Ishqbaaz ff by Mihra ep 12

Thank you all for reading and commenting on my ff a big sorry for the wrong precap about tia coming back tia will come back but in few updates because I want rudra track to have a lot of drama and comedy now enough of my words here’s the ep

Rudra: yes I did and acts to be proud
Tej: shut up
Rudra: somya won’t you tell them and falls down
Om picks him up and takes him to his room
Somya: I have to tell you all something and tells them how they got married

Everyone ???
Dadi: if that happened then I will talk to your mom and get you guys properly married
Anika: dadi both of them got married when they were not in their own world and right now rudra is drunk we never know if rudra wants to accept this marriage or not and plus we don’t want them to suffer like what happened before looking at shivaay
Dadi: even in your wedding you had to accept the fact that you are married same thing goes for them
Dadi: now everyone it’s late you all go to your room we will what we have to do tomorrow
Jhanvi: now its final that you all are going out for few days
Shivaay: but
Dadi: rudra and somya need some time out to relax them selves
everyone was about to leave but then
Rudra: wait
Om: weren’t you in the room
Rudra: I am in my senses I didn’t drink
Anika: so all this was in your senses
Rudra: yes my smart bhabhi
Jhanvi: yeh tamasha kar ne ke qua zourat thi ( then what was the need to do all this drama)
Rudra: umm about that and goes near somya
Rudra I know this is to weird but he goes on his knees
Rudra: I know somo that our marriage was in a totally different way but will you be my knife
Somya: knife
Rudra: ohh I mean wife we will always be together like macaroni and cheese or a charger and phone or pizza and cheese or the wrapper and chocolate
Anika: billuji what is he saying
Shivaay: I don’t know
Rudra: I will always be with you like your knight in shining armour and finally faints
Om: so was this in his senses or not
Anika: not
Everyone leaves

Shivaay: I don’t get why rudra did this he could of just told us
Om: actually reyan proposed somya today and I think rudra couldn’t handle it so he did what he did
Shivaay: why did he hide this from us
Anika: i wonder how somya feels right now I will go check on her
Om: wait Anika let her be by her self for now
Shivaay: I don’t know how we are going to explain all this to rudra
Anika: when he wakes up I will try to explain all this to him because you are his brothers and he will feel bad for hiding all this
Om: Anika what happened about your friend
Anika: what friend
Om: sr
Anika: ohhh yeah the doc said that we need 3 imported needles and a lot of other stuff but she will be fine 3 months
Shivaay: what are you talking about
Anika: nothing
Om: chalo bye GN
Shivika: GN
Anika: I don’t know what we’re going to do and billuji get off of my side of the bed
Shivaay: ok don’t worry I won’t break that side I’m going to mine
Somya pov I don’t know how I am going to face anyone specially rudra I hope our mistake doesn’t lead to a big mistake
Anika goes to rudra room with a glass of lemonade
Rudra: bhabhi my head is hurting
Anika: you drank yesterday night
Rudra: what why
Anika: I don’t know why just drink this
Rudra: I drank it
Anika: umm rudra do you like somya
Rudra: no why
Anika: are you sure
Rudra: of course
Anika: did you by chance get married
Rudra: how does she know
Rudra: no
Anika: are you sure
Rudra: yes
Anika: listen rudra I don’t want to play the yes and no game just tell me did you get married to someone
Rudra: no
Anika: rudra don’t lie you got married to somya
Rudra: yes I did but don’t tell anyone plz
Anika: will you accept somya as your wife getting in her officer mode
Rudra: but she loves reyan
Anika: will you or not
Rudra: I will
Anika I got my answer and leaves leaving a confused rudi behind
Rudra: what was that ahh my head
Anika: can everyone meet me in the living room

Everyone is there including rudra except tej
Anika so about last night plz watch this footage
Footage shows what ever happened last night
Rudra: what did I do
Anika: so rudra do you want to say anything
But just then a voice comes from the door bahiya help
And that turns out to be another rudra
Anika how is there 2 rudra
Shivaay: which one is the real rudra
Pinky: Oh My Matha two two rudra
Both of the rudra stand beside each other
Rudra1: who are you
Rudra2: who are you
Just then another rudra comes is
Rudra3: who are you
Dadi: 3 rudras
Anika goes to close the gate
Anika: ok now who are you 3
Rudra1: looks like he just woke up from being drunk ?
Rudra2: looks like someone had beaten him up badly ?
Rudra3: looks like he just came back from a party ?

Tej: why are all of you yelling this is a house not a zoo but just then he gets a call
Person: Mr tej your son rudra sold all his shares from obroi industries
Tej: what ok
Rudra123: yes papa
Tej: why is there 3 rudras
Unknown place
Lady: is our plan working
Man: yup I sended a person ho looks just like rudra
Lady: you what but I sended a rudra to
Man: that men’s there are 3 rudra
Screen stops at the obrois confused and shocked faces with the lady and the mans angry faces

Precap: revelation of the ru drama

Who married somya ?
Who is the mystery man and woman ?
What will the obrois do now ?

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