Ishqbaaz ff by Mihra ep 11

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Rudra: why
Anika: because your bro made such good food and we don’t want it to cold
Rudra: ok we will watch it later
Dining table
Pinky: shivaay what did you make today
Shivaay: French toast
Rudra: bahiya give me sum
Anika: billuji I will give it
Shivaay: ok
Anika gives everyone French toast
Dadi: Anika sit you have to eat to
Anika: no dadi I will eat after
Rudra eats the French toast

Anika 1 2 3
Rudra: bahiya what is this
Shivaay: tastes the food
Shivaay: how did this have salt
Anika wanted to laugh out loud but she acted like she never knew anything
Anika: are you sure rudra wait let me try
Anika ahh this has so much salt billuji someone was telling me he is a great chef
Shivaay: I don’t know what happened I will make everything again
Anika: no need
Dadi: why you made something
Anika: yup alo puri
Rudra: didi pass me some
Soon everyone was praising Anika for her alo puri while shivaay was fuming in anger at Anika who put salt in his dish
Breakfast over and everyone went to their room
Shivika’s room
Anika came in and started laughing ?
Shivaay: you are very happy today
Anika of course I am the Master Chef billu added salt in his French toast and made my alo puri a star
Shivaay: you did all this
Anika: no
Shivaay: yes

Anika: no
Shivaay: yes
Anika: no
Shivaay: you won’t agree like this and runs after her
They both were running after each other around the whole room like kids
Anika throws a pillow on shivaay
Shivaay throws a pillow on Anika
And like that the whole room gets covered in feathers
Anika: haha you can’t catch me
Anika can’t see shivaay
Anika: billuji billuji
Shivaay is behind Anika and catches her from the back
Shivaay: now who’s talking
Rudra comes in
Rudra: oh sorry bahiya i will come back after your romance
Shivika come back to a normal position
Shivaay: shut up rudra
Anika looks at the whole room
Rudra: why does you room look like a birds cage which hasn’t been cleaned in 10 years
Anika: woooo all the pillows exploded
Shivaay what
Rudra how

Anika: duffer
Shivaay: why are you here
Rudra: woo I was feeling broed that’s why I came bhabi today is sahil’s old schools interview night
Anika: oh yeah I have to get his report card
Shivaay: ok I will get ready then we will leave and then we will leave to your brothers party
Anika: ok I will go get ready
Shivaay: rudra go talk to somya we have to go
Rudra: bahiya you became parye dhan and leaves with a sad face
Shivaay: Anika hurry up
Anika: coming wait are we coming back home or are we leaving straight to the hall
Shivaay: we will come back
Anika: ok then I’m ready

Somya is talking to reyan mean while rudra is listening to their conversation
Somya: reyan tell me the surprise you don’t have come here and give it to me
Reyan: then how would that be a surprise
Somya: reyan plz
Reyan: ok I will give you a hint I tried to do it last time but it didn’t fit
Somya: what
Reyan: I am coming to OM bye
Somya: but
Rudra: so somu I think you have plans today
Somya: no come what do you want to do
Rudra: no it’s ok I will leave you talk to reyan
Somya: ruudra

Living room
Everyone is sitting together waiting for dadi to annonce something
Dadi: I feel that since everyone is busy in their own work how about we send all the kids to Protein shake St
Somya: protein shake street
Om: somya I will explain that street is in an island and that island has 5 big parts where the biggest farm houses are located so the Obrois own one part called protein shake
Somya: cry baby must of selected that name right
Om: right
Rudra: but how can we decide without shivika
Pinky: shivika
Rudra: choti ma it’s shivaay bhayia and Anika bhabhi name mixed
Dadi: they both are always in their work Anika is at meetings and RRPD shivaay is handing obroi industries so they both won’t mind
Jhanvi: I think that is a great idea mummyji
Everyone was about to leave but reyan comes in
Dadi: reyan beta tum
Reyan: today I want you all to be part of my happiness
Ok so everyone sits back down
Reyan brings somya in the middle of the room and proposes her
Rudra was fuming in anger ?
Reyan: so will you
Somya: didn’t want to say yes because of the fact that she is already married to rudra
Somya: ummm yes kind of like Anika’s situation when daksh proposed her
Rudra ?
Everyone expect rudra congratulated them
Reyan: thank you rudra this is all because of you
Rudra why why why did I have to make that double date
Rudra: your welcome and leaves from there with tears in his eyes ?

