Ishqbaaz ff by Mihra ep 15

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Shivaay: what happened
Anika: I have a find a new job
Shivaay: oh he knew everything because Anika’s dad called him before to tell him and handle Anika
Shivaay: you can work with us
Anika: ok I will ask bade papa
Shivaay: now come we’re late for lunch
Om: finally your here
Anika: where are rudra and somya
Om: idk but let them spend time with each other
Anika ok
Shivaay: bade papa can Anika join our company
Tej: but she is handling her company
Shivaay: she got fired
Anika: I did not
Shivaay: yes you did
Anika: no papa said my cousins are taking over for practice for their own company after I could come back when needed
Shivaay: so he technically said you services are no longer need in malhotra industries
Dadi: let tej speak
Tej: Anika beta you could join but you have to share a cabin with shivaay
Anika: what no
Shivaay: it’s ok
Om: wow shivaay your actually are going to share a cabin with Anika
Shivaay: I said it’s ok she will find another job where I’m not working
Jhanvi: you both are acting like strangers with each other
Om: its better to give them separate rooms or they will be fighting the whole time or looking into each other’s eyes
Shivaay: shut up
Dadi: it’s final you both are working with each other and we all will leave for the mandir and farmhouse tomorrow
Pinky: we are going to a mandir tomorrow
Dadi: the kids will go to our farmhouse and we will go to the mandir
Jhanvi: ok I will start packing
Dadi: no work will be allowed to come with us on the trip tej shivaay and Anika
Tej: but
Dadi: tej
Om: I am going to check on rudra and somya
Anika: Wait I am coming to
Everyone leaves

Romya room
Om: cups his mouth
Anika: how did this happen
Shivaay: what happened to you guys and sees rudra sleeping in somya lap
Anika: shh your going to wake them up
Om: wait let me take a pic then we will leave them
They all leave to their respective rooms
Shivaay: Anika
Anika: yeah
Shivaay: here and throws a jewelry box wrapped perfectly ?
Anika: what’s this
Shivaay: open it
Anika: opens it and sees nothing
Anika: what kind of a gift is this
Shivaay: what you did like the set
Anika: throws the box back look inside
Shivaay: where’s the set I got for you
Anika: I liked the box
Shivaay: looks in his pocket and pulls out a necklace but it was just a normal necklace not a diamond or gold one
Anika: what’s this
Shivaay: it’s just a necklace buts it’s not the one I wanted to give you
Anika: so it’s so pretty I’m keeping it and takes the necklace and tries putting in on but she couldn’t clip it
Shivaay sees her and goes to help her and put her hair in the side and gets the necklace from her hand and get clips the necklace his touch was like magical for her on her neck she just wanted time to stop right there shivaay sees her blushing
Shivaay: I never knew the one and only Anika blushes
Anika: I’m not blushing
Shivaay: yes you are
Shivaay: done and turns to leave
Anika: ahh
Shivaay: what happened
Anika: my hair
Shivaay: what happened to your hair
Anika: your watch ⌚️ and my hair
Shivaay: what and sees his watch
Anika: take it out
Shivaay: tries to untangle her hair from his watch but instead he pulls Anika’s hair more
Anika: ahhh billuji are you helping he or hurting me
Shivaay: I’m trying wait
Anika: you know what and tries to untangle her hair from his watch
Shivaay: you know what how about I just use the scissors
Anika: no my hair
Shivaay: then I can’t stand here the whole time dadi comes in
Dadi: kya howa
Anika: dadi help my hair
Dadi: she carefully takes out her hair
Shivaay: finally
Dadi: come down fast everyone is waiting to choose dress for rudra and somya’s engagement ?
Anika: but there wedding is in a month and there engagement is in 2 weeks
Shivaay: just chose a dress
Anika: ok I’m coming down they all chose their dress the dress will be revealed later

Anika: billuji thank you for the necklace
Shivaay: it’s not the one I wanted to give you
Anika: it’s ok I loved it
Shivaay: I have I question you are Anika malhotra the daughter of the 2 richest man in the world why don’t you show it
Anika: I feel surname just gives you loss and enemies
Shivaay: remembers her past
Shivaay: no I meant like only using diamond or meeting people of your status
Anika: I don’t believe in all that
Shivaay: Anika I want you to tell me your past in his head
Anika: shivaay are you done your packing
Shivaay: yeah and goes to sleep so does Anika
Rudra: wakes up and sees somya sleeping but then he sees the night sky ?
Rudra: somya wake up
Somya: what happened
Rudra: where’s the sun
Somya: its night time we slept in the morning and woke up in the night
Rudra: sees the mirror
Rudra: ahh my face
Somya starts laughing
Somya: reads the letter stuck to the mirror
So sorry rudra but I never got a better chance to do this s did this
Somya: who is s
Rudra: shivaay bahiya
Somya: no I don’t think he did that
Om: I should take I little advantage of this and draw a puppy ? on his face
He was writing saying so sorry rudra but I never got better chance to do this he was about to right Om did this but he heard Anika so he made a mistake and wrote s did this
Fb ends

Rudra: bahiya look what I will do know
Somya: what are you going to do
Rudra: umm nothing you sit I will come
Rudra goes to shivaay’s room and sees a water dispenser
Rudra: why is there a water dispenser over here
Shivaay got a water dispenser in his room so if Anika is mad she will only throw a glass of water instead of a jug
Rudra: well now I will throw the whole gallon of water on them
Splash he throws all the water on them and runs out of the room
Shivaay: what the wack Anika but then he sees Anika right beside him with the same expression as him
Anika: who threw that
Shivaay: how do I know
Anika: go change or your going to get a fever then eat your favourite sweets your medicines after that your some how going to blame me
Shivaay: we have to sleep in the guest room
Anika: why
Shivaay: you want to sleep in a bed that’s wet and shivaay Singh obrois never sleeps on the floor
Anika: go change
Anika: he doesn’t care where in the world he is but tari marni zarori ha ( he has to show attitude)
Shivaay and Anika both go sleep in the guest room but then they found out that the rooms fan is broken so they can’t turn it off
Anika: what are we doing now
Shivaay: sleep
Anika: but I’m cold
Shivaay: here and gives her the blanket
Anika: I’m going to sleep in the room on the floor she was about to go but she sees shivaay holding her hand so she had to sleep on the bed shivering

Next morning
Shivaay: wakes up he was pretty cold but he knew for sure he is going to get a cold
But he felt Anika’s forehead and it was burning hot
Anika: wakes up my head
Shivaay: picks up Anika and takes her to his room and lays her down on the sofa
Anika: what are you doing
Shivaay: shut up and take these medicines
Anika: what why
Shivaay: you have fever now take these
Anika: I will drink kawa
Shivaay: open your mouth
Anika: no
Shivaay: I’m not asking I am demanding now eat it
Anika: takes the medicine
Shivaay: now don’t move I will go make soup for you
Before she could say anything he left

Dadi: where is Anika
Shivaay: she has a fever
Om: how
Shivaay someone threw a gallon of water of water on us while we were sleeping then we went to the guest room but then that rooms fan wasn’t turning off
Dadi: who threw water on you
Rudra: bahiya is bhabhi really sick feeling guilty
Shivaay: no she will be fine in few hours
Few hours later
Everyone is in their cars ready to go to their destinations

Precap: ishqbaaz vs nafratbaaz

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