Ishqbaaz ff by Mihra ep 13

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Shivaay: how will we find out which one is which
Anika: Om come here
Anika: you now everything about rudra test him
Shivaay: how
Anika: I don’t know
Shivaay: just do something
Anika: ok I will do random tests and you guys have to mark them
Om: ok
Anika goes to the 3 rudras
Anika: come you have to answer some questions
All ru ok
Anika: plz come in

Shiv Om are sitting with a pen and paper ? ready to mark the rudra’s
Shivaay: what did you gives us before my wedding
Rudra1: protein shake
Rudra2: friendship bracelet ✅
Rudra3: wishes
Om: ok next question
Om: what does our rudra call shivaay’s fiancé
Rudra1: lady baba ✅
Rudra2: lady baba ✅
Rudra3: tia
Anika: next question what does rudra call billuji
Rudra1: who is billuji

Rudra2: the Great Wall of shivaay ✅
Rudra3: billuji
Anika second last question what does somya call you
Rudra1: protein shake
Rudra2: cry baby ✅
Rudra3: baby boy
Anika last question is what does rudra cry about
Rudra1: his brothers
Rudra2: mostly everything ✅
Rudra3: his fitness
Anika good now Om and billuji will do their job
Om: show me you wrists
Rudra1: nothing
Rudra2: a small heat which has DBO written inside ( dil bole obroi)
Rudra3: a big S on it

Mean while in the unknown place
Lady: what did you tell your rudra to do
Man: I told him to sell all of his shares and give them to us
Lady: humm ok I told my rudra to act like rudra and just adapt to the situation
Man: ok then I guess it’s all up to the obrois to decide what to do but the real rudra is there to so how will they find out which one is real and fake
Lady: that’s up to them sweet heart
Faces revealed lady = Romi
Man= reyan
Shivaay: we know who is the real rudra
Comes outside in the living room there everyone will see who is who
Tej: did you find out who the real rudra is
Shivaay: yes but before that Anika wants to do something
Anika: all rudra’s plz close you eyes this might shock you and keeps an apple on their heads
Anika: now whoever is fake will get shot in the head or at the apple but I must say I am not that good so yeah
Rudra2: bhabhi que jaan nik al re ho mere ( bhabhi why are trying to kill me )
Anika: we will se what happens and takes out her gun
Pinky: Anika be carefuls
Anika: don’t worry now you all step back
Shivaay: Anika be careful
Anika: billuji relax their only going to get him on the head not on the heart
Anika: so rudra1 ready and pushed the trigger
Anika: rudra3 ready

So that means rudra 2 is the real rudra
Anika: ranveer it’s your turn
Shivaay: ranveer
Acp enters in and arrests the 2 rudra’s and gives tej his stock papers back
Tej right now was like “Aankhen meri sapne tere dil meri yaadien teri ” ( my eyes your dreams my heart your memories)
Acp: Anika you started shooting again for no reason
Anika: yup it’s actually fun
Acp: ok so I should leave bye Anika
Anika: bye
Shivaay: you know him
Anika: yeah since I was little
Shivaay: so when he arrested papa and bade papa where was he
Anika: we both didn’t recognize each other until last week
Rudra: oh hello at least help me you guys care about him more than me
Jhanvi: rudra how did you get hurt
Rudra I will tell you Fb

Om takes rudra to his room then someone hit me on the head on threw me down the window and then I was in a room where this lady started hitting me then she got a call so she dropped me back home fb ends
Anika: so you married somya but you didn’t propose her
Rudra: I what
Anika: actually you were drunk then you married somya in front of us then you fell asleep and then rudra1 proposed somya then next morning you came back and another rudra came who sold your shares
Dadi: 2 good things happened one that we know our rudra married somya and now we don’t have to handle 3 rudra’s
Om: what about their marriage
Dadi: we will give them a month to be themselves after that you both get married right tej
Tej: what yeah
Everyone leaves to their respective rooms
Shivaay: Anika
Anika: ha
Shivaay: how will we go to a vacation when we have so much work
Anika: I’m still thinking that just then she gets a call
Anika: hi papa
Dad: Anika beta your cousins will handle the company from now on
Anika: but why
Dad: you should focus on your RRPD job and your new family
Anika: but bade mamu said I can’t do my job until 2018 because then I will get a proper place in RRPD because right now I am a senior officer but because I didn’t come for few years I have to take a training course in 2018 so now can I handle the company
Dad: you know that the company is half ours and half of your mamu so right now you could work but as a CA and you are pretty weak in math so leave it for now
Anika: but call ended
Shivaay: what happened

Anika: I lost my job
Shivaay: because you don’t know how to count
Anika: billuji
Shivaay: ok ok
Rudra: so sorry somya I never knew what I did
Somya: just think what are we going to do
Rudra: well I have no problem marrying you
Somya: what is my mom going to say
Rudra: chalo beta mere ahshirwad is with you
Somya: lightly hits him on the head duffer
They both are sitting on the bed
Somya and rudra’s eyes were closing since both of them didn’t sleep
Somya leaned on the wall and slept and rudra slept on somya’s shoulder

Precap: trip to island

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