Rudra goes to a bar and drinks
Rudra: why somya why did you have to say yes your mine only mine
And throws the glass on the floor
I have to do something

Sahil’s old school
Shivaay: what kind of a school is this
Anika: billuji
Shivaay: it’s so small
Anika: billuji we have to go inside the class come
Teacher: hello
Anika: hello
Teacher: plz sit
Anika: thank you
Anika: so how is sahil doing in class
Teacher: he is good at mostly but he is weak in math
Shivaay: his teacher didn’t know math and taught him but now it’s fine looking at Anika
Teacher: an other thing is that he used to always be hungry because he used to get burnt food
Anika: umm yeah I found that out
Shivaay: any thing else
Teacher: no
Shivaay: ok then we will take your leave
Anika: bye
Shivaay: Anika you are never going to help sahil with math and your not going to cook for him
Anika: then who will
Shivaay: no one
Anika: so then how is he going to learn
Shivaay: at boarding school they will teach him everything and when he comes home every weekend I will see if he needs help then I will help him
Anika: ok
Shivaay: Anika go get ready fast

Anika: what why
Shivaay: it’s your brothers party
Anika: so it starts at 10 and it’s 8:30 right now
Shivaay: so it’s your brother party you should go early and help your brother
Anika: ok ok I will go at 9:30 but for now I am going to sit and relax
Shivaay: where is everyone
Anika: idk
Shivaay: rudra Om somya
Anika: weird no one is answering
Everyone were is their own world somya thinking about rudra Om was thinking about ishana
Prianka was thinking about sharddha
Shivaay: I guess everyone left somewhere
Anika: oh shivaay can you help me learn cooking plz
Shivaay: what did you say
Anika: can you help me
Shivaay: before that
Anika: can you help shivaay
Shivaay: finally you said my name
Anika: can you help me
Shivaay: umm ok since I am free
Anika: come dragging him in the kitchen
Shivaay: ok what do you want to make
Anika: ummm pizza ?
Shivaay: ok and taught her how to make pizza
Pinky and jhanvi came in the kitchen
Pinky: Anika what are you making

Anika: pizza
Shivaay: where are Om ru somya
Jhanvi: in their room and rudra went somewhere
Shivaay: oh
Pinky: chalo when the pizza is done call us down to eat it
Anika: billuji can we make something sweet
Shivaay: if you say my name then yes
Anika: ok shivaay
Shivaay: we will make a chocolate parfait
Anika: ok
Anika was about to get the whipped cream from the fridge but her foot slipped but our hero shivaay caught her then they had their one and only eye lock
Om comes in
Om clears his throat
Shivaay drops Anika
Anika: ahh billuji and holds his hand to get up
Anika: ohh Om finally you got some time for us or you are busy in your room
Om: I got a lot of time but I think you are to busy with shivaay
Shivaay: if you both are done can we eat the pizza
Anika: you both go I will bring the pizza
Dining table
Om: where is our dumb bell
Shivaay: badi ma said he is gone out
Om: oh shivaay dadi is sending us on a vacation
Shivaay: no I don’t want any vacation I already had one today
Om: today
Shivaay: yeah today I took a whole day off the whole day
Om: wow you took a day off
Anika: pizza
Om: yum
Anika: oh no it’s 10

