Ishqbaaz ff by Mihra ep 16

Thank you all for the comments so sorry I couldn’t comment on anyone’s ff and a big sorry for not posting since a week actually I had French and science exam so finally they both are done so I could post hope you all like this ep and feel free to comment any suggestions

Shivaay was driving the car for the people going to the farmhouse the driver was with the older obrois
Everyone reaches their destination
Shivaay: where finally here
Anika: open the door
Shivaay: it has a password wait
Om: shivaay this is the wrong place
Somya: what
Shivaay: why
Om: this has a fingerprint scanner not a normal passcode machine
Shivaay: look this says obroi farmhouse and it’s on protein shake street
Anika: try your finger print
Shivaay: it’s not working
Om: did you give anyone the code for this
Shivaay: yeah I gave it too tia
Anika: maybe the passcode lock is at the back door
They all go to the back door and enters the code the door opens
They enter in but then they hear laughing and zippers opening like people are unpacking
They all go up stairs but they hear a lady’s voice so shivika run into one room and romya and Om in one room

Anika were safe but then they hear someone coming out of the bathroom
So they both hide underneath the bed
Person: we have such good karma now we own obrois farmhouse can you guess who it is well its lady baba
Anika: what are going to do now
Shivaay: shh she will hear us
Tia lays down turns on the tv
Shivaay messages Om where are you

Other room
Rudra is hiding in the closet
Somya is hiding behind the book shelf
Om is hiding underneath the bed
Om replied stuck underneath bed romi and swethlana in our room
Shivaay: stuck with tia
Anika grabs the phone ? and writes do you have any plan
Om/ nope ?
Swethlana and romi come in Tia’s room
Om: I think they are coming to your room
Anika: oh ok
Romya come out so does Om
Om: we have to try to get out so we can help shivaay and Anika
Rudra: well they are in a different room so how about we run out
Om: ok rudra check if there is anyone behind us

Shivika are listening to the conversation
S= swethlana
S: they will never know who we are
T: first we will kill Anika
S: ok my dear
S: I will use tej to come in OM then I will make jhanvi insecure about tej
T: so that will our first move
Anika: billuji we have to do something
Shivaay: Anika shhh we will get caught
R: then I will do something with prianka
Shivaay was fuming in anger hearing them planing about killing Anika and prianka
Anika holds shivaay’s hand to control his anger
After a lot of planning shivika both were shocked knowing how evil they are
S and r left but tia was still awake
Shivaay: when is she going to sleep
Anika: idk
Tia: poor Anika doesn’t know what she is going to face in her life

Anika I’m such a genius
Shivaay: you and genius
Anika shows him her phone ? she was recording the whole conversation
Shivaay: Anika you are so dumb
Anika: what
Shivaay: you forgot to press record
Anika: phel ja ratia
Tia: is there a mouse underneath the bed
Shivika ?
Tia: looks underneath but then romi calls her
Tia: yeh romi
Romi: come down fast
Tia: ok I am coming
Tia leaves
Shivaay: comes out of under the bed
Shivaay: ahh my back
Anika comes out and closes the door
Anika: what should we do now
Shivaay: first let’s call Om
Om: shivaay were still in this room
Anika: so are we
Shivaay: did you think of any plan
Om: not right now but we know that they all are down stairs
Rudra: how about we make a run for it
Shivaay: yeah by the window
Somya: how about 2 of us escape and they those both will try to get the rest
Shivaay: no that’s to risky
Anika: what are we going to do
Om: all of us go together
Anika: but we’re going to get caught
Rudra: remember all for one
Shivaay: hum ok
Anika: ok chalo
They all meet in the hall but then one of Romi devotes were roaming the hall to protect their Devi
They all run into a room
Anika: we ran into the store room
Shivaay: ok I guess we are stuck in a room
Rudra: how will we get out of here
Person: tia mam they are locked in the store room
Tia: great job

Store room
Rudra : when did the third room turn into a storeroom
Om: duffer the people who are down stairs had the password so they changed the room
Just then a man opens the door to come in everyone get sacred so they all run in different rooms
Om and mystery person in one room
Shivika in one
Romya in one
Om: I think everyone ran into different rooms I guess I’m alone he hear a chair moving he goes deep in the room and sees a girl
Om: helps her and finds out that girl is ishana
Ishana: thank you
Om: how are you here
Ishana was about to say something but then a voice cut her off
Voice: awww Om you are stuck here with your art gallery partner well I don’t have time to talk bye
Om: what
Ishana: Om water
Om: there’s no water here
Om: how did you get here
Ishana: idk
Om: ok sit

Ishana: how could you be so cool about this
Om: we will get out fast the door is open and goes to open the door but it doesn’t open
Ishana: oh the door is opened
Om: don’t worry we will get out
Ishana: goes to the door and bangs it
Ishana: help help
Om: ishana don’t worry shivaay and rudra are also in the other rooms they will helps us out in a min
Ishana: do you have a phone
Om: yes
Ishana grabs the phone and texts shivaay locked in room help
Shivaay: Om is stuck in the room I will go help him
Anika: ok go but be careful
Shivaay: ok but the door doesn’t open
Anika: billuji you can’t open a door
Anika: goes to open the door but finds out it’s locked
Shivaay: now whose the one who can’t open the door
Anika: were locked in a room tell Om to tell rudra
Shivaay: rudra doesn’t use his phone
Anika: so that means we could be trapped in this room for multiple hours
Shivaay: there must be something we could open the door with
Voice: wow shivaay baby you became pretty smart theses days so here is your clue but you better solve it before it’s to late now for the clue “you can open me with a single click I am a friend of every girl but trash to every boy” what am I
Anika: what kind of a clue was that
Shivaay: I think she was talking about the door
Anika: so a key is a girl’s best friend
Shivaay: what else can you open a door with
Anika: how about we break the door
Shivaay: no
Anika: why
Shivaay: if they find out that we broke the door they might harm Om ru somya
Anika: ok then lets find the answer for riddle
Shivaay: you were a police officer so how would you open a door
Anika: finger prints,password,gun,breaking the door, bobby pin
Shivaay: bobby pin
Anika: I don’t have one
Shivaay: what
Anika: how would I know that we will be stuck in room
Shivaay: ok then let’s find one
Voice: 2 minutes left and poisoned gas will come out

Anika: there’s a window let’s jump out and goes to open the window
Anika: found it
Shivaay: what did you find
Anika: bobby pin
Anika and shivaay both open the door
They get out of the room but then another gate stops them
Anika: what’s this now
Shivaay: were stuck again
Anika: now we can’t go back and this is a iron gate so we can’t break it
Shivaay: I will call Om
Om: shivaay why didn’t you come yet
Shivaay: we can’t we’re locked to
Om: oh

Precap: nafratbaaz vs ishqbaaz

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