Ishqbaaz ff by Mihra ep 17

Thank you all for the comments hope you all like this ep here is a link to my previous ep if you missed it Episode 16

Shivaay: try to open the door with a bobby pin
Anika: how will he get one
Om: ok I will try bye
Shivaay: maybe he found one
Om: ishana pass me your bobby pin
Ishana: here
Om: opens the door
Ishana: finally were out of here
Om: I will go open shivika
Shivaay: Om
Anika: open the door

Om: pulls the gate to the left and it opens
Shivaay: now lets help romya
Anika: opens romya door but no one was in their
Ishana: why did you open the door
Shivaay: why how did she come here
Om: they also kidnapped her ( why because Romi kept a eye on them and found out that Om is affected by ishana)
Anika: oh but where did they go
Voice: don’t worry they will be fine trapped with me
Shivaay: don’t you dare do anything to them

Voice: one question why would we let you out of the room so easily
Voice: no answer right to get these two one of you will die we will put both partners in a situation where one partner can die and if you can finish the task or whatever and none of you die you will get romya but if one of you die than you will only get one person my men will come to get one pair stay ready

Tia: Di why did we kidnap these two
Swethlana: they both are the smallest of them all and both of them aren’t that smart to trick us and leave and shivaay will do anything to get rudra back
Romi: but why are we giving Om such a easy task but shivika a hard one
Tia: wait I think I know why shivaay is allergic to dust and Anika will do anything to save him and as we all know shivaay’s biggest weakness is Anika and also if there’s Anika there is shivaay but if Anika is not there shivaay will just break down
Swethlana: yes

Fb ends
Two men come in and blind fold shivika
Om: no plz take me leave them
The two men just take shivika outside to a dusty place and take of their blind fold and leave
The wind starts and dust starts flying around everywhere
Shivaay: starts coughing
Anika: b…billuji ap tek to ho

Shivaay: ma tek ho and starts coughing more
Anika: gets really sacred and sees a umbrella so she pulls shivaay and puts him and underneath the umbrella
Anika: I need water to make billuji better and leaves
Shivaay: wanted to stop her but then he started coughing again one man comes and pulls out the umbrella shivaay health gets worser
Anika keeps on looking and sees a shiny object buried underneath the dirt she runs to get it but tia grabs the box before her
Tia: here is everything you need to help shivaay but for that you must pay a price
Anika: what I will do anything looking back to shivaay
Tia: you will help shivaay but after that you will be hanged to death on that tree
Anika: oh..okay
Tia: throws her the box wait you better not show any smartness or else I will press this remote and your beloved husband shivaay will burn into ashes
Anika goes to shivaay
Shivaay: a.anika pr.promise me that “cough” you will always take care of our family
Anika crying shut up you have gone mad nothing is going to happen to you and gives him the tablets and water
Shivaay slowly gets better
Shivaay slowly wipes her tears
Anika: just hugs him tightly

Shivaay: shh nothing happened to me
Anika remembers Tia’s words and gets up
Anika: you stay here and remember the promise you told me give you now I’m giving you that and stay safe with every word she was saying tears were falling down her eyes
Shivaay didn’t get anything she just said
Shivaay: where are you going
Anika: somewhere far where no one ever comes back and runs away
Shivaay: Anika Anika
Shivaay doesn’t understand anything until he remembers Tia’s words about dying
Shivaay: Anika and runs in the direction Anika went and their he saw the worlds most terrifying sight Anika hanged on the tree

Shivaay: runs to Anika and tries to take her of after trying a lot she falls in shivaay’s hands
Shivaay: Anika get up you can’t leave me like this get up I’m not asking you I’m commanding you .do you get that shivaay falls down on his knees and puts Anika in his lap Anika plz get up you know that I’m used to hearing you saying stuff in your language you know like billu tadi tari say something and feels her heartbeat which was very low he gets up and tries to find a road or the entrance of the farmhouse luckily he found his car and rushes to the hospital
Anika was admitted in while shivaay was sitting outside ot

Ishana: Om where are we
Om: idk I hope shivaay and Anika are all right
Voice: I’m back so your task is you see that well you have to pull out 1L of water but you have to walk bare foot on this glass path and this one which has burning coal oh yeah and you see this 200ml jug this is what you have to pull out water with and only ishana has to do it
Om: you have a problem with my family then why are you dragging ishana in this
Voice: ok I will make it easier you can choose which path you want
Ishana: glass
Voice: ok then start
Ishana starts walking the glass underneath was pricking
Ishana: ahhh

Om couldn’t stand it anymore so he told ishana to stop
Om picks her up and does all the rounds while ishana had tears in her eyes they finally filled the Gallon of water
Om carefully sat on the rock to take out the glass pieces but before he could do anything ishana sat on her knees and carefully forward her hand but her hands were shaking the whole time
Om: ishana I will do it
Ishana: no I will do it with tears falling out of the side of her eyes
Ishana carefully took out one piece of glass

Om lifted her head head and wiped her tears
Om: ishana I got hurt not you why are you crying
Ishana: you got hurt because of me now shh let me put on your shoes
Ishkara left to go get romya
Doc: I’m so sorry but I couldn’t save your wife

Precap: not decided

Plz ignore any mistakes

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