Shivaay: so it’s 10
Anika: I have to get ready for the party
Shivaay: go fast
Om: where are you going
Shivaay: its Anika’s brother unveiling for his new car plus a surprise for us so I have to get ready there is chocolate parfait in the fridge and give it to everyone ok bye
Om: what
Anika which one should I wear
Shivaay: your not ready yet
Anika: I can’t chose a dress
Shivaay: just wear any random outfit
Anika: ok I wear this one and goes to change
Shivaay: were going to be late hurry up
Anika: coming
Shivaay: finally your out come fast I’m waiting in the car
Anika: billuji at least let me wear my earrings
Shivaay: when will she come its 10:30 were late
Anika: I’m here
Shivaay: was just lost in her eyes
Anika: billuji billuji
Shivaay: what
Anika: look you made us late it’s 10:30

Shivaay: I was late
Anika: yup you were now drive
( I won’t tell what happened in the party because I want to go straight to rudra)
Jhanvi: where is rudra its 11:30
Shivika come back from the party
Anika is talking on the phone
Anika: Karan what was the need to give us such a expensive gift and that to a car
Karan: I had to give you a car because you never know when your going to get the car in a accident also because you drive like there is a earthquake behind you
Anika: haha very funny
Karan: ttyl bye
Anika: bye
Om: how was the party
Shivaay: good where is rudra
Jhanvi: we don’t know where he is
Dadi don’t worry he will come let’s discuss about the trip
Everyone was sitting Anika didn’t know what’s happening
Dadi: Om did you tell them about our idea
Om: yeah I told shivaay
Shivaay: do we have to go
Om: come on shivaay it will be fun
Anika: what are you guys talking about
Somya: dadi is planning to send all of us to obroi farm house
Anika: no not again thinking it’s the one that they got trapped in
Somya: again
Om: it’s not that one it’s on an island
Anika: ohh but still no I have so much work
Shivaay: yeah you all go we won’t come
Om: oh come on shivaay

Shivaay: I will see
Om: Anika ask your brothers to handle all your work plz
Anika: no both of them are busy ajay bahiya is in New York and Karan is busy in his business
Somya: plz bhabhi you have to agree or cry baby will start his drama in front of you then u have to say yes
Anika: I will see
Just then someone comes in OM with his covered
Shivaay: security
Anika: who is he
Person: you all forgot me very bad
Anika: that’s rudra voice
Person: at least my bhabi recognized me
Anika: security you can go back there is no problem
Shivaay goes to rudra and puts down the hood of the sweater
Shivaay: rudra what is this
Rudra: you all sit
Anika was standing right beside shivaay
Anika in a soft voice: billuji I think he drank
Shivaay: I think so
Shivaay: rudra let me take you to your room
Rudra: no I’m fine you just sit billu
Shivaay: billu
Anika just pulls shivaay to the sofa and makes him sit

Jhanvi: rudra what is this
Rudra: mom today I will talk and everyone will hear
Tej: rudra
Rudra: shhhh
Rudra walks to the middle of the room
Rudra today I will tell you the truth and was about to fall but Anika holds him
Anika: rrudra lets sit and talk
Rudra: no
Rudra: the truth is you know what I will just show you and grabs somya’s hand and brings her in front of the mandir
Rudra: now close your eyes
Om: rudra what are you doing
Rudra: just close your eyes or else I will keep my hand on the diya
Shivaay: no rudra we are closing our eyes
Rudra takes a pinch of sindoor but no one knows since everyone has their eyes closed
Rudra: now open your eyes ?
Shivaay: rudra what going on plz tell us
Rudra: chill I will tell you after
Rudra: now the moment you have been waiting for and puts the sindoor on somya
Everyone ???
Anika runs up to rudra
Anika: rudra what have you done
Pinky: Oh My Matha
Om goes to somya
Somya hugs Om
Shivaay: rudra have you gone mad
Jhanvi: slaps rudra
Jhanvi have you gone mad rudra you married somya without her permission

Precap: tia back

Will somya tell Obroi family the truth
Plz ignore any mistakes

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