face Anika and Karan shocked face

Sorry for not adding jealous Singh obroi promise I will add it in the next ep

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